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The protests in Egypt this January 2011 have come following the uprising and revolution in Tunisia in December 2010. This popular revolutionary movement spreading across the Arabic world is an early manifestation of the major planetary influence between now and 2015, Uranus square Pluto. This is a major generational change where we will see dramatic political and social upheavals. These grass roots movements battling authoritarian power structures is a perfect example of this planetary combination.

To find out why Egypt is the focus now we can look at the national horoscope of Egypt. This Egyptian horoscope is based on the June 1956 Proclamation of the Republic
[1]. The identity of the country, signified by the Sun, has been brought into focus this first half of 2011 because the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse was conjunct this Sun. As Marina wrote on this Ball Breaking eclipse, “My first thoughts on this was dialogue and confrontation”. That lunar eclipse and the Egyptian Sun are both on the fixed star Betelgeuse, Orion Constellation “associated with war and carnage.”

The Sun in the Egyptian horoscope also represents major events and the leader. So the eclipse portended a major event, and put the focus on president Mubarak who has ruled Egypt with dictatorial powers since 1981. The protests in Egypt now are directly related to the abuse of power from the autocratic regime, headed by Mubarak. The citizens are revolting against the state of emergency laws, which have not been lifted since 1981, and which restrict constitutional protections and grants police extensive powers. Eclipses on the Sun in a mundane chart “often signify the death or displacement of the head of state” [2].

Egypt Astrology Chart

Egypt Astrology Chart, Egypt Horoscope

Egypt Astrology Chart

Uranus brings radical change, it rules revolution and anarchy, but also the democratic popular movement which is pushing for this change. Uranus is now square the Egyptian Sun and will be through February. Jupiter has been amplifying the tensions, also square the Sun in the Egyptian Horoscope this January. Another trigger for this unrest was the January 19 Full Moon at 29 Cancer, square the Egyptian Ascendant.

I mentioned in Uranus square Pluto about the role of the internet in these coming political and social upheavals, “One big advantage we have today is global networking that the internet provides. It will be most important that this Uranian freedom is upheld, and it will be challenged by Plutonian organizations and governments.” The protests in Egypt are being coordinated on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the Egyptian government is attempting to shut these sites down in their country.

More anger, violence and revolution would seem to be in store for the year ahead in Egypt. Mars in the Egyptian horoscope rules violence and the police, and this Mars is being harshly aspect this year. Jupiter is square it now, and for the first two weeks of February. More dangerous is the square from Uranus which does indicate explosive violence. Uranus will square the Egyptian Mars in May this year, and again in September 2011 when elections are due. The anger of the people, represented by Mars, had built up in the last year with Pluto opposite Mars, built up to the point of no return.

1. “proclamation of the Republic at 11:30 p.m. GMT on 18 June in Cairo.” Campion, “The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, 2004, p.144.

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  1. barb says:

    Just read your segment on “Israel 2011 – Spiritual War” and the full moon 18th Feb seems important.
    Bad feeling, re: Eygpt / Middle East.
    PS Do you think people do go more crazy at a full moon???
    PPS Best I stay off the red wine friday night!!!!!

    • Jamie says:

      There is anecdotal evidence of people going a bit nuts on a full Moon. Just ask any nurse, copper or ambo.

      • barb says:

        You have just reminded me of my neighbours…they havn’t done anything to me for at least a week now…think I will baracade myself in on 18th…!!

  2. KK says:

    I’m waiting for Halliburton to announce that they are relocating HQ back to the US.

  3. barb says:

    I posted on 16th Feb that a USA female journalist had been raped in Eygpt…well, thats what it said on the news…first said she had been sexually asaulted, then said she had been actually raped, but due to privacy laws the permission for the media had to be granted by the rape victim first…but today, the news went back to her being sexually asaulted, (no mention of rape)…so forgive me if I blogged the wrong information.
    It’s like trying to keep up with the Australian news on the floods here..different story every hour! Regards Barb

  4. barb says:

    Hey Jamie!!!!…it’s 1pm Melbourne time, 18th feb, full moon time….just said on the radio that telecommunications could be effected around the World due to a solor flare that has erupted from the sun & it’s the size of Jupitar.
    What do you reckon?…a sign? !!!
    (Na you say…Barbs going nutty!!!)

  5. barb says:

    I am now blogging re: this solor flare under Jamie’s “Israel 2011 – Spiritual War” segment as I think it may have something to do with israel.
    My son has just told me that China’s radio communication effected due to this solor flare.

  6. rob says:

    Now 2,000,000 gather in Egypt chanting “to Jerusalem we are heading, martyrs in the millions” :

    • Edda says:

      This is not correct, Rob, there is written “many chant…” and in your posting it seams like “all are chanting..” quite a difference. And when I saw those pictures at Al Jazeera, there was no notice of that at all.

      • rob says:

        Ok, I stand corrected – thanks for the update Edda but not being fluent in the language I am simply passing it on as it was passed on to me – I did try to get some confirmation of this, its verity, but, no success so far, the media being coy? – anyway, please don’t shoot the messenger – hopefully this will come out in the fullness of time – could be propoganda, perhaps you can shed some more light

        • Edda says:

          Oh sorry Rob, did not want to offence you. I think those who have win theyr fight of freedom, have surely many more important things to do now then to march to Jerusalem :o)

          • rob says:

            thats ok, but, I won’t be drawn now… sincere hope is that this all leads to great things, for us all….we are bound to be misled, experience confusion and with SO much at stake, best to stay cool – thanks for your eagle eye

          • Jamie says:

            Marina and I were talking just an hour ago about the role of women in the protests in the Arab world. She is going to write a blog about this topic, women wanting more freedoms. Uranus, Lilith and Mars conjunct at 1 Aries on April 4.

            • rob says:

              just one other thing before I sign off Jamie – been looking at the upcoming eclipses this year, starting June 1st; Jan eclipse just grazed northern China, wondered about this, June 1st eclipse starts there, a little further south, and with this eclipse square China’s Saturn, trans Pluto opposite China Uranus, trans Saturn on China Sun and trans Mars square China Mars this looks difficult and provocative…

              Chiron in trop Pisces could bring the healing aspect of the rising voice of women to the fore, its so much needed – lets hope – looking forward to the post Marina

        • Jamie says:

          Mercury Mars and Neptune together for a few days. We will have to be wary of all news services.

          • rob says:

            perhaps I’d better keep my mouth shut! all the above opposite my Pluto…Mars and Mercury exact today….time for some hard writing work behind the scenes?

            • Jamie says:

              Ha! Don’t let that stop you. I have the Full Moon on my Mars, now Neptune, Mars and Mercury opposite my Mars.

            • lucy says:

              shut down of internet, so we have cell photos as reference to freedom. pluto opp/power struggle.
              the old ‘death to Isreal,’ doesn’t fly as a ‘we the people’ takes hold, tyrants get lost, Libra/saturn is america’s touchstone and they want to be like us.
              here in the US various power structures fence off.
              also the sun spots, volcanos, quakes, and tsunami? it is pisces w/ nep in opp.

  7. barb says:

    Todays paper states that Palestinians are angry & re-evaluating the entire Middle East peace process because the USA has vetoed an Arab sponsored UN resolution branding Israel settlements illegal.

    Satelite not being effected by solar flare is it ?(have not heard any more on that flare, even though news said it would effect World for a few days)
    Jamie…how long does the effect of the Full Moon on 18th feb last for?

    • Jamie says:

      Not solar flare, Al Jazzera is being jammed by someone (nation/organization).

      • barb says:

        9am Monday
        I read the blogs here, then went to a “spiritual” website, shocked to see a segment about Libya, protesting against the “media communications” being shut down…so you guys are not the only ones noticing it.
        Then when I left that website saw on the Yahoo news that 200 killed in Libya. Will have to watch the morning news and catch up. Regards Barb

  8. Jamie says:

    The link did work Rob. The story is not on CNN or BBC. Just went to Al Jazeera and cannot get any information, it says “Al Jazeera is currently suffering interference on Arabsat satellite …”

    • Edda says:

      I just was listening to the very courageous Journalist Robert Frisk on Al Jazeera reporting from Bahrein and he says, that all those talks about Muslim Brotherhood and so on is pure rubbish – he did not see the islamic flags waving in all those revolutions taking place in the middle east. Its just the peaople from all Classes and religions who ask for freedom and human rights. And he said something very interesting for me: After Tunesia and Egypt, the Arabs have lost theyr fear – and when ones the fear is gone, then nobody can reinject it to them.

      Here in Germany I look at the life-stream in the net, as for long I have thrown the Television out of my life :o)

      • Jamie says:

        I’m the same, have been watching Al Jazeera all through this drama.

        • rob says:

          yep, no tv – more chance to get direct reportage on the net, many different POV’s

          • Jamie says:

            I’ve had Al Jazeera on for the last 30 minutes on the computer and only got about 3 minutes of live stream news so far, it’s not working again. A Facebook friend from Malta said she is getting it OK on her cable TV.

            • Edda says:

              Strange – here in Munich it works good – but I really dont have the knowledge how satelites work. Guess someone could be fiddeling against this network?

              And yes, Jamie, thats surely interesting to see, how womans will react towards the new freedom – maby the will throw theyr shaddor/burka into the garbage can :o) and start to rock n’ roll …

  9. Jamie says:

    “During jamming, Al Jazeera English can be watched on Nilesat 7W Frequency: 12015 Vertical FEC: 5/6 Symbol rate: 27500″

    Well that doesn’t help me!

    • Jamie says:

      Got Al Jazeera back online. They said it was Libya blocking their transmission. Apparently some of the miltary are siding with the protesters in Benghazi, against other soldiers loyal to Gaddafi – civil war.

  10. rob says:

    “Ha! Don’t let that stop you. I have the Full Moon on my Mars, now Neptune, Mars and Mercury opposite my Mars.” LOL…..with you there mate – this Moon on my Pluto has been amazing so far, so, no doubt if it will…… ;) thanks!

    • Edda says:

      And in my chart the fullmoon – wouw – I allmost startet flying. T-square to my Uranus Jupiter Moon Sun stellium End Taurus beginning Gemini…I jumped headover into the work of a huge painting – that helped.

      • rob says:

        Just had a look at your site Edda – really lovely work, lyrical, vibrant and clear – saw 3 or 4 paintings I would love to have on my walls at home (if only the bank would allow) – happy painting & thanks!

        • Edda says:

          Oh – thank you very much for such a kind compliment, Rob. You made my evening :o)

          • Jamie says:

            It looks very professional, but surely you don’t get your inspiration from Germany! It looks more at home down here in the Pacific.

            • Edda says:

              You are right with the Pacific, Jamie. Tahiti and Moorea where a incredible inspiration for me, allso my trips to India,(the magic of the real white elephant…) the Mediteranian Island of Ibiza. But I guess you dont know the splendid beauty of Bavaria in the spring and summer. Finaly I try to paint an Ode for our homeplanet earth – as a little thanks for beeing here on transit :o)

              From french Astrologer Koechelin de Bisemont I learned something I find quite interesting about our soul traveling: The last planet the moon was in conjunction before our birth, thats the planet our soul is coming from and the next planet the moon conjuncts after we are born, thats where we are going to next.

  11. barb says:

    And just to ensure that today is “extra special” we have severe storm expected in Queensland & a cyclone in WA.
    I need a wine and it’s only 1pm.

  12. barb says:

    Jamie…I blogged on 15th Feb that I had a really bad feeling re: Eygpt/Middle east.
    Well, last night had a really bad feeling re: Somali…fear went thru me & felt sick in the stomach.
    (Am a Cancerian, not much “locgic”, just “feelings”!!!)

  13. barb says:

    9.15pm Monday
    Australian news just getting better:

    Mini tornadoes hitting WA (Cyclone due too)
    Homes in Sydney under bushfire threat
    Queensland to get: flash flooding, winds of 90k, HAIL.


  14. lucy says:

    6/7/42 gardaffi, uranius/saturn conq in very early gemini, (.59&2), pluto leo trine, (3.5) & a jupiter/neptune square. diluded, venus in taurus & moon in Aries. 1 flameingly strange dude w/ a massianic complex, will play the pity card as if he’s the injured 1. (venus/taurus…loose sextile of neptune virgo to mars/cancer). seemingly crazy harmless guy isn’t.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks Lucy, just looked at his chart, fixed stars are amazing. Will post on this soon.

      • lucy says:

        don ‘t know but suspect libra AC, ‘look what you made me do,’ as bodies pile up in the aries/moon 7th and venus in taurus 8th. large humanitarain crisis and a weak american president.

        • Jamie says:

          Hi Lucy, we do not have a birth time so can’t take any notice of the AC anyway. I have posted the Gaddafi Horoscope but didn’t even look at aspects, got carried away with the fixed stars as usual.

  15. barb says:

    Just saw Garfaffi on TV…”We will fight to the death”…seems like situation worsening.

  16. barb says:

    Hey Jamie…you know I keep crapping on about that solar flare that happened on 18th feb?…well even NASA scientists are warning about solar flares and the damage they will cause, just google “solar flare 2 trillion” (the 2 trillion refers to 2 trillion dollars worth of damage)

    The news on Libya does not look good this morning, esculating…I am going to turn tv off and go out…am taking in too much gloom and doom,

  17. Jan says:

    Ok, here is question I have,

    Would be possible to predict when the new Iraqi dinars will be reinstated / revaluated as it is ongoing for almost 7years since 2003/4?
    seeing what is happening in Iraq it is looking dim.
    thank you

    • Jamie says:

      Hi Jan, I don’t know the story with the Iraqi currency, but when looking at the March Forecast I noted that early March could present a major challenge for the Iraqi government.

  18. Jan L says:

    Hi Jamie,

    thanks for replay, I noticed that too from March forecast hence i posted my question.

    I’m in one forum where members are sharing their sources, Intel, links, etc from all over the world to figure it out when that revaluation of Iraqi dinar will happen. As I mentioned it earlier this process was/is ongoing for few years and its nature is complex.

    There were many windows when it was suggested that it is the time, the date. Now the closest one are:

    -this weekend,

    -1st week of March,

    -before end of March (due to Arabic Summit in Iraq)

    -and in June as there is supposed to be the end of some sort law or whatever it is that has the end life and Iraq has to comply.

    We are very anxious about that and if we could known the “how/when”, or maybe it has to just play out on its own term; maybe even in a few years.

    this answer would made a big difference in people’s expectation.imo
    thank you again

  19. barb says:

    Hi Jamie….you know I had a bad feeling about Somalia?…well, on Friday night on the news it said that military were amassing on the border of Etheopia/Somalia, & there had been 4 days of fighting (think just in Somalia) was only on for a few seconds!, so not much info…but today noticed on internet a warning from Australian Government to keep out of Somalia dated 27 Feb …& mind you , the warning was also to keep out of Africa altogther. Barb

  20. Jamie says:

    Wow Jan, you’ll love the post I did yesterday: Iraq Astrology 2011

  21. Benji the Wonderdog says:

    You are all such bellends. Do you actually understand the distance between stars? Do you understand anything of any consequence? Or is all of life just a precession of magic bollocks that no-one can interrupt?

    Stupidity is NOT an excuse.

    I notice the idiot that predicted something happening on Feb 7th didn’t come back to explain why nothing significant happened on that day.


    • barb says:

      To Benji the Wonderdog,
      the word is “intepret”…not “Interrupt” !!!!!!!

      And I guess by your name that you are a most likely a pimply youth…. that likes to go on websites making insulting remarks….does it make you feel “important”???

      People who blog on this site, enjoy the site & have fun…we don’t insult each keep away if you don’t like it…there are PLENTY of other sites to visit.

    • Edda says:

      It seams to me I heard this song before :o)

      Now I make a prediction – just for you: your Mercury is in some heavy fights with Uranus and Pluto – maby eaven with Jupiter, that makes you think, you are the master of universal intelligence :o)

  22. barb says:

    Hi Jamie…saw his comment on your Iraq post too…just “delete” & “block” if any more comments from this “zit popping youth with no brains or nothing nice to say”…
    Kind Regards Barb

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks Barb, trolls are best stomped on.

      • barb says:

        Hi Jamie..saw replies today…just delete them all…as they ARE abusive…and time wasting….probably just 12 year olds sitting at computer! Barb
        (Or six year olds????!!! I mean with a name like “Benji the Wonderdog???!!!…you gotta laugh!)

  23. Jamie says:

    I don’t have time for trolls like this anymore. I used to get some fun out of taking them on but not these days. I deleted his comment on the Iraq post. Seems he comes from this forum: “You’ve made me bait them now…Don’t worry, I made a couple of points regarding a prediction that was made and then roundly swept under the carpet when it didn’t happen. I’ll leave them to it now.”

  24. Steve says:

    Hi Jamie, astrology debunkers seem to lack the intellectual capicity to actually investigate astrology. Dogs bark at things that confuse them.

  25. lucy says:

    if investors w/ madoff had sought astrolgical advice from me I could saved them.

  26. Kasia says:

    Post your natal data, dog. We can interpret it for you, if you dare.

  27. Steve says:

    Twins can have different vertex,different part of fortune , different rising,Midheaven and all the planets in different houses,sometimes Moon in a different sign and house.
    Not as simple as skeptics would have you believe.

    • KK says:

      @Steve, as my personal contacts with twins, though not many of them; As far as astrology is concerned, I think the potency of a natal chart is diluted amongst the twins. Thus it no longer surprises me that none of the twin usually excels in a class if the other one is lagging behind. Either the full set of twins excel even if the other one follows a close second or third. In this respect I would say that the cosmic gifts bestowed in a natal chart is ‘shared’ between the twins, in the sense that if it’s an overly active/aggresive chart none of the anticipated level of aggressiveness based on a typical natal reading reflects on any of the twin. Commenting based on personal contacts with twins though.

      Interesting subject.

  28. Jamie says:

    I tried having a sensible debate with skeptics last year but it;s like banging your head against a brick wall, very time consuming and distracting:

    • Steve says:

      I remember that very long exchange on JT’s blog. At the end Jason expressed disappointment of your opponents. They weren’t making much sense with a few exceptions.
      Like any endeavor there are various skill levels. Astrology is only as good as it’s practitioner. To condemn the entire science is beyond silly.

      The first astrologer I ever met was a total skeptic and laughed at a guy that said he was an astrologer when asked his profession. The man asked for his birth data , an hour later told him the story of his life in detail. His world was rocked,his skeptism smashed.
      Over the next few years he devoured 200 books on astrology and became an astologer.

      • Jamie says:

        Great story, I think that skeptic can turn out the be some of the very best astrologers because of their critical thinking, once they have been converted, that is :)

    • lucy says:

      ‘separated at birth,’….. twins brought up in wildly different cultures acted the same, chose simular careers, had same interests growing up, married simular spouses, simular friends, houses, vehicles, same habbits, clothing, hobbies, corresponding children’s ages, number and names. It appeared that twins raised together were encourged to have separate idenities. ‘Separted at birth’ was control study putifying data.

      • Jamie says:

        Interesting. I used to get right into the statistical side of things, including with astrology. I just don’t find it’s that useful, a qualitative approach is far better than a quantitative one in this field.

        • lucy says:

          like my spelling lol. Did you catch obama’s mourning
          suit? after y2k and the gw win newyorkers protested with mourning black. Next year 9/11. people are very smart you know.

  29. KK says:

    It could be the lack of Neptune, Uranus and 12 house influences on natal Mercury that makes up for an skeptic’s mind. I normally shield my personal interest in astrology by actually barring people from asking me about it. Since my love and interests for astrology is purely a personal hobby, I just remind them of the golden rule. I have met skeptics, lots of them and still manages to keep in contacts and even in close personal relationships with them to this day. Whenever they attempted to press me more about it, I steer the focus back to my own personality and never made an attempt to defend the subject in question in any way. I only highlight the fact that I am entirely different from them and leave it at that. For kids though I have a different explanation – I tell them that astrology is an ancient branch of combined math/science/esoteria that is not taught as part of a national curriculum; but which is available as an optional study meant only for highly intellectual individuals. That normally shuts them up for days.

  30. barb says:

    Hi Jamie…have you heard of Edgar Cayce?….just reading about him and his predictions…things about Egypt and the Great Sphinzx of Giza, massive Earthquake in California…Earth shifting on it’s axis….are you familiar with him? Barb

    • Jamie says:

      Hi again Barb, i sure have heard of Edgar Cayce, read a few of the book with his readings when I was first getting into astrology. He “saw”his clients birth charts and spoke about them, but astrologers could never understand his interpretation. It’s turns out he was seeing their Draconic charts, very soul-centered astrology.

  31. barb says:

    Jamie…also saw tonight on news that another cyclone due to hit Queensland this weekend….didn’t say how bad…think these things happening are all “signes”…getting pretty wierd…Barb

  32. lucy says:

    new egyptian prime minister Essam Sharaf 07/12/52… Giza…building engineer … cancer male born in shadow of the great pyramids, just had libra/saturn return, mars/scorpio, venus/cancer, jupiter/taurus thoughtfully squared by mercury/leo, 19cancer/sun/departing/conq14uranius/square/neptune/libra…..pisces moon…this is a man who needs to see his plans take real form, is very perceptive about others motives, dislikes fantasy but loves egypt; it’s substantial art. Will move to preserve/protect and is ready for his next life phase, also like mubarak will protect women, is conservtive, will reject radical islam….love that pisces moon natal conq. wooooweee

    • Jamie says:

      You’re on the ball with the astrology on this story Lucy. Thanks for keeping me updated. Just posted his chart, Essam Sharaf Horoscope. Not so sure about rejecting radical Islam though, Sun conjunct Uranus seems for radical than conservative.

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