Jupiter Opposite Sun Transit

Jupiter Opposite Sun TransitJupiter opposite Sun transit is one of the tamer challenging transits to deal with. It may be a time of confronting opposing forces in terms getting what you want, but this influence does not present the dramas and obstacles to success of other oppositions.

Jupiter is wealth, growth and expansion in the material world, but it also related to a broadening of your philosophy, moral and spiritual values. One of the challenges here is going to too much, greed.

Too much focus on accumulating possessions or money during this time could lead to moral bankruptcy. Taking more than you really need will affect other people and this could even cause some relationships difficulties. Wanting too much not only materially, but expecting too much of a partners energy while not giving them enough in return.

Even if this Jupiter opposite Sun transit does bring luck and material growth, unless you turn inwards for happiness or find fulfillment in the things which are free, then you could be left feeling unsatisfied. It might be that this transit acts to promote a more philosophical and spiritual outlook. If you have been too optimistic or greedy in relationships them you may get some signals that it is time to think more of the  other person.

If you have been slack or lazy in any area of life, then it might become apparent that you need to pick your act up here to. Generally though you should not expect any serious problems from this transit, it is more of turning point where you reflect on what you have and what you really need to make you truly happy. Jupiter does rule travel, but in this case it probably relates more to an inner journey leading to personal growth.

Jupiter Opposite Sun Transit Dates

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Pisces Decan 3

Aries Decan 1
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Aries Decan 3

Taurus Decan 1
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Taurus Decan 3


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12 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Sun Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, I am a Scorpio Decan 1, I had my first “hit” in June 2011 and i had the most successful month in my career ever. This was recognised by our CEO and various other overseas management. I am currently in the second “hit” and on the exact day when the transit was exact I got a call from one of my overseas managers asking whether I would work in the UK office for a month which is obviously a follow on from the start on the recognition fron June. There is a lot of trade off though as I am giving up a holiday to do this.. thank you

  2. I am an Aries decan 2 with Pluto in Libra. Jupiter will oppose my sun in 2016, then it will conjunct natal Pluto.
    Should I expect sparks to fly ?

    • That is a powerful configuration but sparks are usually associated with Mars or Uranus. I know I’m getting technical here. How tight is the opposition?

      • 3 degrees orb, very tight
        Plus at the Jupiter conjunct Pluto, it will sextile natal Mars in Leo and Moon in Sag. Basically, I have a kite formation with Sun- Pluto as axis.any planet transiting Pluto makes powerful aspects,

        • Natal Pluto sextiles natal Mars, Moon and Neptune. Half sextile to Saturn and Uranus. Plus quincunx Mercury

            • Now I can see you are extremely sensitive to the current astrology with Saturn square Neptune in your chart linked to Mercury. Previous and upcoming eclipses all hitting this aspect pattern. I think it was the last 2 solar eclipses at 19 Virgo and Pisces, plus the September lunar eclipse at 23 Pisces.

        • I see, but 3 degrees still spreads out the two transits by about 3 or 4 weeks for a Jupiter transit, much longer for Pluto transits. This can actually be worse than having an exact aspect because then it all happens at once. In your case, the effects are spread out, or come as two separate events.

  3. Hi jamie, and thank you for this article. My birth : 23 march 79 at 9h55 in st germain en laye (france). Jupiter is going to opposite my sun and mercure. (Now good aspect with moon). I’m single and wondering if this opposition could be good for love. i’m wondering what will be the effets in my life, i hope love but it could be something else. Could you give me some of your lights? Thanks from France!

    • Based on eclipses I see why you think now is the time for true commitment.

      August 16 lunar eclipse conjunct Venus
      September 1 solar eclipse conjunct Saturn

      Jupiter opposite your Sun won’t do any harm but I never thought of it too much in terms of new relationships. But you are definitely going to meet your significant other soon. Saturn trine Uranus is nicely aspect your Venus over the next year:

      Saturn trine Venus transit
      Uranus sextile Venus transit

      Given the eclipses I would say in the next 6 months.

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