Jupiter Square Neptune Natal

Jupiter Square Neptune natalJupiter square Neptune in the natal chart brings some magical gifts that do however require some application and a certain amount of discipline in order to be fully realized. Although the square aspect can indicate some tests or challenges, the less personal nature of the planets appears to give a very positive push, encouraging these people to make a big impression in their chosen field.

They exude an inspirational enthusiasm which seems infectious. This uplifting effect on others may stem from some rather tense inner energy, as if these people work through self questioning by sharing their discoveries or creations along the way. Their work is a manifestation of their hopes and dreams.

Jupiter Square Neptune Celebrities

We can see this creative application of Jupiter enthusiasm and expansiveness in Neptune fields such as music, film, religion and even astrology. The following all have this aspect under one degree, and the tightest of the aspects belong to The Vatican (01′), and astrologers Gary Caton (01′) and Joseph Crane (02′). The list of entertainers is also very impressive, all with that big stage presence including Annie Lennox (19′), Leonardo DiCaprio (29′), Charlton Heston (37′), Denzel Washington (38′), Buddy Holly (45′), John Belushi (50′), Jim Carrey (55′) and Peter Finch (56′).

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  1. I think you’re great. Are you all moved now? Hope everything has worked out for you. I have had the pleasure of moving my grandson (18) in with me since speaking with you. He was adopted by my son but made to move out when he turned 18 because his SS checks stopped. He got his own apt. and worked and completed high school. I have moved him here and enrolled him into college. I am very proud of him for everything he has been through to have taken the higher road.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re still with me. Please post often and OUT LOUD, so that everyone sees your word. I will plus one you and share.

    I have a sunset with Jupiter showing quite well on my page that you are welcome to use should you so choose.

    Gently but out loud,

  2. nice work Jamie. thanks for the link. great company to be in, for sure! 🙂
    would be interesting to suss out who is the closing or waning square and who is opening or waxing…

    • Interesting point, on a hunch I picked the black sheep, John Belushi waning. Now are you still classified as waxing even though Jupiter is Rx?

  3. Thanks for posting this, Jamie.

    I was thinking of what would be the positives of this aspect over the weekend, as many astrologers only write the bad of it.

    • Yes, I have the same thought. I know pluto is personally about using the energy not to dominate another but to concentrate on self improvement. It gives lots of energy. So I know in a 4th house it would be around the home cleaning within and without. But in Capricorn, 8th? what would one say? appetites? ???? lost.

  4. I have Jupiter quincunx Saturn and Neptune. Not a Yod, but any thoughts about the difference between quincunx and square?

    • Swinging more between Utopian ideals and personal standards, and then back to being disappointing or frustrated at lack of progress, or falling into some addictive behavior or beliefs you are not totally comfortable with. maybe more suspicion, self doubt, but the continual increase then release of tension keeps pushing you higher. The quincunx is an aspect of karmic readjustment so there may be some past life story involving religion and the church, now this life struggling between traditional views and more enlightened spirituality.

      • I had an enlightening dream about an older woman my yoga teacher not deceased who was a benefactor to myself and my children. The dream showed an enlightened awareness even guilt/conscience dawning about returning the generosity. I am not in a position to do that so this would just be a motivating factor arising. I’m thinking of the quincunx in the Pluto Uranus charts from saturn and the SN conjunct Jupiter, connections from an older beneficient woman/senior from the past doing good on a wide scale in the arts and communications media. That and my lady friend who must make adjustments now re: her health or just not make it. Again saturn, the elders.

        • now deceased I meant. She was gemini whilst the other woman Aries. So relevent to the signs being hi lighted.

  5. I have a sun-jupiter-north node conjuction in my 9th house and my neptun in capricorn squares them in the 6th house…I always feel lost and depressed..I dont have a big ego and feel myself deceived and hurt all the time. I cant speak up for myself, always hopeless and pessimistic about future, escapism on a daily basis is always present (postponing daily tasks, homeworks, papers etc) I hate being so Neptune influenced. Besides my venus and mercury are in pisces 8th house too…I feel so desperate.

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