Jupiter Square Pluto 24 November 2016

Jupiter Square Pluto TransitJupiter square Pluto is a major planetary aspect occurring in late 2016 and for most of 2017. There are three exact squares between November 2016 and August 2017 which I will show at the end of this article. Before that, I will talk about the natal aspect and transiting Jupiter square Pluto.

Natal Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter square Pluto in the natal chart gives a tremendous drive to succeed in your chosen field or project. Pluto intensity combines with Jupiter largess to drive you forward through any obstacle. Your determination to succeed is often backed up by a strong belief in yourself or a belief that you are destined to do something special this life.

You will persist, practice and perfect your skill with near religious fanaticism, ignoring any criticism or non-believers. This single-mindedness does lead to success, power and influence in life but often at a cost. There are numerous examples below of famous people with Jupiter square Pluto at very tight orb in their natal chart who have reached the very top of their fields. In many cases, however, this goes hand in hand with a troubled personal life and a string of broken relationships.

You will face many tests and challenges in your quest for success but this is the nature of the square aspect. It is through these challenging life events that you gain the necessary experience to perfect you talent. Some tests will be very painful due to the extreme and dark nature of Pluto. This may involve criminality, violence, prostitution or general trouble with the police and legal system.

With Jupiter ruling wealth you may face some ups and down with your finances, ranging from bankruptcy to very big windfalls. Extremes may also be experienced regarding your belief system or self belief. Learning to moderate your behavior and beliefs is vitally important to avoid such traps as addiction to drugs, sex or gambling. You may feel so strongly about a particular brand of faith you have perfected that you try to convert friends and family.

An expansive view or the world, tolerance and a wide knowledge will also help you avoid some other pitfalls associated with your single-minded determination to succeed. Overseas travel and mixing with people from difference cultures and backgrounds than your own will all help you make more friends than enemies. Exploring the limits of cultural or societal norms may earn you notoriety but as if you care! Aim to be rich so you can be generous.

Jupiter Square Pluto Transit

Transiting Jupiter square Pluto makes you want to succeed, and succeed big-time. It could be a pet project or in your career that you feel this intense drive to reach the top. Success, power and influence are all possible but without some care there will be a price to pay. Ruthless determination, greed and corruption may get you there quicker or make you more money but at what cost? Your personal life is the most likely area to suffer, especially your closest relationships.

Obsessive and compulsive behavior will not only cause relationship problems at home but can also earn you powerful enemies. As you gain a bigger share of the pie, your competitors start to lose out and will retaliate. If you cut corners by breaking the law then the detectives and other authorities will be on your trail.

Increasing you wealth is possible now but you really must maintain a high moral standard to ensure success. Excessive pride, overestimating your resources or common greed may instead lead to big losses and even bankruptcy.

Another area in which your may focus your energy on is philosophy or religion. Religious mania or extremism are possible outcomes if you remain single-minded and self-righteous. Instead of narrowing your field of view it is much better to gain a wider and more comprehensive knowledge. Travel and mixing with people from different backgrounds will help you avoid any chance of bigotry, xenophobia or other forms of intolerance and ignorance.

A safer way to satisfy your powerful urge to experience life to the fullest is to explore the limits of some societal standards or beliefs. You can still stay within the law of most lands while enjoying some cultural taboos.

Jupiter Square Pluto Celebrities

Judy Garland 0°02′, Leonard Cohen 0°03′, Barry Humphries 0°05′, Eminem 0°06′, Sophia Loren 0°07′, Dorothy Mackellar 0°09′, Ted Bundy 0°17′, Eddie Arcaro 0°19′, Sarah Jane Morris 0°20′, Christopher Lee 0°26′, Irene Cara 0°37′, Nina Hartley 0°36′, Jean Dixon 0°46′, Jimmy Conners 0°54′, Michael Chang 1°23′, Brigitte Bardot′ 1°25.

Jupiter Square Pluto 2016 2017

Jupiter Square Pluto 2016

Jupiter Square Pluto November 2016

Jupiter Square Pluto Dates

24 November 2016
30 March 2017
04 August 2017

17 May 2023

31 October 2029

05 August 2035
20 October 2035
28 March 2036

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21 thoughts on “Jupiter Square Pluto 24 November 2016

  1. Hi Jamie
    I have this aspect in the natal chart. Pluto 2 deg Libra and Jupiter 00 Capricorn. It is a wide orb.
    When this happen in 17 degree Libra my natal Uranus is there in the mix. Should I cry or laugh?
    Thank you

  2. Hello Jamie,
    i have this aspect too in natal chart. Pluto is 0.45 3th house in libra,and jupiter 6 house 6.18 degrees in capricorn.
    Like Daisy up there…..should i cry or laugh?

    • Neither of you have your natal squares triggered by eclipses or major transits so I would not be too worried. Enjoy!

  3. I have a sextile, natally! Hope the operating square will make me a big time winner, youhoooo! :-D, This, combined with transiting Saturn square natal Sun and transiting Pluto trine natal Sun too…. smells like a mighty combo 😀

    • I have the opposition aspect natally. Jupiter in 10th opposite Sun Pluto conjunction in 4th. Now I have transiting Saturn square my Sun, will have it conjunct DC back and forth all 2017 and I have transiting Pluto trine my Sun. Pluto is in the 8th house now. I wonder how all of that will work out….makes me a bit scared

  4. I’m worried about this aspect. I finally have Jupiter going into my 10th house (Libra) and now Jupiter square Pluto will be going on……..I was hoping to finally get on my feet. Pluto transit is in my 1st house……..03/02/1950 Brooklyn Kings, New York @ 02:24am……………Jupiter by transit will conjunct my natal Neptune 16 Libra which trines my natal Jupiter 20 and natal Mercury 21 degrees in Aquarius in my 2nd house….what can I expect Jami?
    Any good news? I need to make some money and get on my feet.

    • The biggest deal at the moment is Pluto trine Saturn transit. You should find something googling that. Long term stability, real estate investment or renovation. Jupiter conjunct Neptune transit can make your dreams come true.

  5. dear jamie, we know that transits of slow planets are processes that can cover months and years. but should we expect things to heat up when the angle (of the aspect) is exact or near exact? or can somehting triggering the effect of the transit happen at any time, regardless of the angle orb?

    • Good question. I do pay a lot of attention to the exact timing of an aspect. But you also have to look at the closest other minor aspects. I prefer to use a one degree orb for the longer term transit like this one. Therefore: November 18 to December 1.

  6. Hello Jamie, I’m really grateful to you for attending here always whenever we have questions about astrology. I’m genuinely happy to have known your website. I just want to ask, because I am planning to go to New Zealand next year and I must prepare documents as early as now for the 2017 holiday visa. I would have to apply in February next year. Unfortunately, a lunar eclipse will come on February 10, 2017 at Leo 22 degrees, as well as solar eclipse on Feb 26th at 8 degrees Pisces. I am Pisces 13 degrees and virgo 5 degrees. Do you think it’s best time for me to apply a visa? Thank you so much, Jamie and more power to you.

  7. Hi Jaime,
    I’m Virgo ascendant and my Mercury at 1 degree Gemini is making an exact “finger of the world” configuration with this square aspect.

    Details: Transit Pluto in my natal 4th house, transit Jupiter in my natal 1st house and my Mercury in my 9th.

    Been trying to decode what it can mean in the coming year and would appreaciate very much if you can help me out on this.

    • Yes, I see that but I call it Thor’s Hammer. Perhaps you will need to take care not to offend people because of a ruthless or belligerent drive to succeed.

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