Mars Opposite Saturn Natal

Mars Opposite Saturn

Mars opposite Saturn in the natal chart can indicate an eternal struggle, where Saturn hardships and restrictions seem to get in the way of progress.

Frustration can result when strong desires are not fulfilled, leading to seething anger or resentment. A strong work ethic and steely determination can overcome this dilemma. However, until this disciplined approach is fine tuned, the internalized anger can sometimes be unleashed in a revengeful manner.

Now with Mars opposite Saturn in the sky at this time, we all might feel a bit frustrated as Saturn impedes our Mars desires. Youthful Mars is a feisty character, he want’s to take action and get things done yesterday. Old man Saturn prefers a more measured approach, believing that planning and caution are the keys to success. The opposition results in a contest for supremacy as neither wants to back down. So Mars get angrier and more impulsive. Saturn blocks every move, teaching the boy a lesson with delays and restrictions.

So this dynamic is played out in each of us at this time, reflected in our relationships and what we see in the news. If the battle rages on then Mars get more aggressive and violent, Saturn get stricter and meaner. Unless we consciously intervene, there is the potential for cruelty, violence, lies, losses and adultery.

Consciously intervening means balancing Mars desires with Saturn practicality. If someone or something gets in your way, then don’t try to force your way through. It’s not a sign of weakness and doesn’t mean that whatever you want to do is going to fail. It’s a work in progress, and lashing out is just a waste of energy, or worse, it could derail the whole thing.

Much more satisfying and productive, is to plod away with determination and hard work. That way, the project that you are passionate about will take form in the right shape, in a timely manner. It will be worth the wait. This will more important for people in decan 1 of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Mars is in constellation Aries, between the Horn of the Ram. The star Hamal has the nature of Mars and Saturn, so its association with “violence, bullishness, cruelty and premeditated crime” is more noticeable with Mars. Saturn retrograde in constellation Crux, the Southern Cross, suggests that some of us may have to sacrifice our more primal, ego-driven desires at this time.

6 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Saturn Natal

  1. thanks for this article, Jamie! This discussion of Mars and Saturn is just what I needed to see today. I wonder if this seems to particularly apply for me lately because my progressed Mars is nearly conjunct my progressed Saturn, and my natal Mars is in early Aries. I have been trying to be like a Capricorn in my daily life to adjust to this time of discipline and restriction. fortunately for me I truly love that to which I am duty bound. otherwise I would probably be a nasty rebel right now.

  2. I was born with this opp. And I relate to every bit of what´s written.



  3. I’m really feeling this one, Jamie… Mars’ll be hitting my Moon/Chiron, and transiting Saturn retrograde is within a few degrees of my Ixion/Uranus, which already opposes my Moon/Chiron perpetually. The inner rebel in me just wants to yell “Enough!!” … but what am I rebelling against?

    Moon/Chiron within a few degrees of my 6th house cusp, and Uranus practically on my 12th house cusp… yes, the job’s been frustrating lately. More restrictions en route it seems (more bureaucratic ways of handling some IT stuff when I’m more inclined to be fast and loose and build-as-I-go… and yes, it’s government…) Plus an upcoming interview of sorts to see if I get to upgrade my position any… and hearing that another state agency just announced furloughs (partially due to the loss of federal funds due to the “sequester”), it’s becoming more apparent a change of pace is needed. Badly.

    To be honest, this isn’t what I want to spend the rest of my life doing, hence me refusing to consider this my 10th-house matter, possibly my Uranian influence kicking in (Still hoping to get my creative projects underway, yet trying to get back in shape plus fatigue from gym/work draining me plus other obligations (family/friends) isn’t leaving me with a lot of time and energy right now). Transiting Neptune (through my 3rd house Pisces) and transiting Nessus (3rd house but still at end of Aquarius) opposing my Sun-on-Regulus/Saturn in 9th house Virgo is *not* helping matters. The fact that this whole interview process happens in the middle of the Eclipse cycle also makes me go “hmm…”

    I’m not sure where Saturn/Mars is hitting in regards to my job’s beginning chart, but I do know Mercury crosses my current job’s ascendant with the sun close behind on the day of that interview… which is on Algol. I’m certain Mars and Venus won’t be far behind either by that point (May 14th).

    So far it’s been a very frustrating week. As drained as I feel right now, probably best to close my laptop lid and just get a good night’s sleep for once.

  4. Today, Jamie, I was Reading an article at El País and an anthropologist wrote about the end of utopies. I related very much with it. It seems that every dream I had, was misplaced somehow and that I made others suffer for not a very good reason (… living on Earth as we all do).

    And I was born in a place where my energies were to be ruled by Saturn (astrodienst interactive maps). So, I really better dig and learn my lesson well.

    The whole thing comes into place and I can see my part a Little better, a Little clearer.

    I thank you very much for your insights. This readings and Marina´s are very helpful.

    All the best!


  5. bang on!!! You are, Jamie ! Aquarius decan 1 with Mars(14degrees 14′) in Saggi opposite Saturn at (14degrees10′) in Gemini, this write up is the story of my life. But now I have started the conscious intervention letting the old man restrict and delay. Just wondering if this aspect of Mars can take my job away altogether? Would you be able to throw some light on what other aspects I should look in my chart to find out if there’s a possibility of job loss?

    • That is such a tight aspect at only 4 minutes orb. I would be researching this aspect and reading as many other interpretations as I could find. Mercury square Uranus will affect how your present yourself and communication at work. That seems to be your only other challenging aspect. Other than that look to transits to your Midheaven.

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