Mars Opposite Sun Transit

Mars Opposite SunMars opposite Sun transit presents a challenge you have to overcome in order to achieve a certain goal or simply to be yourself. The energy of Mars has been building up inside and you have a great need to act, to make something happen. Unfortunately this energy is not balanced, it is hard to contain or to express safely.

Anger and frustration are likely as other people stand in your way or directly oppose your will. This is a difficult time to fully achieve what you want but you can win if your objectives are noble and not threatening to other people. Otherwise the opposition you receive will make compromise necessary.

You have to choose your battles carefully with the Mars opposite Sun transit, perhaps a tactical retreat is better in the long run. All types of relationships can be strained at the moments but especially in close love partnerships. Again, some compromise and subduing of your ego may be needed to keep this peace. Sex and other physical activity now can relieve the tension but over-exertion or risk-taking should be avoided.

15 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Sun Transit

  1. As I wrote, Jamie… It will be like a test for me regarding Mars. Let´s see if I might master it! :s

    I really hope that that horrifying Saturn lessons were clear to me. We arians -no matter the noble causes- can be sooo direct and bossy!

    I truley regret all this metal, chinese would say.


    • well, hopefully this transit coming up I will be able to handle, cant think what it will be at the moment, but was challenged by the traffic today with my eyes, just over troubles !! just on the Saturn opposition Saturn as well….wish me luck, will post what happens…!!!!!

      take care…xx

  2. My Mars opposite Sun transit will be a lollapalooza. Mars retrogrades 6/19/16 thru early July. I’m a triple “A ” personality and my wife is at age 70 I’m working heavy construction with a bunch of stubborn knuckleheads.

  3. Keep in mind that any retrograde planet motion appears slowed ..more than a few days before going retrograde and days after going direct. Mercury retrograde for instance can be experienced a week or so before going retrograde and a week after going direct.

    • I found in this link that Mars stations for 3-4 days while Mercury stations for just one day. In the software I use there is a choice of using days in time or minutes in orb to calculate stationary periods.

  4. in the thick of it. Goes direct exact oppose my taurus sun degree 12th hse saturday? My energy is drastic extremes sixth house. Year since mom died. I m renewing wardrobe. There are times I cant hardly move. One man came up to me and said “what have you to be so proud of ” and his girl friend says ” health?” while I just feel removed. whaaa. Some healing inner from young men but hits to my gut ugh. 72. Something seems to be bringing things to an end or a break. Like I dont want to continue – cant.
    its weird. yes what have I got to be so proud of and suddenly your back sitting on the edge of the wharf with your feet dangling in the water just simple.
    Really keeping things up – no extra energy with me.

  5. I am also in the thick of it. Mars opposite my Gemini sun at 8 degrees. I am irritable with my husband and everything he says, I take as a negative or a problem. His tone is abrupt with me and I really cannot stand being around him right now. Strong will co- workers make me so mad but I have been trying to keep the peace and I joined the gym last week to try and transcend the energy. It’s challenging though, I must say! Ready for the energy to pass.

  6. I m getting inti this transit right now…Gemini sun 16.25 plus Gemini Jupiter in conjuct … I think I decided to move… I desperately want peace of mind. Is that to much? guess that saturn being in a trine with the transiting mars holded me back for a few days but now this trine dies out so it s time to move…

    • Saturn is only 10.06 Sagittarius now so will not really affect the Mars transit. I would look at the exact Mars opposition and see what other minor aspects are happening to gain more information.

  7. My natal mars I meant to say…leo was a trine .. _(natal Neptune also in conjuct with transiting mars)

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