Mars Retrograde 2014

Mars Retrograde 2014

Mars retrograde 2014 lasts for 80 days, from the 1st of March to the 19th of May 2014. It spans nearly 20 degrees of the zodiac sign Libra, or the constellation Virgo. Mars in retrograde motion tends to internalize anger and frustration. We know this is not a good thing because at some stage, this hot aggressive Mars energy builds up to a level where something must give.

This Mars retrograde cycle begins and ends with challenging aspects to Venus. So at the personal level, we may expect conflict in love relationships. More ominous is what might happen in the middle of this cycle, when Mars retrograde links up with Uranus square Pluto to form a scary looking grand cross pattern.

Mars Retrograde 2014 Astrology

Mars Retrograde 2014 Astrology

I am more concerned about the impact of this very challenging Mars retrograde cycle on world events. Of course, the personal and the global are connected, but as individuals, we at least have more influence over our own love relationships, than over the machinations of warring tribes.

We already see in the news every day now, the rising tensions cause by the approaching square of Uranus and Pluto in late April. It is difficult to image just how more intense things could become when an angry Mars retrograde further inflames the conflicts arising now.

At the start, we struggle for peace and harmony with Mars stationing retrograde square Venus. Fortunately, the is the potential for compromise through dialogue, with Mercury trine Mars. This is still a heated moment, no guarantee of resolution, but there may be some form of ceasefire or settlement.

There are very similar conditions at the end of this cycle. Mars station direct opposite Venus, again pointing to conflict. Mercury is again trine Mars, this time from Gemini instead of Aquarius. The violent looking aspects in the middle, suggest to me that any attempt to find peace at the beginning will fail. By the end of it all, everyone will be so worn out and traumatized, that peace will have a greater change of succeeding.

I hinted at the trouble to come in my post on Jupiter square Uranus. I will go into more detail when I update the Uranus square Pluto post. There are a few more of the squares and oppositions around April 21 that I want to research.

Mars Retrograde 2014 Dates


Mar 01
Mar 02
Mar 14
Mar 23
Mar 25
Mar 29
Apr 08
Apr 16
Apr 22
Apr 23
Apr 23
Apr 23
May 06
May 11
May 12
May 15
May 19


27 ♎ 31
27 ♎ 31
26 ♎ 27
24 ♎ 26
24 ♎ 02
22 ♎ 37
18 ♎ 56
16 ♎ 03
13 ♎ 48
13 ♎ 39
13 ♎ 39
13 ♎ 33
10 ♎ 08
09 ♎ 30
09 ♎ 22
09 ♎ 09
09 ♎ 01


Mars Retrograde
Venus square Mars
Mercury trine Mars
Mars on Arcturus
Mars on Spica
Venus trine Mars
Sun opposite Mars
Mercury opposite Mars
Mars square Jupiter
Mars opposite Uranus
Mars on Algorab
Mars square Pluto
Mars on Vindemiatrix
Venus opposite Mars
Mercury trine Mars
Mars on Diadem
Mars Direct

It is the grand cross at the same time as Uranus square Pluto that has astrologers worried. To quote Susan Miller, “April’s so scary that I’m giving classes on it…we’ve not had this since the American Revolution.” [Susan Miller, astrologer to the stars: ‘April’s so scary I’m giving classes on it’]

The chart shown above is for Uranus square Pluto on the 21st of April 2014. Mars entering this aspect of dramatic and revolution upheaval adds anger and violence. This is an explosive mix. Of all the stars in the sky you would not want Mars to be on, perhaps with the exception of Algol, is the fixed star Algorab. But that is what we have coming.

I researched this star in the Crow years ago when chatting to people on the astrology forums. Young astrologers from conflict zones in Europe called this star ‘Kill or be Killed’. It shows up many time in charts of terrorist attacks, assassination and other military assaults. This star was rising with Mercury when the first plane hit the Twin Towers. Plenty of reasons to be concerned about Mars retrograde 2014.


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25 thoughts on “Mars Retrograde 2014

  1. Oh Jamie!

    Though, we have to go on! On the 18th feb., many said that it was a spoon taste of was going to be on april.

    We all have to acknowledge that we are very different now than even recent Twin Towers horror.

    We well or fair passed the 12.12.12, so I feel so invited to do otherwise…

    Like a wind, on the 18th. I felt hard to stay on Earth -if you know what I mean- and tried to feel and feel… until I clearly saw that what was making me unease… was illusion. I missinterpreted some words said to me, until I knew that it was just a missunderstanding.

    The next morning, I made things clear setting two sentences in a librian way, and we got along just fine!

    I have the feeling that we´ll do fine (overall, because we are trying to act with deliberation… and not out of impulsives!).

    Thanks for your kind and not so easy words!


      • Hi Jamie,

        Traditionally April is not a good month for America , a lot of negative events were happened in the past. Do you foresee the coming April transit has something to do with America , like warlike activities and or terrorist attacks etc. especially when Mars comes into place ?


        • Yes, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. I attended a conference in London late last year and watched an excellent talk by a mundane astrologer who has written a book about this topic. Astrology and the Causes of War by Jamie Macphail.

  2. Out of interest Jamie, was this star involved when the first “metaphoric” tower of the global structure collapsed with the GFC in 2008? as I sense this is connected to the 2nd one going taking the 3rd with it with this coming grand cross?

    With natal moon at 14Libra (in 12th) around half a degree from Mars at the time, which squares natal Lillith, quincunx natal Venus while Lillith is conjunct my MC Merc is conjunct desc and nth node is less than half a degree from my asc, (the moon will also be passing over my natal sat in cap and jup conjunct IC in aqua on the 22nd) I have been working on pure intuition as to how I may be of good service as I call my moon the “do or never give up even if i die trying” moon which is pretty much what the above description suppoits and sense like many others this is important now to be doing especially by example, so the above question came to mind to ask :)

    • dont worry just answered it myself, mars and merc were conjunct it when GFC officially called in sept 2008…I knew merc was on it while saturn squared it in 2001 because of what was happening in own life while my moon was affected. VERY INTERESTING!

  3. Feeling super bad for Libra natives. i remember how my life was ruined during Mars Retro in virgo 2012..

      • So I have libra in Venus and Mercury..shit! But I know Sun Libra will take the worst shits

          • Jaime You are scaring me! I guess I can only rely on Pluto Trine on my sun sign :( I have new moon and all other shits oppositing me on March :((((((((((((

      • Hi Jamie,
        As a Libra native I’m definitely feeling a little tense. The Grand Cross will be on my Jupiter 13Libra, and within a degree of my Moon 12Aries (plus reverberations for my Libra 3Sun, 4Uranus and 9Merc). Pluto square my moon and Jupiter, plus Uranus conjunct my Moon and opposite Jupiter!!!

  4. Jamie,
    My birthday is April 21st! Does that allow me a pass on the upcoming difficulties of Uranus Square Pluto? Or maybe I’ll be in the thick of it, despite my preference to opt out!

    • You will get a better idea when I update the Uranus square Pluto post. It will be like a free solar return reading for you. I think you are still going to have to face some difficulties for the year ahead because of that reason.I will include a detailed description of what a grand cross means too.

  5. Ah, well. My AC is in Libra, with my mean node about 4 degrees away from Algorab, which is kinda sorta opposite my Eris. I have Neptune in Libra, too. I have an Aries moon as well. It seems like a good time to stay in bed so as to keep myself out of any trouble. ;) Though transiting Eris is trine my Venus in Leo. Maybe that will help. I certainly hope so. That Aries moon of mine, coupled with my Mars in Leo, makes me impulsive, with no little drama involved.

    Jamie, might you want to look at Eris? I was reading a bit on it and came upon a site that briefly states that US wars occur when Eris is activated ( The US is involved in several areas at the moment (i.e., Venezuela, the Ukraine) even if not openly, and we do have a bad habit of trying to change other people’s regimes. :/

  6. I have to draw the line somewhere because there are so many new discoveries now. I do include the basic asteroids if they are relevant in a chart, but haven’t been looking at Eris. I know Marina usually does include Eris so she may have something in her Mars retrograde post.

  7. At present this Mars and n node is conjunct natal Neptune in Libra for me and that has been good – some nice creative project started (n. venus trines n. mars in 5th). Also these transits are square to natal Uranus in the 11th with Aquarius on 6th – a major healing breakthrough for old injury from newly found compassionate healer. I feel reborn. As for April – what is a 10 deg Aries gal supposed to do? February was already such a shocker with Uranus exact degree that I am hoping all the concurrent sextiles and trines to natal north node Sag in 4th and Chiron in Aquarius 6th will lift me out of the fire. I say look for the good stuff too !!!!! Having said that – I too believe this could be more global activity and having to see the view of the Other but too enraged. Libra for all its Venus can be a kid gloved fist to who knows – Thank you for all the good info!

  8. Hello Jamie!

    I would like to ask you a question – I am studying hard for a competitive exam which I have to take in 2016. However, the dates for applying to that examination fall entirely within the Mars retrograde period (this time in Sagittarius and my third house).

    I have heard that “When Mars is retrograde; whoever initiates, loses.” Do you think that my chances for clearing this exam are damaged from the beginning? After all, everyone in the country who writes this exam will have to apply within the same time-frame, right?

    Please let me know…

    • Don’t believe that. Mercury has the main impact on studies. Mars energy and motivation will have an impact, but it depends more on the transiting aspects the retrograde station makes to your chart than house or sign.

      • Okay… I’m happy to hear that. Thank you. The retrograde station at 8 Sag 54 does not make any major aspects to my chart. I guess I’m clear.

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