Mars Square Jupiter January 23, 2021

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Mars Square Jupiter TransitMars square Jupiter natal is a generally positive influence, in that it creates ample energy and enthusiasm, strength, courage, and sexual attractiveness. The high energy and this aspect definitely need some creative or physical outlet, otherwise, restlessness will build up into aggressive or rash actions.

The way in which you express your abundant energy and enthusiasm needs to be done safely. There is a tendency with this aspect to act on the spur of the moment and take potentially dangerous risks. A balance between caution and bravado needs to be found.

Being too conservative would waste the enormous talents that come with Mars square Jupiter, the impulsive desire and initiative that is needed in the world to create things and undertake bold actions that others may be too afraid to do. While the world needs people like you to stand up for them and take the risks, you do have to protect yourself from harm by toning down the impulsive urges. Taking too many risks could lead to accidents, and being too forward could lead to embarrassment in social situations.

Mars Square Jupiter Transit

Mars square Jupiter transit gives you the energy and initiative to start new projects and to take the risks needed to achieve large-scale success. This is a very attractive energy though a little coarse or tactless. The best way to harness this impulsive energy is to use some forethought and strategy. Avoid acting rashly without considering the consequences of your daring actions. Mars square Jupiter transit gives the courage to take on adversaries if you are threatened, but a defensive approach will work best.

This is not the time to be going on the attack, especially without provocation, as the result may be loss of face, accidents or injuries. Choose your fights carefully. Although you will feel enthusiastic and pumped up, you will need to moderate your energy output as there is a tendency with this transit to burn out, leading to physical or emotional exhaustion.

Mars Square Jupiter Celebrities

John Edward 0°04′, Eric Burdon 0°08′, Brad Pitt 0°11′, Arthur Ashe 0°13′, Louis-Ferdinand Celine 0°13′, Alene Bertha Durek 0°20′, Johnny Carson 0°27, Michael Crichton 0°28′, Wolfgang Borchert 0°31′, Chuck Berry 0°36′, Miranda Barbour 0°38′, David Cochrane 0°39′, Gerardus Mercator 0°41′, Mary Wollstonecraft 0°43′, Marcel Proust 0°47′, Victoria Sackville-West 0°49′, Jim Kerr 0°52′, Monica Seles 1°00′, Julia Gillard 1°01′, Ritchie Valens 1°11′, Helmut Kohl 1°12′, Indira Gandhi 1°22′, Marie Curie 1°36′, Ray Larsen 1°45′, King Henry VIII 1°49′, Vincent van Gogh 1°51′, Robin Williams 1°57′, Burt Reynolds 2°28′, Nancy Kerrigan 2°36′, Lionel Messi 2°49′.

Mars Square Jupiter Dates

25 June 2017
19 November 2018
12 September 2019
4 August 2020
19 October 2020
23 January 2021
23 May 2023
27 February 2024
4 September 2025
4 May 2026
15 November 2027
8 July 2028
10 January 2030
23 September 2030
11 March 2032

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  1. jamie how would you recommend using this aspect when it appears in solar return any idea on it?

  2. Jamiie did this transits aspects fall directly on Lebanon? Was just wondering if it was the full moon or Mars? Awfully sad and shocking.

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