Mercury Sextile Mars Natal and Transit

Mercury Sextile Mars TransitMercury sextile Mars natal gives a very sharp mind and tongue with a fighting spirit. Your intelligence and quick reflexes, both mentally and physically, make you a formidable opponent in any competitive field which rewards strong independent thought. Importantly, you don’t just theorize but you act on your instincts with confidence. You can be very driven to succeed with a strong sense of purpose. A strong work ethic and initiative will earn you respect, especially from strong men.

You are a very active person and you actually need to be kept busy with useful and productive work. Although you can be very direct and sometimes even forceful, you enjoy socializing and other people will enjoy your stimulating company. A certain amount of tact and charisma come with this aspect, but at times your honesty and cutting remarks may offend. The truth does hurt sometimes but someone has to say it.

Your courage and self-belief can lead to risk-taking behavior. However, your rapid response time and strong intuition mean that you will most often land on your feet. Your love life benefits from your ability to arouse with your words and body language. You may enjoy flirting and would have no problem picking up.

A stunning example of this aspect is Paddy Ashdown, who has Mercury sextile Mars at under one minute of orb. He is a formidable British politician who vigorously lobbied for military action against Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Once a military intelligence officer and then a diplomat. He is also an interpreter and fluent in many languages.

Mercury Sextile Mars Transit

Mercury sextile Mars transit speeds up your mind and reflexes. You will feel driven to succeed at something with your strong sense of purpose and initiative. You can achieve a lot of work in a short amount of time, with the courage and fighting spirit to take on just about anything. Manual labor, business matters, and negotiations are favored but you would succeed at anything requiring a little extra effort to get things off the ground.

You can be as direct and honest as you like in achieving your desires and enlisting the support of others. This is an ideal time to get things done that you have previously put in the too hard basket. You may want to further a just cause or stand up for yours or someone else’s rights.

Socializing and your love life will benefit from extra charisma and intellectual attractiveness. This would be a good time to pop the question or ask someone out on a date. You are more willing to take daring actions that you would otherwise be too shy or cautious about. Flirting will appeal to you, and you could easily sway someone special with your sexy words and body language.

Mercury Sextile Mars Celebrities

Paddy Ashdown 0°00’38”, Michael Chang 0°12′, Azaria Chamberlain 0°13′, Maureen Connolly 0°17′, Bryan Brown 0°18′, Cilla Black 0°20′, Neil Diamond 0°21′, Anne Frank 0°23′, Terri Irwin 0°25′, Edgar Cayce 0°29′, Donald Rumsfeld 0°33′, Jessica Adams 0°40′, Beyoncé 0°55′, Anthony Hopkins 1°00′, Bill Clinton 1°15′, Dennis Rodman 1°17′, Eugenie Princess of York 1°20′, Lord Louis Mountbatten 1°20′, Tennessee Williams 1°28′, Ted Turner 1°29′, Princess Diana of Wales 1°33′, Sean Penn 1°43′, Marcel Marceau 1°58′.

Mercury Sextile Mars Dates

17 November 2017
6 December 2017
3 February 2018
7 February 2019
17 March 2019
25 January 2020
26 February 2020
18 April 2020
17 April 2021
8 April 2022
23 May 2022
5 July 2022

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