Moon Conjunct Mars

Moon Conjunct Mars Natal

Moon Conjunct Mars

Moon conjunct Mars in the natal chart gives an emotionally passionate nature. These people have a zest for life and their infectious energy can rouse the passions of others. They wear their heart on their sleeve and it is healthier for them to share how they feel. In fact they may find it difficult not to let their strong emotions out, which has given this aspect a reputation of giving emotional rashness and a hot temper.

But this is simply a side effect of having such enthusiasm and energy for life. These sexy lovers and fierce fighters need a constructive outlet for their passions so the hot energy doesn’t turn in and destructive. Dramatic emotional displays are a good thing, sometimes.

Planetary nature of Moon-Mars: Changeable, passionate, wanton, liable to accidents especially when travelling, bad eyes, injuries to face. Planetary nature of Mars-Moon: Adventurous, perfidious, insolent, wanton, brutal, danger to eyes. If rising, sore eyes, weak sight, trouble and loss through women. If culminating, disgrace and imprisonment.

Moon conjunct Mars Celebrities

Excellent examples of how to express this tremendous energy are found with pocket-sized hot pants dynamo Kylie Minogue (73′) and sexy Latino superstar Ricky Martin (67′). They have drawn massive followings not just because of their musical ability, but importantly in how they give their abundant energy to the crowds. Listening to them sing, and watching them perform leaves you invigorated by the passion of Moon conjunct Mars.

Natalie Cole (90′) also shared this energy but she shows the negatives which can come about when the energy is not expressed safely and begins to consume the self. “Cole continued to spiral out of control – including one incident where she refused to evacuate a burning building” [Wikipedia]. Other Moon conjunct Mars celebrities include fixed stars astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin (73′), evangelist Billy Graham (89′) and poet and author of “I, Claudius”, Robert Graves (89′).

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32 Responses

  1. vajranagini says:

    Funny, I don’t recall Alan Leo having such nicey-nice things to say about a natal Moon conjunct Mars…he is quite clear that this aspect bestows an instinctively perverse and contrary nature, one that tends to do the exact opposite of whatever anyone advises, even if that advice is to their benefit.

    Thus it is difficult for such people to keep friends, because people grow rapidly weary of dealing with this tendency and with the tendency to make “flying off the handle” their initial response to absolutely EVERYTHING.. I would imagine it makes for a very tiresome and irritating child; and I would also expect that the native to have a “constantly-at-swords’-points” relationship with their MOTHER, as well!

    Angelina Jolie has a natal Moon-Mars conjunction…in ARIES, yet…and OPPOSITE Pluto in Libra! Pluto in Libra has, I have observed, a particular and markedly sadistic liking for causing trouble in other people’s relationships.

    Angelina Jolie is well known for these tendencies; even before she destroyed Brad Pitt’s marriage (with Satanic voodoo spells; another lovely little tendency of Moon/Mars/Pluto aspects) she was well known for sleeping with all her (married) co-stars, and destroying their marriages by flaunting the fact!

    • Jamie says:

      This is why we keep our orbs tight when researching aspects, under 1.5 degrees. Jolie has this aspects at 2.5 degrees and there are plenty of other very tight aspects in her chart with which one can confuse characteristics. eg she has Venus square Uranus (22′) and Sun square Lilith (04′).

      • vajranagini says:

        One thing I can tell you FOR SURE: Venus/Uranus aspects are definitely connected with a liking for “kinky sex”.I was once a member of an S&M club, and for fun I checked out as many members’ horoscopes as I could ( I was the secretary so it wasn’t hard!) – and the one defining characteristic overall, quite litrally (I was astonished to see that it was to be found in just about EVERYONE’S chart) was the Venus/Uranus aspect; the more exact the aspect the kinkier the person!

        Funnily enough, anyone who didn’t have it did not last as a member (including me; for my part, I have a natal Uranus/Moon conjunction) Squares tended to exhibit more ambivalence toward their tendencies, and oppositions were really conflicted; they would tend to ‘bounce back and forth’ and keeping it all on the down-low was a big priority with them!

        Angelina has been “outed’ a few times as being partial to kinky sex: a Russian madam in New York offered the info that Angelina liked to be tied up and molested by 300-lb tattooed bulldykes and had often hired them from her; another report had Angelina leaving a hotel roon smeared with feces after a tryst with her ex, Johnny Lee Miller, and there is an extant video where not only does she freely admit to killing and torturing her pets, she also holds forth in praise of S&M. I could go on, but you get the idea!

        Someone like her, who has money and privilege to cover her butt, would feel no need to “hold back” when it came to indulging any sort of kink she might have, no matter how distasteful..I am quite sure part of the reason she works for the UN as an ‘ambassador” and visits all those refugee camps is so she can actually LOOK AT mutilated and dead people! The UN thing would also give her access to classified information on war atrocities, another thing I am quite sure “floats her boat”…it was no surprise to me at all that her first attempt at directing was a movie about “rape camps” in Bosnia; I am sure she thoroughly enjoyed doing the “research”… it was reported some time ago that she had a HUGE collection of gruesome crime scene photos plastered all over her apartment. I am sure that since joining the UN, she has been able to add to her >cough-cough< "collection"!

    • Charyl says:

      Vajra…right or wrong, I for one appreciate your imput as it speaks to the irritations I’ve had in a long term relation. Interesting your imput on Pluto in Libra. I’ll have to observe that projected truism.

      • vajranagini says:

        Yes, people with Pluto in Libra tend to have “drama-loaded” relationships, I’ve noticed! people of this generation are smacxk in the middle of a weird relationship with relationship, has anyone else noticed this? people want fredom to screw around at the same time they want endless romance and “forever” and big splashy weddings for marraiges that end long before the wedding bills have been paid off! All in all, a distinctly unrealistic attitude towards relationships can be seen in this ‘generation!

        Aspects to Libran Pluto should be carefully considered when taking ‘relationships’ into account in someone’s chart!

        I would also watch out for manic-depressive-type tendencies;Pluto would surely intensify any capacity for “running hot and cold” in relationship and a liking for provoking arguments. I have observed that afflicted Air Signs often tend to show mental disturbances that correspond to the characteristics of each sign: Libra is “manic-depression”, Gemini is “narcissism” manipulation, deception, and “split personality”, and Aquarius is “sociopathy”

    • EP says:

      I am a woman with Moon conjunct Mars (1.5 degrees) in Aries. I started out life with a violent temper and have spent the last nearly 30 years getting it under control. I’m also a spiritual aspirant who has dedicated myself to mastering my inner world. Through work that ordinary people don’t do, I’ve finally gotten to reap the reward of this difficult aspect, which is a powerful will (in combination with other features of my stars). Now that I have it working for me, I have a rocket engine.

  2. Rocío says:

    While I don´t have this natal conjunct, I will sure live it´s effects soon, because Moon is in 12th house transinting my natal mars, which is in 12th house. Guess all these expressions would be inward…



    • vajranagini says:

      Not necessarily. 12th House is the House of KARMA, so look for ‘fated’ ( possibly hostile)encounters with one’s own mother, “maternal women” or women with children. The Moon is also ‘reproduction” and Mars is “male sexuality” so maybe you will make someone pregnant ‘by accident”! Watch out most particularly for transits that take place when the transiting Moon will be in your “natal” Moon sign…you didn’t say if you were talking about “progressed” aspects, but if you were, then watch carefully around the time the aspect becomes exact…the “riskiest” days for things to happen with this conjunction will be when the transiting Moon is in the same sign as your NATAL Moon.

  3. vajranagini says:

    Funny the video of Kylie Minogue appearing in this thread…SHE was just one of many targets of Angelina’s malicious, relationship-destroying tendencies…there was that early 2004 story about how KM flew all the way from down-under to Montreal to confront her then-boyfriend Olivier Martinez about the on-set affair he was having with Angelina! This was just before she was diagnosed with breast cancer!

    And, you use only one-degree orbs? That seems quite radical to me; I use a 5-degree orb, myself, and it works for me. Of course, much also depends on the Sign involved(it’s pretty apparent which will be the ‘dominant’ planet in Angelina’s Moon/Mars conjunction: in Aries, that would of course, make it MARS who ‘rules the roost”), thus “martial” behaviour will predominate with her; I have read many news and tabloid stories that obliquely indicate that Angelina is difficult and obnoxious on-set, and heavily competitive with any other women she works with, even to the extent of refusing to appear in the same scenes with them; if you watch “Mr and Mrs Smith”, you will notice she rarely if ever appeared on-screen with any of the other women in the movie!

    Which no doubt contributes to the fact that she is a lot better known for her incessant and totally unscrupulous mediawhoring than she is for her body of work! Sure, she won an “Oscar’, but a psycho playing a psycho is hardly stretching one’s “acting chops”!

    The nearby Jupiter at 17 degrees Aries exactly square Saturn in the 12th at 17 degrees also would definitely ‘aggravate’ the tendencies of this planetary pile-up…I allow a 7-9 degree orb for Saturn and Jupiter.

    I will also remark that the third-house Pluto and fourth-house Uranus in her chart indicates to me that Angelina most likely IS involved in an incestuous relationship with her brother; I once encountered a similar aspect in a similar position (closer together, with the Moon in there,too) in someone’s horoscope. I was able to CONFIRM that the native had in fact slept with his sister (he BRAGGED about it, apparently!) I never had the nerve to ask him directly if he had also done so with his MOTHER!

  4. Susan says:

    My Moon/Mars= 6* Sco, complicated by 8*Merc+10*Nept, in 3rd. 5 sisters, and my mother was mean and hysterical; tried to force me to disown my dad when they divorced. Forced me into therapy (where they declared me sane and her not), tried to force me to become emancipated, put me in a foster home, and allowed sibling violence to me unpunished. She told my ex I was bipolar (I am not, but she wanted to label me that) which influenced custody and ruined my daughter’s life, and the lie lingers 20 years later. I was scrupulous in avoiding sister’s boyfriends; they often slept with mine. I was subject to cigarette burns, being trapped in fold up couches, abandoned by siblings on family trips by my siblings.
    I have a genius IQ, had a babysitting service where I was adored, bodysurfer, bicyclist, straight A’s, almost aced the SAT’s, high spirited, enthusiastic, unafraid, and yet was still very devoted until I recently realized the damage she was doing to me, and I cut it off. Still very difficult to reconcile my devotion and their abuse.

    • Susan says:

      PS I will admit to being contrary but I must point out I am quite often right, a hair trigger temper under the right circumstances, and I am SURE I was tiresome at least to my sisters, as I wanted to follow them all over. My aspect is 26 minutes. I do well in sales and my own business. I detest Angelina Jolie.

      • vajranagini says:

        Moon/Mars in one’s horoscope can also indicate a “martial” or abusive mother, just like the one YOU have! Scorpio is the “night sign” of Mars, so your Moon/Mars aspect, complcated with Mercury and Neptune would certainly be consistent with a Scorpionic (crazy, sadistic, manipulative) mother. (PS are you a Libran or a Scorpio?) The Merc there would certainly also indicate “trouble with siblings’ since Mercury rules ‘siblings” and conjunct with Mars spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. I did say that much depends on the Sign; funnily enough I did speculate on what it would be like to have this aspect in Scorpio! Thanks for the insight!

        And, since you are intelligent, with a stellium in Scorpio, I am sure you can see right through the evil Angelina’s sinister media manipulations and FRAUDS like a WINDOW.

  5. Jamie says:

    This is such an interesting discussion. My first wife (together 8 years) has Moon conjunct Mars. She didn’t seem any nastier than the others.

  6. vajranagini says:

    Well , Mars in Scorpio would be very good at having learned to keep thing “under cover”. especially with a Scorpio Moon: the Moon rules intuition” and thus she would have been ‘sensitive’ to any disapproval occasionwed by a too-graphic expression of her MARS.

    Plus, most of the time women have a great deal of difficulty expressing the energy of Mars, i.e. anger, even when it is fully justified. Ask yourself: when was the last time you saw a womam frowning or scowling on TV. Never , right? Unless she was a “hysterical bitch” who gets shot down dead in the next 5 minutes!

    Women are programmed ALL their lives to conceal any anger or rage they might feel; not “ladylike”, you understand! And with her Mars in Scorpio, you are even LESS likely to have been able to discern that Moon/Mars conjunction!

    Oh and is this the site owner “Jamie”? Best wishes for your swift and complete recovery! I don’t want ANYTHING happening to THIS site; it’s GREAT.

  7. Darkmoon says:

    are you male or female vajranagini?

    Women are programmed ALL their lives to conceal any anger or rage they might feel; not “ladylike”, you understand!

    Fascinating! and please, to balance out the sexism, comment on male programming thanks

    • vajranagini says:

      I am female. So no “sexism” involved, just LEGITIMATE observations made from the “distaff side”.

      The fact is, “men rule, and women remain fools”. As a woman who has a few more IQ points than EINSTEIN, I am in the unique position of having personally observed all my life how very little women as a apecies value intelligence, probably because it isn’t “sex-eeee”! And as we know, “sex-eee” is the “supreme aspiration” of the great bulk of womanhood!

      There is a complete VOID when it comes to any sort of INTELLIGENT and INCISIVE (as opposed to “shallow and superficial”) observations made by women, on themselves and on MEN. Men are free to dissect and analyze US at length, but where are the in-depth dissections of MEN by WOMEN? Nowhere, that’s right! Oh, Dr. Germaine Greer made a good start with “The Female Eunuch”, but it’s pretty much FLATLINED since then. It’s quite apparent to me that to the majority of women the OUTSIDE of their heads is the priority, and NOT the INSIDE.

  8. Darkmoon says:

    OH and perhaps when you have done as much for orphaned children and stricken communities you can be so harshly negative of Angelina Jolie.

    • vajranagini says:

      She doesn’t do SQUAT for anyone but HERSELF; if you actually pay attention to what she is doing, it is readily apparent she is USING the poor to get PUBLICITY; plus she (AND the CIA) has created a complete MEDIA FACADE to hide the fact that she is a DRUG MULE for them!

      Pay attention and you will see how all the countries she visits are all producers of illicit DRUGS; how she flies to these places in PRIVATE JETS (the DRUG CARTELS own most of the private jets out there; funny that someone who is supposedly such a “humanitarian” >big eyeroll< flies around in private jets, hmmm?) and how she spends all of 5-10 minutes getting her PICTURE taken with the po'folks (so as to create the IMPRESSION of "humanitarianism" as part of her "cover" in the media) while that private jet's secret compartments are being "loaded up"…then it's back to the 5-star hotel to sip champagne (and god alone knows what else) with the local officialdom, then back to the US or Europe where the "cargo" is offloaded! (F'r instance, her most recent "humanitarian"/drug mule schtick was performed in COLOMBIA, when she was there just BEFORE Cannes; what's a movie event without its nose candy, eh?)

      I am sure her recent 'promotion" to "Special Envoy" is a private UN/CIA joke…an "envoy" is a "COURIER" (as in "someone who delivers PRODUCT") She's a GEMINI after all: one thing about Geminis: you can always count on there being "another side" to them you don't know about. Angelina is no exception to this rule. What is especially despicable (aside from her using refugees as publicity tools) is the fact of her using her CHILDREN to cover her DRUG DEALING. But hey: no surprise there: she's got PLUTO ruling her Fifth House, so "evil, criminal,and sinister activities involving children (added to the fact of that Moon/Mars conjunction opposing Pluto) would be the order of the day with her!

      Mars/Pluto aspects appear with disturbing frequency in the charts of serial killers, rapists, and violent criminals; I have quite a lot to say about THAT in regard to the Satanic witch Angie J., but I won't; what I have said should be "sufficient unto the day"!.

      • Marina says:

        Mars/Pluto also in the charts of those who have been abused. Of course many abusers have of course been abused too. The cycle continues…. I think the “sexee” being the supreme aspiration of womanhood definitely fades after the age of 45. As Uber once put it, (I hope I’m quoting this right) One is free of the “tyranny of oestrogen”. Maybe in Mars/Moon you are then allowed to express the rage!

  9. Agstar says:

    I’m coming into this conversation late, but I felt I had to comment. I have moon conjunct mars in leo (4 degree orb) in 2nd and 3rd house and have certainly got the passionate, friendly and temperamental side but I’ve never ever had problems finding or keeping friends, in fact I am still friends with all my old friendships even though none of them speak to each other any longer. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother also, she is an amazing and very supportive person in my life, and I am very proud of her (leo). My family are Sicilian so the flying off the handle applies to us all, even though I’m the only one with this aspect and I am the quietest and most patient of my whole family. Maybe the Virgo sun makes a difference, but I don’t think it’s correct for people to have only the opinion or understanding of Vajranagini to take with them in regards to this aspect. Thank-you for a brilliant site and a fantastic learning opportunity.

  10. Vajranagini says:

    If you actually read what I wrote you will see that the opinion about Moon conjunct Mars is ALAN LEO’S opinion on the aspect, and not “mine”. I offered it as a counterbalance to the omnipresent annoying Newage tendency to ‘sugarcoat’ everything.

    And yes, no doubt the Virgo Sun has something to do with the fact that you are not as much of a perverse jerk as the aspect would tend to indicate; the situation of every other planet in your natal chart in aspect to this Moon/Mars aspect plus the HOUSE POSITION strongly affects the ultimate expression of the aspect; f’r instance, if it is situated in the Seventh House, you would tend to ATTRACT perverse jerks, rather than BE one yourself.

    Also, one’s GENDER has a great deal of effect on ther expression of Moon/Mars; surely you have heard that “women are Venus and men are Mars”? Women (and society)are much less comfortable with the notion of women expressing their Mars energies, so any Martial tendencies on the part of women tend to get pushed into the shadow side of the personality.If you are a man, however, you will likely encounter this energy in the form of “difficult” women (especially if they are mothers), or in the area of “children” (Leo rules the 5th house of “children”)

    • Agstar says:

      Thank-you for the reply Vajranagini. I did read that it was Alan Leos opinion of the darker side of the aspect, it did seem to me that you were taking his view however (that’s how it came across) and of course you have obviously observed that in others with this aspect. I wanted to give an example of someone with the aspect who agrees with all of what was written by Jamie, in my own experience. I don’t think it’s sugar coated. I have a terrible temper but it hasnt frightened any of my friends away as you expressed from your observations. I understand that other aspects and parts of the chart contribute to this, and that’s what everyone who is trying to learn about astrology needs to know. My best friend also has this aspect (triple Leo) and has many good friendships also. That probably is because we are so warm, passionate, enthusiastic and have a great zest for life ( all of what was given in the description of this aspect). I understand there is a counterbalance to every view, that’s all I was offering to Alan Leos view. I just tend to agree with Jamie’s description overall (in my experience). I have outlets to express the angry side of the aspect otherwise as stated it does turn inward and becomes destructive (to self!). It’s interesting what you say about men with this placement in the 7th or 5th, makes sense.

  11. I have a moon conjunct mars not even a degree apart in the 6th house, I feel a brunt of negative mars/moon in my relationships though. I also have a virgo venus placement which could be the reasoning. I am a virgo sun. I have an 8th house venus placement, and also an 8th house jupiter placement. Would someone mind going a little more in depth on this for me?
    because virgo is debilitating for venus, but jupiter is good right? However I am in the 8th house… My sun is in the 9th house. Please help ?

  12. PS. I am a sag rising, and my saturn, neptune and pluto are in my first house in capricorn. I always find myself trying to teach my partner, and become very rigid and over powering, I am quite frightening when angry, and when I am angry it is very difficult for me to calm down. I do not become angry all the time though, just about certain things. ESPECIALLY MY LOVERS ACTIONS, SPEECH, BEHAVIOR. I dont feel like I am mean and bossy either, I simply feel that I am trying to help teach this person how to act in many different ways. I’m always looking to brighten something about their personality. If they are not very caring about others, or if they are not very caring about me, that is usually a huge problem.

  13. Christine Schmidt says:

    Hi- I have a 13 year old daughter She is the prettiest cutest smartest and most creative child I have and she surpasses others in those categories…Highly talented.Note: Twice in life from the time she was 4 we had to worry and hold our breadth because of her unrealistic desire to be close to friends going as far as social services entering the picture I have had to go above and beyond t fight to make things right! She has exhausting temper tantrums when I would have to leave for work or school all life was a crisis ! I had to get a child Leash for which I made her wear for about 3 years when we went out Walmart was beginning to get ready to make that code Adam when they saw us arrive after what 5 visits. She is selfish and rude and utterly insincere and YES her behavior lately is too OMGish !!! Her moon is stuck between MARS on one side and PLUTO on the other and Opposes her Gemini sun I think her saving grace will be the trine from mars to 1st house venus in Aries-Shes mean bossy and controlling when we moved overseas she practically took over her class room I went for a visit one afternoon and she was answering questions while standing by her teacher and doing assistant work for her !! Her favourite past time was creating desks and mini offices and she could pretend everything from being a lawyer (brief case and files made with her own cases and folders) a cup for pens, a name plate -she carries with her paper and pen wherever she goes when she was 2 at the check out counter she so liked watching me sign my check book we had to make a pretend check book for her and the cashiers let her sign our grocery receipt-she called it “SIGNING” Mommy can I sign this time?She loved it when I took her along to my college Art classes-the instructors were always impressed by her attentiveness-which she now entirely LACKS She -She needs friends around her or she feels empty and she cant stand being in the same room with me Nothing I say matters it goes into one ear and out the other…………..oooooh advise please…she tries mothering me ! and I always have to stop and turn it around by using my ANGRY SHADOW MOM VOICE-That’s something no one wants to hear not even myself…but its compelled and pulled out of me-her friends end up coming to the door-“sorry we cant find her here’s her shoes…we had a fight…..Shes later found hiding in they’re DRYER?????? asleep??
    She always hides in small places…whats she going to do when shes is 6 feet tall!–I keep asking myself where IS the obsessiveness in me but fact #1 Im Aquarius with a 3 degree conjunction to my mars and with Saturn just a few degrees away from it Im about as FREE thinking as one can get and in no way fanatical maybe too freedom oriented but I have that saturn which I believe is the breaking point for me well thats a deep subject – I agree with this posting whole heartedly-GOOD ONE!!!

  14. Christine Schmidt says:

    Perhaps the hiding and distance…is that sun mars conjunction of mine…I have a MORE VOL ITAL temper than hers….I guess no I know im to blame for that one…its all the things that happen around her which brings it out. I would hide in a dryer from me too…….Parenting, Not easy and a challenge for everyone….But well worth the time….hauling out the love in BIG LOADS gets harder to do as they mature.

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