Moon Conjunct Mars Natal and Transit

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Moon Conjunct Mars TransitMoon conjunct Mars natal gives an emotionally passionate nature. You have a zest for life and your infectious energy can rouse the passions of others. You wear your heart on your sleeve and it is healthier for you to share how you feel. In fact, you may find it difficult not to let your strong emotions out, which has given this aspect a reputation of giving emotional rashness and a hot temper.

But this is simply a side effect of having such enthusiasm and energy for life. You are a sexy lover and fierce fighter that needs a constructive outlet for your passions. Otherwise, the hot Mars energy would turn in and become destructive. Dramatic emotional displays are a good thing, sometimes.

Moon conjunct Mars Celebrities

Excellent examples of how to express this tremendous energy are found with pocket-sized hot pants dynamo Kylie Minogue (1°13′) and sexy Latino superstar Ricky Martin (1°07′). They have drawn massive followings not just because of their musical ability, but importantly in how they give their abundant energy to the crowds. Listening to them sing, and watching them perform leaves you invigorated by the passion of Moon conjunct Mars.

Natalie Cole (1°30′) also shared this energy but she shows the negatives which can come about when the energy is not expressed safely and begins to consume the self. “Cole continued to spiral out of control – including one incident where she refused to evacuate a burning building” [Wiki].

Others include Michael Moore 0°11′, Herbert Hoover 0°28′, Elsbeth Ebertin 1°13′, Billy Graham 1°29′, Robert Graves 1°29′, Ringo Starr 1°49′, Celine Dion 2°20′, Angelina Jolie 2°22′.

Moon Conjunct Mars Transit

Moon conjunct Mars transit makes you feel strong, sexy and brave. You can take the initiative and act with passion when your emotions are aroused. Your quick instincts and fighting spirit can be used to defend your home and family.

Without a just cause to stand up for it will be difficult to control your strong emotions. If you start to feel irritable, impatient, bossy or mean, it is a signal that you need to back off and try to relax. If you remain in an agitated state you are likely to lose your temper or act irrationally.

If you can’t calm down then try to expend your energy on something or someone you really care about. This could range from cleaning your house to giving a loved one an invigorating massage.

This interpretation for Moon conjunct Mars transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon conjunct Mars.

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  1. PS. I am a sag rising, and my saturn, neptune and pluto are in my first house in capricorn. I always find myself trying to teach my partner, and become very rigid and over powering, I am quite frightening when angry, and when I am angry it is very difficult for me to calm down. I do not become angry all the time though, just about certain things. ESPECIALLY MY LOVERS ACTIONS, SPEECH, BEHAVIOR. I dont feel like I am mean and bossy either, I simply feel that I am trying to help teach this person how to act in many different ways. I’m always looking to brighten something about their personality. If they are not very caring about others, or if they are not very caring about me, that is usually a huge problem.

  2. Hi- I have a 13 year old daughter She is the prettiest cutest smartest and most creative child I have and she surpasses others in those categories…Highly talented.Note: Twice in life from the time she was 4 we had to worry and hold our breadth because of her unrealistic desire to be close to friends going as far as social services entering the picture I have had to go above and beyond t fight to make things right! She has exhausting temper tantrums when I would have to leave for work or school all life was a crisis ! I had to get a child Leash for which I made her wear for about 3 years when we went out Walmart was beginning to get ready to make that code Adam when they saw us arrive after what 5 visits. She is selfish and rude and utterly insincere and YES her behavior lately is too OMGish !!! Her moon is stuck between MARS on one side and PLUTO on the other and Opposes her Gemini sun I think her saving grace will be the trine from mars to 1st house venus in Aries-Shes mean bossy and controlling when we moved overseas she practically took over her class room I went for a visit one afternoon and she was answering questions while standing by her teacher and doing assistant work for her !! Her favourite past time was creating desks and mini offices and she could pretend everything from being a lawyer (brief case and files made with her own cases and folders) a cup for pens, a name plate -she carries with her paper and pen wherever she goes when she was 2 at the check out counter she so liked watching me sign my check book we had to make a pretend check book for her and the cashiers let her sign our grocery receipt-she called it “SIGNING” Mommy can I sign this time?She loved it when I took her along to my college Art classes-the instructors were always impressed by her attentiveness-which she now entirely LACKS She -She needs friends around her or she feels empty and she cant stand being in the same room with me Nothing I say matters it goes into one ear and out the other…………..oooooh advise please…she tries mothering me ! and I always have to stop and turn it around by using my ANGRY SHADOW MOM VOICE-That’s something no one wants to hear not even myself…but its compelled and pulled out of me-her friends end up coming to the door-“sorry we cant find her here’s her shoes…we had a fight…..Shes later found hiding in they’re DRYER?????? asleep??
    She always hides in small places…whats she going to do when shes is 6 feet tall!–I keep asking myself where IS the obsessiveness in me but fact #1 Im Aquarius with a 3 degree conjunction to my mars and with Saturn just a few degrees away from it Im about as FREE thinking as one can get and in no way fanatical maybe too freedom oriented but I have that saturn which I believe is the breaking point for me well thats a deep subject – I agree with this posting whole heartedly-GOOD ONE!!!

    • Hello Christine, I feel you. My own little princess has the same only she’s Scorpio Sun and Leo Moon and Leo Mars in the 1st house. I have gotten knocked down and bulldozed for telling her to suck it up when he gets knocked down in soccer and she is also a Leo Ascendant. I’m a Leo Sun myself so I would like to think I know where she comes from, but there have been times where I just want to go full at it and show her who she’s dealing with so she won’t forget. So far, though she’s a force to behold. She sounds a lot like your daughter and it seems on the surface we have similar backgrounds. Your baby girl seems to be very intelligent as well as my daughter is. I have her in dance and soccer so that she has some way of using her energy but sometimes I think that it’s not enough. When she was little, her temper tantrums were epic and time-outs were not enough. I hate spanking because I was spanked and I had to let go of the “no spanking” rule philosophy because that was the only way to get through. Don’t get me wrong, I try to talk first, always, but she gets to be so stubborn that she will not get off of her high horse. She does tend to be mean and goes into every discussion with guns blazing and knives in hand (figuratively of course). When she was two, she slapped another colleague in the face during a conference! It is hard to hold a discussion with her, but when I do catch her in a calm state, she listens then. Her Sun is also square her moon and semisquare her Pluto. She is also very talented as she has found animating cartoons a hobby of hers. I have learned to just take it one day at a time.

  3. Perhaps the hiding and distance…is that sun mars conjunction of mine…I have a MORE VOL ITAL temper than hers….I guess no I know im to blame for that one…its all the things that happen around her which brings it out. I would hide in a dryer from me too…….Parenting, Not easy and a challenge for everyone….But well worth the time….hauling out the love in BIG LOADS gets harder to do as they mature.

  4. Moon square Mars, I have that aspect almost exact. I would like to know more about it. Thanks

  5. Lol.. my moon in libra 11th house and mars in libra R 11th house too… I am social or im not.. again depending on my mood. And Yes I can have outburst of anger if my scale is unbalanced. It used to be if unjustice was done to others or me. Now if my “zen” feeling is disturbed.
    I also have saturn in libra R 11th house with pallas libra R. Full 11th house.
    I used to think I could save the world.. now as I mature I see it’s not always realistic. Not everybody is your friend either.. hars lessons.
    I can see things black and white as well in this house and the outside world.. Which didnt help me in the past with Finding work.
    I also have a passion for art or design and Making beautiful things.

  6. What does it mean for this May 29 full moon to be exactly conjunct my natal Mars in 8deg Sag 1st house?
    Thank you.

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