Moon Square Ascendant Transit

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Moon Square Ascendant TransitMoon square Ascendant transit makes you more sensitive toward other people but it can also make you very moody. You can expect more personal interaction and more intimacy. Feelings will be running high, especially between you and your family and partner. In fact, you should notice that everyone in your home displays stronger emotions.

Unfortunately, with this transit, there is a tendency to become overwhelmed by your own emotions and be extremely subjective. Under these conditions, you are less likely to be concerned about your loved ones and will often fall into destructive subconscious behavior patterns.

Reacting without thinking is likely to occur and is likely to damage your close relationships. The key to avoiding this and other negative behaviors like addiction is to not take your moods too seriously. Try to remember you are only seeing or feeling things based on immediate impressions that are tainted by preconceived ideas and prejudices.

Remember if you can, that your subconscious mind is dominated by your rational, conscious mind. This is not a good time for anything that needs a clear mind and objectivity. For these reasons, it would be better to avoid making important decisions, especially about relationships.

This interpretation for Moon square Ascendant transit applies to a lunar eclipse and full moon square Ascendant.

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  1. I have this aspect and sometimes for me discussing things in an objective manner can be tough especially with family members who make it impossible at times. I feel like I am talking to a brick wall 90% of the time. I know its a bit of an exaggeration. Especially when you make some valid point when it comes to reality aspect of the situation. Sometimes especially my mother loves to bring up the past and use it as a weapon (I blame her mercury conjunct. Mars, Always needs to be right…) This is something that does;t help when you have to solve things objectively and yet many times when I try to be objective with her it is more like the opposite affects because its not about seeing things realistically its about winning the argument. I feel like I just want to shake her hoping she would wake up from her delusional sense. Relationship with her is a battle a lot of the times because like the saying goes “my way or the high why.” She does it with other as well. Yet there are other things in her planetary aspect in her chart I see but reason with her makes me feel like I have to stifle what i am actually feeling. Whenever i express what I am feeling she goes off. Her emotions seems to be more important than seeing things realistically at times. My dad just let her have her way “to keep the peace.” When really it does not always work when you need to solve problems. I love to solve problems.I hate to let them linger yet there are plenty of times when you are walking into a minefield with her because you never know what will trigger her… even if you make a harmless comment. Its like the red queen from Alice in the Wonderland. Always wanting it my way. I am like so over that… She wants things to get better between the two of us, but unwilling to listen to what i have to say because to her I am wrong. It’s like there has to be a road block between me and her. This mindset that she has not being wrong is so strong with her i am like I can’t talk to her any more…. My dad can be this way too. It gets pretty aggravating. Our communication is little to non existent because it is about meeting my mother’s needs more so than understanding their daughter who is seeking help. This is something I have experienced with this aspect. I understand how we need to listen to each other, yet many times with.

    A lot of time with this aspect it is perceived how I don’t care about others, yet that is not always the case, I care about others a lot but when it comes to stubborn people who wont solve problems with you and work with you, you just give up on caring because it is not worth the drama after awhile. I can’t seem to discuss my needs at all with them Even as an adult, so i have learned to not care because if you are not willing to hear other people out and acting like the red queen from Alice in the wonderland than its not going to work. Relationships need to be reciprocated and be listened too. Not a one way street that I have noticed when it comes to my family of origin. I even tried to dram my mom into therapy to be understood but its abut how everyone else wrong. (I am also seeing that my mom’s Sun Neptune aspect.) She does not want to go.. A lot of times every family member who interacted with her is like walking on eggshells with her. I have to learn to cut certain things out. I will hear how i don’t care about her or how I don’t show any interest in her. I have shown so much love and affection, I am cutting out the drama that is in place. That doesn’t mean that i don’t care it means I have had enough of her being mean and causing emotional and psychological abuse from both my parents. Yes I have reacted to her a lot as a child, i had a tough time talk to her without her feeling so defensive or use anything i say against me I can’t even tell my dad or sister anything because it will get back to her and she will share it with her friends, and I don’t need everyone to know what i am dealing with… Therefore I had to keep it to myself because to her I was this “disturbed” child to her. My mom doesn’t really listen she likes to tell you what you need to do. So its more like stop sharing, there is no point and keep reminding myself She always needs to be right. My moon is in leo and my Asc. is in scorpio with Pluto. So I am like Keep it to yourself. So it can be quite hard to let yourself be who you are when you feel stifled inside and unable too unless you want to have another battle. The battle of I have no idea… I can’t have a conversation with her unless you want to have a fight. Its not worth it, it is exhausting, and many times over it. The only reason why I am so moody is especially as a child because i am not able to discuss things in an open manner. I felt my moodiness has to to do with my own mother…. My sister and dad felt the same even though thy do not nave this aspect in their chart. Yet we all feel it when we are around her. When she isn’t in the same room with us we feel like we are able to breathe. We all know this,… yet she won’t get help or see what she does. We all can feel the tension around her. While there is a lot of problems not being solved because there is another problem with the solution that is given. Then things become a stalemate, because there is always a problem with the solution that is made. it has caused me to feel crazy.

    • This is the exact same thing that is happening to me and I always find myself escaping through art, drugs, or work but now that I’ve gotten to the point where I am over this, my mom wants us to start over again. I think the lesson is to learn to look at your emotions objectively and not take them to seriously and to be comfortable around your mother and not be tense around her even if she gets violent like mine does because if you don’t learn this, your soul will never progress.

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