Neptune Conjunct Sun TransitNeptune conjunct Sun transit can open you up to a more spiritual outlook on life which can be very illuminating but at the same time make you feel very vulnerable,  as your previously well-defined self-image and personal boundaries start to dissolve around you.

We are not isolated beings, and this transit brings mysterious experiences, imagery and intuitive feeling that helps you “see” the energy that connects you to other people and your environment.

If you have been interested in the spiritual, the religious or occult for a while and have a good handle on it, then this transit will suit you well. You can look forward to even greater illumination, closer union with the spirit world, and more sensitive and compassionate relationships.

Some people will find the dissolving of boundaries and the piercing of the ego more frightening. If your place in the world was based on egocentric drives, in ignorance of how your energy impacted on others, then the influx of psychic energies will be a threat to that fortified ego.

The result may be an erosion of self belief, confusion and doubts which can lead to insecurity and over sensitiveness. You may be subject to deception or treachery from others. During this transit you may have to accept just how intertwined you are with the people around you, and with the energies that most of us cannot see. Remember you are a part of the whole, trust in your spirit guides.

Your pineal gland, brow chakra, or third eye, is being activated. Meditation, spiritual studies and lucid dreaming will enhance the journey. Though you may find some benefit from, and even have a stronger desire for mind altering substances, it is very important to only use these ceremonially, in moderation. Smoking pot every day or turning to the bottle would bring out the very worst of this transit, self-delusion, addiction, victimization and miserable self-pity.

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  1. I had Neptune oppose my sun in 08,09 & 2010 along with Pluto. My experience when the exact degree between the planets was with God & Jesus. I got to see heaven. Now I am having in a year of my progress sun conjunct Neptune. Not sure of what this will be but feel its another spiritual impulse. My sun was in 1st house along with pluto & Neptune on the nadair. I been told I have the exact aspect of Pluto sextile Neptune when it first came together in WW2. Some piece of humanity during this time till 2030’s. Do anyone have any. Knowledge of this transit & what it might mean?

  2. I don’t think one can ever understate the effect of a transit-even when it isn’t in exact orb with your personal planet. The effects are still there.

    A friend of mine had Natal Sun/Moon conjunct in Pisces nataly. He passed away last year after being in hospital for an illness/infection that doctors could not find.

    Apparently,the illness was so obscure(typical Neptune), that they had to dig into his bone marrow and run tests from those samples. Eventually, albeit very painfully, they were able to conclude that his it was a bone infection.

    We all assumed that he would recover, but Neptune had other things in store, and so, I believe the whole ordeal zapped him of his energy and his last Facebook status was “new beginnings” -days before he left us for the spiritual world.Perhaps he did know that this was “it” for him?

    I miss him a great deal and think of him often. I wonder if more people integrated astrology into their lives and used its resources to navigate or perhaps unearth possibilities,would people start paying attention to their more spiritual side?

  3. Neptune transiting my natal Sun at 8 Pisces for what feels like forever. It’s painful. I feel unsure, uncertain, and on top of it, my partner’s transiting Neptune is also riding over my natal Sun for now thru…2026? Can this union survive this transit? I feel I am coming undone. I feel like a shadow of my former self. I sense the spiritual lessons here, letting go, acceptance, expansion of my spirituality and real integration of the idea that nothing lasts. Karmically, i try to understand why this incarnation is so themed by this message. I wish it were over but it seems i have 10 years to go. What will be left after this? Tr Neptune squaring natal Neptune as well. I went sober from pot & booze since a few months ago, aware of the self-medicating i was doing. I can’t say i feel any better.

  4. I have Neptune transiting my Sun in Pisces then my Moon, then my mercury.(Sun on 8th house cusp moon & mercury in 8th) The moon is one leg of Pluto, Neptune YOD. I also have Jupiter on my leo ascendant as part of the fire trine with Uranus in 11 and Mars in 5. My tarot readings are a spiritual experience for me even though I am reading others. I am also writing a book about how to use Tarot to increase your sensativity. As extreme as all this is, it is the most spiritual time of my life and I am taking full advantage of it!!!!!!!

  5. I am a Sagittarius born December 11, 1951, 1:15 pm EST at Cleveland, Ohio. I am making a comment primarily because I am looking at what other astrologers have to say about the current conjunction between the transiting Sun and transiting Neptune. In my chart both are transiting through my natal 12th house. At the current degree (7/8) Pisces there is no aspect to any other section of my chart. However, I am of the opinion that Neptune rules Sagittarius and Pisces along with Jupiter and it is extremely important to me to delineate this Neptune transit through my t2th house in that it will be in effect until 2026 and is complimenting in tandem the transit of Pluto through my natal 10th house which will be in effect until 2024.

    I know that I have had an experience with my spiritual “teacher” (though he would not appreciate at all being called this) which helps to confirm the developmental road I have chosen to travel and I wanted to attempt to share some of this especially as it may pertain to Sun/Neptune interpretations.
    The relationship between these two planets always involves some measure of the deflation of the ego and what might be called a de-focusing of the image one has of oneself up until this point, unless that image is inline with the more spiritual aspects of one’s nature, of one’s character.

    What my Baba was able to help me see was a somewhat debilitating and deflating reflection of my “self” as it is and not as I would to be. The day we had an initial conversation the feeling for the rest of that day was almost a complete, total depression. I decided not to go anywhere that day (a decision made easier by the fact the temperatures here in Cleveland have been below zero to single digits for the past several days). A good thing concerning this was the fact I knew of this transit though I hadn’t thought much about it before this conversation and during some subsequent exchanges between us over the last few days concerning some DVD’s (another Neptunian area – film and fantasy -) he diligently turned my attention to myself as I am, which was a painful experience but one that is necessary if one wishes to be honest (a Sagittarian keyword) in fact as well as in potential.

    What is interesting for me is the fact that I could see how if I were as identified with myself as I have been say 20 years ago, I would have succumb to the feelings of depression and self-pity which would tie me ever more tightly to this image of myself which is not the true, the “authentic” me. It is also interesting that he was saying in so many words the same thing which was being said in a book that one of the spiritual teachers of the 20th century was speaking about though he doesn’t know that I happen to be reading this material at this time. So the effect is that of both reading and hearing the notion of reality simultaneously has had a weird effect to say the least. (also most likely attributable to Neptunian affects).

    At any rate just thought I would share this bit of astrological insight.

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