New Moon March 2013

New Moon March 2013 AstrologyThe New Moon on Monday, the 11th of March, 2013 is at 21 degrees Pisces. New Moon’s are always a time of new beginnings where you are supposed to set new goals and make a fresh start. With this March 2013 New Moon close to Venus, you can channel this burst of new energy into your self-image, love life, and finances. The New Moon is in the constellation of Pisces, as well as the zodiac sign Pisces, but with no major star being activated, the main influence will come from the close proximity to Venus.

New Moon March 2013 Astrology

You can see in the chart below that Venus is less than four degrees away from the New Moon. This means that you should feel more loving energy, or at least a greater need for love and affection. You might think about how you look and making more effort now to look good will have have a more beneficial influence on how you feel about yourself than at other times. So, self-image and self-love are important messages from this New Moon. This really is the starting point to improving love relationships and even your financial situation.

new-moon-11th-march-2013If you are feeling good about yourself, then you are naturally going to have higher standards when it comes to what you expect in relationships. Placing a higher value on yourself means you deserve nice things. The clothes and accessories you buy are a reflection of how you rate yourself. So, the fresh start from the March 2013 New Moon begins with improving your self image, and this flows on to your love life and money matters.

Helping things along with this loved-up New Moon are two longer-term transits in the background. Jupiter sextile Uranus encourages the growth spurt with more enthusiasm to try something new. It also makes conditions ideal for more personal growth and higher self awareness. Saturn sextile Pluto is giving a strong determination to positively transform your life from the ground up. That should help you deal with what looks like being an emotionally tumultuous March 2013 Full Moon in a couple of weeks.

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