New Moon March 2013

New Moon March 2013 AstrologyThe New Moon on Monday, the 11th of March, 2013 is at 21 degrees Pisces. New Moon’s are always a time of new beginnings where you are supposed to set new goals and make a fresh start. With this March 2013 New Moon close to Venus, you can channel this burst of new energy into your self-image, love life, and finances. The New Moon is in the constellation of Pisces, as well as the zodiac sign Pisces, but with no major star being activated, the main influence will come from the close proximity to Venus.

New Moon March 2013 Astrology

You can see in the chart below that Venus is less than four degrees away from the New Moon. This means that you should feel more loving energy, or at least a greater need for love and affection. You might think about how you look and making more effort now to look good will have have a more beneficial influence on how you feel about yourself than at other times. So, self-image and self-love are important messages from this New Moon. This really is the starting point to improving love relationships and even your financial situation.

new-moon-11th-march-2013If you are feeling good about yourself, then you are naturally going to have higher standards when it comes to what you expect in relationships. Placing a higher value on yourself means you deserve nice things. The clothes and accessories you buy are a reflection of how you rate yourself. So, the fresh start from the March 2013 New Moon begins with improving your self image, and this flows on to your love life and money matters.

Helping things along with this loved-up New Moon are two longer-term transits in the background. Jupiter sextile Uranus encourages the growth spurt with more enthusiasm to try something new. It also makes conditions ideal for more personal growth and higher self awareness. Saturn sextile Pluto is giving a strong determination to positively transform your life from the ground up. That should help you deal with what looks like being an emotionally tumultuous March 2013 Full Moon in a couple of weeks.

12 thoughts on “New Moon March 2013

  1. Jamie!

    Thankyou so much for your insights. My son is Virgo. He is having trouble finding the ground under his feet and I am not liking this, though try to act in a very calm way (seems much more reasonable and he seems to listen better this way).

    So! Let´s just go on living these so adventorous times (I feel scared, to be honest!).

    Thanks again!


    • Greetings R ~

      The Pisces parade opposes my own natal Pluto-Virgo, and my son’s Mars-Virgo. It’s been an interesting month ~ lots of pragmatics to attend to with his college apps and my financials, but additional energy and time devoting to the aesthetic/fantasy side. There’s been a noticeable quality of give and take in play, with “progress” as the operational principle.

      I’m also struggling, as a conscientious parent, with my daughter’s involvement in the drug-life via her peers in and out of high school. The Piscean Parade opposes her natal Virgo stellium 10th … she’s failing her classes, has a piss-poor attitude, and a ballistic (Scorp & Mars rising) response mechanism. I empathize with your method of approach … walk softly but carry a very large feather … walk it, we must. I’m building (the Saturn-Pluto sextile) a network of school/social/family communications behind her back, frankly. That’s a Piscean approach that seems to be working, and she’s damned lucky this issue isn’t occurring while an Aries Parade is in effect, or her ass would be this mother’s new front lawn ~ mowed down and re-sown.

      Kisses to all in Piscean bliss,

      • Moira!

        You are not alone! In the case of my son, the rest ofthe parents are not really caring about issues. Children just get into substances and the social pressure is overwhelming!

        I seldom speak to the father of my children, though yesterday I took the opp. and commnicated how worried I am about the behaviour of this youngsters. And he was completly on my side (of course). Said he was going to phone him yesterday night or this morning, but he did not.

        When I met him -ex-husband- I clearly saw the head of a japanese turtle going inside his Shell. I did not want to take into consideration this so clear view my subconsc. gave me and married him.

        Now, he is doing the same! Not facing things and just cashing away from issues and problems.

        Tomorrow, I will speak to my son. He is a virgo and tends to obey the law. He is quite strict and rigid. Very opinionated this Young one of mine! I love him so, so, so much!

        I will try to act my feelings with him. And try to apply this Steel determination to forbid him the non sacred use of a Sacred Plant. His father will stay on the Shell but at least said that he is supporting me (non in practical ways, of course, he is a piscean!).

        If he wants to play Russian roulette, he might want to do it once he sustains his life, and not while I sustain it.

        I also love his friends. They tend to be sweet and lovely. I only hope that my inner rebell does not come and ends peace by acting in volatile ways.

        yesterday, I just could not sleep. And when I came to this decition, then I fell to sleep right away (must be the right one).

        Regards and wish you much luck.

        I am also a codependent person, so I really pray I will not be running after him as I usually do with people like him.



    • Very much so. This is your solar return chart, meaning that what I mentioned in this post applies to you for twelve months.

    • What a significant birthday! Find time to source what makes you feel most privately pleasant. The New Moon signifies this approach for all of us ~ it’s the end/passing/waning of a monthly cycle. In your case, the opportunity to assess what you desire more & less of will be the keynote to your next year. The New Moon is a perfect time in the month to clarify one’s intentions, understand one’s prior actions … and breathe life into upcoming wishes and plans. This New Moon is yours for a year, so consider Your Self well in it’s contemplative lack of light !

      Happy Birthday.

  2. Jamie ~

    There’s a yod to Jupiter, from the Saturn-Pluto sextile !!!!!!!!! Jupiter still in Gemini … so lots of ideas/concepts at hand regarding our lifely structures. May the best juggler win ! But, it’s the juggler within that matters most. The Aquarian moon over this weekend is going to highlight Jupiter’s function, and trigger the Saturn-Scorpio position via square, as this New Moon sets up.

    Pick your salts/peppers/poisons well as Jupiter in Gem’ will be in experimental mode … but the Saturn-Pluto sextile is the craft, guiding each of us to safe harbor.

    Oughtta bee an interesting weekend!

  3. And let’s all pay attention to how Venus motivates us through this New Moon. I’m on it already (with the Pisceans opposing natal Pluto) and wonder what dress I’ll be wearing by Monday morning!

  4. I find a general theme of “fix it” which I later found out is Uranus in Aries, the handyman. I was being blamed and expected to take responsibility and fix things. In one case I agreed as I thought I was responsible and what I agreed to fix it seems was “the balance” libra. At this point I then saw a dove. It sounds like other’s are trying to fix things. I too feel a certain frustration at issues that are left to crisis point. I feel nerves but then jupiter is right on top of my Uranus. I feel emotions getting out of hand again and the hand not getting out of the cookie jar.

  5. Why are you using the silhouette of a topless woman as a graphic?

    • Two reasons. One is that it’s catchy and controversial. This is a new website for me so I’m trying to generate interest. The second and main reason really is that it captures what I see as the main theme of this new moon – Venus self image, trying something new.

  6. Yes Jamie! I feel quite on this mood right now! So I will seed it, so to say.

    My son is doing better… but I should really not get the guard down. What I hate most is these opposite ways to look at the use of cannabis every where you look at.

    But I´m taking the traditional way and will not allow any consumption. Well! We tried, though failed. And I´m not going to participate with him in this russian roullette he seems to be palying, being so Young…

    He keeps being a good student. But just to think that he might just breake his will sense in his brain…! And also, that I keep on finding out that he uses more of the substance (than the quantity he first said!).

    So, facing the addict :/ And trying to do the best I can with myself. I just don´t want him to be my next Pluto abducter, really! And know I have to take care of me and of my interests, first (did not do that with my father, my very first Pluto abducter…:S).

    So, I don´t find it easy, but maybe, at least, I can see and care for me, first!

    Thankyou very much!


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