Full Moon March 2013

The Full Moon on Wednesday the 27th of March 2013 is at 6 degrees Libra. Full Moons are a time of completion for those things which you started since the previous new moon. Those new goals are acted on intuitively, boosted by the emotional nature of the full moon. The March 11 New Moon was near Venus so things started since then are likely to involve your self image, love life and finances.

Full Moon March 2013 Astrology

Full Moon March 2013 Astrology

Full Moon March 2013 Astrology

While the new moon was rather self centered and indulgent even, this March 2013 full moon is the polar opposite. Venus is closer to the Sun, less than half a degree. While finances may still be an issue, it is love relationships that are the real focus on this full moon. Moon emotions, feeling and instincts have to get a grip on all that intense relationship energy signified by that bunch of planets in Aries you can see in the chart below.

The March 2013 Full Moon is half a degree from the η star of constellation Crater, which does give good mental and psychic abilities. That will help in coming to terms with what is in store. Crater the Cup can cause disorder from unexpected events. With Mars and Uranus tangled up with the Sun and Venus, there are sure to be some surprises when it comes to love relationships.

full-moon-march-2013The March 27 Full Moon is also half a degree from asteroid Justitia (269). Justitia is the Roman version of Themis, the Greek goddess of divine order, law, and custom. Themis judged what was acceptable in a relationships between man and woman. The Roman Justita carries this theme into modern times. As Lady Justice, she stands in front of our court houses, personifying the “moral force in judicial systems”.

The symbolism is staring us in the face. Hera is the wife of Zeus in Greek Mythology. One day, Zeus threatened her so she flew back to heaven. The first to greet her was Themis (Justitia), “Who rose at her approach; and with full cups Hail’d her return”. [Iliad xv. 62]  Asteroid Justitia is looking after the wife (conjunct Moon). Offering cups (constellation Crater) of divine intuition and wisdom.

Any Full Moon represent and inner struggle with the conscious Sun opposition the subconscious Moon. This one is a real battle. Our feelings and intuition from the Libra Moon are in conflict with that pile up of stuff in Aries. The aim is to achieve justice, a fair go in love relationships. From 5 to 9 degrees Aries, the are four stars of the constellation Lacerta. The Lizard gives that stellium of planets a strong desire for power and justice. [Robson]

The new moon two weeks ago focused our energy on self love. It has been about us as independent individuals and evaluating what we need from lovers. Are they up to our standards for affection and unconditional love? Now with this Full Moon pulls on out emotional heart strings. There is an internal battle and it will manifest in our relationships. Both parties want a fair go, to be respected, loved, and have their emotional needs met.

This is very difficult to resolve. The Sun so close to Venus places love above all else. Our  feelings and intuition may say one thing, but our hearts will say another. Mars and Uranus in there increases the urge to rebel and take impulsive actions. Yet it also electrifies our passionate desires and need for sexual stimulation.

To complicate matters even further, we can throw asteroid Hygeia into the mix. It’s that caduceus symbol above Venus. Asteroid Hygeia rules health, medicine, substance abuse and illness. So one or both in a relationships may have some health issue with has unexpected consequences in the relationships. It could also mean that the emotional stress of this battle for justice affects our health, or it may even symbolize the health of the relationship itself. Not to worry, everything should be sorted out nicely in a couple of weeks by the April 2013 New Moon.

March 2013 Full Moon Times

Los Angeles California USA, Vancouver Canada – 02:27 PDT, Wed 27th.
New York and Florida USA, Toronto Canada – 05:27 EDT, Wed 27th.
London UK – 09:27 GMT, Wed 27th.
New Delhi India – 14:57 IST, Wed 27th.
Bangkok Thailand – 16:27 ICT, Wed 27th.
Sydney Australia – 20:27 EDT, Wed 27th.

31 thoughts on “Full Moon March 2013

  1. Jamie!

    Thankyou very much for your insights! Very useful!

    In the chart, I could not see the NN! Could you kindly mention where is it? (it seems to be like a polar star these times, for me!).

    Be well!


  2. OK! Being so Persephone-like, I will stand were Saturn stands and will be very observant, keeping my passions within or throwing them into the creations domain in which I work for.



  3. Thanks for this, I can see there is a compassionate link of mercury conjunct chiron to saturn & pluto, the stellium of aries is in good aspect to jupiter, the apex of the yod…some passing tension with mercury to square jupiter, and there is the intense square of mars to pluto…And the full moon. Not a a cycle of half measures I am sure…

    • That’s for sure. There is so much going on I left out some of the aspects like the Jupiter sextile so I could highlight the most important things.

  4. When you use a word that is plural, you don’t need an apostrophe:

    Full Moon’s are a time of completion for those things which you started since the previous new moon.
    This should be:
    Full moons are a time of completion . . .(etc.)

    • You know I always get this. That’s why I have a proof reader. I’m sure Jen will sort this out. I think she is doing the April horoscopes first so I better fix it now.

  5. Cheers mate
    Hopefully this full moon is going to be good one for my love life .
    Last three months were very bad !
    But i really start to understand a bit of astrology these days . Never knew we were so influenced by those bloody good and bad planets .
    ( Saturn , if you’re listening me , i didn’t mean it saying bloody bad )

  6. Thanks for that above folks about the moo. I’m a Virgo Decan 3, with my rising sign in in Sagittarius, libra in my midheaven and mercury mars in capricorn and venus in scorpio. I don’t think I’m in for a good one ??? :/

    • Georgie,

      Funny, my daughter is Virgo sun and Sag rising (aged 14). I would say she has a similar outlook. She has had some pretty extreme behavior since January that, although she seems to be making an effort to change now, is still going to result in Saturn in 10th house stern authority and correction.

      This has really gotten her down and her self esteem is suffering, but even Mom can’t rescue her this time when the wheels of justice are turning. Pretty heavy stuff for a 14 year old, but the only advice I can give as a Libra sun Mom is humble oneself before natural order, acknowledge the role of justice, accept the authority and necessary corrections that Saturn is offering. Knowing that people around us, including authority figures, are just actors planets) in our own film, we can clearly see that the only true authority is internal and responds according to whether we are on track or not. Kind of like a sudden leg cramp that prevents you from walking down the wrong path :-).

      • I just went through a review with chalkra book on my 13/14 year and it was the end of sensations, or the snake slithering through my life dramatically while my boy friend 3 years older was in his 16/17 yr the era of power and control. He remembers the self control he was required to have resentfully and the book said the 17th year was a crisis year for growing. By the time I turned the corner to the power and control section to 21, I ended up pregnant at 17. Had lots of trouble with authorities at school and at home. Yet I wasn’t a bad girl by any standards. I was angry at injustice though.

  7. Hi, some parts I understood, but not the rest, I am not so convent.
    What could possibly be in store for Aquarius?
    At the moment, there is a Sagittarius, from afar, in the mix’s of things. Emotions are running high, definitely not what we excepted, it doesn’t look pretty, at the moment.


  8. This was so well written and the information feels like a breath of fresh air! I am excited about this full moon, I have sun 0 libra and venus 6 libra, so it will for sure impact what has been going on in my life……..seems what you wrote about here sums up what has been going on! Thanks so much!

    • Good for you Virginia. I have MC at 6 Libra and have a good feeling, sort of anticipating something nice.

  9. Full moon conjunct my jupiter in 8th Hope it’s lucky since my 2nd house is starting to warm up with aries. Just the job!

  10. I am thinking that the the yod to Jupiter sextiling Venus will be lovely though.
    And the contact with Saturn making for a responsible and more stabilized effect? The moon is temporary but this yod is running strong in the background, yes?

  11. I think I’ve been on this track for years, libra balance. I found myself challenged to fix things (handyman, aries Uranus)and reacted or acted “balancing” the “pons” symbolically or within or both through my Aquarian love of “Picture making.” So I knew. Then Nat. Geographic put out special edition feb. on the brain and the pons was balance. (I’ve had neck problems since a car accident). Bingo I thought. Next I heard the Pisces age was about the Brain. Nooo. So I googled and came up with a site explaining the history as we evolved through the ages and saying we denied pisces intuitional brain and concentrated on Virgo reason intellect etc and got out of balance. Note the sun said new pope {March 15th} would not be so intellectual as he was more from the street ministry. Isn’t that what the Celestine Prophecy was saying too? So many balances like M @ F; Pisces and Virgo, Ida and Pingala but Aries the Brain, who knew. I feel like that pretty much wraps it up for me intellectually that way at least. I’ll be looking hopefully at what the new age requires. All those years and never knew it was about the Brain. My kids have moon in Aries and I always said I gave my kids Brains and strong bodies to make it in this world. They did. Pisces, it said, was conscious Unconsciously. I have a pisces mom 89 the other day. Grade 5 education but after dad died worked as a janitor for the school board, invested, and ended up retiring with her own pd for estate condo. Saturn in Scorpio, 6th work house. Mars in Capricorn 9th. Stayed in her light. So pretty exciting but for our appearances during this month we were humiliated as is often the case. Some destructions. Mom lost her lite and is angry alot lately. Got locked up and can’t freely act or do it her way so much. I just wonder if it’s all going to kill her now. Pisces/March 12th house. And what is my ending.
    Sorry to go on, it seems such an ending.

  12. I’m pretty much scared with this full moon tomorrow, which falls almost exactly on my natal sun 7.34 libra (1st ruler), what i may expect?

  13. I have a friendly date with my ex tomorrow. Someone I still love very much and is constantly on my mind. We still have some tension, but get along for the most part as long as we give each other space. We’re both Cancers. I have a Sag rising and Aries moon. He has a Gemini rising and Cancer moon. A whole lot of cardinal signs there….
    Please tell me this night isn’t going to end in disaster. The break-up was very painful. I would hate to lose his friendship as well.
    He and I are both emotional people by nature (this played a big part in the break up). I keep telling myself that if I stay calm and not let my sensitivities get the best of me tomorrow evening, it’ll be ok.
    But, will they?

    • I hope things work out for you. The timing is not surprising. it’s just so hard to know what will happen because that is the nature of Uranus.

  14. I didn’t think this would affect me, but it does. Sun/Uranus/Venus in Aries squaring my natal Merc at 7 Cancer. Moon at 6 Libra squaring natal 7 Cancer Merc as well. What is up with all this?

  15. I am born on 4th Jan but may be surprising but I could not feel much of March 27th. Not sure whether this is good or bad. But would like to know how it would go on my career and homefront aspect…Kindly help as I am not that much aware of What is rising sign for me. Birth time 7:30AM.. Pls help and respond. Thanks.

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