New Moon April 2013

New Moon April 2013 AstrologyThe New Moon on Wednesday, the 10th of April, 2013 is at 20 degrees Aries. The focus is most definitely on relationships with this New Moon near Venus and Mars. This is the final new moon phase in an eclipse cycle which began in November 2012. As we move through the final month of this eclipse cycle, the urgency to resolve major issues increases.  Love relationships have been a major theme of recent moon phases because Venus has been within a few degrees of the Sun for the last month. Any relationships issues that have been building in recent months can now be successfully resolved thanks to this lovers New Moon.

New Moon April 2013 Astrology

Men and women are each represented by two things in astrology. The Sun and Mars are masculine. The Moon and Venus and feminine. For same sex relationships, the masculine would relate to the more dominant partner. You can see in the chart below that the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars are all together within a few degrees in Aries. So there is no question that this new moon is all about relationships. Asteroid Valentine ♥ (447) even joins in to reinforce the issue and lend a helping hand.

The Sun and Moon together at a New Moon means a burst of energy to make a new start. In this case, it is one final chance to kick start any floundering relationships or to start a new relationship. Venus brings in an increased need for companionship, love, and affection. Mars increases those Venusian desires for love and then fires up passions and sexual desires. Another affect of Mars is to give urgency and more desire to address relationships issues, to fix things, to start things, to take action.

The solar eclipse of November 2012 started a rather challenging eclipse phase for many relationships. On a toxic star and with Mercury retrograde square Neptune, it has been causing uncertainty and confusion, jealousy and suspicion. Relationships have been poisoned. Recent moon phases have been evolving the story. This New Moon is where it all gets sorted out.

new-moon-april-2013The green line in the chart from the New Moon to the previous solar eclipse is a quincunx. The aspect of karmic adjustment. It links what is happening in relationships now back to what started late last year. It adds to the urgency, the tension rises and it must be released. This buildup is another factor helping us to resolve the karmic relationships issues.

More karmic tension comes from Saturn retrograde quincunx Uranus. Saturn wants to keep things the same for security reasons, but Uranus wants to shake things up and head in a new direction. I think the overall chart is saying that the tension can only be resolved by making a new start. For some relationships which have been in trouble over recent month, this new moon gives the chance for a clean break. Venus and Mars with the new moon should make it easier without any hard feelings. The karmic reasons for coming together have been cleared up and both partner can move on in better shape than when when they started.

For other relationships which have been struggling lately, this new moon can inject renewed love and passion. The resolving of some karmic tension means that differences can be put aside and a new course is set. For others who have been testing the waters lately, this new moon has all the ingredients to embark on a very sweet passionate journey. Any hesitation or indecision should be swept aside as you fall head over heals in love. The April 25 Lunar Eclipse in a couple of weeks time finishes up the current eclipse cycle. It does point to some hardships but also hope of a happy ending.

April 2013 New Moon Times

Los Angeles California USA, Vancouver Canada – 02:35 PDT, Wed 10th.
New York and Florida USA, Toronto Canada – 05:35 EDT, Wed 10th.
London UK – 10:35 BST, Wed 10th.
New Delhi India – 15:05 IST, Wed 10th.
Bangkok Thailand – 16:35 ICT, Wed 10th.
Sydney Australia – 19:35 EST, Wed 10th.

28 thoughts on “New Moon April 2013

  1. Hi Jamie

    It’s interesting whenever there are retrogrades or uranus cycles about relationships…for me it’s not about a man but about 2 ppl who really know how to trigger my emotions. I keep my cool and say nothing but inside…now with Jupiter square (mind you this has brought in some wonderful things this month) and mercury retrograde my feelings are not exactly the nicest thoughts…so exaggerated and I just want freedom from them. I know they are tests for me but I am feeling enough testing. But from what you are saying from the march full moon and april new moon that these issues will be resolved… is this possible? I don’t feel like I even want to resolve it with this person…I just keep my distance and want nothing to do with them… but maybe this is me running away from them .. I just feel I’ve given too much in the situation and am now protecting my heart from them and just want to move forward in my life and be around reciprocated relationships. For this connection to be resolved would be a miracle…is this really possible? Or could it be maybe my wish will come true and they will be moving away…lol… that would resolve it for me :-)….uggghhhh!!!!

    • It is a process, all the moon phases lately have had a similar theme, A shift or transformation. because we are nearing the completion of an eclipse cycle, the urge to reach resolution does increase.

  2. Quite understandable, Jamie! Thankyou very much. I feel rather confused now, because I´ve always worked for the best of all. And now, I´m ready to see my interests first, though in the kind of projects I´ve always worked in. It caused me mortal guilt to play griddy though I don´t have any savings. And now I feel just right to support my own interests now. Hope I might have some luck!



    • I know just how you feel Rocio. it can be a challenge to find the right balance between self interest and looking after others.

  3. Astro, I read your post with interest, as it is so exact to my situation, your post could have been written by me.

    The 2 you speak of are not coming back anytime soon. They are thoughtless and disinterested in holding relationships with any semblance of equality or reciprocity, only on their terms. They must mature significantly to have a suitable relationship with you.

    Run far and run fast. Do not look back. Be happy. Live your life the best you can, without thought for them. Their absence is your room for growth.

    • Hi dblscorp12th

      Thanks for the supportive words, it’s nice to hear someone understands. I just re-reading all the yearly alignments for self…it looks like the universe will bring in all the balance during the april eclipse…as they will be sextile my signs.. :-). I wish I could run but that’s the challenge…I came back to parents’ to protect their situation…if I leave now…I feel things may backfire for them…right now I am the bad person and their mouths are pretty sharp. I know I have to keep being myself in this situation…a challenge in its own as I’m very sensitive to energy and work with energy…but positive support is really helping me get through this much more easily. How this situation will resolve I am not sure…but definitely looking forward to this resolution internally for sure :-). I feel you’re right about how there’s no way they could turn around as they don’t have the maturity to see the truth…and it will definitely be awhile for them…I am praying for the best resolution…what that is…I don’t know…but I will leave to the universe. Hope all resolves nicely for you as well :-). Regards, Astro

      • ps…the 2 ppl are not my parents I am referring too…they are just absolutely lovely.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    Yessss! A boyfriend I had when I was 19 (only) now appears when I am 55 (to be 56 on the 17th!). Is that karmic… Woah yes!

    I feel unsecure. I was all flamming at that age and chose on the base of my primarial instincts. I did not take time to reflect and to see further in the relation. I would say: is there fire? Ok! Then let´s just move on!

    Very unconscious was I and also very Young! The man was heart-broken by me (and his interpretations, of course…) and now he seems *succesful* -what ever that means… he has money, so to say- and I feel weak, having always worked for projects related to culture (back then, my parents were rich -not me- and he was not rich…).

    I feel awful! My conciousness was far away from my primarial needs and I ´m not really sure if I have been able to bridge them…

    But I know Staturn is transiting my Vertex (in a retro motion, as you mention) and that NN is rather in Scorpio and not on that festy Sagg. So, I should have learned already, or so I hope! :S



    • Saturn Rx on Vertex, no wonder you have this destiny encounter from the past! It’s a very powerful transit.

  5. Hi, thankyou. It is informative and appreciated. Both the April eclipses highlight important themes of intense change mostly 7th, 8th house.
    I have Northnode Aries about 21 degress 8th sextile sun 6th, my child is commencing preschool (scorpio 2nd/3rd house) and there are some separation issues, fortunately I have natal cancer moon trine current retrograde saturn, neptune…and my own natal mercury, jupiter. My child is unsettled, with a taurus stellium (moon mercury venus 8th / 9th) it has been hard to accept beginning to moving away from parents, but it must be. On a positive note my child has sun 25 degrees Aries 8th, My husband Venus 24 degrees Aries. For a few years now I have been a dependent (south node 21 degrees Libra 2nd) and I came from wealth locked in family assets, and earned money through art, yet my current circumstances make me unable to earn my own source of income, as I am married to an ambitious and successful person, who keeps me and our young child. This cycle will shift, as I look to establish my ability to be my own person within the partnership (natal saturn Aries 8 degrees 7th), and once again create and generate income. Uranus (was square to natal moon) will hopeful bring new insights, and perhaps this will be a productive time, with new initiatives, changes and ideas helping to garner independence for each myself, child and partner within the home.

    • Uranus transit square your Moon? That sure fits with your child starting school. Might make it harder on you than the little one.

  6. Sooo .. what can be made of this intense conjunction configuration on top of my natal yod, Saturn apex in the 11th house ? It would be very nice if there was resolution of sorts .. or anything besides an internal feeling like a rocket is about to go off. I guess it’s normal to wonder if imaginings now are fictional seeing as Mercury is in Pisces. Like seeing glimmers of the scales of a fish in the water –

    • God help us. I have Saturn 24 Aries, Yod apex. I’m feeling it come on strong already. My wife Marina lives in London. I’m in Australia. We only get together once or twice a year but usually Skype every day. Now she is visiting her mother in Spain for two weeks and has no computer. I feel a bit anxious with this transit approaching, usually we support each other though challenging transits. It’s good to get another perspective on your chart.

      • I’ve gotten enough indication to conclude it may not be a very good time. Something about seeing reality when much of where I’ve been is wistfulness / potentials. Others may be getting realities I’d nursed as my potentials, lol.

        You are saying that you read charts?

  7. This new moon is conjunct my natal venus and trine my natal uranus/ascendant conjunction and relatively close to a sextile of progressed moon. Going to buy lotto ticket…fingers crossed…I need a job.

  8. i am so excited for this…. thank you for this post…. i have had massive relationship ups and downs since november and have been hoping and praying for a final chance at making things right with the love of my life. i hope this is our opportunity. im a 7 degree cancer sun in my 7th, and my partner is a gemini. i dont have any planets in aries, but the new moon will be in my 3rd natal house, so i am hoping for new beginings communicationwise between us, because we havent really spoken since mercury and saturn went retrograde.

    • Transiting Uranus square your Sun was unsettling. It would have peaked about the middle of March for you and is an indicator of detachment or distance in relationships. You are right to feel excited and to anticipate better things because of a nice trine to your Sun from the April 2013 Lunar Eclipse. I really think that eclipse will be crucial for any relationships that have been tested out in the last 6 months or so.

  9. Hi Jaime
    I been reading yours & Marina’s writings, but did not dared to ask questions because my Astrology knowledge is limited. The last 10 years I spent in Amazonian jungle in Cancer research, there was no need for astrological predictions in midle of nowhere, but now just recently I got back to East Australia where I hope to get the first grant or funding to continue this research, but there is still the big question would Saturn in Scorpio permit it ?
    I am third decan of Scorpio, Leo asc.and Moon in Gemini

    • Welcome back! No reason Saturn in Scorpio would cause any delay or restrictions for you. Even when it does move into 3rd decan Scorpio early next year, it could work out good for you. Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun represents a culmination of years of effort and striving toward your goals.

  10. Hi this new moon on April 10th is making a trine to my natal mercury in my 9th house so that means venus,mars, and sun will do the same?

  11. Hi Jamie, I enjoyed reading your post very much. I’m a 6th house Sun in Libra (18º27) Vertex in Libra (20º20) Eros in Libra (21º21), which means they’ll be opposite the New Moon in my 12th house. Oh and my ascendant is Taurus 22º14. I’m not sure what to expect, as I’m not in a relationship at the moment and the last one ended abruptly last summer (he broke up and I believe with the interference of someone close to him as he refuses any contact since). Could it mean meeting him again or is it someone new? Jupiter is now squaring my natal Uranus in the 5th and will square Pluto in the 5th, Chiron in the 11th, Mercury in the 6th and Mars in the 5th, all before the Full Moon. What do you think I should look forward to? I’m also unemployed. Many thanks!

  12. Hi Jamie, I enjoyed reading your post very much. I’m a 6th house Sun in Libra (18º27) Vertex in Libra (20º20) Eros in Libra (21º21), which means they’ll be opposite the New Moon in my 12th house. Oh and my ascendant is Taurus 22º14. I’m not sure what to expect, as I’m not in a relationship at the moment and the last one ended abruptly last summer (he broke up and I believe with the interference of someone close to him as he refuses any contact since). Could it mean meeting him again or is it someone new? Jupiter is now squaring my natal Uranus in the 5th and will square Pluto in the 5th, square Chiron in the 11th, trine Mercury in the 6th and sextile Mars in the 5th, all before the Full Moon. What do you think I should look forward to? I’m also unemployed. Many thanks!

  13. well, what I’m seeing,feeling is an explosion with saturn Quinquinx Uranus and squaring pluto and Jupiter aspecting Vulcan, the pressure point, i imagine. Is a Volcano around Vancouver about to erupt cause that’s what I saw or is this my 2012 stressed sense of end of world still brewing up. My love is high above and hopefully protecting me as Uranus progresses through Aries but earthly loves find my door locked although admetos, the passionate woman, is well and active and on the edge at times. The old flame is back, another passionate woman from school days but close to death now. There has been a great sense of poisoning going on. I hope it gets resolved. South Nodes in tauras, seriously drain somedays but then I’ve pushed it. If sun and Mars are the masculine then that’s what the eclipses are hitting on to help bring better balance ultimately I get and health. One way or another it will be good to get past it, these relations.

  14. Oh I meant algol, the passionate woman not admetos. Admetos gets the shock of algol, who is supposed to be the evil one as I gather. I mean admetos and algol are conjunct. I believe it can be so cause Hitler’s part of destiny was on it. But I guess it has tamer versions.

  15. It’s funny too cause my dream said saturn and Jupiter are going to be happier than shit yet I don’t see any particular aspect to Jupiter. Happy about the volcano erupting. Anybody see Jupiter involved.

  16. “The April 25 Lunar Eclipse in a couple of weeks time finishes up the current eclipse cycle. It does point to some hardships but also hope of a happy ending.” Do you mean we live that one out and then it’s finished or the start of it has closed the old cycle?

  17. The month of April seems to be the most happening one this year. It ll bring lot of changes in many people’s life. Thanks jamie for the wonderful post.

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