Lunar Eclipse April 2013

Lunar EclipseThe Lunar Eclipse on Thursday, the 25th of April 2013 is at 5 degrees Scorpio. Like other full moon’s, this lunar eclipse is a time of completion for things started at the last new moon. The theme of the previous new moon was resolving difficulties in love relationships. This lunar eclipse also marks the final two weeks of an eclipse cycle which began with the November 2012 Solar Eclipse. The theme of this eclipse cycle has been dealing with toxicity within relationships, such as confusion, jealousy, and suspicion. Some relationships are ending, some are beginning, and some are being saved from the brink. This April 2013 lunar eclipse shows that relationship issues can be resolved in the weeks ahead, but it will not easy. It will be emotionally testing and requires some sacrifices.

Lunar Eclipse April 2013 Astrology

The major influence on this lunar eclipse is from Saturn retrograde, less than three degrees away, as shown in the chart below. Both the Moon and Saturn represent the past. It is now time to take responsibility for all that has happened in our relationships over the previous months. Regrets and guilt may come to the surface leading to sadness. There may be difficulty in expressing emotions and feelings. Both the Moon and Saturn are aligned with stars in constellation Crux, the Southern Cross:
“a need to sacrifice the animal/ego-driven instincts in pursuit of fortitude in the face of adversity, spiritual advancement and wounds that can never be healed.”

Well, that quote not only sums up the Southern Cross, but also the entire energy of this lunar eclipse. The need to sacrifice and spiritual advancement, as they are both shown by the Moon trine Neptune. The Sun conjunct Mars represents both the wounds that cannot be healed, and the animal/ego-driven instincts. The adversity of the Cross is also shown by the Moon conjunct Saturn.

lunar-eclipse-april-2013Back to the relationships theme of this eclipse cycle and, in particular, the recent moon phases. The Moon with Saturn indicates emotional coldness and fear. The Sun with Mars indicates bold self-expression, initiative, and new starts. The tension and conflict between these two opposite energies is relieved by Neptune. Here we get the sublimation of the Sun Mars ego which allows for a more cooperative approach. Neptune also adds empathy and compassion to the restricted Saturn Moon emotions and feelings. The surrendering of egotistical desires and pride is made even easier with Neptune on the idealistic and spiritual fixed star Fomalhaut.

For the ending of relationships, the Sun and Mars represent cutting the ties and gives the initiative to do so. The Moon with Saturn represent the sadness you would expect from a separation. Neptune provides the sensitivity and compassion to reduce the pain, and gives hope for the future.

For relationships being mended now, the Sun with Mars is the renewed desires, attraction, the re-energizing of the partnership. The Moon with Saturn represents the tightening of the emotional bonds, the hard work, emotional sufferings and patience that it has taken to get to this stage. Neptune is the is the sacrifices made that saved the relationship.

For relationships just beginning, the Sun with Mars is the intense physical attraction and burst of energy to get things moving. The Moon with Saturn suggest a very strong soul union, but also the hurdles which need to be overcome to keep it going, perhaps distance or negative reactions from family. Neptune again is the spiritual union and shared dreams for the future. New goals ahead with the May 2013 solar eclipse.

19 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse April 2013

  1. Hi Jamie,

    For me, I did not care much about my own interests and was *able* to support others, because I always managed to see my basic needs looked after by men (father, brother managing inheritance, fiancee and husband). Things were *decent* this way in my culture. And now, after looking in the face of the ugly results of this condition (Persephone is my main archetype), I´m willing to assert myself. Yes, I was selfish, though giving :/, yes I was confortable, though I did not have the whole of my energies with me (we all made pacts!).

    Mhhh! (this is as far as I can see regarding karma…).


  2. Oh Jamie! Until when we will be in both of the cruxes? I´ve read that there is another lunar eclipe and that this energies will be inforce, until the next one, right?


    • Yes, the November 3 solar eclipse at 11 Scorpio is in the Cross too. I think Marina plans to write a post about this constellation.

  3. Great interpretations on how it could play out for relationships in different stages, thanks Jamie!

  4. what will be the implications for the female scorpio and the male capricorn? Do you think there is room for mending
    our relationship of 23 years of marriage?

  5. Great post Jamie – a fantastic time to start real ‘self enquiry’ rather than ego analysis! Saturn makes us go back to the kitchen and get on with the alchemy again. This is the work stage!

  6. Hi Jamie! I´m a little obsessive with language and grammar being an English teacher and I have to say as much as I love the site you and Marina quite often make fatal errors with apostrophes! SORRY but I can´t keep quiet any longer!! It´s full moons, not full moon´s. Despite most people making the same mistake, apostrophes are NOT used for plurals. They are only used for:
    1. possession, eg it´s Sarah´s ball
    2. omission of a letter or word eg I will becomes I´ll, I am becomes I´m
    Hope nobody minds me hijacking the space for a grammar lesson, I can´t help myself!
    LOVE the site though and yes, I realise it isn´t so important! 😉
    Keep up the FAB work, thanks

    • Grammar is always important for public posting I would say for not other reason than that errors in writing, which includes typos etc., are a distraction from content. Having written proposals for many years, I was always amazed at how a second set of eyes or a fresh start the next day would find errors missed the day before. Being a three degree Virgo rising, I appreciate this level of detail. Now, back to the astro., which is far more challenging for me : )

    • The apostrophe issue is ubiquitous. I think most people now believe it is to denote a plural! I’ve seen it everywhere – even on the BBC and Times! Incredible.

  7. as an english teacher, run on sentences aren’t an issue for you???

  8. I have been experiencing much disappointment and review of friendships lately. Uranus will be exact to my Sun in the 8th H this week, the same day as the eclipse.

    Interesting that this ties up the November 2012 eclipse cycle. I have been experiencing a lot of confusion, disappointment, and irritation in relationships since then. Some feel like they have ended for the most part – or my expectations have been greatly lowered. This leaves room for new connections I suppose. I have been thinking about how important it is to not take advantage of our friends’ good-will, and how to find balance between neediness and the importance of meaningful connection. This eclipse does not impact my chart too much but it happens on the same day Uranus is exact to my Sun in the 8th H. A time for healing after recent events (many prayers for Boston).

    • ugh – sorry for the repetition – my cat is “helping” me type!

  9. Eclipse Conjuncts my natal Saturn in 10th. Both dancing and punching it out with high level political figures and corruption. During the new moon , I laid down the law with my kids and I think it worked. Tired of bullshit. Just want love. Now doing it with the big boys. But they are still just boys. I’m a big sister. They need their ass kicked. Legal matters. Power Justice. Tired of the bullshit. Just want love.

  10. This eclipse is exact on my ascendant which is at 5 degrees, 46 minutes Scorpio. And my venus at 13 degrees Scorpio is exactly opposite the venus in Taurus of this event….I am trying to maximize the use of the energy available ….advice from a respected astrologer once on utilizing major transits….ride the energy like riding a wave : it gets you to another place, and that’s how you progress. Hoping for insights, and events to unfold. Thank you for the explanation, Jamie. This whole last year was the ending of a long term relationship, with a major break at the November 2012 eclipse. So I’m guessing that will be fully completed at this eclipse….It’s all good. Needed to happen. xo

  11. Jaime,
    Quick question for you–I am Libra with RX Saturn in Scorpio when born and now here it is a “return”. I work in banking and just found out a man should have been paid $1900.00 but was paid $19,000.00. This took place May 4, 2012. Apparently he never said a word and kept all the money. Now with the full moon in Scorpio and the lunar eclipse coming up–do I tell on this person or just keep my mouth shut? My insides say tell but it wasn’t me that took that money, I just happened to accidentally come across it

  12. is it your business ? if not …dont involve yourself …who are we to judge ? if you can be implicated …say something …
    thats what i feel anyhow !!
    good luck !

  13. Hi Jaime

    Am a Pisces with Scorpio rising. Feeling the heat on both career as well as relationship fronts. Any hope with this lunar eclipse?


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