Pluto Opposite Moon Transit

Pluto Opposite Moon Transit Pluto opposite Moon transit creates a gradual build-up in the intensity of your emotional life to a point where something has to give. Like all Pluto transits the build-up can last for a year or more but eventually the tension or pressure forces some major life change, and with the Moon, this will be in related to behavior patterns, compulsions, habits and most often in close relationships or with female family members.

Pluto represents powerful forces that you seem to have no control over, circumstances that just happen to you. This occurs in order to evolve to a higher level, and with the opposition these events or people can be very challenging and involve confrontations, ultimatums or extreme pressure. Something has to change in your life so it’s a good time to look deep inside, Pluto will probably give you little choice in the matter anyway. If you are comfortable with what you have this transit might mean you are forced to defend or fight for something related to your Moon like family, the home or women.

In 2004 Claudia Schiffer had transiting Pluto opposite Moon and she gave birth to her second child. She also felt the darker side of Pluto by being harassed at her home and via mail from a stalker.

A more extreme example of Pluto pressure was felt by Brook Shields who also had Pluto opposite Moon in 2005. This was the year she went public in magazines and on The Oprah Winfrey Show about her battle with post natal depression which she shared in her book Down Came the Rain. This was a positive expression of her Pluto transit, the Moon also represent publicity.

But then came dark Pluto in the form of Tom Cruise with public condemnation of her use of psychiatry and antidepressant medication. Brook then showed the ruthless side of Pluto and fought back, telling Cruise he should “stick to fighting aliens” and “let mothers decide the best way to treat postpartum depression.” She then went on to stick it up him in an essay she felt compelled to write War of Words.

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  1. rob: denial…..its as if to say that Saturn is bad because he limits, when infact, without limitation the creative energy of light would remain imperceptible

    The Hexagon – as in hexagonal storm on saturn and basic shape of carbon atom, basis of life as we know it… perhaps not for long though!

    I think I might have found you a “new” – well alternative male myth which is suitably old enough to be to PLutonic and has a female element to it.

    In some aboriginal cultures (Australian) there is a different way of seeing the male role in procreating.
    The spirit child is heard or experienced as a wind while the man is out hunting. It is a call to be born. The mother may also go to a sacred spot and go through ritual to unite with the spirit child. The potency of this site is considered the conceiver of the child. The biological parents are just the gateways. Individuals “concieved” in this way are identified with that spirit power of place etc and not expected or considered to be the property of their parents or have their personalities.
    So a son born of this style of conception would not have the burden of his father’s expectations/inheritance etc He would have the spirit of the place/time/other ancestors etc IN modern parlance this coul theoretically absolve the father/som myths/dilemma.

    Alternatively – consider Enki. Enki was the Lord of Life, God of replenisjment, Master shaper of the world, magic, water… One of his omages os of a double headed snake – twin currents (now the caduceus… Birkeland currents!) He set up his domain in the Abzu – depths of the earth… with his EQUAL – Ninhursag. He is prepatriarchal. I think he represents deep earth kundalini. He asisted human kind to survive the deluge sent to destroy them and bargained for humans. He is often depicted with two streams or currents at his shoulders – maybe male and female forces.
    As lord of the Abzu – Deep fresh “groundwater” located within the earth, he is a nurturing god. He dispenses the Mes – a list of qualities of social institution – distributed amongst men – these ranged from the Cult chamber, Truth and Music to Falsehood, eunuchs and metal working… there were about 100 of them.

    I’m pretty certain he must be the predecessor of Hades, Lord of the Underworld in one aspect, or rather Hades/Pluto is one aspect of Enki.

    So looking at the PLuto Persephone myth, patriarchalism had crept in by then. But in older myth they were equals and she must have been a potent force of the deep roots in earth… unlike the silly cow who pranced about in the meadow tra la la …

    So ther is a layer of PLuto which predate the plutonic? A different kind of male energy.
    I’ve noticed that the older Egyptian gods have a much more balanced distribution of qualities to them.

    The High Priestess is shushumna sitting between ida and pingala, the two pillars. Or she is the central Z pinch of energy created where the two Birkeland currents meet. She is kundalini rising, shakti… She emanates from the deep under earth sleeping place of Enki. From the Apzu.
    Enki did of course have a mother… Nammu, also ruling those deep regenerating currents/waters
    And so the male/female issue can be resolved, when we see the fractal representation of both in eachother.
    So in essence… why stick with one myth? PLuto Moon… keep digging!

    • Sorry – I forgot to say the diagram is John Keely’s subdivision of matter. Wheels within wheels… anyone who studies TCM will have seen the same patterns.

        • It reminds me of the notion of three permanent atoms which are in every incarnation of the soul! Allegedly…

        • this is a neolithic petrosphere from Scotland – many have been discovered, and they do occur in many other places around the world, Costa Rica and Eastern Europe amongst them, but, sadly most of the archeological sites that had illustrations for the scottish ones no longer seem to have access – I am sure the visuals are out there somewhere

          this one has been dated to 3.200 to 2.500 BC – this puts it approx 0.25 the precesional cycle – they vary greatly, all are spherical, many with nodules, some, like the above, have multiple patterned faces – the Costa Rican ones are geometrically perfect spheres

          there are no ‘known’ reasons for their existance – one of my mentors (Cheyenne) however had indigenous knowledge relating to them that ties them into the electro-magnetic pathways of the earth (as well as Atlantis, but, lets be careful with that word) – speculatively they have been linked by the orthodoxy with divination and/or gaming, and divination makes some sense to me, but, not for divining the future, more as an esoteric path of knowledge, wisdom and teaching

          the British Museum have 3 – they also produced a catalogue (my own copy has disappeared…) some years ago with excellent photos of these and others, plus other carved objects, including magnifent stone mace heads, which also show spiral and interference patterns – the latter are esoterically connected with the ‘office’ of one who holds power, for which read ‘esoteric knowledge’

          the link to the electric universe model is to be noted (I feel) and wonder if the ‘Thunderbolts’ have made note (anywhere)

          I too am very strongly attracted to them, have thought about carving some myself, but, been ‘advised’ against doing so….I mention the latter not for sinister reasons but because the intent behind doing so was essentially ‘ungrounded’, being given to understand that I am not ready, or the time is not right – for this speculative reason alone I am waiting, and not dismissing the possibility, and indeed, with current crop circles reflecting the patterning and designs so strongly feel that it is right to do so – on this last note, I do now also feel that a collective investigation, a collaborative witnessing and understanding of all these phenomena is unfolding now and that the time is right for us to work together to bring the right conditions about, largely as a matter of consciousness, for their significance to become available to us all – alone this is not possible, another reason I might have been ‘advised’ as such, however, together we can join the dots (spheres) – UQW, your input here is invaluable in this respect…..thought you might like this!

          • How amazing! What a beautiful item!
            Rgds the CC phenomena – its all gone nasty down in WIlts – many farmers who were sympathetic before have put signs up now banning access, much of the wheat has been replaced with rape (not such clear imagery but impossible to hoax), car parks now have barriers on them etc etc making it all really hard for the dedicated croppie to gain access. However, they’re still coming!
            My links to their symbolism too huge to put here – but be suffice to say I’m writing a. A novel based on what I found and b. putting the research together to publish on the web but will bring you and M a copy of that when we meet.
            Its not a fairy tale. There are pictograms of nuke type explosions, electric events etc all consistent with gods of antiquity.
            Meanwhile, there aren’t enough hours in the day… literally!

  2. uberqueenofwands: Meanwhile, there aren’t enough hours in the day… literally!

    tell me about it….I sleep in small pockets of time, disregard the clock whenever possible, and feel its more about quality than quantity…but, lets consider that we are all laying the foundations…..every comment, link, feedback, article, work of art, and meeting counts

  3. These are gorgeous images, and they remind me of tri-spiral carvings in Newgrange, an Irish neolithic structure which is illuminated at midwinter solstice. I’m too idle to put an image up at the moment, but they’re strikingly similar. there was a tv programme 10 years ago which put forward the idea that acoustics played an important part in these structures i.e if a bunch of people chant in a smoky dusty atmosphere, and it is lit at the right angle,the sound waves produce visible patterns in the smoke,very like the carvings. i haven’t tested it out but it’s a great theory. check out
    here’s a fun after dinner game though – shine a light on a wine glass, with some liquid of your choice in it, so that the surface of the liquid reflects onto the ceiling. then do that thing where you run your finger round the rim to make the glass sing. You should get some interesting patterns on the ceiling, like the sand patterns you get with chladni plates. It’s like watching the universe being sung into existence.
    sorry to butt in again, but this is so up my street!

    • Its called cymatics! I never thought of the light in the wine glass but I’m going to give it a go!
      Nat Geo did a documentary on Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland which is full of craved symbols which correspond to cymatic patterns (i.e those formed by passing sound waves through solids and liquids). What was really amazing – and pretty enlightened of the producers was to involve three psychics. Rosslyn Chapel presents so many mysteries. One of the psychics was sure that the whole place could be “played” i.e that the sounds locked in all the patterns, if played opened a portal to another dimension!
      Here is a small part of it and how they created the music!
      You’ll get the picture!
      “Like watching the universe being sung into existence -” lovely analogy! In the beginning was the word… (sound).

      • …precisely!
        terrific link with the Rosslyn Chapel cymatic (thanks for the new word!)patterns,the wineglass trick produces very similar ones. Another piece of the puzzle. I’m just a bit giddy with the synchronicity of it all because this was something I worked on at art college, and black virgins/cult of Cybele (regulus thread)was my dissertation subject at university…what does it all mean?! Maybe this site is a portal!

        • Where are you based Rachel?
          Did you ever come across a book called The World is Sound – Nada Brahma in your studies? Its all about sound waves as the basis for form. Excellent work and makes me think of the power of chanting mantram.
          I can see you me and Rob orchestrated in a small magickal cavern somehwere… being arrested for disturbing the peace!!!

          • southwest uk. No I don’t know that one – to tell you the truth I played with a knackered old chladni plate with almost no sand and a frayed bow at the Bristol Exploratory before they tarted it up. I saw the pattern, realised that That’s How It All Works, Obvious Really, and, content with this epiphany, went to find the children.
            I did find the work of Dr Masaru Emoto – how words and thoughts and other energies change the crystalline structure of water and therefore cell structure – fitted the pattern – of course mantra, blessing and cursing and kind or harsh words alter the brain and body, of course Thoth talked himself into existence!
            The cave’s a date as long as it’s Pluto’s not Plato’s! Always a risk with my Neptune.

  4. Rachel & UQW – funny that, but, playing with sound in ancient sites is something I am in the habit of doing and this has just triggered memories of a couple of times – not been to Knowth/Newgrange (yet) but theres a similar beehive shaped souteraine (underground chamber) at Carn Euny – that has similar sounding properties – works for voice – there are various cromlech and barrows in the UK where drum works to open the walls and floor, and toning produces red sprites and blue flashes in some, but, Carn Euny is specially good for sustained resonant intoning and overtones arise naturally – feel it needs a group, always wanted to try it with a circle of seven – one day….on a full moon opposite Pluto

    Rosslyn I have good memories of – bloody annoying for others but I can’t help singing there – in the lowest chamber the acoustics are very special – I intoned there for half an hour once, lost all track of time and was rescued by my companion – the walls and floor resonated so strongly that I really felt either they or I were atomising – I’m a natural baritone so it felt incredibly cleansing to the lower chakras, even felt as if there were lower ones below the feet – the sound there envelops and definitely opens channels, absolutely no doubt – after a while the vocal range extends as if the whole body is being unblocked – my companion knew the area well and told me that there was a network of tunnels in the river valley there (which we did visit) but she also said the chapel sits on a resonator chamber which connects to these, so, perhaps the feeling below my feet was the vibration reaching into that space – the whole building felt like being inside a musical instrument – it felt like rainbows in the night – I believe the rock Rosslyn sits on has a volcanic flume in it, where-as the surrounding bedrock is quartz/sandstone – the electricity stored in that place makes my hair stand on end (even tho most of it has drifted south)…..but, I feel sure that extrememly high pitched toning would produce light in the lower chamber, perhaps the solfeggios…we should try it sometime….on a full moon conjunct Pluto

    • To Rob and RAchel – go to and click on special charts and then Sound Charts – you can select any chart and it is “put to music” and visual patterns as per transit of seven planets. You can also select a more complex version and speed it up! its pretty good – select Mundane for the world tune.
      Rob – you will particularly “like” the discord around the time Elenin is close – end of Sept through October!
      At the present the mundane is very discordant – there’s a cardinal cross in place until the eclipse when it sounds better! A resolution?
      The tones are light but imagine if it were put through a synthesised church organ with full pipes into the ground… then we’d hear the gates of Hades open!!

      • that special sound chart is so cool – Why did I never find it before? The discord in my personal chart beginning sept when Pluto comes back for another swipe bears out my theory that it’s tin hat time then!

        • I only found it a few days ago! On another blog. Its really simple to hear the sounds rather than sit for ages with the numbers trying to fathom out when to stay under the duvet!
          I think something is going to take a swipe at us all in October. Did you check out the mundane chart?

          • fascinating and of great interest to the cat, Wizard – the coming eclipse/NM is setting up something imho which will break down/up/out/in (thats called ‘hedging’) at the equinox moon, infact the cardinal NMs seem to all be disonant – praps we should pay attention to the NM patterns over the next 4 months – that big disonance comes on and around the Scorp new moon, coincidentally at the end of the Mayan long count, on the 26/7/8 Oct -very Sun Ra orchestrated by Stockhausen and sung by the thousand voice choir with a Libretto by Nietzsche on beatbox

            with all the outer planets (inc Jupiter and Saturn) at early degrees each NM plays off these – the Leo NM is at the head of a yod to Chiron/Neptune sextile Pluto and is square Jupiter with Mercury opp Neptune (leave that one to you guys) – but, the Libra NM is square to Pluto and opp Uranus, Mars quinc Pluto, Moon quinc Jupiter – sounds like James Brown meets Beethoven and playing the Star Mangled Banner (Jimi Hendrix interp)to a setting by Orpheus with Alaister Crowley conducting – check ’em out, and lets not fergit special guest, Elenin….

            • I’ll settle for The Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Apocalypse….

  5. lol, I had no idea about the sound horoscope. Very cool! I’m currently going through this transit. In fact, pluto just went retrograde only some 12 minutes from being exactly opposite. It will be direct and come exactly opposite my moon in January.

    I have been going through a lot of behavior changes lately. Whether of my own decision or not is another matter, but with Saturn geared to transit over my natal pluto in the 12th, I think there’s plenty more on the horizon. I may just wind up hiding in a cave somewhere. lol 😛

    Here’s the chart for when Pluto is EXACTLY opposite my moon.

    • [img][/img]

      • Hi John, I copied the url to get to the pic, then copied it to my desktop. You can upload images from your computer in these comments:

        • Yes, I had tried that initially but for some reason it never showed up. Browser related? (google chrome via Mac)
          In any case, appreciate the techno-tag in! ^.^

          Oh! In addition, nothing has come up with my mother at all aside us talking slightly more often. Though, my sister just got a new job in a prison. (My mom works in a prison as well). I’m a baker. Go figure. 😉

    • I hope not, if you are facing it. Find somewhere safe to hide out.
      I barely survived Pluto square my Sun before it kicked straight into Pluto opp Moon…I don’t know where the next punch is coming from these days.
      I did a chart for being severely beaten by a very charming gentleman and that was Pluto square Moon but that could have nothing to do with anything.
      Good luck.

  6. I will live this on my solar return 2013… will read carefully! Thankyou folks!


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  8. I am going though this transit right now. And I feel a lot more fearful and vulnerable. I fear hostility from others and physical threat.

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