Pluto Opposite Moon Transit

Pluto Opposite Moon Transit Pluto opposite Moon transit creates a gradual build-up in the intensity of the emotional life to a point where something has to give. Like all Pluto transits the build-up can last for a year or more but eventually the tension or pressure forces some major life change, and with the Moon, this will be in related to behavior patterns, compulsions, habits and most often in close relationships or with female family members.

Pluto represents powerful forces that you seem to have no control over, circumstances that just happen to you. This occurs in order to evolve to a higher level, and with the opposition these events or people can be very challenging and involve confrontations, ultimatums or extreme pressure. Something has to change in your life so it’s a good time to look deep inside, Pluto will probably give you little choice in the matter anyway. If you are comfortable with what you seen this transit might mean you are forced to defend or fight for something related to your Moon like family, the home or women.

People with their Moon between 3 to 12 Cancer will be feeling this Pluto opposite Moon transit in 2011 – 2012, just like Prince William (Moon 5 Cancer). Did he face pressure to tie the knot? William’s cousin Princess Beatrice also has Moon at 5 Cancer. In 2004 Claudia Schiffer had transiting Pluto opposite Moon and she gave birth to her second child. She also felt the darker side of Pluto by being harassed at her home and via mail from a stalker.

A more extreme example of Pluto pressure was felt by Brook Shields who also had Pluto opposite Moon in 2005. This was the year she went public in magazines and on The Oprah Winfrey Show about her battle with post natal depression which she shared in her book Down Came the Rain. This was a positive expression of her Pluto transit, the Moon also represent publicity.

But then came dark Pluto in the form of Tom Cruise with public condemnation of her use of psychiatry and antidepressant medication. Brook then showed the ruthless side of Pluto and fought back, telling Cruise he should  “stick to fighting aliens” and “let mothers decide the best way to treat postpartum depression.” She then went on to stick it up him in an essay she felt compelled to write, War of Words.

109 thoughts on “Pluto Opposite Moon Transit

  1. lol, I had no idea about the sound horoscope. Very cool! I’m currently going through this transit. In fact, pluto just went retrograde only some 12 minutes from being exactly opposite. It will be direct and come exactly opposite my moon in January.

    I have been going through a lot of behavior changes lately. Whether of my own decision or not is another matter, but with Saturn geared to transit over my natal pluto in the 12th, I think there’s plenty more on the horizon. I may just wind up hiding in a cave somewhere. lol :-P

    Here’s the chart for when Pluto is EXACTLY opposite my moon.

    • [img][/img]

      • Hi John, I copied the url to get to the pic, then copied it to my desktop. You can upload images from your computer in these comments:

        • Yes, I had tried that initially but for some reason it never showed up. Browser related? (google chrome via Mac)
          In any case, appreciate the techno-tag in! ^.^

          Oh! In addition, nothing has come up with my mother at all aside us talking slightly more often. Though, my sister just got a new job in a prison. (My mom works in a prison as well). I’m a baker. Go figure. ;-)

    • I hope not, if you are facing it. Find somewhere safe to hide out.
      I barely survived Pluto square my Sun before it kicked straight into Pluto opp Moon…I don’t know where the next punch is coming from these days.
      I did a chart for being severely beaten by a very charming gentleman and that was Pluto square Moon but that could have nothing to do with anything.
      Good luck.

  2. I will live this on my solar return 2013… will read carefully! Thankyou folks!


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