Pluto Square Sun Transit

Pluto Square Sun TransitPluto square Sun transit means you are in for a test of your character for a couple of years. The Sun represents your sense of self, your authority and power. The challenging square aspect from Pluto brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances which mean you have to stand up and be counted.

This can be a time of crisis or breakdown as Pluto totally transforms your ego, identity and life direction. Pluto is basically throwing down a challenge so that you master your own personal power. Pluto can be ruthless in its effect so it can make you ruthless in achieving your goals. Power conflicts are common with this transit and these can be not only with authority figures like the law and bosses, but also in personal relationships.

The tests presented by Pluto can come through difficulties with authorities, and this can be seen now in 2011 with Pluto squaring Silvio Berlusconi’s Sun (6 Libra). He has been facing allegations over the last year of acting outside the law to do favors for young girls. These events have shown how Pluto can work at destroying the identity and personal power, the allegations are an attack on his character.

As the Sun rules the vitality, Pluto tests can also come in the form of health problems. Barbara Walter (Sun 2 Libra) had the Pluto Sun square in 2009-10 when she underwent heart surgery, and cut back on her workload announcing she would no longer hold Oscar interviews. Pluto was taking a toll on her health as well as transforming her goals. In November 2010, with Pluto just past the final square to her Sun, she said “I know when my time’s coming.” [wiki]. Michael Douglas (Sun 2 Libra) also had a health crisis during his Pluto Sun square in 2010 with throat cancer. He fought hard and survived.

Facing any challenges by not backing down can lead to great achievements, whether it be simply staying alive as with Michael Douglas, or total power and world domination. Pluto started squaring Adolf Hitler’s Sun in 1938 when he did face opposition but dealt with it ruthlessly, and fully asserted both his identity and personal goals. From 1938 he “was carrying out a foreign policy aiming at war.” [wiki]. By the time of the final transit in June 1940 France had surrendered. To avoid having to shoot yourself in the head a few years later, the lesson here is not to abuse the power of Pluto.

This is likely to be a busy even if stressful time, but looking back you will see that it helped you understand yourself and what you want in life. The re-birthing process can give you a healthier ego, stronger willpower and self-assertiveness which enables you to attain your goals with a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Pluto Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Aries & Libra Decan 1
Aries & Libra Decan 2
Aries & Libra Decan 3


January 2008
January 2013
February 2018


November 2013
December 2018
January 2024

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259 thoughts on “Pluto Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi I’m a Decan 2 Libra and have had most challenging years from 2013 to date which has related to career and extended family. Is my next 2 years going to continue in the same vain but on a personal front?

  2. Hi Jamie – I am 14 degree Libra and am wondering when the intensity if this transit will ease for me. Or if in the future it will become more intense. Thank You

    • Hi Suzi, these are the dates for Pluto at exactly 14 degrees Capricorn:

      25 January 2015 (direct)
      17 July 2015 (retrograde)
      30 November 2015 (direct)

      No wonder you asked right now! Pluto does retrograde back to 14°55′ Capricorn on 26 September 2016 but hopefully that will not be as strong for you.

  3. Hi Jamie. In your writing on this transit you reference the opportunity to “stand up and be counted”. Could you elaborate just a little on what you mean by that phrase?

    Thanks.. I’m very grateful!

    • Sure David. If you are under pressure, threatened or challenged, then you will have to be brave and never back down. Fight for your rights.

  4. I am going through a square sun Pluto transit. It has not been easy because it is crashing me by making aware of all my weaknesses. In addition, two of my cousins and my stepfather have passed away during this transit. Furthermore, my half-brother, whom I love dearly, just found out that he has HIV. The list just goes on and on. I feel vulnerable than ever. I do not know how long this is going to last. Any advice will be helpful to go through this transit. Thank you and Happy New Year 2016.

  5. Jamie. Thanks for this! My sun is Libra 11. 47’47”. Any more specifics on when this mostly impacts me or is close to complete. It’s been a wild few years.

    • You are out of the woods now Jihn. Your last exact square would have been in November 2014. Pluto stationed direct at 12.58 Capricorn in late September 2015 so since then the effect has been waning further.

  6. Thanks Jamie, this is helpful. With a Sun/Pluto/North Node exact conjunction at 14 and 15° Libra, this 3rd transit across in the past week has been really hard! and I have a couple more to go, Pluto is friggin relentless! It’s been transiting my 6th house of health and squaring my Sun/NN/Pluto combo, mostly it’s been dealing with extreme adrenal fatigue and sense of emptiness and no motivation, confusion about what my life is about and what I believe. It’s stripping down my identity to the core. The positive side is that it’s taken me deeper into my meditation and finding out what isn’t affected by any health condition. Here’s a blog post i just wrote a few days ago about it. Lots of love to you all going through these squares. It ain’t easy but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

    • Sounds so familiar to my experience. Thanks for the link to your work too Trista. Will check it out once I get through this pile of comments 🙂

  7. Hi Jamie,

    That’s a very insightful post ! How this would play in a solar return if Pluto transit is just within 1 degree orb and it will be retrograde during the solar return? (Sun Aries 16º)


    P.s: hope health is better 🙂

    • Much the same as the transit Meli but not as extreme because it lasts so long in your progressed chart. Pluto is retrograde 40% of the time so not as significant as an inner planet retrograde.

  8. Hello Jaime,
    I am 10 degree Aries and I would like to know when the intensity of this transit will settle for me. Since 2014, it has been especially challenging for my love life. I’m hoping the sunshine comes back to me sooner than later. Thank you.
    ~Sun Sign for March 31, 1983 6:20:00 PM CST:
    Aries Degree: 10° 43′

    • This transit actually ended in October 2014 because you were born at the very beginning of Aries decan 2.

      Your major transit now is Saturn trine Sun transit from Dec 2015 to Oct 2016.

      Perhaps the problem with your life life is communication related with Pluto square Mercury transit from Mar 2016 to Oct 2017.

  9. Hi Jamie, Can you please shed some light for me on when this will let up? Since 2015 , I have had tougher time at work, had to move – locally , got bad knee injury and trying really hard to get a new job after being let go. Really appreciate your kindness and comments.
    For Bday, april 5th 1974, time 2:09 pm pacific.

      • Hi Jamie, I finally received a job offer after trying all year. But, I am asked to sign contract on Oct. 11-12 and my aries decan 2 horoscope says no signing per mercury opposite decan and mercury square mars. If I sign docs and strategies my new job, will things be okay? ? Really appreciate your advice now.

        • Sorry I am late answering comments for you. Based specifically on your chart, October 11 and 12 were both great. You have Mercury opposite your Sun on October 16.

          • Jamie,
            Thank you so very much! It has been a an absolutely nerve wracking year but, I am so grateful for the practical lessons I am learning about digging deep and truly finding the gold for myself in jobs, with friends and having faith that what I can bring to the table is enough. I appreciate your work very much esp. as a guide to light the way during dark phases and creating this wonderful site! ~ CB

  10. I found this website in early 2015, in a desperate search for advice on how to survive this transit and wondering how I could possibly survive 2 years of it. But while a good part of last year was truly awful, this year so far has just been moderately stressful – as you have pointed out in your monthly columns, Jamie, it really depends on what else is going on. I’m decan 2 Aries, so last year I also had Uranus conjunct my Sun, which in itself was pretty cool, if only Pluto had not been transiting square to both Uranus and my Sun – a nasty, difficult combo. This year, as Jamie has kindly reminded us decan 2 Aries every month, Uranus has moved on and we have Saturn trine Sun for most of the year, adding stability. Last year was so difficult that at first I was skeptical that this would help, but soon found that it really does make a difference – for me, the difference between truly awful and moderately stressful. So have courage, folks – Pluto square Sun doesn’t necessarily mean two full years of total misery – it really does depend on what else is going on. And I also found that when I can get past the rough stuff and catch my breath, Pluto does give the ability to see and experience greater depths of whatever is in my life or whatever I choose to focus on – a fine gift. Many thanks Jamie, I have found your insights really helpful.

      • Sure Jamie am thankful too for your inputs . I am aries decan 2 myself and have fought a tough battle with the inner demons with that transit… I lost my highly paid job, suffered fear and anxiety and now things have simmered down a bit but not completely. Your articles and interpretations from time to time have pin pointed towards the specific course of action for us readers.
        Thanks Jamie once again… Keep up the good work..

    • hash on one’s job?

      Maybe I’m not up with the times? Anything sun-like will come under pressure so your job is included with that.

  11. Pluto square sun transit for aries decan 2 is from January 13 to dec. 2018… In your horoscope 2017 you have mentioned that those born from March 6 to 8 will feel this transit the most. Is it a typing mistake? Do u mean April 6 to 8?

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