Pluto Square Sun TransitPluto square Sun transit affects the Aries sign and the Libra sign from 2008 until 2024. This means you are in for a test of your character for a couple of years. The Sun represents your sense of self, your authority and power. The challenging square aspect from Pluto brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances which mean you have to stand up and be counted.

This can be a time of crisis or breakdown as Pluto totally transforms your ego, identity and life direction. Pluto is basically throwing down a challenge so that you master your own personal power. Pluto can be ruthless in its effect so it can make you ruthless in achieving your goals. Power conflicts are common with this transit and these can be not only with authority figures like the law and bosses, but also in personal relationships.

The tests presented by Pluto can come through difficulties with authorities, and this can be seen now in 2011 with Pluto squaring Silvio Berlusconi’s Sun (6 Libra). He has been facing allegations over the last year of acting outside the law to do favors for young girls. These events have shown how Pluto can work at destroying the identity and personal power, the allegations are an attack on his character.

As the Sun rules the vitality, Pluto tests can also come in the form of health problems. Barbara Walter (Sun 2 Libra) had the Pluto Sun square in 2009-10 when she underwent heart surgery, and cut back on her workload announcing she would no longer hold Oscar interviews. Pluto was taking a toll on her health as well as transforming her goals. In November 2010, with Pluto just past the final square to her Sun, she said “I know when my time’s coming.” [wiki]. Michael Douglas (Sun 2 Libra) also had a health crisis during his Pluto Sun square in 2010 with throat cancer. He fought hard and survived.

Facing any challenges by not backing down can lead to great achievements, whether it be simply staying alive as with Michael Douglas, or total power and world domination. Pluto started squaring Adolf Hitler’s Sun in 1938 when he did face opposition but dealt with it ruthlessly, and fully asserted both his identity and personal goals. From 1938 he “was carrying out a foreign policy aiming at war.” [wiki]. By the time of the final transit in June 1940 France had surrendered. To avoid having to shoot yourself in the head a few years later, the lesson here is not to abuse the power of Pluto.

This is likely to be a busy even if stressful time, but looking back you will see that it helped you understand yourself and what you want in life. The re-birthing process can give you a healthier ego, stronger willpower and self-assertiveness which enables you to attain your goals with a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Pluto Square Sun Transit Dates

Aries and Libra decan 1 – 2008 to 2013.
Aries and Libra decan 2 – 2013 to 2018.
Aries and Libra decan 3 – 2018 to 2024.

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  1. It seems to me that Jamie has made an error according to my astrologer. The Pluto square Sun transit is a two year transit like all transits are. They are never more than two years; three years tops in waning. Jamie has calculated that each decanate has a five year transit with Pluto square Sun and they fall in different years. The transit is not about your decanate. It’s about your birth date, year, and birth time. I am about to go into the Pluto square Sun transit in January of 2013. In January of 2015 I will be experiencing Pluto sextile Moon. I would prefer to believe my own astrologer as it sounds far more positive.

  2. “To avoid having to shoot yourself in the head a few years later, the lesson here is not to abuse the power of Pluto.”
    I’ve read this post…well, I don’t know how many times; and every time I reach this line I start laughing like I’ve just seen it!
    Bless you guys! :)

  3. Really worried about this one, especially since it just entered my 6th. At the same time it is squaring my Sun it is also making an exact conjunction to my Jupiter. I am worried that this transit will affect my health, since it’s squaring my Sun from my 6th. Jupiter can only exacerbate the problem. :(

    • I think the worst thing I can do when I know that ‘bad’ transits are happening or about to is to be afraid. Death inevitably touches us all and I think one learns and grows most when challenging circumstances make us dig deep in order to overcome them and feel free. Almost everyone I’m around in this area I live in is just consumed with comfort and safety, never having anything in their lives happen unexpectedly and just do the same thing day after day after day….and model themselves after everyone else they see. I honest to God almost on a daily basis feel like I’m living around a bunch of robots.

      So I’d say, trust the Universe. Trust that whatever happens was supposed to happen. Trust the process even if it means a physical death. Everyone dies, unfortunately, most people are afraid to really live.

      • Well, Clytnjms, the purpose of a Pluto square is to make you afraid; after all,it is basically destroying everything you have built up for yourself and turning you into a negative person you are not and that is enough to scare a person shitless. How is that a positive transformation into your true self? If you want that you’ll need a Pluto trine. A Pluto square represents a huge setback in your life, one you have to live through in order to transform once again to the positive person you were before you went into it. That was your true self. Everyone experiences this transit in different ways. If you feel you are being pared down to your true self then you must have a nice big trine somewhere helping you out that some of us don’t have. The people in my life have the same challenges I do; they are not consumed with comfort and safety. They are trying to enjoy life and get the most out of it that they can. They want to do more than survive,they want to thrive, which is human. So,we have different transits here. We all do. What I am experiencing with this Pluto square is not my true self at all; my true self is being suppressed by this square until it passes. And yes,unfortunately, some of us have health problems under this transit and we die. There is nothing we can do about it. I wouldn’t trust the universe,though. The universe is impartial.I would trust myself. And if this is the plan of the universe then we don’t have to like it, which I don’t. That,I believe,is what is called free will.

        • If it was all free will then you’d be able to overcome or not allow a pluto square Sun transit happen in your life. EVERYONE has a shadow. Some people suppress theirs their entire life and scapegoat anyone that is symbolic of that which they haven’t integrated into their waking awareness. We are ALL a work in progress. Your either going forward or your going backward. When I first learned the guitar which I have a link to my online web site here, the times that I really thought I was terrible and wasn’t enjoying myself at all were the times my guitar teacher would say those are the times when I’m really growing and learning. I think ‘free will’ comes into play when during these hard pluto transits, you somehow someway stay in the positive or maybe possibly try something different to get you out of the rut the pluto square has put you in. From my experience, we grow most during trials and hardships. I think to somehow someway get to a point inside your self where your not afraid to suffer or feel pain will you be liberated from it. Fear is the biggest challenge and obstacle there is if you ask me. I think Pluto square Sun can REALLY get you in touch with your ‘claws’ and courage. It kind of pushes you to go REAL deep, especially when challenged by others who represent that pluto energy. I’ve had six or seven people come into my life which turned into intense power plays during this transit, and I was willing to do whatever it took to not allow them or anyone to mentally impede me any shape way or form,even it meant the dreaded what will other people say or think dynamic that most people I’m around live their entire lives in fear of. The fear of being talked negatively about of having God forbid someone not like you seems to paralyze damn near everyone I’m around. A friend to all is a friend to none. This pluto square Sun has made me not put up with little petty power play mind games that I used to for years and years from people. It’s allowed me to stand my ground and not worry if that meant that someone God forbid didn’t like me and would talk negatively about me. All I know is that I’m free from being pinned down by their thoughts and free from their negative manipulative power plays/games. I don’t think your supposed to like everyone around you or comes into your life. Some people I don’t like period. And that is ok if some people don’t like me either. It’s not the end of the world.

        • We have no choice about which transits hit us. After 67 years on this earth I have learned this. Free will is in how we handle our transits, not in choosing them. Fear is a totally human response to situations that are likely to be not good for us or that we should use caution with or that are challenges. In some cases it saves our lives. The challenge is in overcoming fear, not getting rid of it. Every time I have had an opportunity for spiritual growth, it has been a challenge but I have enjoyed that challenge. I have not dreaded it. I have never cared what people said about me or if they don’t like me. Most people are idiots on this planet anyway. I like myself and that’s all that counts. So bring on the power plays. It’s not like I haven’t had them for the last three years anyway. I happen to like my shadow; it’s got some great stuff. I am quite familiar with it now. See how different we all are? And thank God for that!

        • How true! The point I am trying to make, and I understand that my transits are not the same as anybody else’s is that when these squares hit me I am transformed into somebody I do not want to be; who can’t do anything much, just lie there and survive until these squares are over with, then I can transform back into the person I used to be and move on. It’s a complete waste of my years and I learn nothing from it,only how to survive, which isn’t much of a lesson when I could be learning so many more great things. It’s very sad to have to go through it.

    • I hear you. I have the same problem. Because of the position of the planets in my chart, my astrologer has me wondering if I will have a major heart attack or somebody in my family will have a major heart attack. It’s scary business. All you can do is check with your doctor to make sure you are in good health and try to stay that way. Michael Douglas had this transit and survived throat cancer. Barbara Walters had this transit and survived heart problems. You don’t have to die under this transit,but if you do it is no fault of yours. All you can do is what I do; fight it for all you are worth. Do the things you love even if you are exhausted and don’t let anybody give you any crap. It is not your fault.

      • This is a very good article on the Shadow I thought you might find interesting. I think Pluto Square Sun can get you in touch with those long lost repressed emotions and experience and give them their proper place and integrate them during the transit. That is why I think that even the ‘bad’ transits have potential to become trines if the lesson is learned and integrated.

      • Hello to both of you and thank you for replying!
        I agree challenging aspects, limitations and difficulties in life are there to help us grow. Looking back at my life I wouldn’t say I would gladly go through those tough times again (and I had quite a bit of those already), but I can clearly see now how it helped me become who I am today.
        Somehow I differentiate between life challenges like losing a job, being on streets, divorce, etc. that can help you grow if you overcome those, from health challenges like having a deadly cancer. And that’s where our discussion turned to existential philosophy and view on life and death. Yes, worrying about dying is not helping you avoid it. But, not thinking about it completely besides being almost impossible, it is also not bringing anything good. Yes, we will all die and our time on earth is limited, but being aware of that should not stop us from living life, but help us live a more authentic life. We know we will die, but we do not know whether that will be in a few decades or a few hours. Knowing that you live according to your values helps ease that anxiety. I definitely still feel anxious thinking about these aspects, but having that helped me tell my husband that I love him today when he was getting on my nerves. Just because I never know when is my last day.

        P.S. I think this article should’ve mentioned Uranus as well. Uranus is currently conjunct Sun for Aries, which means Sun and Uranus together are squaring Pluto.

  4. Hi All,
    I been going through this on the opposite end. I’m 6 Libra Sun (b.9.29.73) with natal conj to Pluto and square to Saturn anyway and receiving pretty much the same Universal “bitch slap” from all those heavy hitters since we’re all early degrees in Cardinal signs. Yep, it’s been rough. Total grind of seemingly never-ending obstacles with a lot of instability peppered in and glad to hear I’m not the only one who felt like I was really “losing it” in more ways than one. But this too, shall pass. There were a lot of negative situations in my life that I really needed to stand up to and I was allowing them to stick around. Hence the purge. At times, life feels pretty empty and drained – I’m recovering in the midst of a bunch of groggy Neptune squares – yuck – & Good ole’ Saturn is still not done with me but I feel a lot clearer. I have wisened and matured.

    Remember, the Universe hates a void. Don’t compare yourself to others. Let go of what you know for sure needs to go and be open to the possibility of something surprising coming in.

    As you can see, this influence is affecting so many on the planet and some folks are really losing it w/ all these extreme crimes and freakouts, exposes etc. I think our Survival instincts cause us to tense up and want to hold on – increasing pain. It’s like a car crash – it’s the tense people that get hurt the worst where folks who relax into it fare better.

    The best thing is likely not to expect too much of yourself and try to just focus on the basics in front of you and good self-care. Sleep more if you can, take it easy, do yoga or Tai Chi, listen to beautiful music, adopt an animal, anything you can do for yourself to ease stress and definitely, take the opportunity change or let go of anything that’s not working.

    Never has there been a set of influences like this in our Lifetime. There are many people who have been wiped out, if not physically, financially or psychologically, then by literal weather! It IS rough weather but at least you have the heads up. So many folks do not even understand what is happening to them. Take comfort knowing you are in good company and if you’ve made it this far – you will likely never have something this harsh coming at you again.

    P.S. So many 3.31s on here! Clythnjms, my best friend is 3.31 and also a singer/songwriter with another successful business on the side. She also had her business partners turn on her and try to take everything. Luckily, they forced her hand, she stood her ground so they had no choice but to leave. Once they left, her business skyrocketed and over the last 2 years, she has had the ability to transform her life in amazing ways. I remember the day she called me so scared and beat down asking what to do. All I said was, “You are better off without them. Stand up and DO NOT EVER GIVE UP.” Well…She hung in and though I’m sure life is hectic with it’s pressures – she is glad she did not give up!!

    Love to everyone!

  5. I too am 3.31. This is the best response I have read up here to these battering Pluto squares. Absolutely right on. Thank you so much!

  6. I dont understand why aries people having such about time. I througth was only capricorn people.

    I am conjunct pluto transit alredy can feel the pain.

  7. This Pluto square has not only been affecting my sun at Libra 8, but also my Black Moon Lilith at Libra 7. Both Sun and Lilith are in the 4th house. I’ve been experiencing this transit in a very intense and personal way.

    My now-husband left his ex-wife three months after he and I met, in late 2010. He’d been planning to do so anyway–she’s a diagnosed Type I bipolar, non-med-compliant. There were many problems in that marriage from the start, and hubby had gotten to a point where he actually began fearing for his life. She decided to focus on me as the problem, rather than her own pathological behavior, as the cause of her failed marriage.

    The ex-wife “poisoned the well” for hubby and I in our living situation, too. The neighbors (both alcoholics, sad to say) bought into ex-wife’s sob story and decided it was their job to punish *me* for the breakup of hubby’s marriage. It got so bad we had to call the law on the neighbor one evening and I was very close to taking out a restraining order on them. We moved last July after the male neighbor did something that was a frank threat to my safety, and the safety of my teenage stepdaughter–but thankfully we’ve landed in a very good place to live that meets our needs perfectly.

    There was Pluto+4th house Sun/Lilith material thrown at me in my job situation, too. I got a new job in a small, family-owned management office in June 2011 after being unemployed for six months prior. Three of my new coworkers decided it was their job to “punish” me because my supervisor hired me, instead of their friend whom they wanted my boss to hire.

    I felt as if I was under siege, with unmerited nastiness being thrown at me from all directions *and there was nowhere I could go to escape it.* The true irony is that *none of these things were my fault.* I felt as if I was being forced to pay the piper in recompense for other peoples’ bad behavior, bad decisions, and/or screw-ups. At times, I felt the pressure and injustice of these situations was beyond my ability to endure.

    I quit the terrible job back in May. Hubby and I had been struggling hard to clean up the financial mess from his prior marriage (ex-wife spent a lot of money which she had no means to pay back–she can’t hold a job–so hubby was left holding the bag). We were able recently to rework our budget *very carefully* so that I don’t have to work at all unless I want to. I’ve got so many things I want to do instead of working for money, and I am *ecstatic* that this has now become possible for me, after 30 years in the workforce.

    Thankfully it appears the worst is over. These challenges to my personal power have been like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in life. With that said, I do feel that all that’s happened with this transit in particular have helped me to become a stronger person and more “sovereign,” so to speak, in my personal power.

  8. March 31 here…..this transit has definatly changed the course in my life. I have had very positive affirmations along with the negative. I have come across manipulative behaviors in every one around me. There are times that I feel like I am being manipulative to others as well….I ended a six year relationship at the end of 2012, got into a new one that was extremely wishy washy and sexually manipulative, lost my job where my brother was my boss i.e. transiting pluto is in my third house square my sixth house sun., I had to move out of my house and into a cheaper living situation in the summer of 2013. I got into another manipulative relationship for the last five months. Im done with that and have realized that I’m not being forthright with myself about what I want. There are days where I feel like I am paralyzed with sadness, and days where I can’t wait for the next adventure…i.e. uranus conjuncting sun. I think uranus has the ability to push us forward out of old habits and create new ones that can be uplifting. I am not looking forward to pluto retrograding back over my sun this summer, but I know that if I am true to what I have learned so far, which is to go with my instincts and create a healthier lifestyle that I will survive the final pass to my sun without too much agony…*)…Its been one fuked up ride though, I will admit that….ALOT of animals dying around me too….I saw my friends cat get hit by a car, my friends kittens disappeared one nite, my roomates cat was stolen, and I witnessed a friends dog die….I guess that would be sixth house sun too….Anyways thanks for the posts…Im glad to know that I am not the only one that feels like Im losing my mind!!! hah! Cheers to you all!!!

  9. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences with this most challenging of transits. I know these comments are very helpful to others who come here for help.

  10. I cry for anyone undergoing pluto square sun. It is a relentless ass kicking. Mine started in December of 2012 and will be (finally!) wrapping itself up this November, December (2014).

    I think knowing the dynamics of the square is helpful, and also the timing, so you realize (even if it feels tremendously far off) that there is an end to it.

    I can see how it has helped me…ie like working out, feeling like vomiting, as you push yourself to a new level…but truly what has expanded in my life, is compassion for others…especially if you are a libra born after October 3…I cry for you, truly…but look I’ve almost made it…you can too!

    And, I imagine, when we both get there, others will be less likely to push us around…and if they do push us around, they might be surprised with the velocity and skill in which we push back…:)

  11. I am a 3rd decan Aries with Sun Venus in the 3rd and Mercury in the second decan. I aalready experiencing my transiting Uranus start to conjunct Mercury and the effect of it I started to feel about 2 years ago, let me tell you with a very unexpected and mysterious encounter with a person. (What would explain that all of my 3 planets are in the 12 house?) I have to mention the effect of sweet Neptune which is opposing my Moon in the 6th in the past 2 years and in a couple of years it will Oppose my Uranus, PLuto and Mars which are conjunct again in the 6th! And this will happen just before the Pluto square with my Sun and the Uranus conjuntion to my Sun. Well, let me tell you I am not waiting for this to happen since it is 12 and 6th house influence, and my family has a lot of health issues (father, brother) Thanks God not my kids or me, and hopefully I will survive this next lets say 5 years! I plan to REALLY lay low, but with the 12 house Neptune , and Uranus and Pluto what can I really predict? I really do not want to sound like a quotation from the school book, but I really hope that the 12 house mysterious influence when I call for help for someone “OUT THere”, will listen and come to my help and Mercy! I will let you know, in a few years! I hope :)!

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