Pluto Trine Sun Transit

Pluto Trine Sun TransitPluto trine Sun transit is probably the best of the long-term influences in astrology. All the positive power of Pluto, the intensity, endurance and passion, become a part of everyday life which gives you awesome personal power and influence.

The extreme boost to your ego and confidence levels means that you will be able to make big advances in all areas of life. People will be drawn to your strong presence and charisma and there is no bad karma in taking advantage of this because important and powerful people will genuinely want to team up with you for win-win situations.

There is also nothing wrong with being proud of yourself and a bit self obsessed during this transit. You are likely to have more influence over others and will most likely use it wisely. This period in life is a high point so you may as well make the most of it.

You can expect to make some big and lasting changes in your life, as the trine from Pluto really brings out the transforming qualities of this planet. Business, career, and finances should all go well and you may be handsomely rewarded for seemingly little effort. In love relations, your magnetism and strong self-assurance will attract the goodies.

Pluto Trine Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Taurus & Virgo Decan 1
Taurus & Virgo Decan 2
Taurus & Virgo Decan 3


January 2008
January 2013
February 2018


November 2013
December 2018
January 2024

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  1. I have this transit coming up next year, born May 8 1992. I’m ready for the rebirth, especially the success. Glad it’s after the Mars and Saturn opposition.

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