Saturn Retrograde 2016 Love Hurts

Saturn Retrograde 2016Saturn Retrograde 2016 starts on March 25 at 16° Sagittarius and stations direct on August 13 at 9° Sagittarius.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma. Karma is a form of energy that is very real. Like Saturn, it is very closely bound to time. Past, present, and future blur into one. If you have been bad in the past, then at a certain predestined time, an event will occur to teach you a lesson. If you been good in the past, then at a predestined time, an event will occur to reward you for your good deeds. With Saturn in retrograde motion, the karma will relate to how responsible you have been in the past.

Saturn retrograde 2016 looks a bit scary to start with and does involve a lot of hard work. There is a major focus on addressing some previous or current disappointments involving your love life or financial situation. However, after the lessons have been learned, you will emerge to a more promising future of positive change and growth. Before I go into more detail about Saturn retrograde 2016, I will talk about what it means to have Saturn retrograde in your natal chart then the general meaning of Saturn retrograde in transit.

Saturn Retrograde Meaning

Saturn retrograde in the natal chart means that there was a problem with self-discipline or avoiding responsibility in a former life. Due to illness, immaturity or disrespect, you may have neglected looking after your loved ones. Perhaps you failed to earn a living to support your parents, or ran out on your partner and children. There will be some lessons or extra effort required this life in order to pay back this karmic debt, and learn the lessons so you don’t have to go through this difficult cycle again.

Saturn retrograde by position and aspect shows the areas of life, or the personality traits and behaviors, which specifically require extra development. The optimum Saturn nature is disciplined, responsible, stable, respectful and reliable. A healthy Saturn is hard-working and dedicated. The aim is to be physically and emotionally strong enough to endure the hardships of life, to take responsibility for yourself and your family.

Saturn retrograde in your chart could show as sadness, depression, loneliness, tiredness or lack of motivation. Disrespect of parents and authority figures may be holding you back. Whatever is stunting your productiveness is what Saturn retrograde focuses on. This could well have been an ongoing problem hindering success over many incarnations. Events or relationships will keep reinforcing the problem area this life, especially during Saturn retrograde phases, until you master it.

Saturn retrograde in transit is a regular cycle occurring just over every twelve months, lasting about 4½ months, and spanning 6 or 7 degrees of the zodiac. Transiting Saturn retrograde represents a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety and fear. During the previous months since Saturn entered the retrograde zone, you will have been dealing with particular issues involving your duties and responsibilities as they relate to your dependents and career.

Saturn retrograde means that whatever area of responsibility you have been developing is so important, that extra time is needed to take stock and make sure everything in order before you continue. You may be tested to make sure you are ready to take on the extra responsibility. The lessons you learn might be hard but they will be valuable.

On the other hand, it could be that a negative Saturn behaviors such as sadness or shyness have been getting out of control. In this case, the Saturn retrograde months will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur in order to shake you out of your depression or isolation.

By the time Saturn stations direct, you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase. In the third and final Saturn retrograde phase, from the direct station until Saturn leaves the retrograde zone, focus and motivation leads to productiveness, achievement and recognition.

Saturn Retrograde 2016

Saturn enters the retrograde zone on 19 December 2015 at 09 ♐ 46. In this phase you learn what areas of your life need some hard work to fix.

Saturn square Neptune is the major aspect in the chart and will remain so for the entire retrograde cycle. This challenging aspect can bring some scary experiences with the darker side of life. Disappointment or setbacks now are more likely to extend or deepen periods of grief or depression that we all experience from hardships.

Even without hardship being placed upon you, it is likely that psychological fears or paranoia may overwhelm you leading to uncertainty. Either way, you may end up questioning whether you really can achieve those things you have hoped and dreamed for. The aim of this period is to identify the source of  your fear, guilt or worry. Patience, focusing on the basics, expressing yourself creatively through dance or music, will all help to raise your consciousness.

Fixed star Antares at 09 ♐ 58 has a strong influence on Saturn retrograde. This powerful star in the Heart of the Scorpion is destructive and malevolent. It makes you tough, courageous, alert and belligerent. Physically, this star rules the right side of the third vertebra from the bottom (fifth lumbar). With Saturn this can restrict mobility and cause a limp, with the psychological effect of not wanting to join in routine activities.

Antares with Saturn causes materialism, dishonesty, religious hypocrisy, many disappointments and failures, and trouble through enemies. Disagreement and legal matters can end in loss, and there may be domestic problems and interference from relatives.

Saturn stations retrograde on 25 March 2016 at 16 ♐ 24. This is the phase where you learn your lessons.

Fixed star Ras Algethi at 16♐22 can cause boldness and a drive to gain power, but also much irritation associated with women.

Saturn Retrograde 2016

Saturn Retrograde 2016

As you can see in the chart above, Saturn stationary retrograde is the focal point of a stressful T-Square aspect pattern, being square to the Venus-Jupiter opposition. A T-Square represents hard work and achievement, much like Saturn, and the achievement is expressed through the action point, Saturn.

First off, the energy of Venus opposite Jupiter builds up and tension is created. Hard work through the squares relieves the tension, and something is materialized at Saturn. Sometimes the result is positive, sometimes things don’t work out. The whole process occurs very quickly, like a rush or intense hard work. You need to rest for a while as the energy again start to build up in the opposition.

Venus opposite Jupiter can cause a lack of self-discipline and motivation. There is a tendency to be sloppy regarding details and lazy in general. If others are relying on you, they will easily become frustrated with what they see as a careless attitude and lack of respect.

You will be feeling more affectionate and playful than usual, bringing a focus on your love life, socializing, and all kinds of pleasurable activity. If seeking a new lover there will be a tendency to lower your standards just to get some. Extra precautions are advised. Overindulging and going to excess also needs to be watched with money, food, drink and drugs

Venus square Saturn can add stress to intimate relationships due to negative feelings, distance or other relationships problems. Most of these hindrances will stem from your own fears or criticisms, but you may face the same from others. To maintain harmony in relationships, it would be better to spend some time alone, but don’t ignore the affections and love of others either. Putting in the extra effort will reduce the risk of relationship dramas.

It is common under this influence to feel lonely and depressed. Money can also be tight so avoid a tendency toward wasting money and other resources. Hard work is required to maintain your present relationship, career or other valued part of life. This is no time to be ignoring your responsibilities, especially for loved ones. Although you will be feeling low and in need of love, someone close to you may lean on your for support and would be greatly disappointed if you let them down.

Jupiter square Saturn creates inner tension as you face criticism or limiting circumstances in your life. Structures or long-held beliefs may breakdown leaving you feeling uncertain and unsure about your future. Any area of your life that has gotten out of control or is creating this tension will be subject to the strong hand of Saturn.

You could experience financial hardship in which case you need to limit spending on luxury items or entertainment. A relationship on rocky grounds may lead to a separation or major shakeup. Events may force you to reassess previously held strong beliefs. Destructive behavior patterns such as addiction may come to an end during this period.

Saturn stations direct on 13 August 2016 at 09 ♐ 46. This is the final phase where you put into practice what you have learned.

It is important to mention at this point, that this interpretation is a general one, describing the background influences that affect each and every one of us. How each phase of Saturn retrograde 2016 affects you individually will depend on the transit made to your birth chart.

Saturn Retrograde 2016

Saturn Direct 2016

Yet again the chart shows a T-Square configuration focused on Saturn. This time the energy builds in a Venus-Neptune opposition. The hard work is carried out via the two squares which you are already familiar with. Saturn entered the retrograde zone square Neptune. The retrograde station five months ago also had Venus square Saturn, when Venus was back in Pisces.

Venus opposite Neptune has the potential to cause problems with relationships and finances. You are more likely under this confusing and deceptive influence to fall victim to predators who seek to take advantage of your caring and accepting nature. People may see your niceness as a weakness, appearing more loving or generous than they really are.

Over idealization or gullibility can lead to embarrassment or disappointment in love, or financial losses that would all have a detrimental effect on your self-esteem. You need to be more aware of the potential dangers of any offers, schemes or dating sites at the moment. Being generous and giving also has it problems at the moment. This is no time to be a martyr.

Saturn leaves the retrograde zone on 19 November 2016 at 16 ♐ 24. This is the end of Saturn retrograde 2016 and the result or outlook is shown in this chart.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is a time of cautious expansion. Some opportunities for growth are likely to be on offer and you can rely on sound judgement skills to only chose those opportunities that are right for you. These opportunities may be in your career, through investment or business deals, or in your personal life as major material possessions or relationship choices.

You may earn promotion or may take on more responsibility. You will come out of this experience wiser, richer or happier. Business investments will bring you financial stability and long-term steady growth. Investing in property or blue chip stocks would be especially good for wealth creation. This is a good time to start a savings plan, buy a house, or to start a small business of your own.

Saturn trine Uranus represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically.

You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your own way. You can break down complex tasks into ordered segments to effectively instruct others. You would do well at learning or teaching technical subjects. Even occult subjects like astrology would be more easily understood now.

Saturn Retrograde 2016 Summary

Fear and anxiety run throughout the whole Saturn retrograde cycle because of Saturn square Neptune. However, it is your love life and finances that are the cause of your concerns with Venus square Saturn featuring in both the retrograde and direct station charts.

Some necessary hard work and lessons involve self-discipline, motivation and deception. In both charts again, Saturn is the focal point of a T-Square, suggesting practical results can be achieved. Although the whole process is rather challenging indeed, the outlook is in fact very promising. Positive growth and change are at hand as you tentatively come out of this testing phase of life.

Saturn Retrograde Dates

25 March to 13 August 2016 – 16 to 9 Sagittarius
6 April to 25 August 2017 – 27 to 21 Sagittarius
17 April to 6 September 2018 – 9 to 2 Capricorn

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        • Hi Charlotte. Saturn retrograde in a composite chart does not have to be bad news. Remember Saturn is retrograde 40% of the time and can means a shared past life experience. Sometimes Saturn can act as a glue in relationship charts.

  1. Dear Jamie,

    My DOB is 12-Dec-1974(Jalandhar -Punjab -India) 21:05 Female.

    Pls tell about my professional lfe as same i not going well….and when it will improve…it is affecting my personal life also…

    • Take it easy for the next six month because of challenging aspects to your chart from the September 1 solar eclipse. Stick to basics and research these natal aspects it triggers:

      Moon conjunct Neptune
      Moon square Jupiter
      Jupiter square Neptune

  2. Hi Jamie,Thanks for your revert…But I donot have knowledge of these planets like moon conjunct Neputune ,MoonSquare Jupiter and Jupiter square Neptune ……so pls tell me in detail in lay man language for better undrstanding.
    Hope you will reciprocate and do not mind

    • If they are not listed in the menu under “aspects” then you can google search them and find what you are after.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I just read your article about Saturn Retrograde. WOW. It really made sense to me, especially considering this past year. I wish i would have known more, but such is life! At least I know now. Astrology has become a very awesome hobby of mine lately and I really enjoy learning more. Your descriptions are some of my favorite. Do you offer chart readings? If so, I’d love your perspective on mine. I could really use some outside perspective on a few matters I’m currently struggling with. Any info is greatly appreciated.

  4. This Saturn retrograde is specifically interesting for me, because it has made my first Saturn return a lot longer.. Now it feels like some of the weight has been lifted. It’s really interesting that this was to touch on love life and finances as these have been by far the most difficult themes these past months. It’s not been all bad but quite intense! My birth data are: 19. february 1986 (7.30pm) in Naestved, Denmark, in case you are interested. I would certainly appreciate any insight you could give me!

    • While listening to “Illusions” I can see the fear of someone leaving you. Of course Saturn return was so intense as it coincided with Saturn square Neptune. Neptune conjunct Venus transit and Saturn conjunct Mars Saturn transit. Thanks to Pluto you can transcend this horribly painful past via Venus trine Pluto.

      The September 16 lunar eclipse on your Descendant is a good omen for relationships. DC Square Uranus needs constant stimulation, excitement, a foreigner, mad scientist or eccentric to make it last.

  5. Hi Jamie,
    My DOB is 3/31/82 @ 16:56 Healdsburg, ca. I’ve had a challenging year in many different aspects, so good/welcomed change and a lot of unexpected as well. I’m curious if you can offer any insight regarding the Saturn retrograde- i feel like things have lightened up a little tho I’m still experiencing some challenges particularly around where and when to move to a new apartment….i’m currently very unhappy in my living situation but can’t seem to find a way out…i’ve also had several relationships this year fizzle out unexpectedly… any insight is greatly appreciated!

      • Thanks for that insight. The mars natal retrograde makes.sense. I’m often in fear in my head. Tho when I get out amongst people the fear is quickly disolved. Reality shows me that the fear is not real. People reflect the lighter side and show me that the fears in my head aren’t necessarily reality. But it’s still challenging and at times I feel isolated….so I try to put myself out there and realize that my thoughts aren’t the truth. Cheers. I appreciate the input

  6. Hi Jamie,

    My DOB ois 15/04/1987 @ 22:30 Faridabad, India. Please tell me till when i will be in influence of saturn. It is being very frustrating and anxiety from past 2 years.


      • Ankur I think your shani sadisati last phase in going and also your shani mahadesha and rahu bhukti is going…so that’s why u faced tuff time…..shani in transit give worst result in Scorpio bcoz lord of Scorpio sign mars is the bitter enemy of shani…..ur time will improve after Feb 2017

          • Hello sudha
            Do you do personal readings? I have tough times in relationship matters since past 10 years or so. Too much emotional stress. Would appreciate if you could give your inputs. I am april 2, 1982 at 12.50pm IST.
            Hoping for your reply.

  7. Hi Jamie,
    I have Saturn RX in my natal chart and square Neptune. What you have mentioned in this article is 100% true. This particular Saturn RX transit was a very challenging on my relationships. Am I going to be able to come out a winner now that RX has ended? Any good prospect on relationship front? My birthday: January 6, 1979, Ahmedabad, India @ 6:35PM.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    the last year was very challenging for me. I left my husband of 15 years, which was the right decision as this has been on the cards for a long time. But now loneliness is setting in and the 2 men I met since the split have left me a bit broken. Still reeling over the last guy, not sure if he was real or just messing with me. I had no closure and am struggeling. Saturn deals with Karma and maybe that’s why things are not working out for me? I feel quite lost at present and would like to know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. DOB: 13th December 1976, Benediktbeuern, Germany. Saturn’s influence is quite intense as my ascendant is in Sagittarius aswell! Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jamie
    Your write up n work( that you reply everyone’s query) are really amazing…

    My DoB is 18/08/1970 n my husband’s is 9th Dec, 1972…1)our relation is going thru a very rough phase….it seems as if my husband doesn’t have any love left for me..
    And 2) from April we r in financial problem also as he lost his job..
    U also wrote that after this Saturn retrograde everyone will learn the lesson on life…bt it’s doesn’t seem to happen in my husband’s life..
    Can you please put some light on our life…both from personal n financial front.
    Thanks in advance

  10. I think I am paying a karmic debt- especially in my relationships— any insights? DOB Aug 11 1968 @ 13:56 Toms River NJ USA— many thanks

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