Saturn Retrograde – Double Karma

Saturn Retrograde 2015Saturn Retrograde starts on 14 March 2015 at 4 degrees Sagittarius, and stations direct on 2 August 2015 at 28 degrees Scorpio.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore Saturn retrograde 2015 is a double dose of karma. Before we get into this, we need to understand what this word means. Karma is a form of energy that is very real. Like Saturn, it is very closely bound to time. Past, present, and future blur into one. If we have been bad in the past, then at a certain predestined time, an event will occur to teach us a lesson. If we been good in the past, then at a predestined time, an event will occur to reward us for our good deeds. With Saturn in retrograde motion, the karma will relate to how responsible we have been in the past. The implications will affect our sense of security. This could be in any area of life and that will depend on two things. First, we have to look at the chart for the moment Saturn stations retrograde. Secondly, how it affects you will depend on how Saturn aspects your horoscope. If Saturn retrograde favorably aspects your chart, then you should do better than if Saturn harshly aspects your chart. I will look at horoscope for Saturn retrograde below. It contains some of the most challenging aspects in astrology. The major theme is Saturn karma catching up on those people who have been deceitful this year. Dishonesty and treachery will come back to haunt some people. Victims of lies and scandal have the hope of being vindicated, but sadly, all involved will find this whole processes rather ugly and depressing.

Saturn Retrograde 2015 Meaning

Why such pessimism? Saturn retrograde is square Mercury, and Saturn direct is square Venus. These are two of the most depressing and unfortunate aspects in astrology. My natal chart has Saturn retrograde tightly opposite both Mercury and Venus. So I am the expert of doom and gloom and can see just how horrible this Saturn retrograde phase will be for some. Saturn Retrograde starts on 14 March 2015 at 4 degrees Sagittarius, and stations direct on 2 August 2015 at 28 degrees Scorpio. So the retrograde cycle lasts for about 3 months, spanning 6 degrees of the zodiac. Those with planets in Scorpio decan 3 and Sagittarius decan 1 will be most affected. Oppositions and squares to this region will also struggle. People with sextiles and trines to this part of the zodiac will fare a little better, probably being those who will be vindicated. I had only just finished a post on the March 2015 full moon when I started researching Saturn retrograde. It fully supports the treacherous theme of Saturn retrograde. This becomes most powerful given that Saturn turns retrograde within the full moon phase, less than one week before the beginning of a whole new eclipse cycle. Making the repercussions of previous slander and misinformation more potent is the final Uranus square Pluto coming less than three days after Saturn stations retrograde.

Saturn Retrograde Chart

The horoscope below is dominated by the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune square Saturn. This is all I really need to talk about to get a crystal clear picture. Mercury conjunct Neptune  creates such imagination and sensitivity that it “may become a problem deciphering what is real and what is not, what is important and what is just background noise, and what to keep secret or not.” Psychic ability and creativity can become great talents, but if confusion, selfishness or bitterness sets in, this aspect can cause much strife. Use of this highly potent imagination and intuition “would require some high standards though, learning to decipher truth from fiction, and using your gifts for moral and just causes. You not only perceive a great amount, but can also project much verbal and nonverbal information, plus psychic energy.” It is this projection of the gifts through writing and speech that will have been the cause of slander and scandal in the case of this Saturn retrograde chart. “thoughts and words are twisted by misconception, irrationality, confusion, fear and paranoia. This results in deceit, treachery, lies, poison and all manner of underhand tactics.” With the Mercury Neptune conjunction square Saturn retrograde, we can be virtually assured that the spiritual gifts have not been used wisely. Mercury square Saturn imparts into the conjunction, all the darkness, meanness and negativity that Saturn has to offer. “Negative thinking can often be exacerbated by having to deal with too much responsibility all at once, or suffering through painful hardships, separations and loss. These things, plus isolation, loneliness and insecurity, can often lead to depression.Saturn Retrograde 2015 The the telling of lies or spreading of gossip comes from the person darkest recesses of the mind. “Communicating ideas will be difficult because of negative thinking and misunderstandings… Do not rely on the words of others, and be careful with you own. You are likely to say the wrong thing and dig a big hole for yourself. There may be some distance or separation in close relationships.” This advice unfortunately comes a little late for some. Saturn square Neptune brings anxiety, distrust, confusion and pessimism. Any use of alcohol or other mind-altering drugs will increase the risk of strange or deranged thoughts and ideas. There is already a susceptibility with this aspect to believing silly ideas and propaganda, and stubbornly disregarding the truth. According to Robert Hand in Plants in Transit (p.357); “Disappointment, discouragement and pessimism are all likely effects of this transit.” Just to make sure we get the point, Saturn stations retrograde on a star in the Head of the Scorpion called Acrab. In general, this star causes “extreme malevolence, mercilessness, fiendishness, repulsiveness and malice.” And with Saturn results in cunning, self-seeking, deceit and hypocrisy.


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210 thoughts on “Saturn Retrograde – Double Karma

  1. My birthday is 11/11/85 I have been dealing with so much relationship wise and career wise. My career seems to have struck gold this summer! Even if this is so, I have some major blocks in the way, I feel is trying to stop the movement in which my career is going. Such as people and/or situations.

    As far as love, I’m confused if I should stay in this relationship. There is certainly love but there has been so much deceit and pain that has clouded our judgement, I’m not sure where to go at this point… and we are going on vacation together 9/17 for 5 days…. I’m super nervous about this trip… I’m wondering if I should just let it go once and for all.

    • Scorpio decan 2 has good stars ahead. The solar eclipse next week is exactly sextile your Sun. I think it will work out nicely for you.

  2. I am Decan 1 of Scorpio, born 10/31/1963 at 4:45PM in Charlotte NC. I humbly ask for advice and answers. I worked hard, was honest, got along well with family until 7/2012 My ex distanced me from family, killed our unborn daughter at 5 1/2 months, did many other horrible deeds I found out years later, like abusing our son. He has severe mental issues and has to live in a home, he has tried to take his life 4 times in the last 3 years. Sometimes I feel eat up with guilt for not trying to get full custody until he was 15. I was never unemployed, and always worked hard, until 7/2012 have not worked since. Lots of health issues attacked me like rabid dogs. This has put a real hardship $$$ on my 2nd wife and I. When will this all end, if ever. I feel useless.

  3. Hello,

    I was born in 3rd decan (11.21.1984.). The problems were just slamming me the past 3 years. One after another after another. Never ended. The last full blow was 8.8.2015. I am exhausted. I was energetic and strong. Now I became timid of any next step (since anything i tried lately backfired). I read that Saturn is leaving Scorpio in 8 days? Astrologically can Scorpios relax a little after this date? I just need some peaceful time somewhere in the mountains or somewhere isolated.

    • The final pass of Saturn to your Sun is mid September, which coincides with the September 13 solar eclipse. This should be a big weight off your shoulders and a positive new start.

  4. Natal Jupiter is at 20 degree Pisces in the tenth house.
    Transit Pluto opposite natal Saturn at 13 degrees (I’ m Cancer 11 degrees Ascendant).
    Uranus transit conjunct natal Chiron and oppose natal moon in Libra at 20 degrees.
    Saturn transited my Scorpio Vertex at 29 degrees. I was fired from a job that I started in May. It’s a difficult time.

    • Not surprising Ali. The September 13 solar eclipse opposite your Jupiter will hopefully force some personal growth and offer the chance of hope and happiness. Also you can make your own luck, and best of luck from me.

  5. I am sooo relieved this Saturn retrograde has finally came to its end. I’m a Taurus, May 8th,1973 @3:02AM and I seem to feel its wrath, every time its retrograde. Ive lost jobs, cars start overheating & miscommunication & so many obstacles to overcome, just to achieve the normally easy stuff that sometimes the chain of reoccurring mishaps are so ridiculous, it’s almost comical.

  6. Hi! My DOB is 27 July 1987, time is 21:16 and place of birth is Mumbai city, India.
    I would like to know about my career. Even after completing my education I am not able to get a decent job. I tried harder than anyone I know but no one appreciates me and I am rejected always in whatever career path.
    Please let me know when should I start my career again or is it difficult to settle in career ahead? And what kind of job or business I should try out?
    I am depressed.

  7. I’m January 8 1997, Double Saturn I believe. I have received a lot recently in many ways.

  8. My birthday is January 8th 1997, decan 2. My current girlfriend is a Gemini, born June 13th 1996 (ruling planet: Mercury) my previous girlfriend was a Taurus, Born May 7th 1997 (ruling planet: Venus)

  9. Hello! My Saturn is in Aries house 8 direct but as an Aquarius(2/15) the 3 year Scorpio visit has affected my career house. Its been a major transformation and I’ve worked non stop. But things aren’t rolling forward and I’m still encountering delays and rocky terrain. I feel exhausted and more want to hide than sing it from the mountains at this point. Is this typical post Saturn transit?

    • Hi Yolanda, I don’t use houses in natal charts and don’t use the solar house system in my horoscopes. Saturn is not squaring your Sun anymore but perhaps it is doing something to another planet in your chart.

      • Thank you Jamie! Curious about no houses approach…does this simplify the information,which would of course be a good thing! Thanks again!

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