Saturn Trine Pluto Natal and Transit

Saturn Trine Pluto TransitSaturn trine Pluto natal makes you a very strong-minded, motivated, and loyal person. You may appear self-controlled, confident, and steady but this often belies the more complex, temperamental, and insecure person on the inside.

You are determined to overcome your weaknesses and better yourself. Patience, will-power, research, and determination lead to self-mastery. You always do your work and come prepared. Other talents include being able to see the big picture, leadership, and organizational abilities, and initiating reforms. You get practical outcomes in the most effective and efficient way, and this earns you respect, recognition, and advancement.

Hardship, setbacks, limited resources, or resistance to your plans do not stop you from achieving your goals. In fact, you seem to excel when under pressure and thrive on competition.

This aspect makes you persuasive and influential. Other people can become fascinated and obsessed with you, or scared and intimidated by you. So it is most important that you use your incredible power wisely.

Even though the trine aspect is very positive, Saturn and Pluto are the darkest and most serious planets. This means you can become obsessed with dark themes. Any ruthless, controlling, or cruel behavior can cause harm to many people.

Yet you have great potential to do good and make progressive changes that benefit many people. Professional success, wealth, authority, and respect can be yours. But perhaps even more rewarding is the prospect of psychological growth and a deep understanding of life, and of soul growth.

Saturn Trine Pluto Transit

Saturn trine Pluto transit brings self-confidence, a steely determination, and a drive to succeed. Increased personal power and influence can be harnessed to fulfill your ambitions and improve your life. You can work hard in a controlled and relentless manner.

Other people may be drawn to you through fascination or obsession. So use your power wisely and avoid controlling or manipulating people. You do not need to do this anyway because they will most likely be willing to help you already. Government agencies, as well as people in positions of power and authority, in particular, can be of great assistance at this time.

In your profession or in dealing with any competition you will be extremely effective and efficient. You will be taken seriously and will not tolerate bad behavior. You will make a big impact and leave your mark. Real estate transactions, renovations, extensions, and other investments of a conservative, long-term nature like blue-chip stocks, will increase your wealth over time and improve your sense of security.

This is also a time of greater self-understanding that can come through meditation, reading, and self-development techniques. This is a good time to consult a psychologist, past-life therapist, or astrologer. Positive and lasting changes can be made more easily now than before. They may happen gradually but will be profound. This is a good time to eliminate bad habits and reform your life.

Saturn Trine Pluto Celebrities

Ian Brady 0°08′, Johnny Carson 0°12′, Anthony Hopkins 0°17′, Dorothy Parker 0°21′, Warren Beatty 0°31′, Louis XIV of France 0°32′, Thomas Hardy 0°35′, Joan Miró 0°35′, Melissa Auf der Maur 0°42′, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario 0°43′, Christian Dior 0°44′, Monica Seles 0°47′, Yukio Mishima 0°47′, Mae West 0°49′, Jane Fonda 0°54′, Margaret Thatcher 0°58′, Johhny Weissmuller 1°01′, Lorde 1°03′, Brian Edwards 1°05′, Salvador Dalí 1°10′, Ricky Martin 1°10′, Justin Trudeau 1°15′, John McEnroe 1°15′, Noah Wyle 1°16′, Connie Francis 1°19′, Micheal Chang 1°22′, Maria Von Trapp 1°22′, Christina Applegate 1°24′, Paul Newman 1°40′, Ángel Maturino Reséndiz 1°41′.

Saturn Trine Pluto Dates

May 25, 1971
December 10, 1971
March 10, 1972
April 27, 1996
October 25, 1996
February 19, 1997
August 6, 2007
June 11, 2031
October 12, 2041

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  1. Right now transiting Saturn trine my natal Pluto. Also my Pluto is in 12th house. My sun sign Pisces so transiting Saturn is in 12th house. 12th house a bit scary thing

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