Sun Conjunct Mercury Natal and Transit

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Sun Conjunct Mercury TransitSun conjunct Mercury natal is the best of all aspects for communication. Interacting with others is most important to you as it stimulates your need to share ideas. With such an active mind however, you may become easily distracted when listening to others, either butting in or letting your mind wander. You are probably a better talker than listener.

Mercury rules communication, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning. Also primary and secondary education, your neighborhood, siblings, cousins, short distance transport, news and information. Mercury is fast, lively, adaptable, variable, unemotional and curious.

Self expression is a real strong point for you. Conveying a message or concept with flair way makes you a great communicator. Others will enjoy listening to you and watching you talk, as you use gestures and facial expression to help get your message across. You should be comfortable with public speaking and would make a great salesperson, actor or politician. Your chameleon like ability enhances your talent for acting, or choosing a particular persona depending on the situation.

Your mental and manual dexterity is matched by a natural curiosity. This gives ability with arts and crafts, as well as intricate or precise machinery, from watches to engines. Study should come easy, as would reading anything from novels to detailed instructions. There may be a talent for writing stories and you may be good at interpreting symbols, font design or calligraphy.

You may have to contend with nervous ailments or an inability to relax with this aspect. However the Sun Mercury conjunction is generally a beneficial influence in a natal chart.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Transit

Sun conjunct Mercury transit puts the focus on your thinking and communications, making this a very busy time mentally. Your mind will be on the ball which favors lots of interactions, clearing paperwork and bills, receiving and sending letters and emails, and short trips around town. Mercury rules communication, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning. Also primary and secondary education, your neighborhood, siblings, cousins, short distance transport, news and information.

Mercury is fast, lively, adaptable, variable, unemotional and curious. You will be wanting to chat and start conversations on topics that interest you, and because you are thinking and expressing yourself clearly, this is an ideal time to make plans and start business deals, bargain, and buy and sell.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Mercury transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Mercury.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Celebrities

Gertrude Stein 0°02′, Archie M. Griffin 0°05′, Heinrich Kleist 0°05′, Robson Green 0°08′, Elizabeth Taylor 0°10′, Bob Dole 0°10′, Immanuel Kant 0°13′, Tatum O’Neal 0°16′, Annie Lennox 0°16′, Louis XVI of France 0°18′, Paris Hilton 0°21′, Sonny Bono 0°21′, Omar Sharif 0°21′, Giorgio Armani 0°23′, Carole King 0°24′, Robert Parry 0°21′, Emmanuel Macron 0°26′, Sean Lennon 0°29′, Benito Mussolini 0°30′, Jimmy Page 0°34′, Christopher Reeve 0°35′, Oliver Stone 0°34′, Marcel Proust 0°37′, Jennifer Jason Leigh 0°40′, Giuseppe Verdi 0°41′, Joseph Mankiewicz 0°43′, Burl Ives 0°43′, Wolfgang Mozart 0°45′, Howard Stern 1°15′, Hans Christian Andersen 1°22′.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Dates

29 January 2019
14 March 2019
21 May 2019
21 July 2019
03 September 2019
11 November 2019
10 January 2020
25 February 2020
04 May 2020
30 June 2020
16 August 2020
25 October 2020
19 December 2020
08 February 2021
18 April 2021
10 June 2021
01 August 2021
09 October 2021
28 November 2021

43 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Mercury Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie, I have merc & sun conjunct in 12th house sag. This merc R is oscillating right between my sag asc 26 going back to merc at 14. I’m thinking perhaps there is something that is being reconsidered, would it be 12th house issues or would it be something else? What they aspect? The comms between sun, merc & asc?

  2. TI have my natal Mercury conjunct Sun and I just found your site today. I had a career in the music business where I was known to talk between songs on tour more than I played almost. I was very comfortable speaking candidly to 5000 strangers but my 8th house Venus and 5th house Gemini moon and Cancer Mars were unreachable in my actual relationships until after they imploded and their autopsies became more songs. I still would be more at ease addressing a packed auditorium with 2 minutes warning and only fresh lipstick and a coffee than I am as a guest of a friend meeting their other associates at a party or bar. Scorpio Sun in the 10th and Aquarius asc. It narrows my employment opportunities.

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights on this.

    Can you please help me in understanding Sun -Mercury being at a distance of 3* in swati constellation. Rahu is giving company there in swati. All are in tenth house.

    Mars is in vishaka constellation at 24* and forms exchange yoga with Venus.

    Details as follows –

    Name – Vinayak
    DOB – November 04, 1976
    Birth place -vadodara /Baroda, Gujarat, India
    Birth time – 13.38 hrs

    Undergoing sun MD and rahu ad. Can the upcoming AD’s provide some relief.

    Thanks and regards, Vinay

  4. I believe you need to work alongside all housed ,
    Positions , o positions if you like.
    You make your own reality . I wize man once said
    Yes the world is my playground.
    I understand how quickly information has travelled

  5. Hi Jamie

    Sorry to have you bothered. For the last 2yrs I’m doing odd jobs. Can you please let me know when can I find a stable job. Undergoing sun MD and Jupiter ad.
    DOB November 4, 1976 time 1.38pm place – vadodara, Gujarat , India.

    God bless you ,vishu

    • You will be settled soon enough.
      Give a little more & plant a tree.
      The more you take care of this plant the easier
      It will get

  6. Mercury making a Superior conjunction with the Sun at 0°Gem12′.
    21 May 2019, 6:08am pst

    ASC 11Gem44
    Aldebaran 10Gem03
    Antares 10Sag02

    “Tele-communication trade battle”

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