Sun Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

Sun Conjunct Neptune TransitSun conjunct Neptune natal makes you a very feeling, sensitive and caring person. You have a great imagination and experience a rich spiritual and dream life. Due to your heightened sensitivity to vibrational energy, there is great variability in how you deal with such an inflow of energy. This can range from spiritual enlightenment to paranoia, depending on fixed stars and other aspects to this conjunction.

You are likely to be unselfish and even submissive as Neptune raises your ego above self-interest. You transcend primitive ego needs and desires as part of your ego melds into your surroundings. You become one with our partner, family, community, and to an extent even humanity.

Your connectedness can reach beyond the personal to include empathy or communion with other life forms and the environment. With your ego so naked or exposed, you are vulnerable to negative energies, just as much as you are enhanced by positive energies. This is where looking at your chart as a whole becomes most important with this aspect more than any other.

With negative input early in life such as psychological or physical abuse, poverty, discrimination, etc., your ego will protect itself by withdrawing and hiding from the negative energy source. In such cases, you may feel lonely, abandoned, scared or victimized.

To compensate for the loss of external input, your vivid imagination would create alternate realities in which you feel companionship, support, nourishment, and purpose. You may dream up characters that take on their own form in the spirit world.

Later on, this may lead to an inability to cope with reality, daydreaming, avoidance of responsibilities, lying, substance abuse, or mental illness. The void can be filled with creative self-expression in the real world, such as religion, film, music, art, poetry, drama and role-play.

Positive expression of this Sun conjunct Neptune will come naturally with good fixed star associations or other helpful aspects. Turning around early negative conditioning will involve slowly but surely stepping out of your bubble or security blanket to rejoin the real world outside. A trusted loved one would be invaluable in giving support and helping to set goals.

The ability to share yourself while still maintaining a healthy ego is key to dealing with this natal aspect. You must learn to set realistic boundaries so you share just enough to keep up healthy relationships but keep enough to sustain your own needs. The aim is confidence, vitality, and a sense of purpose.

Too much of a boundary will lead to the examples above of the withdrawn child. Not enough boundaries could lead to being overwhelmed by negative energies, loss of vitality and illness. Being selfish and caring at the same time will be a work in progress.

Sun Conjunct Neptune Transit

Sun conjunct Neptune transit increases your sensitivity, intuition, and empathy. Being more affected by the thoughts and feelings of others and the environment can be a positive or negative experience. The result depends on the people and conditions you find yourself in. It would be better to be alone than sharing the company of negative types who would drain your energy and leave you feeling depressed, scared or ill.

Being so caring and compassionate, your kindness will be seen as a weakness in the eyes of salespeople, loan sharks, drug dealers, and psychic vampires. Your interest in the spiritual world will be stimulated but again, you are susceptible to false prophets and conspiracy theories.

Setting boundaries will allow you to enjoy a sense of togetherness with loved ones. You may benefit from joining or learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work and groups. Spiritual or occult subjects like astrology may be better understood under this high-awareness transit.

At a more mundane level, this is a good time to go to the movies or escape from reality through a fantasy novel. Although this transit does sublimate your ego, you may still improve your self-esteem with the use of mirrors and cameras. Use your heightened imagination to work out how.

This interpretation for Sun conjunct Neptune transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon conjunct Neptune.

Sun Conjunct Neptune Celebrities

Louis Pasteur 0°09′, Red Skelton 0°13′, Viscount David Linley 0°16′, Roy Castle 0°18′, George Melly 0°50′, Shui-bian Chen 0°56′, Frida Kahlo 0°59′, Bill Medley 1°16′, K.D. Lang 1°17′, Buddy Holly 1°25′, Sean Connery 1°30′, Michael Douglas 1°33′, Carrie Fisher 1°39′, Harry S. Truman 2°02′, Julio Iglesias 2°15′, Susan Sarandon 2°30′, Shelley Ackerman 2°44′, Tatum O’Neal 2°57′.

Sun Conjunct Neptune Dates

8 March 2020
10 March 2021
13 March 2022
15 March 2023
17 March 2024
19 March 2025
22 March 2026
25 March 2027

11 thoughts on “Sun Conjunct Neptune Natal and Transit

  1. Dear Jamie
    One of the best summaries I’ve read – particularly the idea of sharing oneself and maintaining a healthy ego, that is a tricky balance indeed. My aspect is 0.34 degrees.
    Regards, T

  2. Hi Jamie. I have Sun conjunct Neptune in my natal chart at 5 degrees, both Sun and Neptune in Scorpio. Any thoughts? All the best, Tina

    • Hi Tina, your conjunction is actually in Virgo Constellation because of precession and it being the largest constellation. Read about the fixed star Syrma and the one after it.

      • This response mystifies me, because I too have the conjunction in Scorpio. But even in a Vedic chart, which I thought took account of precession, a Scorpio conjunction is in Libra, not Virgo (assuming the planets are not at the tail end of Scorpio).

        Could you please explain? Were you responding to a chart that is not visible?

        Regards, T

        • Note I said Virgo Constellation, not Virgo Sign. That’s the area of confusion. I don’t use Signs in interpretation, only aspects and fixed stars.Reading this article might help: Precession Astrology.

    • HI Tina. My sun is in Scorpio conjunct Neptune. Were you born in the 1960s? I was born in ’64.


    It was my birthday yesterday. I usually look at my solar return, but don’t pay too much attention.

    I’m a pretty Neptunian kind of Pisces, and I found this solar return particularly hard to analyze, mainly because of that conjunction, but the square to my natal Neptune isn’t making anything easier. Saturn is also doing itself.

    My feeling is that life will be almost unrecognizable this time next year.

  4. I have been having T neptune through my 12th house aspecting mars and currently saturn but coming up to 1 degree off my sun. I have let go of so many negative, judgemental and closed minded people needing so get back to all my own creative energies and stop keep giving never endingly. My usual high energy self is sleeping so much and longing for a return to my homeland but also aware that I am wanting to return to a better time on the planet without an incessant drive to buy so much we dont want or need. Many disappointments from my own expectations but learning to let go of these as well. Tpluto is helping as it is sext my sun. Interesting times but glad to have read this interpretation Jamie,itmakes a lot of sense to me.

  5. I also agree that this interpretation of natal Sun/Nep conjunction is one of the best I have read online. Beautifully worded and absolutely accurate. I have a gut feeling that the author may have a strong pisces or neptunian influence himself! Anyway, it’s a beautiful description.

    I have Nep conjunct Sun with a tight 0’13 Deg orb in the 12th house. And I think a Nep/Sun conjunction aspect is really meant to teach us about suffering, transcendence, compassion, selflessness, surrender, and love… like, on a PROFOUND scale!

    I think for young souls, such as myself, who have this aspect that we are destined to have painful and inescapable experiences throughout our lives which bring us to our knees in order to awaken a more spiritually present side of our being. And unfortunately these life experiences can be so painful and overwhelming that it is all too tempting for us Sun/Nep folks to seek out unhealthy avenues of escapism (and in great abundance).

    Unhealthy avenues like casual sex (the desire for physical unity with another being), romance (the desire for emotional unity with another soul), drugs, music, porn, parties, food, daydreaming, movies, et cetera. Basically anything that can absorb our interest and take away the pain we feel. But the more we indulge our escapist tendencies the more lost, worthless, confused, and in deeper pain we end up being in because unhealthy escapes only serve to accumulating more pain in ourselves that we need to confront. And this ultimately creates a cycle that is very challenging to get out of. Unfortunately, I speak from experience here. 😉

    So, for the older souls among us with a Sun/Nep conjunction I think you guys can accurately tune in to energies/vibes in your environment, you can feel other people’s emotions as if they were your own (but not become overwhelmed), you are extremely intuitive, compassionate, artistic, have a profound level of understanding, have a profound level of unconditional love (not only for humans but non-human species), you have a beautiful and rich inner world that you don’t get lost in, and you are likely to feel connected and re-energized by something that is otherworldly and spiritual in nature. And this is the potential that we younger souls have within us!

  6. I have this placement – how would you differentiate between a younger versus older soul? I’ve always felt ‘old’ but I’m not sure where I stand in actually handling reality on a grading scale. I mean, I haven’t really tumbled down any addictive route except for more harmless avenues like binge-watching shows and avoiding people and real-life responsibilities in general. I’ve said to myself, who needs drugs and substances when my mind is fully capable in its own right to tune everything out and live a life of its own imagination? I’ve gotten into spirituality in my early 20s, in my mid-20s now. Spiritual ideas help so much in integrating how to deal with suffering in life that hits me so deep that it feels criminal and debilitating. To the point where I’ve questioned why I felt so weak and unable to handle seemingly small setbacks to life. Perhaps our form of resilience is to learn to have a sort of gentle strength in itself? To be like water rather than stone?

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