Sun Conjunct Saturn NatalSun conjunct Saturn in the natal chart people often shows as a difficult childhood as Saturn represents restriction, and as both Sun and Saturn can represent the father, these difficulties often stem from some relationship issue involving the male parent. Other Saturn characteristics that may be expressed in the identity are shyness, depression or being too critical of the self and others.

Conservatism shows up in their personality and beliefs systems. Saturn is hard work, and when the effort is put in they display the positive attributes of Saturn, perseverance, patience and respect. With age often comes great achievements and recognition as stable and respectable authority figures.

Sun Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer had Sun conjunct Saturn by just 29 seconds. His childhood was difficult as his father was a business failure. He became a Catholic priest and went on the found the most powerful sect within the Roman Catholic Church, Opus Dei. We was associated with Spain’s fascist Franco regime, and his powerful right-wing sect is known for self-flagellation, celibacy and strict discipline. He was called “el Padre”, the Father, and was made a Saint in 1992.

Al Pacino (47′) also had a difficult childhood, raised in the tough Bronx from 2 years of age by a single mom. His most famous role which shot him to fame was in the movie “The Godfather”, instilling discipline as a mafia boss. Others with Sun conjunct Saturn include musician Giorgio Moroder (67′), comedienne Tracey Ullman (96′), and actress Dakota Fanning (101′).

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  1. Excellent descrription. This is me (along with Sun oppose Jupiter which you also recently discussed). In my natal chart Sun conj Saturn (Desc) oppose Jupiter conj Neptuen (Asc). Seems a theme for this life is balance. Blending and harmonizing these energies is a full time job. I would love your thoughts about balancing Jupiter oppose Saturn.

  2. Jesse James, soon to be ex-husband of Sandra Bullock, also has Sun conjunct Saturn. He recently gave an interview in which he claimed he’d been the victim of child abuse, saying his father terrorized him.

  3. Thanks for the feedback stac and LB. We also had couple of people comment on our Facebook page with stories of loosing fathers at an early age with Sun conjunct Saturn. In both cases the orb was 5 degrees.

    • I have Sun conjunction Saturn, 5 degrees apart, I had a very happy childhood and my father is my idol. I love him more than anything and I always had a lot of support from him. I am following his footsteps in business. I am 40 now, and love my Saturn. yes I am carefull, realistic but all to my advantage.

  4. I have sun conjunct saturn, 5 degrees. I read in an astrology book a person with this is considered an old soul, or if you have a heavy scorpio emphasis. I have sun, pluto, mercury, saturn all in scorpio and moon in the 8th. I must say, my life is a living hell, it is unspeakable what I have gone through and I’m trying to figure out which position has been the strongest in causing this. Then again, the fourth house is the house of ‘emotional security’ right? Well I have uranus and neptune there so haha I was screwed from the get go.

    • Wow, girl! I have Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio all in the 8th, and it DOESN’T help, trust me, that I have Libra as my moon and pluto IN the 7th house; which makes me want to immediately date what attractive people I meet, instantly fall in love AND around comes Saturn to discipline me, and take them away from me, EVERY.TIME.

  5. For you sun conjunct Saturn ppl, it’s similar to a sun in Capricorn or a sun in the 10th house

  6. I have close aquarius sun and saturn conjunction in 9th house,I have difficult childhood, and lost my dad in young age,I love my dad even though I hasn’t spend much time with him, He lives away because of his job.I have low self confidence. I’m teacher working through the agency, never get permanent job. I try to avoid depression, but I always received set backs in my life make me depress most of the time,I’m 45. I also have mars and mercury conjunction in 10th house Jupiter and rahu conjunction in 12th house. can you see any thing better in my chart.

  7. My Saturn is conjunction my Sun in Gemini, 5 deg. apart. I love my dad, had a very happy childhood,my dad is my idol. I am 40 now, still realistic and carefull, my dad is helping me with my career and I am helping him as well. Great relationship with men in general. Saturn transits are always important for me and mostly result in good things.

  8. I had a lot of “father-problems” until I realized the dimension who my real father was, a spiritual solution to the worldly situation I grew up within.
    Saturn forces us to reach insights of how this “world” really works and the forces which are ruling it. It is the teacher of reality and it won´t let us escape the lessons we are supposed to learn.

  9. I had a horrendous childhood with both unsupported, aloof, disturbed, and abusive parents. I had an absent father and my first step father was abusive and my second step father had sexually abused me.

    I have to prove time and time again that I am not a victim. Just because one has a happy childhood doesn’t mean people like me can’t perservere. And I do. I’m mother and father to my children (though they have a father); I am also mother and father to others.

  10. My best friend has Sun conjunct Saturn (2 degrees orb) in Scorpio in 8th house. Her father left when she was a baby and she never speaks about him. I don’t even know if he is alive or dead and I don’t know if she knows.

    Another close friend has the same conjunction in Scorpio but with 4 degrees orb. Saturn conjuncts Asc from the 12th and Sun conjuncts Asc from the 1st. Her parents divorced when she was in primary or high school (I am not sure) and she doesn’t like her father. He was never there for her (emotionally, nor practically, nor financially) but now that he is old and sick he expects her to do things for him, and she does – she buys him medicines and goes to see him and help him from time to time. But she is always angry with him, it is just that she has a strong sense of duty and by helping him goes against her own feelings.

    Both my friends have a negative attitude towards men in general thinking they can’t be trusted and will never be there for you.

    I have been flirting with a guy lately who has Sun conjunct Saturn (by 1 degree) in Sagittarius, right on my IC. I don’t know anything about his relationship with his father and I don’t know where exactly this conjunction falls – it is either in his 12th or the 1st because he is a Sag rising.

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