Sun Conjunct Saturn Natal

Sun Conjunct Saturn NatalSun conjunct Saturn in the natal chart people often shows as a difficult childhood as Saturn represents restriction, and as both Sun and Saturn can represent the father, these difficulties often stem from some relationship issue involving the male parent. Other Saturn characteristics that may be expressed in the identity are shyness, depression or being too critical of the self and others.

Conservatism shows up in their personality and beliefs systems. Saturn is hard work, and when the effort is put in they display the positive attributes of Saturn, perseverance, patience and respect. With age often comes great achievements and recognition as stable and respectable authority figures.

Sun Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Josemaria Escriva De Balaguer had Sun conjunct Saturn by just 29 seconds. His childhood was difficult as his father was a business failure. He became a Catholic priest and went on the found the most powerful sect within the Roman Catholic Church, Opus Dei. We was associated with Spain’s fascist Franco regime, and his powerful right-wing sect is known for self-flagellation, celibacy and strict discipline. He was called “el Padre”, the Father, and was made a Saint in 1992.

Al Pacino (47′) also had a difficult childhood, raised in the tough Bronx from 2 years of age by a single mom. His most famous role which shot him to fame was in the movie “The Godfather”, instilling discipline as a mafia boss. Others with Sun conjunct Saturn include musician Giorgio Moroder (67′), comedienne Tracey Ullman (96′), and actress Dakota Fanning (101′).


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  1. I have SU0SA apl orb 3,5 deg my father was very kind and generous to me until my mid 30s but then he became totally opposite,unkind and even cruel. I became self-reliant now but it was painful process. Saturn’s lesson

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