Sun Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Mars TransitSun opposite Mars natal makes you a passionate and competitive person. You are filled with a hot, radiant energy that simply must have a safe and constructive outlet. Without expressing this hot energy, you are likely to experience a lot of anger and drama in your life. In extreme cases, such bottled up energy can lead to explosive fury and physical pain.

Whatever outlet you find, whether creative, sporting, sexual or professional, it is likely to involve a level of competitiveness which is actually healthy for you. When competing you will have a very strong will to succeed which is also good.

Problems may arise, however, if you use non-direct methods to win, like cheating or violence. The exception to this is in life-threatening situations where case there are no rules if you or a loved one is threatened. Such cases are going to be rare unless you find yourself in the police or military. Careers that harness your adrenaline rushes are suitable but you may need to learn to harness your rage.

Your passions and desires can be so strong that in chasing them, others find you overly assertive. You may not even be aware of this until other react in a defensive or egocentric manner. You are likely to become involved in many arguments and fights until you learn greater awareness about the repercussions of your actions. Thinking more about the rights and feeling of others will help you achieve your desires with less drama. Sublimate your ego and toning down your assertiveness are good ways to reduce resistance to your goals.

Business and politics are other fields which are highly competitive. Working in high pressure situations against an opponent will sharpen your skills and lead to personal development. Very quickly you will learn by experience that tactics and patience are vital in overcoming and inflated ego or rashness.

Harnessing your strong passions and sexuality is an important factor in maintaining healthy relationships. On the way to moderating your flaring sexual energy, you may have to deal with an amount of jealousy, revenge or risky situations.

Sun Opposite Mars Transit

Sun opposite Mars transit increases your level of assertiveness in achieving your strongest desires. Competition is the keyword as you are forced to fight for your rights or your wants. This transit requires patience, tactics and a more subtle approach to succeed. Your instinct will be to go in with all guns blazing but this approach will only bring increased resistance and opposition.

While you may need to tone down your ego and level of aggression, you still need to be direct in asserting yourself. Underhand tactics like trickery or passive aggressiveness will not work for you. Just as arguments and anger from others will let you know you are approaching things the wrong way, so will increased irritability, anger or jealousy on your part.

It is also likely that others will try to assert themselves over you, especially if you are the quite or submissive type. In both cases, whether taking the initiative or reacting to an attack on your ego, it is most likely to be played out in your closest relationships. If not with a lover, then the competition may involve a boss, coworker or a man in general.

Sexual tension may be the first sign of increasing competitiveness in a relationship. The key to dealing with any argument or conflict during this transit is to be open and honest about your strong desires. This will at least clear the air and reduce the likelihood of the situation escalating to a dangerous level.

Avoid risk taking and acting rashly. Make sure to express this hot energy safely as mentioned above when arguments arise. Sexual activity, exercise, sport and hard physical work are other ways to channel this energy and avoid it building up in your body.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Mars transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Mars.

Sun Opposite Mars Celebrities

Frida Kahlo 0°01′, Judy Garland 0°07′, David Icke 1°51′, Freddie Prinze 2°23′, Walter de la Mare 2°35′, John Howard 2°53′, Francis Galton 3°22′, Paul Simon 3°36.

Sun Opposite Mars Dates

22 May 2016
27 July 2018
13 October 2020
8 December 2022
15 January 2025
19 February 2027
25 March 2029
4 May 2031
27 June 2033

9 thoughts on “Sun Opposite Mars Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie

    I am Sag Decan 2 born 3 December 1977. With my current career I have some challenges I have an option to revert to an old job/department or stay where I am currently. But there are challenges with the department I am currently work for? People challenges…..
    I am unsure and this is frustrating me at work.


  2. Hi Jamie
    Exactly how u describe.. have sun opposite mars in natal chart. Too strong competitive and sexual drives.. will this current aspect on may 22 turn out to be too hot to handle? Am April 2, 1982 at 12.50 pm IST.

    • This one does not strongly affect your birth chart. But whenever this aspect does appear in the sky you will feel it more than most even if it doesn’t line up with anything in your chart.

  3. Hey Jamie

    Does the fact that mars is retrograde and in the twelve house change anything ?(natal)


  4. The USA Sun in the Sibly chart, looking at synastry, is opposite my Mars, and with Saturn moving direct at 13Cap, I’m experiencing a rush of antagonism to what I feel is Deep State American meddling in the Canadian election campaign. Memories of the 2016 American campaigns doesn’t help, although the timing is different if one is to factor the eclipse Inferior conjunction of Mercury-Sun on May 9, 2016, with the eclipse Inferior conjunction of Mercury-Sun on November 11, 2019… a highly esoteric date. Sometimes in my meditations I feel by going backwards and forwards in time, plus a propensity to Invert events, in keeping with Capricorn tendency. And of course, the Sun-Pluto-Saturn conjunction looms, a long period connection to tumultuous times c. 1517-1522

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