Sun Quincunx Uranus Natal Aspect

Sun Quincunx UranusSun quincunx Uranus in the natal chart presents people with a tension inside, which creates an urge to express themselves in an eccentric or original way. They have abundant creative intelligence which can manifest in a positive way through music, art, science or the occult.

The energy pushing this is erratic and sometimes disruptive, which may cause sudden changes to the life that present a dilemma. If channeled well, they can use their creative intelligence to excel in music, art, science or the occult.

If the build-up of electric tension cannot be expressed safely, then rebellion and arrogance can lead to sudden outbursts and rash actions causing real drama in the life.

Sun Quincunx Uranus Celebrities

Nancy Spungen (03′) was the girlfriend of Sid Vicious from the 70’s punk band, the Sex Pistols. From early on she had to deal with change (Uranus) as her father (Sun) was a travelling salesman. She was highly intelligent but very rebellious and displayed violent and erratic behavior, eventually being diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of fifteen. Nancy did not cope with the tension, the continual build up up and release of energy that the quincunx brings. This tension heightened by the nervous, disruptive and erratic energy of Uranus. So intelligent, she started university at age sixteen but was soon kicked out. Four years later she died in a violent, frenzied knife attack. Rodney King (65′) was beaten by police in 1991 after a car chase. The publicity led outrage and the LA race riots. His identity (Sun) became the focus of Uranian rebellion and violence.

Although the composer Franz Schubert (20′) died at an early age, he expressed the Uranian brilliance and creativity in a much more positive way. His music was seen as modern and very original at the time. David Bowie (86′), like Schubert, is known as a very original musician, innovative and ahead of his time. His early flamboyance and androgyny are keywords for Uranus, a healthy expression of the ego (Sun). Prince William (83′) has obviously had to adjust to sudden, unexpected events, following the early death of his mother. Because of his position in life, he cannot outwardly express the unorthodox nature of Uranus. I gather he finds expression in private, through his occult studies.

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    • Not at all, especially with the Sun involved. I use 3 degrees for the quincunx for luminaries (Sun and Moon), then 2.5 degrees for other planets.

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