Sun Sextile Pluto March 16, 2021

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Sun Sextile Pluto TransitSun sextile Pluto natal gives such magnetic attraction that you can hold a lot of influence over other people without even trying. This is just one of the powerful hidden forces that can propel you to great achievements. Your tremendous drive and determination seem to be fueled by a deep desire to make something of yourself, to be noticed or remembered.

Transformation is a big keyword for Pluto, and it seems this is directly associated with your strong need, compulsion even, to do something important with your life. If you scan the list of celebrities with this aspect tight in their chart, you will see they transformed something in the field.

Obviously, you also have the ability to transform your own life and this may continue throughout your life. Just like your interests though, you would not see the use in transforming anything superficial. Your goals, your personality, and the impression you leave on others is deep and profound.

A slight tendency toward obsessive, compulsive, or dictatorial behavior is not necessarily damaging. This is because you transform such psychologically extreme tendencies towards a more constructive determination. Although you can be intensely driven and sometimes single-minded, you are not boring to be around. The expressive nature of the sextile seems to manifest the comical, sexy, and playful side of Pluto, no matter how dark or perverse. You can also manifest the mysterious, occult, and healing nature of Pluto.

Sun Sextile Pluto Transit

Sun sextile Pluto transit increases your need to succeed. You will feel more determined and purposeful than usual to achieve your goals. Any obsessive or compulsive tendencies you have can actually be harnessed to get a difficult task done. This especially applies to anything which has broken down or is no longer of use in your life, from a messy room to a bad habit.

Another effect of the power from Pluto is to increase your level of attractiveness. This can be sexual in nature but mysteriously also gives you a tremendous amount of influence over other people. Once you become aware of this power and influence, it can feel like you are wearing a police uniform that only others can see.

This increased power will work to your benefit so long as you don’t abuse it. Misuse of this gift would result in self-destruction next time you experience a challenging Pluto aspect. If you use your power to help others, especially groups of people, you will find that you actually gain benefits anyway. This transit also deepens your interest in solving mysteries, learning about occult subjects, and studying personal interactions from a psychological perspective.

This interpretation for Sun sextile Pluto transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon sextile Pluto.

Sun Sextile Pluto Celebrities

K. D. Lang 00°00’30”, Alexis Tsipras 0°02′, Stephen Arroyo 0°05′, Stonewall Jackson 0°05′, Cilla Black 0°11′, Fred West 0°18′, Marcel Duchamp 0°21′, Martha Raye 0°28′, Rudy Giuliani 0°31′, Peter Sellers 0°32′, Louis Braille 0°40′, Barry Crump 0°47′, Sophia Loren 1°05′, Danilo Kis 1°06′,  Bob Dylan 1°08′, Yehudi Menuhin 1°11′, Albert Einstein 1°13′, Shui-bian Chen 1°25′, Marcel Proust 1°26′, Tatum O’Neal 1°27′.

Sun Sextile Pluto Dates

15 November 2020
17 March 2021
17 November 2021
19 March 2022
19 November 2022

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  1. I have Pluto trine Sun and Moon natally …and I help people every day…people say to me they feel up lifted by just talking to me …the magic energy of Pluto . . 🙂

  2. Hi Jamie,
    January 9th 2018 Sun, Venus, Pluto all three conjunct exact. Any thoughts on that.

  3. The Sun place in his eighth house in Pisces sextile Pluto in Taurus reflects a amazing human being who spent most of his life giving prophecies for years. Edgar Cayce puts himself into dreams and meditation and revealed all the prophecies regarding all about the world. Edgar Cayce born Mar. 18, 1877 points to stars Pluto at Algol and Sun at Scheat revealing both past and future lives. Pluto hold a powerful attraction toward others as does secrets held in Sun in Pisces in eighth house.. Do you have any other clues regarding this amazing psychic ?

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