Sun Square Mars Natal

Sun Square MarsSun square Mars in the natal chart creates a very tense energy inside which looks for expression through some kind of action, sport, sex, creative self-expression. These people need to be doing something all the time. The square causes obstacles in self-assertion which have to be overcome with the courage and fighting spirit which comes naturally.

On the negative side this can lead to setbacks, frustration and may boil over as arguments, fights or tantrums. Once the energy finds a safe way of expression, then the tremendous energy can lead to great achievements in Mars activities such as sport, military endeavors, fighting for a particular cause, even dramatic acting. The fiery willpower really does need a useful outlet to stop this warlike energy turning on the self or loved ones. Competing and winning is important to maintain a healthy ego.

Sun Square Mars Celebrities

Stacy Keach (12′) is a great example of turning setback into achievements. Born with a cleft lip he underwent many operations as a child leaving scars both physically and to his ego. Through his long acting career he usually wore a moustache to hide the scars. Now he has turned to energy out as a fighter. As honorary chair of the Cleft Palate Foundation he fights to get insurance coverage for people to have the corrective surgery. Earlier in his career, Stacy caused harm to himself and his loved ones through drug abuse and ended up in prison. Again he turned this setback into something useful by fighting back and winning, starting an anti-drug crusade once he was released.

Another celebrity with Sun square Mars is Tina Turner (47′), who had many obstacles to success. Beaten by her husband for 16 years before she bailed out alone and broke. Other fighters include prolific writer and co-founder of the Lesbian Avengers political group, Sarah Schulman (36′); Military major and politician Jack Marshall (15′); and Lucille Ball (50′) nicknamed “Tessie Technicolor for her flaming red dyed hair”.


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6 thoughts on “Sun Square Mars Natal

  1. Tina Turner will always be a legend in music history.;'”

  2. Well, this makes me feel a little bit better about my Mars and Sun being squared.

  3. I have Mars Taurus square Sun Leo in 12th house conjunct ascendant. I am not interested in sport or acting – any suggestions where I should direct my energies?

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  5. Been in jail a few times but for nothing serious drugs yes mostly stimulants ..Woodstock yes …Constantly trying to keep the confrontational demons down in the hole. But I can be engaging sweet and smiling too. I have a Venus moon conjunction…plus a Saturn Pluto conjunction directly on my mid heaven . Vegetarian for fifty years ..meditate too…even took anger management classes . My hair isn’t red though.
    Just this past Sunday ..someone cut in line in Home Depot ..I let this inconsiderate yo yo in without a word or even a sigh of protest. Thinking I was a good boy..this guy walked back and said to me I needed to learn manners! I guess he didn’t like my gaze.

    The Supreme Radiance..must be testing me even when it comes at me totally wrong. I failed we came to blows one hurt..and I’m going to the magistrate at 67 years of age. With saturn pluto conjunction dead on my mid heaven life has been full of drama.5/12 1948 new Kensington pa,usa
    7:18:45 pm EDT
    Whoever the astrologer is who writes on this site should be commended
    Keep up the good work I’m a western and Vedic astrologer.. Gregory

  6. I have this aspect natally as well. It has affected past relationships, which left me feeling like an awful person. I recognize that I need to find a better outlet. I’ve mainly been trying to address this through taking space (solitude), and don’t feel that is very healthy for me, even though I need it to recharge at times. It’s interesting you mentioned acting. When I was younger, I wanted to act, but fear took over and I let it go. Maybe I should confront that fear and at least take a class (likely a private one to begin with).

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