Uranus Opposite Sun Transit

Uranus Opposite Sun TransitUranus opposite Sun transit will present a year or so challenges as you feel the consequences or rapid or unexpected changes in your life. The unpredictable nature of the changes means that you are likely to be on edge a lot of the time and have to react quickly to changing circumstances.

Uranus not only represents change but also freedom and higher awareness. With the opposition, it may be that your freedom is challenged or that you are not able to express your individuality as freely as you would normally. Stability and security may be difficult to maintain under this influence, both in the material world, within your own psyche, and with relationships.

Learning to adapt to change will be a key theme during this time. Tension may build up due to unforeseen circumstances or from other people changing their behavior or attitude to you. Understanding the reasons why you are experiences this is very important. Fortunately the higher self-awareness from Uranus allows you to look at yourself from a detached point of view. To see if it is, in fact, you expressing the erratic or unbalanced energy which these other people are mirroring back to you.

This is key to dealing with this disruptive energy because any arrogance or unwillingness to adapt and take it higher, could lead to explosive outbursts or ego conflicts. That would only exacerbate the tension or nervousness associated with this transit.

Uranus Opposite Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Libra Decan 1
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Libra Decan 3

Scorpio Decan 1
Scorpio Decan 2
Scorpio Decan 3


March 2011
April 2013
April 2016

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15 thoughts on “Uranus Opposite Sun Transit

  1. i was born on 21 September. So i had this opposition during the april 2008 March 2011 window.
    It was the most unexpected roller coaster ride of my life. Check out.
    In early 2008 i fell in love with the most unlikely mate who turned out to be a con man. Got pregnant unexpectedly in June. Married unexpectedly in an unconventional way in September shocking all my friends and family. Contemplated abortion many times.
    Had the baby by Cesarian due to unexpected medical conditions in march 2009. The guy abandoned me and the baby and ran away June. I had another surgery in July. I had to sell my household items and relocate under stress in August. Had to hunt down the run away ex September/october in CIA style. Left the baby with my parents and went abroad under stress December.
    Faced police/court/legal situations January 2010. Met another nice guy unexpectedy February. Many ups and downs in the relationship thereafter. Started a job working in a risky war zone in March.
    Got my son baptized under unusual conditions May. My best friend of many years dumped me without a word in June. Exotic holiday with boyfriend in August. Legal divorce from other guy in October.

    Started learning Astrology in January 2011. Broke up with the boyfriend March. Started dating his boss unexpectedly April. His contract ended and went away in June. Met a celebrity guy in July who changed my whole attitude toward relationships.

    In August 2011, returned home and slowly started normalizing.

    I think the roller coster was further fueled by the fact that my sun in Virgo is part of an intense stellium (venus, sun, mars, pluto, vertex) and in the fifth house of romance/children. Transiting Pluto T squaring Uranus and this stellium gave more intensity to the series of events i think.

    Jamie, one question, in mid April 2014, Uranus will oppose my Vertex. At that time there will also be a transiting grand cross between Uranus, Jupter, Mars and pluto. (mars corner will be on vertex) The grand cross becomes exact within one degree of the vertex.
    Simultaneosly saturn will be on my Descendant within 2 degrees. At the time i will also have a progressed full moon opposing a progressed stelllium of venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun.

    What could happen?

  2. Thank you Jamie, I hope in ‘nice’ dramatic way…..:)

    I have had enough drama for the life, during the 2008-2011 period. I just realized even saturn was transiting my virgo stellium during that window. So it was a Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T square on a red hot natal stellium (of venus, sun, mars, pluto, vertex) The story i narrated was in fact a summerized version. If i were to write week on week, there would be an ‘aha’ event almost every week continously for 2 years!

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