Venus Sextile Pluto October 3, 2021

Venus Sextile Pluto TransitVenus sextile Pluto natal makes you passionate about love and the things that you love. Whether it be another person, a hobby, or anything else, you will become deeply involved in whatever it is you love. Love, giving love and receiving love, is so important to you that your life would be meaningless without it. In other words, your life revolves around love.

When I say you are passionate about love, I mean you feel it deeply. It envelopes you and you can even define yourself by strong relationships or your love of something. This is an overall positive influence and has a positive effect on your relationships. The term “love to death” may apply to you but you will find nearly everyone would love to be loved by you. Even if it sometimes appears you become too intense or come on too strong, it would only be because you are so concerned about a particular issue. For example, you may become very pushy if you thought your partner was in danger.

Friendships are most important to you. You are extremely loyal and committed, and expect the same in return. But even you will come to realize, that it would be a rare person who could match you for the level of devotion you give to another.

You should enjoy popularity due to an intense level of subconscious attraction felt by others. There is a dark and mysterious nature to your beauty which others find spellbinding. In the bedroom, you may explore taboo areas of sexuality or be inclined to experiment with your sexuality or get a thrill out of affairs. It could be that you are attracted to dark and mysterious types, sometimes even dangerous sexual partners. Even so, such relationships will be safe and fulfilling, and should not endanger your social standing or public profile. Privacy may be important to you and you are good at maintaining secrets when it comes to relationships.

You can be devastated when a relationship ends. But you also have strong recuperative powers when it comes to love. Entering a new relationship will be like a personal transformation, positive in nature. You may find that over time, the depth of your love nature evolves to even greater depths, and takes on a more spiritual feel.

Money will also be important in your life. You should be at least comfortable and can put much effort into always having enough in the bank to make yourself comfortable. You may be born into money or marry someone wealthy. Even if from humble beginnings, you will strive to improve your finances throughout life. Having enough to spend on a little luxury like the latest fashion is important to your sense of self. Above all, you will judge your own value mainly on the amount of love in your life, on your relationships.

Venus Sextile Pluto Transit

Venus sextile Pluto transit deepens your love to an intense level. Companionship becomes more important as you feel a longing to share love with someone special. If single you may become obsessed with someone and not be able to get them out of your mind. Any new romance now would be a whirlwind experience and greatly change your life. If new love is not on offer, then hanging around friends or mixing in a group will meet your need to share and care.

An existing relationship can evolve to a more profound or spiritual level. You would be more “into” sex than normal and may experiment with taboo areas of sexuality. Affairs are also possible and secret romances may start under this transit. With all relationships, whether love relationships or not, superficiality will not satisfy you. You long to experience friendship or love at a more feeling level.

Privacy may be of concern under this influence. You may have reason to keep a relationship secret or want to uncover some secrets. Both of these options are favored. With love relationships, in particular, you will leave no stone unturned in order to discover the true feelings of the other person, perhaps even your true feelings.

Venus Sextile Pluto Celebrities

Charles, Prince of Wales 0°10′, Stewart Granger 0°21′, Lauren Hutton 0°29′, Meg Ryan 0°32′, John Coltrane 0°41′, Bill Clinton 0°44′, Marc Bolan 0°47′, Larry Christiansen 0°48′, Henri Cornelius Agrippa 0°49′, Paul Claudel 0°55′, Peter Ustinov 1°04′, Julie Newmar 1°07′, Philip Johnson 1°13′, Maureen O’Hara 1°18′, Karl Marx 1°33′, Tyga 1°36′, Tracy Austin 1°38′, Roman Polanski 2°23′.

Venus Sextile Pluto Dates

10 December 2020
18 March 2021
2 October 2021
1 May 2022
13 November 2022

9 thoughts on “Venus Sextile Pluto October 3, 2021

  1. You will not be surprised to hear that, once again, I did not win the lottery on Wednesday. I am far, far too trusting and slow to learn (I have Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th and an 8th House Chiron). If I had won the lottery on Wednesday, I would have planned to give all of my winnings trustingly over to my son, John. My son has his natal Pluto exactly conjunct my Progressed IC, Sun and Venus. He’s Mr Control Freak, afraid to let go of a very disfunctional family history.

    Bit by bit, I’ve been learning. Today I just got home from the little store by the shore of Lake Tahoe where I live. This time I bought two tickets with identical numbers. The winnings will be divided equally. One ticket is for me. The other ticket is for Annalakshmi on the Swan, a restaurant in Perth, Australia, which is run by a Hindu spiritual group. They perform traditional Indian dance and music and serve Indian vegetarian food. Their policy is “eat as you like; pay as you feel.” There is no set charge for a meal at Annalakshmi. People pay whatever they feel like paying.

    There is no boss at Annalakshmi. There is no work schedule. Group members come to serve at Annalakshmi when they feel like it. Their guru died several years ago, but still the group holds together. Members of the group see their guru in dreams and receive messages from him.

    I did volunteer work at Annalakshmi between March and November of 2009. The group sort of took me under its wing. I didn’t really understand what I was doing there. Over time, I began to comprehend a bit about how the group worked. I stayed overnight and slept at the restaurant sometimes. I realize now that the guru was working with me while I was alone at the restaurant at night.

    Several years ago, I had the intuition that my son, John, would spend time at Annalakshmi, learning to cook and dance in the traditional Indian way. He needs a family to take him under their wing, the way the group did with me. (I had my Chiron Return at Annalakshmi). Now, I am seeing this vision quite clearly again. It is a healing that is needed.

    The people at Annalakshmi aren’t perfect. They aren’t saints. But they have an enduring faith in the power and value of love.

  2. I’m Double Skorpion with Pluto/Psyche 10° VIR and Neptune-ASC-*VENUS*-Mercury 11°-15° SCO. And my SP Mars is 16° CAP, trining my natal TAU Moon.

    So…where’s my money?

  3. Hi Jamie,
    This sounds great ! How will this blend with Mars activating again the eclipse of 16 Sept? In my case the eclipse was making an opposition (not exact) with natal Saturn and it was also activating a Venus opposition Saturn opposition (not exact) in terms of synastry.
    Would it bring a positive emotional /money/ estate change?

  4. Early next week…is intense for me…to say the least. Pretty stressed about an emerging situation.

    I have transiting Mercury 7th about to exactly sextile my venus 5th which is almost conjunct transiting Pluto…

    Transiting venus is in the 7th will also be in aspect to above…passionate.

    Both transiting mercury and venus Pisces 7th are opposite my Pluto 1st. I worry I cannot hide feelings from someone.

    Both transiting mercury and venus will also conjunct my mars 7th! I feel overwhelmed, sensitive, in love. I’m having my Chiron return now – conjunct natal mars.

    Transiting mars in my 4th will square planets in the 7th! The only consolation is mars now sextile my sun 6th.

    To make it more impossible transiting Jupiter is almost conjunct my Neptune 3rd, and in trine to me mars 7th, and sextile to my Pluto/ uranus 1st!

    The Sun is approaching Neptune in my 7th, which is square my IC, MC.

    Since last year – venus retrograde – Ive been in denial over falling for an intelligent and assertive man older than me, outside of my fractured partnership (who I have admitted honestly I wished to break from) but withheld my emotion from the person I feel for. I know they are aware I’m avoiding admitting it. It’s killing me. Every week I see him, I’m so aloof /shy. Everyone has to witness the chemistry and our our awkward exchange.

    Oh and transiting Saturn and lillith are square my own saturn 7th/8th. I’ve been aware Ive need find courage to end marriage for years – been trying to seperate last year or so – but complicated as I’m a parent – so to change and organise my life smoothly and this has arrived – and I cannot lie – but surely at this time it is seriously unwise to let out what I feel to someone Ive know, and adore barely a year? He wants truth, but I want to just to slow things down…

    Any advice appreciated!

  5. Jamie, I found your article on the October 5th, 2017 FullMoon a big help understanding what we may face at this time wrt relationships. The one with Venus and Mars in conjunction at 18°Virgo, where we go very deep in analyzing partnerships. My initial impression was how a person with personal Virgo energy points, such as a Virgo Rising sign may experience hightened intensity during this Venus/Mars cycle..

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