Virgo October 2014 Horoscope

Virgo October 2014 HoroscopeOctober 2014 Virgo horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

Virgo Decan 1 born Aug 23 to Sep 2.
Virgo Decan 2 born Sep 3 to 12.
Virgo Decan 3 born Sep 13 to 22.

Decan 1 Virgo October 2014 Horoscope

It’s all good news this month with four excellent transits plus a lovely solar eclipse to see you into next year. First up you have Mercury sextile your decan from September 29 to October 9. You will be able to project yourself strongly and clearly, without upsetting anyone. Mercury retrograde from October 4 should not hinder this ability, although you should take extra care regarding important decisions and business dealings. The Sun sextile your decan from October 23 to November 3 is boosted by the October 23 solar eclipse. This new eclipse cycle, through until March 2015, is an excellent time to make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships or longer term goals.

Venus is sextile your decan from October 23 to November 1. This increases opportunities with love and money. You should feel energetic about expressing love and affection, wanting to make a genuine effort to please and share you warm feelings. Finally this month, Mars trine your decan lasts from October 24 to November 9. This is a most favorable time to achieve your desires and reach your goals. All your relationships will benefit from your enthusiasm and increased sex dive. Other people will warm to you and admire your directness and confidence. You know what you want and have the extra energy to go after it.

Decan 2 Virgo October 2014 Horoscope

Mars square your decan. from September 29 to October 13, can create a build-up of energy inside. You should begin to notice a strong desire to assert your will power in an aggressive manner. The primal energy creates tension and frustration which can lead to outburst of temper if you don’t get your way. Difficulties in your relationships, especially love relationships, can occur at this time if you force your desires onto other people. They will react just as strongly, testing your will, challenging what you are trying to achieve.

Although the October 23 solar eclipse does not make a major aspect to your decan, it is important because it  brings to completion the previous eclipse cycle. The April 2014 solar eclipse trine your decan should have been resulting in harmonious relationships. Life in general has hopefully been flowing easily with few obstacles to getting ahead. As the new solar eclipse approaches, the urgency to complete long term goals will increase. You have one more window of opportunity to take advantage of these favourable condition. After the Mars transit, but before the solar eclipse: October 14 to 23.

Decan 3 Virgo October 2014 Horoscope

Saturn sextile your decan is the major influence in your chart for the remainder of the year, from September 20 till the end of December 2014. You will start to feel more serious and responsible, giving more energy and attention to your long-term goals. This is a great opportunity to express your leadership qualities, and you may be called on to fulfil important duties. You now have the patience and stamina, as well as strong confidence in your abilities, to take on more responsibility.

The Sun in your decan from September 22 to October 3 relates to new beginnings. The September 24 new moon extends this time for new starts until the October 23 solar eclipse. The final transit this month throws a spanner in the works, with Mars square your decan from October 12 to 27. This creates irritation and anger, often leading to disputes and nastiness.  The best way to handle this testing time is to try and see things from the other person’s perspective. You may have to reach some compromise and ease off a bit.

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32 Responses

  1. Pattye Stringer says:

    I do believe that the word you’re looking for is “conscience”, not “conscious”.
    Virgo that I am, I know that these words are not interchangeable.

  2. VirgoDecan2 says:

    Sun Trine..Yes nobody really goes too against with me but i kinda feel like isolated, depressed, and mad due to Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

    • virgodec2sep9th says:

      I couldn’t agree more, sadly. I’m usually fairly upbeat, I find myself horribly insecure expecting the worst and feeling like everyone is against me.

      • VirgoDecan2 says:

        It is because we had mercury square 12~20. It is finally off. do hard work untill we get mars and venus conjunction in november 2015

        • VirgoDecan2 says:

          It is actually Venus+Mars+Jupiter Conjunction in 2015 October. Time to shake things up. no signs would get better transits at that moment :)

  3. VirgoDecan2 says:

    Is this serious? I have interview during Mercury Square 5/12 LOL

    • VirgoDecan2 says:

      hahaha. what a life. I get an interview offer during Sun Trine, and actual meeting date is during Mercury Square. hahahahahaha

  4. Virgo June 2014 Horoscope posted.

  5. VirgoDecan2 says:

    thanks for June horoscope. But I want to point that May was never good month for me. Taurus Eclipse’s degree is too far away from most virgo decan 2; May was just whatever with annoying Mercury Square. I guess virgo decan 2 needs to wait till Mars Sextile during August and Venus Conjunction during September.

  6. VirgoDecan2 says:

    “But with such a helpful Venus transit triggering your responsible Saturn transit, you have a great opportunity to resolve any relationship or money issues permanently.”
    I need to end a relationship with Leo decan 1 girl permanently for Aries woman.

  7. virgodec2sep9th says:

    I’ve found most Virgo/Leo relationships to be very toxic, could be just a coincidence. Good luck with your Aries

  8. Sean says:

    I knew someone with a virgo sun and leo rising. Have to say one of the most selfish person I’ve come across on this planet till date.

  9. Nombuso says:

    VirgoDecan2 –

    Gender: Female

    I have been looking for a job from 2013 November, was unemployed as at January 2014!!!! I have been doing nothing but applying for jobs since my stay at home. I feel like I am just about to have a nervous breakdown. So, sick and tired of staying at home. I just hate to sit and do nothing and my 3 sisters get irritated with me ( we stay together) Have not been romantically involved for the past 2 years and I don’t want any romantic relations for the couple of years as I struggle to compromise, and I am very analytical.

    Why am I not getting the job?

    • bev says:

      apply for “immediate start” jobs and let fate do the rest….

    • VirgoDecan2 says:

      try best after Mercury gets out of post retro phase on July 14. Mercury/Mars and Venus have no retrograde or phase motion so it should be good time to do business.
      We have Mars Sextile after middle of August and Venus conjunction on middle of September. Use those time period. And Do not get a JOB on JUNE (YOU KNOW WHY)

  10. VirgoAsc says:

    I’m a bit scared because my natal Mars is at 16 degrees of Aries and my Mercury at 16 degrees of Capricorn; this month there is Uranus-Mars opposition affecting those degrees …

  11. Rashi says:

    When for July will be posted

  12. Virgo says:

    Please start with Virgo for September. New virgo moon is coming; it is fresh time for you to start up writing monthly horoscopes here.

  13. Virgo says:

    Venus entered virgo 12 hours ago, i had a bunch of girls being nice to me somehow today LOL

  14. Virgo says:

    1 year 1 month left for Venus and Mars Conjunction

  15. Sunny says:


    Hi Jamie,

    I thought Venus will be entering Libra decan1 from September 29- October 8, not Virgo decan3??

  16. Anita says:

    Thank You! Great to see you back!

  17. VirgoDecan2 says:

    It can be that I have forgotten Mars Square transit feeling yet I am not too depressed or frustrated.
    Any horoscopes regarding Pluto Trine?

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