Mars Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

Mars Conjunct Saturn TransitMars conjunct Saturn natal gives a strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. Your Mars desires, sexuality, and creativity are positively influenced by Saturn’s discipline and strong work ethic. The darker side of Saturn can also influence your desires but this by no means translates to negative qualities.

Sexually, this can mean tremendous stamina and remain sexually attractive and active later in life. It also allows for a sensible exploration and expression of the taboo sides of sexuality involving pleasure and pain, domination and submission. Traditionally, this aspect is said to cause frustration and difficulty in expressing anger, and even nastiness. However, looking at the charts of people with this aspect, the overwhelming theme is that of healthy expression of the darker desires and sustained effort leading to prolific work in the career.

If Mars conjunct Saturn in the chart were harshly aspected or on a troublesome fixed star, then we might expect the more heartless and malicious nature of this aspect to be displayed. In this case, the key would be to find a positive outlet for the energy through some creative endeavor. Mars does represent goal-directed energy. Once a real passion in life is found, even if a bit dark, then self-discipline and determination should make sure that the manifestation is positive and productive, not destructive to the self or others.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Christine Keeler (0°00’33”) was an English model and showgirl and her affair with a conservative politician led to his downfall in the Profumo Affair of 1961. Mars sexuality combined with Saturn downfall.

David Lynch (0°01′) is an American filmmaker known for his violent and disturbing style termed “Lynchian”. Mars creativity combined with Saturn darkness is shown in Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune and Twin Peaks.

Dolly Parton (0°06′) shows the steady and determined creativity of this aspect. A prolific musician with countless hits and many arduous tours under her belt, a sustained effort over a lifetime.

Rosaleen Norton (0°06′) was the “Witch of Kings Cross” in Sydney Australia. An occultist and artist, her paintings were often of demons. She was inspired by “the ‘night’ side of magic”, emphasizing darkness and studying the Qliphoth, alongside forms of sex magic

Other Mars conjunct Saturn celebrities include Pablo Escobar 0°18′, Eddie Izzard 0°20′, Jennifer Jason Leigh 0°53′, Margaret Mead 1°16′, Henry Winkler 1°20′, Rihanna 1°48′, Jeff Bridges 1°53′, Liza Minnelli 1°54′.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit

Mars conjunct Saturn transit can be quite variable in effect. It can ignite your darkest desires or give you the stamina and patience to complete the hardest of tasks. Natal aspects can play their part but much depends on how you approach this transit and use the initial energy.

Initially, this transit has a tendency to make you angry, resentful or revengeful. If you channel it early into hard physical work or a creative project then you transmute this energy into positive and productive achievements.

Taking the low road due to ignorance or laziness can lead to frustration and difficult situations. Going with the flow and not taking the initiative will allow frustration to build to a dangerous level. This destructive energy could then manifest as risky actions due to impatience.

On the other hand, this negative energy could manifest through another person’s destructive actions toward you, such as nastiness or violence.

This is not the right time to go to war as there is a danger when taking risks. Stay at home and sharpen your knives, work hard with patience and forethought. Use this determined energy in a constructive or creative way.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Dates

4 April 2022
10 April 2024
19 April 2026
30 April 2028
16 May 2030
3 June 2032

144 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Marina,

    Thankyou for your insight!

    In this position, a star “Spi” -which I don´t know if it is Spicula (no, it lays somewhere else) or Spiculum (neither, it lays otherwise)- and I can´t figure it out.

    Then, when Orcus and Ixion (natal in my chart) lay where Arcturus is, what would that mean?

    Thanks again!


  2. Hmmmm…. I might have to ramp up my wanting to get into photography with the Sun coming onto my MC. Even if it’s just an unpaid internship type thing. @.@

    I have saturn/mars in my natal on Antares. (Part of a grand cross) Everything you said rang true for me. Even the dark, malicious type stuff. Though, I’ve certainly gotten a handle on that. 🙂 Now to record an audition, do some laundry, work out, and fix my iPhone before bed. Lol ^.^

    • Mars alone on Antares would be very rash but I think having Saturn there too is excellent and would help focus that intense energy. All the best with photography, be sure to post the results!

  3. Saturn has been on my AC (24 Libra) for ages now, and is finally moving direct out of Libra. Not that it was an unfortunate experience at all, but with Mars moving out of the 12H as well, I am definitely feeling incredibly optimistic about my goals and pursuing a particular dream that I have. This same week, I will see Venus trine natal Moon/Venus, Venus conjunct natal Mars, Jupiter trine natal Saturn, as well as several other passionate and interesting formations, so it is sure to be an eventful week! I’m currently living spontaneously traveling alone around France and Europe volunteering on farms, so who knows what will happen next!

    Both fixed stars resonate with me, throughout my life and especially at this moment in time. Spica is the grain of wheat in its constellation, and Arcturus is hard work following passions, rural pleasures, and learning through experience and mistakes. Both stars are optimistic.

    • I have Mercury and Venus at 24 Libra opposite Saturn 24 Aries. I was feeling pessimistic about this transit which is why I wanted to research Mars conjunct Saturn. Like you I know feel more optimistic but still trying to decide exactly what my goals are. I feel I need to make some important decision and take some action. I like your link to Arcturus and rural pursuits, sounds like you are living it out so well.

      • Yes! The most inspiring thought that I’ve had recently has been to have a dream in mind, and then focus on the steps leading up to it rather than the larger picture. It totally has Jupiter trine Saturn written all over it, along with house rulers, but I think it’s good advice for anody, especially those impacted by the current Mars/Saturn conjunction. Thanks for the response, I love your site!

  4. I go on not reading who wrote what, even I am able now to well recognize you wrting wtyles. Sorry Jamie and thankyou!


    (México is starting to play on the semifinals, soccer. Shame I have to go to work!).

      • Now, facing Brazil will not be easy!

        I really think Lula da Silva has done a wonderful job regarding socialization of knowledge (each one of the brazilians has the right to conserve legacy under a simple or complex museum… just think of what this means!).

        Not always in the Biomass idea… cutting out the whole Amazonas ecosystem! (we, humans, are creazy, really!).

        Well, we will see. But the Máquina Brasileira, are very strong (not so much lately). And we mexican loose confindence in some moments, in which would be useful to be strong!).

        At the end, they ended Mexico 3 Japan 1 (too technical, less intuitive their way of playing).

        Thankyou very much, Jamie! And I hope you are feeling better of your rx mars “gift” (so to say!).


  5. I have Mars and Saturn conj natally both Retro in Cancer, 23 and 22 degrees, opposing my Sun at 23 Cap and have Jupiter in Libra at 26 degrees. Transit Mercury has been going back and forth over my 5 Leo Asc and Pluto 11 Leo
    I’m so emotionally worn out, can’t believe it.
    We are recent Facebook friends and I really enjoy your posts.
    Kathy 01-13-46 Any tall bridges nearby? 😉

    • That’s a very strong T-square you have Kathy. Looks like Saturn has done it’s worst though square your Sun, Mars and Saturn. On Jupiter should be much better I would think.

  6. I had a dream of of a women menitoning dark astrology so I googled it and came here. She was happy because she found out her mom who passed away praticed dark astrology and so did she. I recently found out my one of my ancestors praticed hoodoo which reminded me of the dream. I am Mars Conjunction Saturn 10°18. I woke up this morning saying I don’t like dominante/submissive play unless IN the bedroom, I guess partly admiting to myself. The previous day I googled creative outlet test since I’ve been on a sexual hiatus as I try to figure it out and I don’t know what to do with this energy! Ha.

    • In the bedroom seems to be the best place to play this out, then normal everyday life should be more balanced in the relationship.

  7. Hi there. I’m not seasoned at understanding multiple astrological events simultaneously… or any for that matter. But maybe someone would be interested in offering some insight.

    I have mars conjunct saturn, also conjunct pluto (at 25 degrees Libra). These are all conjunct my ascendant! They oppose my sun and square my moon. It seems to me that this is a pretty intense time for mars & saturn to conjunct and conjunct all that! Sorry if I sound like a real noob, but lately I feel as though everything is coming together for me. I was a bit worried because I’m still reeling from a lot of saturn and pluto restructuring. I don’t know how much more I can handle, but at the same time I’m certain I can handle anything. I’m willing!

    I love the way you guys write, so I’d love your two cents or anyone else’s. Cheers!

    • Sounds like you will feel this conjunction more than anyone else. Should be excellent because you have those wonderful fixed stars, Spica and Arcturus at 24 Libra. Also I forgot to mention in this post that the new moon next week is sextile this conjunction, another thing in your favour.

      • Thank-you! I’ll take some time to study this and prepare to make the most of it.

    • Christine.

      It feels things are going on with me too Christine. The young women have been very friendly of late. In my non-progressed S/R for this next year the Mars/Saturn conjunction is in my 9th house, with Jupiter in the 5th and thats not all, the Sun, Moon and Venus are in the 7th. I’m a little aprehensive, to say the least. I’ve been married and burned twice already and single for 13 years now and like things that way. I know what all that means alright enough but what I am having trouble figuring out is wheather to run and hide or not.

      From only what you have said I tend to think there will be a change in the way people view you. Also notice all the planets that are retrograde and what house they are in and the meaning of the houses.
      Retrograde is a good thing.

      One thing is sure. There is about to be change in our lives.

  8. Hello All!
    This Libra is on ur site daily – love it!
    I would actually like to know where I can get a copy of that goat (?) picture. Who’s the artist? I would love that as a poster!
    Thanks for any info! =o)

  9. how do you think this energy could play
    out conjuncting natal lilth in the 6th?

  10. Hi
    My natal venus in 9. house (but also ruling 4+5 house)is conjuncted by saturn (3rd and final round during retrograde motion) and mars Aug 15. Is this significant?

    • Each transit on it’s own is significant but together it depends how far apart your Venus and Mars are.

  11. Hi, i have Pluto in degree 29 of libra. does this conjuntion of mars-saturn in degree 24 afect it? as it seems is so close to make a conjuntion. By the way i also have mars-saturn conjuntion in scorpio in natal chart.
    thank you

    • I think 5 degrees away is too far to have much of an affect, especially as Pluto is not so personal.

  12. my sister has this scorpio/sat/conq mars, hers sqaures leo/pluto/jupiter no orb right on target, so there’s the double burden, work produces burdens,things are a lot of trouble…she and her husband live remotely, top a treacherious dirt road, clogged w/ snow, muddy or dusty given the season, cars don’t last due to accident as they both commute.
    The biggest problem we have is w/ our mom. After the protective orbit of our older sister died my sister has tried, about once a year to have mom committed, sell her house, prevent hazard trees from being cut, other up-dating and lately tried to have the house gutted due to a non existent mold problem. mom spends summers with us and the rest of the time we rush into rescue. My sister tells people she has moms power of attorney, (we actually jointly share) signs her name to contracts All this is because they can’t wait to inherit as if money will ease burdens. I think this conjunction is about incarceration and I find my sister deceptive and dangerious but for a large part I’m not troubled, too mush aries/taurus/ gemini. I don’t confront her on anything but cancel contracts and wait for the next event. I used to be frightened, she remains unembarassed and presistent. (cap/sun) so i play defense. Mom for her part likes the attention. I’m more than tierd of my role as I have better things todo and am thinking of bailing as 9 years is a bit much.

    • Thanks for that Lucy, great to have personal stories like this to see how this aspect plays out ion real life.

  13. Mars conj Saturn – Military. Blood, structure, karma, self discipline, restriction,

    • also inherided wealth, funerals, bereavement, social gain from death, I knew a woman who had it in her first house, she wanted to be an undertaker, a aforementioned family member likes to go to funerals, did the arrangements for my sisters memorial service, burial and funeral…like wise my dads.

      The woman who had a first hs placement had a terrible childhood, badluck that continued after her marrage, shocking and newsworthy involving issue etc. son inherited lousey karma

  14. My sister has this in Scorpio,too, trine Moon. Don’t know what house as Mum a bit vague about birth times! She soldiers on diligently, carries on with jobs like picking fruit long after the rest of us get bored, does a job she hates because of the pension…what with moon square Pluto as well, I guess any anger is very deeply buried as I have never seen her lose her temper and she is the kindest of anybody in the family. She did emigrate though.

    • Thanks Rachael. this temper thing is something I wondered about when researching famous people because you don’t really get the full personal story in the biographies.

  15. I value this aspect in my own chart conjunct the Moon as well. It has also kept me incredibly grounded as a Pisces. I feel it has also been a blessing in childbirth. I gave birth to four very healthy children with no problems at all. They pretty much just popped out!

  16. Saturn Mars – hexagonal structure in blood. Form and structure/karma = Saturn, Mars = blood. Blood is the magnetic stream in the body. Iron in blood is magnetic – conducts patterns of Saturn. Saturn currently has two hexagonal storms at its poles… the carbon atom has hexagonal structure so properties of the carbon atom, the basis for our current form are magnetised via iron and other blood properties (hematite, magnetite in tiny quantities) into our bloodstream.
    The finest form of carbon is the diamond – the cutting of which reveals the light inside the stone. Cuts have improved over the ages with interments. The modern Ideal brilliant cut reveals the most light.
    Saturn Mars – are you as brilliant as you can be??? Look to your structures and how you act on them in the present.
    its a shame the artist of the demon named him Fohat –
    Fohat is the name given by theosophists for the driving force of the universe.

    “Fohat (Tibetan-Mongolian) {from Mon pho, fo buddha, buddhi] Cosmic life or vitality; in theosophy, bipolar cosmic vital electricity, equivalent to the light of the Logos, daiviprakriti, eros, the fiery whirlwind, etc. As the bridge between spirit and matter, fohat is the collectivity of intelligent forces through which cosmic ideation impresses itself upon substance, thus forming the various worlds of manifestation. In the manifested universe, it “is that Occult, electric, vital power, which, under the Will of the Creative Logos, unites and brings together all forms, giving them the first impulse which becomes in time law. . . . Fohat becomes the propelling force, the active Power which causes the One to become Two and Three . . . then Fohat is transformed into that force which brings together the elemental atoms and makes them aggregate and combine” (SD 1:109).

    A bit funkier than a horned cliche!

    • The hexagonal storm on Saturn – with two Earths for size comparison. NOw thinking of hexagonal and the root hex…

      • Hexagonal structure in blood puts me in mind of C-reactive protein, a blood marker for inflammation and infection – it’s pentagonal

    • Great find! I have read that Mars actually rules the Iron in the blood, so Saturn structure with Mars makes perfect sense.

  17. Oh Dear Jamie, I’m already feeling this energy and although doing best to calm, it is extremely challenging! The mars conj saturn is conjunct my natal asc, which means its squaring natal saturn and sextile natal nth node, mars and uranus. Meanwhile venus is conjunct natal merc which is being opposed by pluto and squared by uranus. BML is also conjunct my vertex and mercury is within a degree of my MC…..this to me screams hide lol…yet it doesnt look like that is likely somehow…sux to be a 0? cancer sun at the moment still there has to be a positive way for me to used it, its all about balance, remaining calm yet passionate and being different …..I also have asteroid karma conjunct natal h48 in 10th house….oooooh a coming out party (not sexual orientation) but revealing myself *she says trying to sound enthusiastic*? sheesh seems I am between crab shells so wheres a rock?

    • I’m finding it challenging too Debbie. Trying hard to keep calm and not get angry, but then I’m finding others around me getting angry.

    • Very career and goal focuses because 10th house is career and Mars Saturn also has a strong career focus.

  18. my natal saturn is conj. mars at 15 libra, 4th house. so is this kind of my saturn conj mars return?? any clues about what this might mean?

    • oh and they were both conj pluto and square the sun in my natal chart too, if that’s relevant…

  19. I have transiting Mars conjunct Natal Ascendant (in Libra), transiting Saturn conjunct Natal Ascendant (in Libra) and transiting Mars conjunct transiting Saturn. 3 transits going on right now … but I feel great. I don’t know why there is so much doom and gloom associated with these transits.

    • …. forgot to mention that the transits are all conjunct my Natal Pluto in 12th house Libra.

  20. I just cleaned an oven rack with steel wool during Mars conjunct Saturn, kept me out of trouble.

    • You are such a Virgo!!! Clearly you can take the heat and stay in the kitchen!!

      • I’m just so glad this transit is nearly over, only have Mars on my Mercury tonight then Saturn on my Mercury Saturday night. Lots of anger, frustration and arguments between all of us, the kids and with Marina. I know it’s this transit which is affecting not only me but the people around me. Bring on the new moon!

        By the way, can you add the link to your crop circle websites, couldn’t find them on Google.

  21. This conjunction is on my natal Neptune where Arcuturus is… today I am lying around like a filleted mermaid. I cannot concentrate on anything and am just going to have a long sleep and see what I dream! Nothing seems real today…

    • I posted this again on our fb page not long ago and so many people are saying they had strange dreams last night.

      This picture could have a Mars Saturn theme too, taken yesterday:

      • like!

        My case. Strange dream yesterday night: the apt. was freezing cold, though we were protected (I´m rigid but I protect). The Things in the room, like in the fifties (and I feel “avantgarde!… mh!). My daughter´s boss dressed like a gangster with ice hands shaking from and elegant car. My youngest brother telling a little girl that parents keep pistols & weapons due to security reasons. A butterfly comes flying like those flying fishes in the sea, that are quite venomus. I tried to tell my brother that a Butterfly is always a good otmen. And the butterfly turns in to a big bird (like the one in the Olympics, a Phoenix bird), saying: “now, revolution of clerges and church is to begin!.

        I wake up!

  22. The only thing I can think of which would relate to dreams from this conjunction is that it is on the fixed star Arcturus, which Edgar Cayce said was “that center from which there may be the entrance into other realms of consciousness” Cayce on Arcturus.

    • This makes total sense! This conjunction takes place on my 12th house cusp sextile my midheavan. Decided to see either a therapist or a psychic. Unfortunately my insurance won’t cover a psychic. ;-P In either case, I’m going in.

      • Glad you found it useful, I love his writings on astrology. Must do a post on Arcturus some time too.

  23. that is incredible. i had one of the strangest and more macabre dream i could ever had in long time. and surprisngly, or surprisingly not, i dreamt of the hair of my dead father. i took that hair and bring it home, where bekause of the bad small had to stook in the hole of the shower. maybe to hide it kause the smell started to horrid. this is just one part of the dream, so you can have an idea. but afterall it all made so mux sense, was a very simbolik dream for me. i still havent rekovered from the dead of my father, whix belive it or not was more than 10 years ago. :(. soething is going on insde me, and i am so happy all this transits are helping me to bring it out.
    another part of the dream i also was with an exboyfriend, who i felt present but emotionally to away from me, and at the end was my mother telling me to get ride of those hairs. you could figure out the solitude that surrounded me in that dream. just trying to stik to a bunch of hairs from a cadaver. the only i had left from him was those hairs. or so that dream telled me. scary. i am writting so mux about it, work in in on it. thank you

    • Thanx for sharing this Aurua. Mars Saturn together would represent dad and karma, even hair is ruled by Saturn! Your word “macabre” is also very fitting, just what the London Dungeon was like for us yesterday in that pic above.

  24. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for posting my blog link, I will post your link on my blog.

    Thanks & Regards

  25. well, I sure am glad today is over!!

    Went to the doctor, and before I could say (about inflammation, funnily enough!!!) blood tests, manganese, magnesium, essential fatty acids, I was unceremoniously shut up and forced to go through a stupid, irrelevant rigmarole that tells nobody anything about anything. This idiot sat there with a conceited, self-satisfied look on his face during the process.

    I didn’t quite slam the door as I left, but I certainly made my feelings felt. Very quietly. He blenched and I thought he was going to throw up with shock.

    I have spent half the day composing my letter of complaint to the Practice Manager, cc the PCT.

    Didn’t mention Mars/Saturn 🙂 in the letter.

    • Unfortunately doctors don’t study astrology these days, they always used to though.

      • True, Jamie.

        They don’t study nutrition, either (sadly), unless they go on into Integrated Medicine.

        Both are major omissions in the curriculum! – Maybe I should send them a copy of Gauquelin with the letter 🙂

        Today’s conjunction fell into my 10th, so I expected fireworks at work, but all that happened there was that I was privy to gossip about two separate sets of professional animosity between colleagues. As befits Libra hosting this conjunction, I thought it best that I took no sides.

        Now, after the day’s clashes, for some peaceful meditation time……

  26. What do you think about Mars conjunct Uranus and Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn on the 9th house cusp? They are opposite Chiron in the 3rd but trine Jupiter in the 12th in Aries. Interesting, no?

  27. I have Mars, Saturn, Moon, Uranus all in conjunction
    how do you interpret that combination?

  28. i have mars and saturn conjuct in 6th house and sun in 3rd house these combition affect my marriage or carrer?

  29. i have saturn and mars conjuct in libra sign and sun is in 3rd house in cancer sign plz tell me these combition would effect my marriage life???

  30. My daughter has sun saturn mars ketu conjunction in 10th house Pisces. . She had a terrible accident head injury in mars sat period. She had men in invites thrice and seizures twice.. her education discontinued and she was humiliated by friends and teachers in the school.. now she is a loner she has started painting.. her venus s is vargottma in 12 house and jupitor in Sagittarius mercury in Aries

  31. For an Aries ascendant, I have a mars saturn combo in the sixth house and venus in the twelfth house. Is that necessarily bad?

  32. i have saturn-mars-venus conjunction in 10th house… and post meditation, i found that my theory of life is simple… i judge people with saturn, get angry upon the bad ones with mars, and become friends with the good with venus.

  33. I have Mars Saturn conjunction in 7th house[aquarius], and the difference b/w the degrees of both the planets is less than 2 degrees.
    Also my 7th house contains Mercury, Moon, and SUN.
    5 planets in 7th house, I am leo rising, tough guy, strong body, with ego and pride.

    Does my 7th house has become bad ???
    I am about to start business which is related to partnerships, could i be harmed because of 7th house because 7th house is of partnerships and marriage ???

    • Archik, please don’t be influenced by Houses or even Signs. They are man made, artificial representations of the sky. It would be important if one of those planets were conjunct your Descendant by a few degrees. Much depends on the actual degree of your planets and which fixed star they fall on.

  34. I will have transiting mars conj saturn, conjuncting my natal mars in dec, of 2018. Any suggestions on how to survive a double wammy?

    • That exact conjunct is tightly sextile Moon which will help take the edge off. By that time I should have completed writing all the transits.

  35. i have aries mars conj picecs saturn in 10th and i don’t know why always my friend say i look heartless and strong

  36. I have natal Saturn 2* scor 22′ and Mars 23* sag 6′ At this time those planets are not quite conjunct each of the other in transit, but awfully close. Do you have any thoughts on such transits when they are doubled? Do you know if they are going to be exact this year in either case? I won’t tell you what sort of summer I’m having and leave that for you to guess!

      • Thanks for responding Jamie. I meant closer conjunctions to my natal planets. That’s OK tho. I looked at the transit locations for them and they are both close right now. I just thought it was odd that I had a double aspect for the same planets going on! Actually, triple effect since they will be conjunct themselves in August.

  37. Lol! No! I have conjuct transits to my natal Mars and Saturn with Saturn and Mars respectively. But they aren’t tight. Orb of 9 for n.Saturn right now. But things are in motion in that direction.

  38. I have combination like this in horoscope. Saturn and mars conjunction in 9th place, jupiter in 3rd place for aries lagna and chandra in aries lagna.

    Mars is in 268 * 32 ‘ 36 ” degrees ( In siggatarius )

    Saturn is in 268 * 24 ‘ 59 ” degress ( In siggatarius )

    Jupiter is in 67 * 7 ‘ 27 ” degrees (In Gemini)

    Also Mars and saturn combination is in vargottama in horoscope. Placed in same rasi in navamsa as in main chart.

    How my mars and saturn dasha’s and there sub periods will be under main dasha’s?

  39. Hi, im worried since this conjunction will take place right on my 10 degree unaspected uranus in 5th, along with 6 degree south node. At the moment im still undergoing transit uranus over my natal 21 degree aries moon in 10th. I recently ended a relationship, and i have allways seen this crazy uranian energy of my chart made the worst of me, specially in relationships and creativity. I want to look at it like some kind of upheavel or way to be aware or work out this uranus energy. but i dont know how or if it will positive. How could i handle it once the conjunction takes place? im affraid i could wreck (as i did in my past teenage years when pluto transited this point) Thank you so much

    • On the positive side, the Pluto transit would have transformed this area of your chart/your life. Plus Uranus is a few degrees off your Moon so having little influence. To get a better idea you could look back at when Mars and Saturn alone have crossed your Uranus lately. I’m sure you will not feel it so personally as you have with Uranus on Moon, most likely the real cause of the breakup. Natal Uranus is not emotional at all but detached.

  40. How would Mars and Saturn conjunction will affect me ?Please check
    DOB 17/08/1971 TOB: 04 :00 hrs POB : Vidisha,India .Things will be improved finacially or worsen.

    • This is square your Mercury. Does not really affect finances but adds temper when bargaining. Re3search:

      Saturn square Mercury transit
      Mars square Mercury transit.

  41. My daughter has this Mars and sat conjunction in 8th house in Scorpio natal chart.Will this 1-8 relationship bw natal and transit will affect adversely? please guide.

  42. Have this in my 2016 solar return. Mars and Saturn conjunct in Sag, trine natal Aries Sun.Hard work that pays off is the motto.Went back to school, graduated with honors and now working full time in a hospital. Without this aspect, I wouldn’t have the drive and determination to accomplish all that in less than a year

  43. Hi Jamie I was born on 14th december, 10:10 am in 1973 in Chandigarh, India. I have a stressful marriage for almost 20 years now. Though life is not all that bad and there is plenty I am thankful for but feeling very suffocated with this neverending marital stress of late and wondering if it will ever get sorted out. Thanks for all your wonderful posts you deliver us with.

    • Mars conjunct Saturn transit triggers a highly sensitive area of your chart Kiran, Mercury conjunct Neptune. Although you are easily affected by negative energy, you have the ability to turn it into positive energy because your Mercury Neptune conjunction is at the midpoint of Jupiter trine Pluto.

      January 2017 you will sort it all out with Jupiter sextile Sun transit Jan 19 plus Saturn conjunct Sun transit Jan 12.

      • It is very reassuring indeed, to get this prediction from you Jamie. Thank you appears to be a small word all of the sudden. God bless you.

  44. I am born on August 24 1972. I wonder if the Mars Conjunct Saturn (in 9th house I have aries rising at 3 degrees) means anything significant for me? I think I have nept in sag at 3 degrees and jupiter at 28

    • A bit too far from your Neptune Lou. Closer to trine your Mercury at 13° Leo which is good but not too strong.

  45. I have natal saturn at 12 degrees 39 I have natal Pluto on Regulus. At the time of Mars conjunct Saturn in Sag, it is close to my Saturn return (after it hit natal saturn going retro), and the Sun will be conjunct my natal Pluto and Regulus that day. So is it a good day to begin a new project (teaching about metaphysical beliefs –Sag?) or is it too dangerous for possible negative pushback by some one?

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