Mitt Romney Horoscope

Mitt Romney HoroscopeIt is obvious now that Mitt Romney will be contesting the November 6 2012 US presidential election representing the conservative Republican Party. He will face off against president Barack Obama for this six month hyperactive hooting and hollering flag waving spectacle. In this post I will look at Mitt Romney’s natal horoscope for any presidential potential, then look at his transits for election day. Two other techniques used in predictive astrology will then be examined, the solar return chart and progressed chart. Finally I will stick my neck out and make a prediction based on all the jargon, as all good astrologers are supposed to do to earn their keep.

Mitt Romney Horoscope

Mercury is the spin doctor and is supposed to rule politicians. Romney has Mercury retrograde between Sun and Mars so he has a few tricks up his sleeve and should be very astute with good debating skills. His Mercury is conjunct a star called Achernar which gives “success in public office”. Moon conjunct Jupiter should make him come across as genuine and add to his public appeal, especially with women.

What I find really astounding in his chart is that Venus and the Part of Fortune are conjunct the Midheaven. This suggests a very fortunate career and a charming appeal with the public and the ladies. This area between 6 and 8 degrees Aquarius includes stars in the constellation of Capricorn, which is known as the Mansion of Kings. This fortunate Midheaven, ruling the career, is trine the North Node which is where he is heading. It does appear he was always destined for big things. I have highlighted the grand trine formed with Neptune in his chart below.

2012 Election Day Transits

Mitt Romney HoroscopeThe preceding solar eclipse in May at 00°21′ Gemini is bang on Mitt’s Ascendant, which represents his soul’s purpose and how he projects himself. This is a good omen putting him in the spotlight for the majority of the campaign. It will give him a great energy boost and extreme self confidence which will be noticeable to everyone. He has natal Ascendant sextile Saturn which explains him representing the conservative side of politics. With the solar eclipse then sextile his Saturn, he will come across as safe and secure, authoritative and with leadership qualities as a father figure.

However the June 2012 lunar eclipse at 14°14′ Sagittarius is square his Mercury, and on election day, Jupiter at 14°36′ Gemini is also square his Mercury. This suggests he really will be pushed to the limit to express himself and get his message across. Squares do make things happen and because of the fortunate star on his Mercury it should bring out his best, especially as the rising Sun at the White House on election day at 14°28′ Scorpio is trine his Mercury.

The next most important thing to look at in transits is Pluto at it represents long term and very significant changes. Transiting Pluto on election day at 07°34′ Capricorn in sextile his Mars which will give a staggering increase in energy and magnetic appeal. This transit will be in effect for the entire presidential campaign and also means he will be forceful and determined, but not in a way which is off putting to others. The October 29 full moon at 06°48′ Taurus is also sextile his Mars.

Saturn at 03°48′ Scorpio is square his natal Saturn which indicates a severe test and turning point in his life. It is generally seen as a very challenging transit but we do need things like this to make us take responsibility, to stand up and be counted.

Just after the election, the November 13 solar eclipse at 21°57′ Scorpio is trine his Sun suggesting good fortune with his goals. The November 28 lunar eclipse at 06°47′ Gemini on his North Node activates that fortune grand trine in his natal chart mentioned earlier.

Mitt Romney 2012 Solar Return

The return chart for his birthday is relocated and precession corrected. He was on the road in Alabama on his birthday so we cannot be sure exactly where he was at the moment of his precessed birthday, when the Sun returned to the exact same position against the backdrop of the stars. For this reason I will not look at houses or house cusps. I have highlighted the major aspect pattern, the grand trine between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto. This points to a tremendous drive and determination leading to large scale success.

Mitt Romney Astrology Chart

Mitt Romney Secondary Progression

Mitt Romney Astrology 2012In the progressed chart set for election day, Moon conjunct Midheaven means a high and favorable public profile with the ability to come across as emphatic to the needs of the public and especially women. In tune and intuitive about the public mood. Both progressed Moon and Midheaven are on the brightest star in the constellation Cepheus, The King. The culminating Moon forming a trine to Pluto suggests this  popularity in the public eye will lead to great power and influence.  The progressed Ascendant at 28°02′ Cancer is trine his popular natal Moon Jupiter conjunction, another good omen for positive self projection and good fortune.

2012 Election Prediction

The betting odds at SkyBet as of today, May 8 2012 have Barack Obama paying $1.33 and Mitt Romney paying $3.20 for the win ( Common sense says that Mitt Romney will lose the election, and this is what the vast majority of astrologers are predicting. Barack Obama has some good transits too, and I will post about that later. However I must say that most of what I have looked at in the charts for Mitt Romney suggests that he will win the 2012 presidential election.

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  1. Neptune elevated square his Asc shows the masses don’t trust him. Though some evangelical leaders say they’ll back him, even more state in public he’s not Christian, and so it’s safe to say evangelical Repubs will more than likely sit on their hands and not vote for either Romney or Obama. Mars makes a difficult t-square culminating on election day, and Mercury ruling his Asc on his SN in the 7th is not a good sign for him before and during the election. The only way he can win is if the electronic voting machines without a verifiable paper trail continue to flip Dem votes to Repubs, as was well documented in numerous states by a number of watchdog sites in 2004, 2006, 2008, and 2010.

    • Hi Robert, I knew someone would mention that Neptune transit. I still think that the solar eclipse on AC and Pluto sextile Mars will trump that Neptune transit. I know Neptune transits have strong effect having just had Neptune opposite my Mars this last year, but I really do feel that Pluto transits carry more weight, especially when we are talking about politics. Plus the full moon also sextile Mars is a great boost. We saw the influence of the last full moon for Francois Hollande.

      Regarding Mercury, we know it stations retrograde on election day. Could that be of assistance to someone with Mercury retrograde in their natal chart?

      • I find that retrograde planets usually work against the native in favour of the opponent. just my 2¢ worth

  2. From your lips to God’s ears…we are in so much trouble and need someone who can not only manage a budget but pass a budget.

    • There is a long time to go before election day, and the first two Uranus Pluto squares. As they say in politics, “it’s the economy, stupid”.

  3. Jamie wrote;

    “I must say that most of what I have looked at in the charts for Mitt Romney suggests that he will win the 2012 presidential election.”

    Every Presidential candidate I’ve ever voted for in my entire life lost the election.

    1992 – Voted for Perot, supported Bush 41, Clinton won
    1996 – Voted for Harry Browne, supported Dole, Clinton won
    2000 – Voted for Gore, Bush won
    2004 – Voted for Michael Badnarik, supported Kerry, Bush won
    2008 – Voted for McCain, Obama won

    Now I’m definitely going to vote for Romney.

  4. well pisces out the lime light appear artificial as cover for insecurity, Romney also is a team effort, charms underlings.

    I don’t know but The idea of a guy longing to ride w/ his wife as therapy for her MS is sweet.

    the Jupiter/moon conq. in scorpio give the ability to project love, emote..etc. Julie Andrews has it and seems love personified. Mitt’s in the 6th/hs and thats accounting, health healing….he’s seens as a healer. Mitt will run unto a lot of opposition as sat./scorpio squares his jupiter/sat conq early on but when the sat/scorpio trans his natal moon/jupiter watch out.

    Jupiter/gemini is trans Mitts 1/hs uranius election day. even w/ saturns square, uranius/aries is in trine, a political foundation there.

    my NN is on his sun so…

  5. Nov/6 election day US leo/moon looks auspicious/leo/s/obama however it might also make notice of his blind-spot as NM has zero perspective, cannot see self …projects personal faults on others. the American president is popularly elected, well electoral college, the man will appear wrapped in his own glory and not working for us. Romney can use the fire…look at his wife!!! 4/16/49 merc/taurus keeps her from bursting into flames and 5 boys!

    Julie andrews’ scorpio/jupiter/m/conq is 3rd/hs communication…is so interesting cause scorpio/moon is often tight, greedy, jelouse…jupiterthere is really very prone to deep analysis for mitt especially 6th/hs… and when ever jupiter touches moon it projects outward attracting attention to need. Ronald Reagan has jupiter there he was able to articulate what the country NEEDS. I very much like a gemini rising in politicians especially US as thats where the US AC NN is.

  6. Electoral votes puts the dictator in charge of the United States Federal corporation, not YOUR vote ! The United States is NOT America, Art 1 sec 8 of the CONstitution, WAKE UP !! I’m sick and tired of being a Sovereign American surrounded by 300 million CONTRACTED idiotic U.S.citizens. You wanna do something for your country ?

  7. Electoral votes puts the dictator in charge of the United States Federal corporation, not YOUR vote ! The United States is NOT America, Art 1 sec 8 of the CONstitution, WAKE UP !! I’m sick and tired of being a Sovereign American surrounded by 300 million CONTRACTED idiotic U.S.citizens. You wanna do something for your country ? get rid of the mark “SSN’ and Expatriate back into the Republic. 6/1/66 The Saintly Beast, the Moon Rabbit who’s been trying to tell you idiots whats really going on and you AINT listening. I’m not the one with the “mark” you are…

  8. Well, Jamie, I hope you are dead wrong. The last thing the US needs is a homophobic conservative president with major ties to a backwards religion. Gay rights and women’s reproductive rights are under extreme attack . . . and not to mention the Republican Party is the last thing this country needs (does anyone not remember Bush?).

    It will be a sad day for gays and women in the US if Romney gets the vote. Not to mention Obamacare will be sold down the river and the small movements made to pull the country out of the cryptofascist place Bush & Cheney drove it to will be eradicated.

    • For my friends sake in the US I hope I’m wrong, but professionally I hope I’m right. The announcement today by Obama on same sex marriage seems critical.

      “The president, I think, has handed to Mitt Romney the one missing piece in his campaign,” said Tony Perkins. “That is the intensity and motivation that Mitt Romney needs among social conservatives to win this election.” CNN

      • Obama would say anything to win the election – not concerned with social issues right now because as Jamie said earlier “It’s the economy stupid” People are so short sighted unable to see big picture.

  9. pls do not let us fall back into the dark ages of womens’ health, and lose the middle class all at the same time, i hope your predictions for Obama are encouraging

  10. I hope you’re wrong as well, Jamie, for some of the same reasons Alejandro has stated. If Romney wins, the next Supreme Court justice will be another conservative nail in our democracy’s coffin.

  11. They are both puppets but Obama is not good for America or the world. Just have a seance and ask the ghosts of all the people he illegally bombed in Libya last summer. There was some talk that Soros was not happy with his Obama.
    Ron Paul can’t win unfortunately but the Supermoon was on his natal Jupiter. So maybe he will get some attention and influence some people. I don’t know if he has enough supporters to be a factor in the election. He is the last one standing all the others have dropped out.

    Romney has the Moon in Scorpio it’s debilitation sign, however exact conjunction with Jupiter may cancel some bad effects of that.

    They are still seeking Obama’s birth certificate, some astrologers are not convinced of his birth data. He spent over a million dollars to hide all info on him. The man of mystery.

    Romney is Gemini rising by Tropical system ruled by Mercury, so Mercury RX on election day should empower Mercury.

    The Moon transit election day will cross his natal Saturn and Pluto and oppose his Venus + PoF. It is in a positive house from his natal Moon as is trans Mercury that day.

    Mercury Rx on election day is 4 ds Sag in his 7th house aspecting it’s own sign Gemini his ascendant as it assumes the powerful still point before Rx. This squares his natal Mars as he battles Obama.

    Maybe a mixed negative/positive from his sidereal chart is that he would have Taurus rising ruled by Venus which is great in his chart however trans Venus would be in Virgo it’s debilitation sign. But it is transiting the 11th lunar house of gain. It also joins his Grand Trine, so looks more positive than negative.

    A look at Biden’s stars may be helpful to see if he continues as VP or goes on vacation.

    Great report Jamie Thanks . You are Marina must be reincarnated astrologers.

    • politics gives way to simple thinking, Steve your astrology is better. I love ron paul, very brilliant but also very old. Taurus is a time of impression, one receives, reflects, ponders maybe understands but keeps channels open.

      sat/scorpio ingress may mean a bloody summer, after the initial pause, the early scorpio placement is a great tuning fork to earth, locked doors don’t matter. Uranius/aries is a master mind that wants to take over the world….I truely believe we are headed for a lot worse, Obama was out of control, that frame of thought will be off-shored if Romney finds solid footing and makes things real again. Lots of chaos in Europe….Putin again yikes!

      Thank-you for bringing up Romney and keeping it, (your feelings) slightly mysterious Jamie.

  12. Jaime,
    What a brillant ploy for us to get up, get out and vote on election day!

    (pls sweet baby jesus, not Romney)

  13. Romney, the businessman, running for head of the government sounds exactly like what a Pluto through Capricorn transit has in mind. I don’t like the thought of any social unrest or potential violence… but political gridlock with a divided US government (Obama/GOP congress) doesn’t seem like a trigger I would expect under Pluto/Cap tranist. I picture a one party led overreach and a Uranus/Pluto square inspired response… but I hope I am wrong.

  14. With a Romney presidency say good-bye to the republic and hello theocracy…crusades redux. You don’t have to be a psychic to see that.

  15. Jamie, I found this fascinating. I have a somewhat unrelated question – have you ever thought about what it is in the US natal chart that reflects its, as John Irving so pointedly put it, “juvenile” and “repressive” culture with respect to sexuality and gender? Irving’s latest book, In One Person, explores the themes of sexuality and gender and I heard him make these comments during an interview about the book. I think he is absolutely right – in school I was taught that our culture’s Puritan roots are the problem. I think it is more than that!

    • Possible Sun square Saturn in the Sibly horoscope for repressive. Mars square Neptune for the sexuality and gender.

  16. Always sad when bigotry gets in the way of logical thinking. So many haters out there. They must lead very sad lives. Get over it already. I hope you’re right Jamie. President Romney 2012. Sounds good to me.

  17. I hope we are able to get the birth data of the person Romney picks as his running mate.

    The progressed charts of all 4 in the race for inauguration day in January 2013 may show us a lot. We may get a clearer picture of the winner in this close race.

    The progressed charts of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden looked good for Inauguration day in 2009.
    Hillary’s BT is sketchy she claims around 8 am others say 8 pm
    The regulus astrologer Dr H has her rectified for after 10 pm. An evening chart would put her Moon above the horizon. She has been in the public eye since the Watergate hearings in 1973. Then as wife of the Governor and then wife of President now as Secretary of State.
    With her Pluto conjunct debilitated Mars in sidereal Cancer she could make a great dictator, we can only pray that she is never installed to a higher office by way of political chicanery.

    At the Merlin project that does time tracks has Obama’s energies diminished in 2013.
    2012 may be a wild year politically.
    Romney’s stars look powerful but Obama didn’t get to the Casa Blanca because he had bad stars. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings to quote Yogi Berra.
    Who has the best transits and progressions for election day and inauguration day will determine the outcome.

  18. Personally I would prefer Romney before Obama, but I am not sure if the astrology actually supports that. The upcoming eclipse on Romney’s ascendant may not serve his president campaign at all. My own experience of a solar eclipse on ascendant happened back in 2008 when I resigned from a job I had held for 13 years realizing I had no future there at all if I intended keeping my sanity. I relocated and lost many friends in the process.
    Another matter not discussed in the article is the solar arc directions: Romney’s Sun is now directed very close to Algol…

  19. President Obama will win this election – no doubt about it. The two astrological charts for the canidates home and critical jupiter aspects, and other fast moving planetary trines, clearly show Obama the easy winner. Plus, it’s hard to beat an incumbent. The economy problem will go away in government figures that lie. I’m going to place my bet on Obama.
    This technique does NOT use the natal charts of either person, rather it employees the very successful astrological precepts of Canadian astrologer Heinz Antoni. His pioneering work on forecasting elections and sporting events has served me well in Las Vegas, NV; where I live.
    Bill Foster

    • In 1992, I voted for Ross Perot, supported George H.W. Bush and Clinton won.

      In 1996, I voted for Harry Browne, supported Bob Dole and Clinton won again.

      In 2000, I voted for Al Gore and George W. Bush won.

      In 2004, I voted for Michael Badnarik, supported Kerry and Bush won again.

      In 2008, I voted for John McCain and Barack Obama won.

      This time, I’ll vote for Obama to prove all the astrologers wrong.


      Who’s the Bad Luck Guy?

      Watch the movie “Celtic Pride” where Dan Akroyd and Daniel Stern yell at Celtics fan and call him the “bad luck guy” who causes the Boston Celtics to lose every time he’s at a game.

  20. Obama has an interesting natal aspect with his North Node conjunct the Royal star Regulus conjunct Uranus. This shows he will fall from a quick rise to the top. However, that aspect will sit there until a transit puts it in motion. Nov. 6th, election day, that aspect is set in motion when the transit node at 26 Scorpio squares his natal node. Mercury becomes retrograde election day and that could present a Bush/Gore scenario. Obama could appear to be winning until Mercury retrogrades right around the time the polls close. And with Mercury ruling the ascendant of Obama’s 2012 solar return, that puts him at a distinct disadvantage. His progressed ascendant also squares natal Saturn with progressed Mars squaring natal Saturn also. He is restricted, unable to do what he wants, his hands are tied.

  21. I just realized the coming ecllipse 1 week after election will affect OBama’s natal Uranus/Node conjunction. Makes me even more certain he is one and done.

  22. Spare us 4 more years of Obama. Go, Mitt, go! Straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Obamanation! This country cannot survive 4 more years of NO-BAMA!

    • Well I hope you are one of the 60% working in America. When Mitt drops unemployment benefits and Social Security to balance the budget, you might become unhappy.

    • Mitts natal leo/pluto/saturn squareing trans/scorpio/saturn is eased by a politically positive aries/uranius trine. Obama’s natal virgo/mars is in a long square to sag/mars, tough for a guy who acts so self assured. I also question obama’s rising as it may be capricorn. bony and michelle..

      I like gemini/jup in mitt’s 1st/hs, enough to carry the day, moon crossing it as people make up their minds, then moving into material/security taurus on 6/11 election day, squaring obama…also bush/obama share virgo mars placement, on target no wiggleroom and so the preception of obama as a continuence of bush policys wars, bailouts, economic failure.

      Look ahead to the promises of sun/jan.20 2013 and see capricorn released into aquarius merc/conq/sun, taurus moon/trine cap/venus then coming into the sun/square sat soon after. tough year, tough 2 years.

  23. Obviously Romney is the more qualified of the two candidates to turn this ship around…as Obama has said many times…if the economy does not improve this is a one term presidency. But I think regardless of who wins… we are in for a revolution similar to 1770’s…we need to stop spending,stop taxing and stop restricting people’s freedom. What’s happening in Europe should be a lesson to USA…rent John Adams – the similarities to current events are mind blowing.


  24. Ew gross, Romney wants to take women’s reproductive rights away… among many other delightful qualities. I am disappointed in Obama’s job but Romney stinks of uber-privileged bullsh@$. Truth: he doesn’t give a shit about the 1%, babies.

  25. Rember the prophesy of joseph smith that one day all american will be under morman rule. We can not have that . There must be an aspect to bring the truth out

  26. Many astrologers revealed that Candidate Obama’s horoscope showed a square that indicated he would be a “great deceiver”, a prevaricator, and in simple terms–a liar—skilled in the art of misleading. We all have experienced this over the last three years of his administration. No other president in modern times has misled the American people on so many occasions. President Obama is a super slick, Chicago style politician who plays dirty and knows how to get “hardball”, tearing down his opponents any way he can. Romney is the best man to be President. He is the right man to prevent the Great Depression. But the Depression is in the stars. So, it will probably be an Obama victory, but the country will fall into chaos as a result. The Great Depression will be much more brutal than anyone can anticipate. And President Obama will go down in history as an “inept” leader, unable to make the hard compromises, or negotiate, to take the right steps required to really solve the problems of the housing market, the problems with credit and the banking system, the problems with globalization, the problems with job creation and the rise of temporary jobs, the problem of getting work for the 75 million echo boomers, many living with their parents. We have five recessions in this so-called “slowth economy.” Now we’re facing the fiscal cliff. We’re facing the 57 $trillion price tag for 93 million retiring boomers. And the Federal Reserve is running out of bullets. It will no longer be able to print money and monetize the debt further. The tell will be the stock market. If President Obama is ready to win in November. The Market will sell off BIG. If Romney is expected to win, the stock market will rally before the election. I would rather see a man the American people can trust than a man who many people still don’t quite comprehend. Do you trust President Obama? Really?

    • Do we still trust Obama? Are you kidding me?? Are you, deaf, dumb and blind? Do you have no soul? Do you not have a conscience? Are you completely devoided of knowing good from bad? Romney is rotten to the core! Well, that is unless you are among the 1% ers.

  27. The first thing that jumps out at me in Romeny’s chart is Moon in Scorpio-which I see mastery of misdirection- and secret power plays. and it’s very tightly conjunt Jupiter- the great amplifier

  28. What I feel every time I see and hear Romney? Nauseated is normally my first response.

    Romney will NOT be President of The United States Of America. President Obama will continue to be our President and leader.

    Romney and all his cronies are evil corrupt people who is totally intent on bringing the middle class to our knees.

    Romney believes he is entitled. Well, the Presidency Of The United States is NOT for sale, Romney!

    What many of the Republicans in office want most of all is to end all social programs as we know it and take away women’s rights. They are intent on making certain that many of us die by taking away all that we now have in medical benefits. They will spare nothing! They said it themselves! He also said he will overturn Obamacare!

    He has no intention of helping the middle class. He is a wolf is sheep’s clothing and he thinks his money will buy the Presidency of the United States Of America.

    I want to personally say here; Romney, you cannot walk in President Obama shoes. You are a gluttonous fraud! You are a thief! You have no conscience. You have so many steaks yet you and your cronies want to take all the middle class and poor could have on their plates.

    Romney, you are an ABOMINATION UNTO SOCIETY!


    • rather like a frog in swimmingpool. The frog hops in the water looks good and clear but Chlorine is a killer and the frog, more afraid of the sinister rescue net swims ever deeper and deeper…

    • You are so stupid and ignorant!!!?? Do you seriously want another 4 years of Obama? Highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression of 1800s, (for your information, the average unemployment rate during Clinton’s era was only 5.4% for 8 years and so was Bush’s. Under Obama’s the average unemployment rate is 8.4% How about we put some real facts here. Maybe you should read the Wall Street Journal instead or are you illiterate too? Highest national debt of $15 trillion for 3.5 years under Obama versus Bush of 8 years only $5.7 trillion.
      Some much government control under Obama he must be the reincarnation of Stalin. Do some research on economic data before you mouth your mouth off with no facts, only emply vessel makes the most noise!!!

      • starting to think anyone who would vote for OBAMA given the current state of the union is mentally challenged…the reason there is no middle class is becasue of OBAMA not Romney…the economy is so bad those of who were middle class are now poor because we are unemployed.

      • Georgina on August 17, 2012 at 5:05 am
        No need to call people Names!
        Romney has shown himself to be the 1% “Corporation are people my friend”
        Watch something besides faux news something. You might learn something.

    • You have to be blind, deaf and most certainly dumb to make those comments. Take the blinders off and look, learn and listen. Our country faces terrible challenges and you are so enamoured with the slickness of Obama you are not doing much to become informed. Nothing you said is true which is what Obama is striving for. Educate yourself based on the facts. Nothing you ranted has a shred of truth. At least be smart in the decision

  29. Check Paul Ryan, he has 0 Sag rising with Neptune conjunct.
    That fits well with Romney 0 Gemini rising, eclipse was there and election day Neptune will be square 0 Pisces to activate the eclipse.
    They win

  30. Mercury will be retrograde at election time. I am a retired freelance court reporter and astrologer for 42 years. It has been my experience that many times a second deposition will be taken of a witness in order to update the medicals, et cetera. I say with Mercury retrograde Obama will win as it is a repeat of something. My friend (also a long-time astrologer) is having MPS treatment for the second time with Mercury retrograde. Lloyd Cope used to say look for the worst aspects to know who will be president.

    • Well I hope your prediction is wrong. America chose wrong the last election because Obama was a great campaign lier and majority of the American people bought the whole pack of lies. Obama is the real “Wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

      I hope we the people have woken up spiritually and are
      elevating our spiritual growth daily that we will choose the right President this time and choose Romney. Dont believe me, please do your own reseach, economic data and statistics do not lie. Research deeply before you vote for Obama. If Obama wins again, it means that we the people did not elevate spiritually and didnt grow. I trust and know that we are growing everyday for the better. Mayan’s prediction of Dec 21, 2012 is not about end of the world but in my opinion, is about people being awaken and seeing things clearly. I trust that Romney has so much Jupiter’s influence that it will overshadow Mercury retrograde. BTW, my friend, Margot, always do very well during Mercury retrograde. So there, not all Mercury retrograde is bad for everyone!! Secondly, we CREATE OUR OWN REALITY. We can change our destiny by changing the way we think. I believe we can change the influence of Mercury retrograge during election day because we have already shifted our consciousness. Thirdly, in numerology, Romney’s birthday shows prosperity while Obama’s shows bankruptcy. Should America choose bankruptcy or prosperty?

      • mercury is stationary election day, retro the7th We’re all going to wonder what happened, who’s romney anyway and a great anxiety that he& ryan will dissappear. look ahead to jan. 20 2013, very much a ryan day all day, taurus moon, nice sextile; cap/venus & scorpio/sat, totally dynamic for pisces romney as it leaves trans/sat/sat square for greener pastures.
        Pisces is the healer, aquarius loves truth and both aren’t into war.

        • also I am curious about what day Romney will get the official nomination. I have read that those nominated during a void of course Moon do not win at election. Moon is void of course all day Tuesday and most of all pm on the 30th, the last day of the convention.

          • I think the void will be all obama’s (leo/m), void when inagurated, returning to shut down his presidency.
            You may notice romney plays mr. cool.. waiting for mercury to go direct befor coming out of hiding, (NHvacation) while obama makes the’you didn’t build that’gaff. Romney announces anxiousely awaited VP paul ryan on a gemini soon to be cancer moon! Gemini trine libra sat/mars. …wonder who his astrologer is.

      • georgina,
        maybe you should leave and come back when you can spell Liar!
        If anything Romney is the Liar and “Wolf in Sheep’s clothing”
        There are issues of his MIA tax returns.
        77K for horse dressage for “let them eat cake” Ann Romney.
        and this:
        Some even say Romney has brain damage from this accident,
        as his recent “Gimme one of those” when he forgot what a doughnut is called.

        • Ann Romney is spending HER money, not the American people’s money. Michele has 21 employees who traveled on vacations with her on her Numerous vacations at the expense of the American people. They are socialist who want redistribution as their mantra, but not to be applied to them.

    • Mitt Romney was born in a Merucury Retro as Obama was, so this is favorable for both. I predit the Romney will win despite all the naysayers. During the last election many astrologers predicted that Obama would win but he would be a one term president.

  31. Obama will win the popular vote, but Romney will be President because he will win in the electorial college. I think there will be some kind of problem, maybe even questionably illegal in the electorial college and may even go to court. Obama’s chart shows a change of residence. The reason for all of the contridiction about who will win is because of Mercury Retrograde aspecting Neptune.

    Romney will be a terrible President. Look at his chart compared to the US chart. He does not understand or care about the American people. The US is going to have terrible financial problems and worse of all there is going to be a demorilization and loss of spiritual values.

  32. You are another stupid, mouthy person who mouths off without knowing facts. Another one of those I call “Empty vessels make the most noise”. Romney is a business man. He made so much money running Bain Capital, gave lots of money to charities (which is why he pays less taxes because when you give money to charity, it is a tax write off. Do you know that?), not forgetting being Governor of Massachusetts. Being Governor allows one to know how to run a state, like a microcosm of running a Country. Obama had no experience whatsoever with running anything. He got his Senatorship because he used sleazy tactics of creating rumors/stories about his opponents so that one by one, they all got discredited and disqualified for the race against him. To name one of them is Jack Ryan. Leppards do not change their spots, so here we are again, Obama trying to use the same kind of underhanded sleazy tactics to discredit Romney with unfounded and unproven stories of killing a woman with cancer, tax evasion etc etc and I am sure there will be more coming. So let me ask you a question, Ethereal, what is so good about Obama right now, our financial system sucks, he certainly doesn’t care about people because he is taking our jobs away. Read carefully on Obama Care. He is reaping you off and gaining control. He is a fascist. He wants to control, control, control and control. That is certainly not a Christian thing to do, eventhough he claims he is one. He is naturally a Muslim. Once you are a Muslim, you can never be un-Muslim, in the eyes of Muslims. Think long and hard before you dismiss Romney.

    • WTH is going on in here? Ur ranting about stupid mouthy people and claiming obama is a Muslim b/c in ur world muslims r eviiiiiil? I don’t believe this site is dark star xenophobes. Ur rant against muslims is embarassing.
      Besides this whole debate completely overestimates what a president can actually do in this day and age. Economic systems r their own beasts and presidents and prime ministers don’t do much except weather the momentum of the beast they can’t control, taking credit or fault when they deserve neither. If the US wants real change and real hope, they better look elsewhere than the presidency, and better stop scape goating whatever foreign nation and/or religion that is supposedly ruining america instead americans themselves.

        • thanks that’s the most hope i got in awhile especially after i succumbed to a rant.

      • First of all she was not ranting on about OB being muslim and he did observe the musin holy days at the white house this month so it does not take a mental giant to figure it out. My the way his relion does not bother me his action do and those over ride his words which sound great but the. It cannot walk the talk

        • What silliness. Half the posts here are basically piles of Faux Noose foaming-at-the-mouth illiteracy.

          And if “That is certainly not a Christian thing to do, even though he claims he is one. He is naturally a Muslim. Once you are a Muslim, you can never be un-Muslim, in the eyes of Muslims” is NOT “ranting on about OB being Muslim,” then NOTHING is.

          Didn’t this start out as an astrological analysis?

    • in fact u seem to b a prime example of the empty vessel (filled with US propaganda and distractive bipartisian bullsh*t) making noise. Neoliberalism economics, embraced by both parties (don’t let the name trick ur little mind) is what is destroying the US, and other countries,which goes hand in hand with creating war in foreign countries to rampage their natural resources and send in US companies to ‘assist’ in economic recovery. It’s the great global shell game scam where even britain imports just as butter as they produce and export so the global economic system can skim money by being inefficient, wasteful, & nonsensical.

    • Ok I’ve come to the conclusion you are nothing but a big mouthed bot.
      Muslim crap? How stupid can you get…

    • Romney would be the first President since Dwight D. Eisenhower that would actually have the resume and ability to move the country in the right direction.

  33. If Romney were only half as hateful as his supporters, I still wouldn’t vote for him or Paul Ryan. If Romney wins, I’m going to blame his supporters for allowing the Tea Party fascists to gut Social Security, Medicare, and every other safety net older Americans have relied upon for the last half century.

    Obama’s multi-trillion dollar “debt” was created when he made the Treasury put our two undeclared wars on the books along with the “free” Medicare drug plan of George W. You’re hating the wrong man (and your spelling is atrocious too)!

    • You need to do your homework Romney is not gutting social security or medicare for current seniors…if financial reforms are not made there will be no social security. My Aunt who is a senior canoot get into see a specialist because they will not take medicare patients – she offered to pay cash and they still won’t take her…thanks to OBAMACARE. Where is this $$$$ coming from to fund this safety net….revenue comes from taxes and with 13 million people unemployed and not paying taxes – there is a decrease in revenue…AND 1% of the population cannot make up the short fall….everyone needs to get back to work…you need a financial management course – your math skills suck. The wars were always on the books….OBAMA’s stimulus plan that stimulated nothing is what has ran the debt up…nice guy but in over his head…get a clue.

      • Social Security is in the BLACK until 2037 and is paid from income deductions by working Americans into a fund for their retirement. Congress has borrowed billions from this fund for discretionary spending, including the two wars. OBAMACARE is modeled on Massachusetts’ RomneyCare, which is what it should be called.

        Don’t worry, the Republicans will bankrupt us way before your children receive Social Security.

      • Well said. I have never been so disappointed in the news media. At this critical time in our nations history they want to keep their puppet in place. Seriously I don’t understand how quality journalist can turn away from the facts. Romney and Ryan are good men with good. Values. Our nation needs leadership desperately and Obama just does not have it. I find it incredible so many people remain uninformed.

    • In reply to Greg F, I apologize for my mispelled words. I was in a hurry and didnt re read it. I meant to spell Obama is RIPPING us off (not reaping) and LEOPARDS do not change their spots ( I was
      thinking of the Def Leppards concert when I was typing that).Greg, it seems that your level of understanding about medicare and social security levels are only what you have heard or read either on the regular TV channels and the major newspaper. Major TV stations like CBS, NBC, ABC are all Obama supporters and they only report news that are good for Obama. Any news that is true and against Obama will be omitted. In fact, if you really have read and understand Obamacare, etc. you will know it is worse for us consumers. Elsie has it right. She understands what it really does. If you read more sources, you will know that Obama is always lying about what he had said and what the real facts are. I have never seen anyone lie so blatantly. I cannot wait to watch the debates of Obama-Romney and Biden-Ryan. The Romney-Ryan energetic synergy will be amazing to watch. Their intellectual levels will completely blow their opponents away!!! I pray and trust that the American people will vote correctly this time. I am hating the right man forever!!!!

      • I don’t watch TV news, because I agree it is useless nonsense. My data on Social Security comes from SSA.GOV, the official government website. I read articles online by Senators, respected economists, and people who really research their sources before they publish anything.

        I don’t really want to defend Obama, because I don’t agree with his Cabinet choices, which is rehashed Clinton part 2, like Bush hiring his father’s cronies when he took office.

        His Presidency was beached from the beginning with the financial market meltdown, and lack of organization and focus by Nancy Pelosi. No new ideas, no New Deal to get Americans back to work.

        You should hate Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, and perhaps Alan Greenspan for their short-sightedness and maybe their greed in setting Obama up for failure. But wasn’t that their plan? Make everyone hate the “Muslim black man from Kenya,” right?

        So you think a billionaire Mormon will better look out for your best interests? (Insert obscene Marina quip here).

        Bless you, Georgina, Lucy, and all. It’s fun to speculate, and what we think won’t matter come November anyway. The Electoral College will muck it up somehow!

        • Yes, I think a wealthy Mormon will look out for my best interests. (And no, I’m not rich; I earn $25,000 a year.) The reasons President Romney will do better than Obama are several. First, Romney understands economics and has a proven track record. Second, Romney is a sincere man of faith and comports himself well. He is confident, yet humble. He is smart, and also kind. Third, Romney is well behaved. He understands that actions have consequences, and it’s not good for this country to spread envy and discord. So even when attacked, he quietly stands his ground. That is the kind of man I want as president. Romney/Ryan in 2012.

          • Republicans have always counted on people like you to vote against their own best interests. Romney has a “proven track record” of slashing companies to the bone and sending jobs overseas… that’s about it. You really think Mr. Silver Spoon understands anything about YOUR life? It’s sad to see people who are so deluded; it’s worse than sad when I see them casting votes that threaten to flush our nation down the toilet. By all means, let’s go back to the “businessman” model. You didn’t have enough of that with BUSH???

  34. a romney presidency will have something to annoy us all, he’s a pisces and they love a big tent…so faced with a depressed and downhearted country the whole place will look like, ‘welfair-to-work’ that is dependent americans will be expected to seek volunteer positions in repective fields and the companies who take them will be expected to hire as openings allow. Romney is a socialist at heart. he’ll also give states a lot of power, (he was massachusetts gov.) stop the shutting down of business that the epa is doing, allow for more hospitals, more docs, less taxes and no more war. he’s mars in pisces, jupiter/moon in 6th/hs he will want to heal, also a cultured guy, superior intellect, probably likes chamber music and quiet. Pisces w/ a scorpio moon is very emotional, remembers enemies, sends feelers out to people he thinks are’kindred spirits’. Just don’t expect mr. right wing…don’t say anything negative about people he loves, particuraly family, pisces is universal love

  35. Interesting to see the wheeler-dealer’s natal chart, the flip-flopper, say-anything-to-get-the-sale (Stellium in Pisces in 10th hse, the fish who swims downstream, in this case);Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde Gemini Ascendant, who doesn’t mind overpopulating his species at the expense of all others with grandkids and the families they’ll grow. Of course, his money will take care of them all, just not a lot of us. It’s just that, for every tree that’s chopped down, a lot of birds and some critters lose THEIR homes. Why shouldn’t we “be fruitful and multiply” so we can grow a billion+ like China and India now enjoy? What does he care when he won’t alive for that???

    When it comes to animals, he doesn’t at all mind showing his dark side: For months, David Letterman, who was born in Indiana, home of the conservative (my home state as well), has been libeling himself with a vetted story he’s been telling about this man and his family driving over 600 miles from his home state to Canada–a 1200 mile round trip with Rover in a container on top of their SUV. Before you cry false, think about it, if you can do critical thinking, that is. Not many can.
    A course in it is required for all college Freshmen.

    If it weren’t true, Letterman’s lawyers and the network for that matter would have never allowed him to tell this story five nights a week for a couple of months (still talks about it on his show to this day)probably because he couldn’t get over it and was so angered by it, he wanted to make sure enough Americans would hear about it so they’d remember come election day.

    If you UNDERSTAND the KIND of business he ran, equity capital venture, mostly, you will quickly deduce that his skill in that kind of work does NOT compute when it comes to running a country let alone a superpower that wants to stay that way. Being a governor does help, though, when you have to balance the books. As far as HIS books are concerned, well, that’s another story, isn’t it?

    What he has done with his tax records is known on Wall Street, where I used to work as a lowly receptionist, as “The Wall Street Form.” And you know how much those speed-freak guys (most of them are strung out on copious amounts of cocaine) care about the little guy, or anyone but themselves for that matter as it’s so rigged, if only the American public knew!!!

    It’s a shame Wall Street runs the executive branch and has for far longer than our present President has been in office or maybe he wouldn’t have some of the offenders in his cabinet (some more inside information for you). I doubt anyone who gets in office gets to do what he hoped he would wants Stanley Morgan gets a hold of him by his balls.

    Still, maybe Obama didn’t have much experience running a company or governing a land but he sure as hell does now after surviving a first term Presidency that was strapped with a country teetering over the brink of collapse in 2008 we can thank Wall street and GEORGE W. BUSH, in large part, for, or haven’t some of you been doing your critical thinking research in the libraries of this land?

    At least Obama didn’t ship jobs overseas as Romney enjoyed doing that helped make him a lot of that $250,000,000.00 he’s now worth. How many jobs did he care about then??? Astrology-wise, the glutton has Moon in Scorpio, the position of the HEDONIST. Know who else had that?

    The late Elizabeth Taylor also had her Sun in Pisces with Moon in Scorpio who also had an air rising sign (Libra) and she was a multi-millionnaire many times over. I never heard of her giving a rat’s ass for the middle class. She She loved what money could buy just like Romney does only instead of precious jewels, its the jewel in the crown of AMERICA he’s after. Romney is nothing is not exactly the same; so what if he’s acts in the role of politician on the side of the little guy instead of in the movies. Same thing if you think about it.

    And what about the SUPERPACS the conservative Supreme Court put in place? That doesn’t scare the shit out of you die hard conservative Republicans? This means the little guy will never be President EVER again. This means you have to sell ALL of your soul to the devil FIRST, not just a piece of it for nobody’s perfect by the time they get to Washington; hell, at the county level is where it starts being chipped away.

    And yes, it is true, Obama actually was honest enough to put the price of both wars in the face of the American Public, WHICH WE DESERVED TO KNOW, DAMNIT, in regards to the NATIONAL DEBT, something SNEAKY Bush and his “base” as he called it, the weapons manufacturers, wouldn’t do.

    What never fails to amaze me is this trick the Republican politicians (not the Republican American people)use, this carrot they put in front of the eyes of the unsuspecting (!!!) Red State conservatives, about getting rich by deregulating (letting the wolves out of their cages in the chicken coop once again). It also happens to be the same carrot that promises “Anyone can be rich if he’s willing to work hard enough (tell all the people who went bankrupt with medical bills, lost their jobs with the outsourcing thanks to business tycoons like Romney). This same carrot that also says “don’t tax the top two percent of the wealthiest people in the US because if you do, we can’t hire you.” And there’s the “You might be one of us someday, even though the middle class was built on their taxes that were as high as 90+ per cent after WWII. Now, they pay what? Half of what their maids do according to the country’s richest man, Warren Buffett, who thinks it’s unfair and who has spoken out against it?

    I’m not surprised, really, for a long time now, of how so many in the Red States blame Obama for the mess the guy before him (they voted for twice) saddled him with; yes, that Obama found out the hard way right after he got in office and the shit hit the fan. Is it any wonder Bush has kept a low profile ever since leaving office? Hell, I wish someone would take him out to the woodshed and never stop beating him. Why do they always assassinate the good guys who try to help the poor, the limited and afflicted, those Jesus Christ said to clothe, feed, and heal, as he did while on Earth?

    You who scorn him and find fault live in denial of your own selfishness for I’d like to see how you’d fare in his shoes in 2008 and beyond. You are the ones who refuse to give credit where credits due and unfortunately, there are more of you in this country than the opposite. Like the Wheeler Dealer Extraordinaire, you’ll lie to yourselves and then us about what a bad person Obama is and how he’s gotten us in the mess we’re in. I have a family of Evangelical Christians just like you folks that slam Obama and not his predecessor. Jesus told people like my family they had demons in them but they tell us who vote for people who actually try to follow Christ’s message of doing unto others, etc., demonic. That’s what they call me for practicing Astrology. That’s what they call everybody who doesn’t believe in what they do. You think that doing community organizing work in the poor black and Latino and white Southside of Chicago lack of experience for running this country? Maybe so. It’s just that, since 2008, many middle class Americans have become as poor but not because of what Obama did; we’re in the world wide recession bordering on depression that is not only making the recession last far longer but that won’t be fixed in his first or even second term of President or Romney’s as far as that goes if he gets elected. If he does, God help us all because, like Forest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” I’d change that to Selfish is as selfish does. So many of the selfish ones want to kill the messenger; at least Obama laid it on the line. Romney, ever the Flip Flopping Fish that swims a whole new LOW these days, tells 330+ million whatever it takes to win the election. Now THAT’s what you call SELFISH. He’d put all of us in jeopardy so he can feed his EGO. Hasn’t he ruined enough lives? He’s got to hurt us all?

    As the Jewish Rabbi said to Pontious Pilate, asking that they kill Jesus instead of Barrabas, a thief, “Let it be on our children and our children’s children.” Let us hope it will be on you who voted for Romney is this hedonist with the hard on for power gets elected. Let it be on you and your children’s children.

    • Don’t you wonder who Obama really is? There are so many discrepancies in his bio. He is A FRAUD!! And he is our current President!!!! Be afraid, be very afraid, you Obama believers. He chose dumb Biden to be his VP. How intelligent can he be? Or did he choose Biden to make himself look more intelligent?

      I will not be surprised when Obama is out of the White House that it will finally be revealed in the press (when the press finally dare to print the news) that Obama is not even a US citizen!!!! His “long awaited” birth certificate said that his father is from Kenya. The Independent Republic of Kenya was formed only in 1964. Obama’s birthday was 8-4-1961. Secondly, Obama’s social security number is from Connecticut, a state where he has never resided. And Harvard?!? Thus the Obama mystery goes on and on.

      There are so much discussions about election day whether Romney or Obama will win because Mercury is in retrograde on election day. So I decided to pull Obama’s cards for 2013. His 2013 cards show that there is a change of residence and or profession for him. When I had this “same card” for my yearly reading years ago, my company relocated me from one coast of the US to the other coast. SO, I think it means that Obama is MOVING OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!! I feel comforted, knowing this. Almost all astrologers predict that Obama will win again. Only 2 sites predict differently. Jamie (which is why I frequent this site) and Mr. Robert Lee Camp of Destiny Cards predict victory for Romney. Thank you, Jamie, for your unbiased predictions. I am now sitting back and waiting for Jamie and Mr Camp’s predictions to come true.

      • Actually the fall newsletter from Astrolutey – Penny Thornton’s site just predicted Romney Ryan as well. With a Caveat “Don’t Shoot The Messenger” Don’t get this fear that taking an alternate view from Obama creates…fortuatnely Romney is a moderate which is what we need to mend fences right now…someone more in the middle…and the other thing that makes me crazy is the lack of awareness and understanding that we live in a post 9/11 World…life is not the same as it was when Clinton was in office…completely different animal…I pray that you are right….or we’ll be living like Katniss in The Hunger Games with government cotrolling everything. you sound good you should read my cards 🙂

  36. What does it say about people who criticise success? Jealous? Envious? Is it any wonder the USA is in the financial trouble it is in now with government and its followeres who despise success. Successful people inspire me to achieve more….not less.

      • Thanks Georgina…just can’t buy into this argument from someone who was son of single mom and not born with a silver spoon to have achieved greatest of life’s accomplishments – to become Presdient of US…to say the US does not create opportunity for everyone…is he kidding? He’s a nice guy good hubby and good father but he is in over is head to deal with a global economy….we were all excited filled with hope at the opportunity the first african american President would create for the USA…the gig is up…we don’t have time for patience…no more waiting…he knew what he was getting into when he took office and now all he does is whine about it….AND fortunatley for him he got to go to College when Reagan was President busy turning around the economy from Carter fiasco.

  37. “common sense say Romney will lose”
    Obama has destroyed this economy created 6 trillion dollars of new debt.
    And his administration has kept unemployment above 8%.
    I guess it’s common sense that Obama will win. The united states does
    Not have a leader in office, the US has a child, who continues to not take responsibility for
    His own failed economic policies, but continues to Blame his predecessor.
    Obama will blame his predecessor for the failed economy, but will be quick to
    Take credit for his predecessors pre implemented foreign policies (killing bin laden)

    • Obama did not dedtroy the economy, in facy his swift actions stoped what could have been a new depression. And no, the economy is not great, but if takes time to recover. Obama’s problem is he made people believe he could speed up the recovery.

      • You have got to be kidding! He has added 50% to the deficit from 10 trillion now to 16 trillion
        He is enjoying the good life on the taxpayers dollars spending 1.5 billion this year on this administration. It is an absolute disgrace for a president to waste a billion dollars on himself and family and act as if he relates to the middle class.
        The president gets a salary and one million dollars expenses he is using airforce one excessively and his wife has taken many trips with guests all around the world
        abuse of power totally- he’s goal is to distribute wealth from us to third world countries and surrender u.S. sovereignty to the United Nations. Wake up!

  38. Listen, it doesn’t take astrology to tell one that, Obama will lose. It just takes his failed economic record!

  39. I think all the confusion is because Obama will win the popular vote, but Romney will win the electorial. The reason for my interpretaion is because of the swearing in day. I also think Obama’s chart shows him moving from his home the end of Nov or Dec. I also think when you compare Romney’s chart to the US chart (Sibley) he is going to be a very bad president.

  40. I do agree the Romney will win the Election on Nov 6, 2012. He looks presidential to me. Also anyone who can turn around an Olympics like he did, can somehow turn the economy of the USA around. Astrologically, the progressions tell the story, and his do seem to come into play at this time (election time).

  41. Please the olympics in America always makes money. And we are talking about Salt Lake City now.

  42. romney is an empty suit for success, i think he probably stood for a more balanced approach until he tried to placate the extreme components in the party. Now most, people think he is a good looking guy with an awkwardness that belies his comfort with the contortions he has preformed. There is no there there

  43. Jamie, you might also look at inauguration day in January for both men. This says Romney will win. Thank God. All you Obama fans – if you haven’t or won’t see the movie 2016, then at least get the Obama in his own words app. It’s only .99 cents.

    • Inaguration is 1/21, 20 falls on a Sunday. nice early gemini moon, (1/20 has VOC from 1pm on)….moon well into his first, great trine to aquarius sun ryan, romney will be popular leaders. taurus moon into void is a killer as taurus retreats in uncertianity. Gemini is confident, boyant, light and the 1st hs of the us, happy day. scorpio/sat moved off romneys trans/sat/leo/cong/pluto/square.

      • Sounds great! Thanks Lucy…praying…we need a popular leader – our survival depends on it. I have a Reagan Feel about this upcoming time period although getting there won’t be fun.

        • Romney/reagan have jupiter/scorpio/conq reminiscent powerful mind understands money, political trends. Sat/ingres/scorpio/10/6
          Romney has the chart of a healer…notice his attention to sick kids
          he has some bad planets to get through, feeling unloved and battle warn with the coming sat/sat/square…but it trines mars/merc/sun, that will help, just over sun/opp/sun that’s about a father image, pulled it off w/o a hitch

          • How interesting is it that Romney has a career history and is known as a turn around guy…agent of change…and you call him a “healer” – truly fascinating…I love the metaphor.

            • The solar eclipse of Nov 13 2013 is conjunct Mitts natal Moon and Jupiter(wide orb) People always fear eclipses in a chart but eclipses have always played a very important role in my life. Mainly for good. Apparently the same goes for Mitt’s chart. I am not experienced enough to predict a win or a loss. But I am hoping for a new start.

            • Robbie, did you mean 13 Nov 2012? Or correct as you stated 13 Nov 2013? Just wanted to know what to look ahead for. Thanks. I think we all are so weary of politics as usual and would like a fresh start for our wonderful country.

    • have you actually ever listened to the man or are you repeating talking points of the NBC,ABC,CBS,MSNBC that are all in the tank for obama.
      No landslide for obama and i don’t doubt that if he loses he will try to slap a lawsuit on something to hold up the works and divide the people even more. Obama has absolutely no compassion and it is a joke that he is for the middle class. Obamacare will add a lot of additional taxes on everybody (except his union buddies that are exempt) and is not going to fulfill the purpose of giving everyone healthcare yet he won’t even admit it an reverse course.
      Notice they don’t call it the affordable care act anymore, they are even calling it Obama care now because the affordable care act turns out to be a b.s propaganda pr trick to get americans to think it will actually be good when if fact is going to be a disaster.

      • So true I have said this once and I can say it until I am blue in the face and it won’t make a difference – we have the most ignorant electorate – they don’t take the time to do any research they have no sense of logical reasoning or common sense. And the best (or worst) part is when Obama criticizes Romney for only being a candidate for the rich – while he has given Obamacare waivers to all the unions – so he is a candidate for only a select group of people…and he wonders why there is no middle class…why not start being a candidate for ALL the people…read fine print in Obamacare – if diagnosed with cancer at age of 76 you won’t be elligible for treatment….so they can thin the herd – they will also have access to your banking account…so they can take deductions for your outstanding invoices or premium directly from you….seriously scary.

      • I am so, so happy to see there’s people out there who feels exactly as I do. Bravo,ilevy57. Bravo to Lucy and Elsie too. Mainstream media should all be replaced with new staff when Romney wins. I have never seen such kiss-ass biased media in my entire life! And that cover up of terrorist attack on the US embassy in Libya, sending Susan Rice to announce on national tv that it was due to a Utube clip!!!! Obama should be fired.

        Ginny, wake up!!! Obama (the fascist) only wants to bankrupt this country like George Soros (one of his big campaign contributors) who bankrupted Bank of England in the early 90s.

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