Algol Star – The Blinking Demon

Algol is at 26°10′ Taurus with an orb of  2°00′
Fixed Star Algol Star Astrology

Perseus Constellation [Stellarium]

The Sun joins Algol on May 16

Fixed star Algol, Beta Persei, is a 2.1 magnitude, rare triple star and eclipsing binary, located in the Medusa’s Head, carried in the left hand of the Hero, Perseus Constellation. The name Algol comes from the Arabic word رئيس الغول, meaning  Head of the Ogre. The English translation became Demon Star, with other names being Satan’s Head, the Spectre’s Head. In Chinese it belongs to s group of stars called the Mausoleum. Algol it appears to blink as shown in the animation below. Every 69 hours, its magnitude dips for about 10 hours before returning to full brightness again.


23 ♉ 52
24 ♉ 12
26 ♉ 10
00 ♊ 00
05 ♊ 48



Algol Star Astrology

In astrology, Algol is one of the most unfortunate stars. Ptolemy referred to it as “the Gorgon of Perseus” and associated it with death by decapitation: mirroring the myth of the hero Perseus’ victory over the snake-headed Gorgon Medusa. Historically, it has received a strong association with violence across a wide variety of cultures. Medieval Arabic commanders tried to ensure that no important battle began whilst the light of Algol was weak. It may be connected to the periodic lucky prognosis in an ancient Egyptian calendar for lucky and unlucky days composed about 3200 years ago.The 17th century English astrologer William Lilly regarded any planet to be afflicted when within five degrees of conjunction. [1]

Astrologers of course said that it was the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous star in the heavens, and it certainly has been one of the best observed, as the most noteworthy variable in the northern sky. [2]

Algol represents the head of the Gorgon Medusa who was slain by Perseus. Medusa, who was the only mortal one of the three Gorgon sisters, was originally a beautiful maiden, but her hair was changed into hissing serpents by Minerva in consequence of her having become by Neptune the mother of Chrysaor and Pegasus in one of Minerva’s temples. This gave her so fearful an appearance that everyone who looked at her was changed into stone.

Of the nature of Saturn and Jupiter. It causes misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence, and gives a dogged and violent nature that causes death to the native or others. It is the most evil star in the heavens.

Algol symbol (Agripe 1531).svg  Algol is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a human head cut off at the neck. It gives success to petitions, makes the wearer bold and magnanimous, preserves the body, protects against witchcraft, and turns evil and spells back upon those who work them. Rules diamond, black hellebore and mug-wort. [3]

Algol Star Astrology

Algol Star []

Algol is the Head of Gorgo Medusa. This name is derived from the Arabic Al Ghoul meaning “demon”, “evil spirit”, or “devil”. Derived from the same root is “alcohol.” The dark one has the property of pure Saturn character; the lighter one corresponds not only to Saturnian influence but also to Mars-Uranus-Pluto nature. If the dark fellow is showing toward Earth’s path, the destructive invisible action is exercised. These will be the hours in which Algol is least bright. In the olden times, people were well aware of this. Dr, Lomer wrote in Kosmobiologie, August 1950: “Arabic commanders-in-chief, in times of conquest, made it a point that no important battles were begun when the light of Algol was weak.”

In spite of the appreciable distance from the ecliptic, this double star’s influence is strongly felt and in more cases it is a disastrous one. Primitive natives will be of the base mind with an inclination to brutality and violence, especially when Algol is found together with Mars or Saturn. It is very difficult to avoid accidents and severe injuries if Algol is conjunction Sun, Moon or the malefics. As everything has two sides, it has to be said that “high spiritual rays” are emanating from Algol also, but only those human beings can receive them who have already reached high spiritual development. Even then, it has to be noted that those particular persons will have difficulties and obstacles in their way, and they have to use much energy to overcome these handicaps. If their endeavors fail, strong counter forces and enmities will be present. [4]

Algol has the nature of Jupiter, but it also has a long tradition as a trouble maker. It is said to be on of the most unfortunate, violent, and dangerous stars in the heavens. This is explained by the fact that Jupiter takes on all of its most perverse meanings: too much heat, as it were, resulting in extremist actions that undo all the beneficial qualities of this planet. [5]

Algol, alias Caput Medusa, is the Demon herself. Indeed she is without doubt counted the most malefic of all stars in astrology, even though Ptolemy gives her the less obviously ominous Saturn-Jupiter styling. Medusa’s Head, the meaning of the Latin title, is being held in Perseus’s hand, which is she is star β in his constellation.

What seems to have been missed by the old school is that Capulus and Algol each have a very positive side to them. The sword did remove a monstrosity from our world, and the monstrosity’s head did, in its turn, rescue Andromeda – and by the same token, all of us – from yet another monster of great evil. True that Algol comes from an old Arabic word meaning particularly nasty spirit but then, as we have noted, we all too easily look back and within ourselves only to be halted at our traumas and ‘nasty bits’, failing to penetrate further to the glory beyond them. Lilith is not Medusa at all, not the ugly blockage in us but the beauty beyond it. Once we pass the ‘ghoul’ in Algol, we find the pure Spirit in that word, just as its modern derivative, Alcohol, which does so much damage if used irresponsibly, is also the background material of the Universe, without which nothing else exists at all.

How Capulus, and more especially Algol, signify on horoscopes depends entirely on how the person concerned does or does not live life with an honest sense of purpose to it, a desire at least to try to live up to some kind of philosophy, religion or ideal. If that be present, in the person or question or event for which the chart is drawn, then all will go well. The author has seen this happen so often, once the superstition about these stars is dropped. If purpose and intent be ‘shady’, then we don’t really need stars to tell us that things are likely, with good reason, to go wrong.

Yes, we know that Algol often does show up in disastrous accidents with death as their climax, but we must remember that our too-common state of disbelief in life beyond the one event since birth that is the lot of all of us. We fear because we do not believe, and we fear to overcome our fear, lest to be fearless of death should somehow cause us to love mortal life the less. We fear to let go of the past because we lack faith in the Hand that holds the future. With Algol poorly aspected in our charts we may well repeat the popular but obscene: ‘Better the devil you know that the devil you don’t’ , but those with the Star of the Spirit better placed, we find the person who knows better than to slander the Hand as a devil. May a fine counselor and healer has Algol thus placed.

Alcyone, η Tauri, and the whole Pleiades group, is noted in astrology for its association with deep sorrows and tragedies, bereavements showing strongly with this star. Its position by longitude soon after Algol in Perseus may account for the gloomy quality, since Algol is much connotative with violent death in mundane astrology, and that of course means bereavement for someone else. As a practicing astrological consultant, however, the present author has found that one or both of these stars prominent, even though ‘afflicted’, on one’s horoscope makes for an excellent counselor to others in the time of bereavement, with a special gift for bring out the brighter spiritual significance of Death as the transition to Greater Life and this so very often relieves the counselor him or herself from the misery that others so commonly suffer in that area of life. [6]

Algol rules one-quarter inch up the base of the neck in the human body. [7]

I have found that a strong Algol placement in the natal chart corresponds to very distinctive facial features and hair. There may be a striking beard or glorious long hair. The teeth, nose or ears may also be striking in some way, either extremely beautiful, large or deformed.

Constellation Perseus is like Jupiter and Saturn. It is said to give an intelligent, strong, bold and adventurous nature, but a tendency to lying. [3] The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others. [5]

Algol Star, Beta Persei

Algol Star, Beta Persei []

Algol Star Conjunctions

Midheaven conjunct Algol: Murder, sudden death, beheading, prone to murder and mischief. If at the same time in conjunction with Sun, Moon or Jupiter, gives victory over others in war. [3] Donald Trump 1°03′.

Hyleg conjunct Algol and angular: decapitation or a murderer who meets with a violent death. [3]

Part of Fortune conjunct Algol: poverty. [3]

Sun conjunct Algol: Violent death or extreme sickness. If also in no aspect to a benefic, or there is no benefic in the 8th house, and the dispositor of the Sun in a day nativity or if the Moon in the night one is in square or opposition to Mars, the native will be beheaded; if the luminary culminate he will be maimed, mangled, wounded or torn to pieces alive; and if Mars is at the same time in Gemini or Pisces his hands or feet will be cut off. [3]

Moon conjunct Algol: Violent death or extreme sickness. [3]

Moon conjunct Venus conjunct Algol opposite Neptune: This energy point causes a multitude of problems connected with the neck. These people are unable to look down to see their feet, and when under stress, are unable to bend the neck forward or in any direction. Their energy is blocked up to the pituitary gland thus interfering with spiritual development. A great deal of the problem here is the lack of spiritual development as these individuals wish to remain fixed on the mundane and material areas of their life. These beings should consult spiritual healers who can make life a bit more comfortable for them as it will help open up the energy at this point and balance it with the rest of the system. Other parts of the body can be affected here, especially the thymus gland which in turn affects the lymph nodes. Contrary to popular belief, the thymus gland does not discontinue functioning after puberty; it does continue to function and affect the lymph nodes and spiritual development. [7]

Mars conjunct Algol: or if Mars be elevated above the luminaries when Algol is angular, the native will be a murderer who will come to an untimely end. The same is caused by Algol angular or with the hyleg. [3]

Mars or Saturn conjunct Algol and Moon with Sadalmelik: hanging or decapitation by royal command; if the Moon is with Denebola death by judicial sentence; and, if the Moon is with Alfard death by water or poison. [3]

Jupiter conjunct Algol: This is the best placement for Algol. It gives wonderful creative talents such as music, from which one can make a good living.

North Node conjunct Algol: Hillary Clinton 1°52′.

Algol and Evolution

From the mythology of Medusa we can see her as a mutant. As mutation is the driver of generic evolution, it is no surprise to see the Algol star prominent in the history of the Human Genome Project.

On June 1 1866, Charles Benedict, the father of the American eugenics movement was born. Mercury was conjunct Algol. He sterilized 60 000 “unfit”, or mutant Americans and “strongly influenced the Holocaust in Europe” [8].

On July 16 1945 we exploded the first nuclear bomb, the Trinity Test in Nevada. Mars was conjunct Algol. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that followed killed over 200 000 people and mutated countless more.

On April 25 1953, Watson and Crick published their groundbreaking discovery on the structure of DNA, the building block of our genes. Jupiter was conjunct Algol.

On December 9 1984, research on casualties at Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to the Alta Summit, the beginnings of the Human Genome Project. North Node was conjunct Algol. “If genome projects prove important to biology, then historians will note the Alta meeting” [9].

On June 25 2000, president Clinton announced the completion of the Human Genome Project [10]. Saturn was conjunct Algol.

On May 18 2006, the sequence of the last chromosome was published in the journal Nature. Sun and Mercury were conjunct Algol.

On May 21 2008, the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act became law “To prohibit discrimination on the basis of genetic information with respect to health insurance and employment” [11]. Venus was conjunct Algol.

Recommended Reading

Medusa’s Head, Diana Rosenberg.


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* All fixed star positions are for the year 2000. Add one degree per 72 years to correct for precession.

35 thoughts on “Algol Star – The Blinking Demon

  1. David Beckham has his ASC and Mercury on this star. He seems very fortunate to me! haha
    I have the moon here (so does Mick Jagger), and I’d be terrifyed of this placement if it wasnt for these two very fortunate people.

  2. The global elites NWO are very familiar with the movements of the stars. If you know what is going in with Astrology then you can predict whats about to happen. Thanks for this post.

    • You got that right.. I’ve been doing charts for years can see they’ve been using it for centuries, .Most of the false flags have all had similar charts to 9-11.. also Waco, Oklahoma city, Japanese timeline for Pearl harbor..
      It seems there is two main shapes .. the Hex and the Square ..not being an astrologer I started out t first being very skeptical.. but after several hundred charts..I don’t think they’ve not used astrology for a very long time..

  3. Thank you, I find this fascinating, as is the Perseus myth, a personal favorite. I am a Gemini, mercury at 26 Taurus the last point of Lilly’s orb. Medusa is dead, vanquished by Perseus, the head has power, but no longer agency, an important fact. Perseus is victor by means of reflection, something to “reflect” on,

  4. I have Venus conjunction Algol. Why did you skip that conjunction? What’s your interpretation of it? I do have great teeth though. Lol. But my Venus trines Saturn in Capricorn and I know that rules the bones.

      • Hi Jamie–haven’t used fixed starts a lot but am aware of the major ones like this. I have natal Jupiter partile conjunct Algol (in 9th House Trine First House Sun). I am very creative and a musician. My wife and I also have a full production pottery studio and are accomplished cooks. I am regarded as a “pit master” by friends and family. I’ve always thought my Jupiter (Tr. Sun) was part of my durable physique–52 and only spent one night in a hospital my whole life–very active and very lucky–indestructable until recently but still mostly just accumulated aches and pains. Jupiter is not particularly well placed in Taurus and mine is unfavorably aspected to Saturn also but I’m not “feeling” much malevolence from my new found friend Algol here. Perhaps decapitation can be put off for at least a while longer! Very interesting article as always and I’m using your well organized listings to brush up on relevant fixed stars. Thanks .

  5. Oh Jamie! Just found out that the father of my children is comming back to the city, all defeated after a very bad and destructive relationship. And I had to revive his natal chart.
    After having so many years trying to understand myself, in the first place.
    We, my children and myself, are in this kind of harmony and stability even though that there is so much movement around (energetically and else…!).
    This father of my children shows a very bad mars conjunct MH, conjunct Algol…
    Though, I feel sorry about him; this really gave me something to think about (and also chills!)… He might be really dangerous. We three really have seen that he is somehow crazy.
    I feel compassionate, and at the same time, trying to be very careful and cautios. I feel that we should try to take care of ourselves and to try to strengthen the little advancements we could achieve after so many struggle.
    I wish us well, anyway and him to be at peace (but with this position…!?).
    What would you tell us?
    My children are in the middle of college and we three are doing our best to improve… and now he wrote to my daughter that he is comming back (… when he did not take the effort when he went away…! :/). They are really thinking of seeing him just once a week to keep doing efforts in their own life (they somehow worry that he will need very much of them, when they are already struggling hard…).

    He was born on the 05.march.1957, Mexico City, at 17:00 hrs.


    M. del Rin.

    • I would be careful M, but I would not worry too much because your kids are in college so not as impressionable as little ones. My experience is more with Sun on Algol in my extended family. More of a sad story rather than dangerous.

      • Thankyou very much. I really are to be careful Jamie. And yes. Sad. My children really think that their father is a mess and that he is a bit crazy.
        Sad, yes, because he has lost so many jobs (authorities cut him off). And he is otherwise so brilliant… very sad. His life is not an agreable one.

        Ok! So I´ll be careful.

        M. del Rin.

      • I’m confused about something. My Sun is in 26 degrees of Taurus. It is in my 8th house. Not only that but I also have 26 degrees of Taurus on my 8th house cusp. Is that all Algol related ? And if so, it must be really bad news for me – !?
        Thanks –

  6. WOW! Just found this – excellent post, Jamie.
    I have Algol on my Descendant, my son has it on his Ascendant.
    We were both diagnosed with Aspergers as adults, he at age 30, me at age 65.
    My significant other has Algol on his South Node.
    He is struggling to get his life together and has heart problems.
    I have three marriages behind me. I was born 18 hours before Hiroshima with the cord around my neck (!!).
    All three of us have markedly long necks.

    Take care, Jamie.

    • I never thought this star was associated with Aspergers. I have Algol conjunct Saturn and always thought it was maybe asteroid Kaali that was the reason.

  7. Many thanks for this post, Jamie; I found it very informative. With my Moon conjunct Algol in the 10th at 0°43′, broadly conjunct Saturn (just within Lilly’s 5° orb) and precisely conjunct Juno (0°8′), as well as in close aspect with most of the planets—opposite Venus/Neptune, trine Mars/Pluto, quincunx Sun (which is itself conjunct Spica, the “most benefic” of the fixed stars, go figure!)/Vesta—I include Vesta here because she’s conjunct the Sun and, as a vestal virgin and priestess of the goddess herself, she too is a notable figure in this particular equation. Furthermore, asteroid Medusa, which I’ve adopted as my “name” asteroid, is conjunct Jupiter on my IC.

    In short, there’s simply no getting around Algol in my chart. And as such, I choose to embrace and work with this powerful energy rather than revile and reject it—to try to hew to the “high spiritual rays.” I suppose I can be thankful to Spica and Vesta for enabling this choice, though the difficulties and counterforces are indeed sometimes legion. I can anecdotally vouch for the ability of counselor and a strange calm in moments of danger or disaster; as well as the strong nose & beautiful teeth you describe, and the glorious hair.

    I’d like to add to your synopsis that since learning of Algol’s role in my chart and extensively researching the Medusa myth, the rather long key action phrase I’ve developed for the positive side of Algol is “defend and reclaim the power of the scapegoated divine feminine.” Medusa’s rape (in some versions of the tale) by Neptune was indicative of the desecration of the temples dedicated to the divine feminine, and heralded the uprising of patriarchal culture that persists to this day. Medusa may stand for violence, and she was first by her humiliation and then by her death empowered to sow death and destruction, but let’s remember that the primary violence was done not by her but to her—first by Neptune, then by Athena whom she served, and ultimately by Perseus, who severed her head.

    Interesting note about the glorious hair: In my experience, the cutting of my hair has functioned as a metaphorical “beheading”—a sort of female version of the biblical story of Samson (I wonder how Algol played out in *his* chart!): When I was 5, my mother—with whom I have a variety of challenging aspects (which might be expected with Moon conjunct Algol in the 10th; incidentally, my father’s Saturn was ALSO conjunct Algol, argh…) I won’t go into those details here, but I assign her the Minerva/Athena role in this recounting—impatient with my inability to “properly” care for my long, wild, and beautiful hair—and I believe subconsciously threatened by my femininity, as Athena was by Medusa’s—insisted that my head be shorn…and so it was, cropped so close that I looked like a boy and mourned the loss long and deeply. By the time I left my parents’ house at 18 I had grown my hair back almost to my waist and kept it that way for many years until, shortly after my Saturn return (transit Saturn conjunct Algol), my abusive then-husband (Juno conjunct Algol…) dragged me up the stairs by my hair, whereupon I immediately took the scissors and hacked it all off myself—this time, in a reclamation of power rather than a stripping of it. And yes, I left him very shortly thereafter.

    So far, just past the mid-life Saturn opposition, neither extreme sickness nor violent death to tell of here—of course, the end of my particular story is yet to be written, but I hope that a healthy respect and regard for Medusa will keep her on my side going forward (with an energy assist from sunnier Spica). I’d love to hear more about any readers who have strong Algol influence in their own charts!

    • elle – your story with your mom and hair is exactly mine too!
      My mother is very Gemini-ish (which could be said about Diana too) – and I must say that your story could have been mine. OK, sans the scissors and pulling off hair, but with the abusive boyfriend and “aarrghhh!” father too.

      My father was a bit pedophile (in the dark shadow land of unconsciouss drive) – he sought to “overpower” me, as we are so alike me and him. Meet next boyfriend: Perverted, abusive, emotionally manipulative… Slaying my self respect, slaying my boundaries. I think he was the Neptune/Perseus theme in my life, even though he insisted that I kept my hair long, otherwise he told me he would leave me. (Some people…..)

      My Chiron is conjuct Algol – talk about some deep healing/scars huh?

      • Wow, LadyLaLa—our stories really are remarkably similar! My mother, too is, a strong Gemini; she used religion to try to suppress any hint of sexuality/femininity in me (her Jupiter is on my Ascendant); when I was eight or nine she told me God and Satan were fighting for my soul and Satan was winning; this only caused me to lose all respect for her apparently weakling God, who couldn’t even win a battle for a child’s soul. And my father was also “a bit pedophile,” as you so aptly put it, in the same unconscious way. He, too, sought to overpower me (more on that below your other post). I would say both were emotionally abusive, under the guise of “good” parenting. Ex-husband: like your boyfriend, emotionally manipulative, extremely verbally abusive and, as described earlier, eventually physically abusive as well. My reaction to all this, similar to yours: raise my chin, set my jaw, proudly disdain the abusers with a remote and haughty gaze. With my ex I used to hold an image of myself as a smooth white pebble; stomp me into his muck he might; but dirty, crush, or truly injure me he never could. Of course, this only frustrated him, inflamed his rage, and caused him to redouble his efforts. I think I’m grateful that Chiron isn’t in my particular mix, although I suppose that means—ugh—that my place of deepest wounding is elsewhere than this?! Truly I believe Algol conveys inner resilience, even as it draws these challenges to us—experiences that I hope are well behind you now, as they are for me, embedded though they may be. I wish you healing pure and thorough—no need to encourage you to keep your chin up 😉

    • Algol couldn’t get any more sexist or misogynist in heteronormative men. Your father’s Saturn on your 26 degree Taurus Moon sounds like the epitome of “fearing feminine power” and as a result you were severely oppressed to the expectations and societal standards of sexism and the masculine ruling class. The focus on your hair to the point of identifying its length to your feminine identity and to it structurally representing a “feminine” ideal is the total hogwash nonsense work of the inferior man, or the man with sexist attitudes that were crystallised in his own childhood by a father who commanded quite successfully a greater level of respect than his wife and a higher regarded role within the family structure than his wife, undermining the value of the feminine archetype and as a result conforming to the patriarchal view that places men above women, and holds women to “feminine” roles and appearances. Patriarchal “puppetry” used against women is marked in disrespectful relationships and is the hallmark for domestic violence, which stems from an abuse of power, such as the mean, cold, restrictive, victim blaming “controlling” father type, who may have controlled subtly through withdrawing or abruptly and overtly controlled with threats of withdrawing security needs and emotional support if you displayed a lapse in rules pertaining to what your father constitutes as “feminine”. These men are so insecure about their own masculinity and their own sense of power they fail to see the structures already inherent in society that through gender birthright already advantages them. To oppress, degrade or disrespect the role of women, or the potential for women to have equal opportunities as men, is at the core of Medusa 26 degrees Taurus. Medusa’s power was so feared, I mean she could turn men into stone. One mention of her name could turn the blood of men cold. That kind of power is something to respect, not cast as “ugly” “evil” or “monstrous”. It is the men that try to make independent women, dependant on them because they want to acquire her power, the ugly, evil and monstrous projections that women need to cut off, and without losing their heads. The only “feminine” role that should be assigned is the one you assign for yourself with the consciousness of a feminist’s perspective.

  8. I have algol exactly conjunct midheaven and would like to reiterate what elle wrote. That Medusa is the archetype of female rage at rape. All I can say is the dalai lama advises us to grasp at some self awareness when in a rage to recognize it as energy that can be directed. Otherwise I can see no upside. Not having a very good year. And of course, Prince died, so everyone’s sad.

    • one—Yes, excellent point! There’s an intense and ongoing face-off between power and powerlessness in this placement. Athena should have protected Medusa but instead punishes her; Neptune should also have protected her but instead first violates her and then abandons her to her fate. My particular Medusa is more sorrowful, despairing even, than angry…I find it very hard to access my rage, so clearly I still have a lot of work to do with this archetype to integrate its lessons. But awareness is the first step 🙂 I hope this year improves for you! Blessings and light, elle

      • and this rage is hardly ever acknowleged as a legit thing. Like it’s even more enraging that the thing that enrages you (ie that you have been raped) is proportionately dismissed and diminished. Which continues to enrage….

      • I want to apply my thansk to @one also, you are absolutely right!
        Whether it’s verbally raping, physical or emotional raping, it’s still rape! It’s power and powerlessness in a constant fight for control (hello control freaks….) – and about the injustice of it all. Betrayal and injustice makes for sooo much anger, despair and sorrow.

        I wish you much healing <3

  9. Since I started reading about the Algol star, and discovered my own Chiron was placed upon it at 25 degrees with a natal square to my Sun-Venus-Jupiter Stellium in Scorpio 9th house, I have come to realize that these energies are spilling over into my life and my way of doing things.
    When I’m most beaten and put into a corner, I somehow rise up, chin up and stare the world straight into its face, daring it to give me its worst. I don’t know, I just rise like a queen (or so it feels), vulnerable yes, but strong. “They dance in their own blood” are words I’ve heard about algol natives, and that is true, even if my Chiron is positioned “inward”.

    My dad was verbally abusive (My Chiron is located in the 3rd house) and when I grew up in my teenage years, our fights became brutal (verbally). But when he put me down, I stood tall, refused to let him see my pain, and somehow I overcame my fear of his anger, because I saw through it, saw how “small” he was inside, that he wouldn’t even dare to do all the things he threatened with. I laughed and called him weak, which of course angered him even more.

    So yeah, I have this “sadistic” streak in me. I have not used it often. My BF says I get this little snarky smile on my face when he is angry at me and I just stand there, refusing to take it in. I’ve had my fair share of nasty bosses, nasty partners etc., and sometimes I wonder “WHY do I always get the same result: I overpower them and then they get nasty”…

    Well, algol and the medusa myth has somehow provided some of the answers into that…!

    • LadyLaLa, I so identify with your phrase “rise like a queen” (and pretty much everything else you’ve written). With Leo rising, too, I suppose the queenly response comes naturally. I’d never heard “they dance in their own blood” before, but that sounds about right as well. With a Libra Sun I avoid confrontation as much as possible, but if I’m shoved up against a wall, the survival instinct rises and I’ll come out fighting—and I will win, and take no prisoners. I guess that’s the “sadistic” streak manifesting.

      My dad used to tell me “I can out-stubborn you, I’ve been at it for a lot longer than you have.” But in truth his frustration was that he rarely did get the better of me, in spite of near-daily spankings for several years (which only galvanized my resistance) and not-infrequent “interrogation sessions”—my label, not theirs; it seemed karmic, as if we’d been in some true interrogation setting in another lifetime—in which they would keep me awake for hours past my bedtime, determined to uncover “why” I had committed some transgression. I quickly learned no answer I might give was satisfactory, so I would simply set my jaw, pick something to stare at (ah, the Medusa stare!), and fix my gaze upon it. For hours, while they’d prod and pry and moralize, I’d be as mute and immovable as stone (thank you Algol and Saturn, for lending the Moon a spine of steel) until at last they’d give up and send me to bed. It was only when I learned, around age 12, that they couldn’t distinguish between true submission and a facsimile thereof that life at home became easier, although at a high cost to my soul’s authentic expression in the world. But all that constant confrontation was doing my debilitated Libra Sun in the 3rd no favors, so I just went underground—and Sun/Moon ruler Venus in Scorpio had no problem switching to the subterranean.

      As you observed, this dynamic also spills over into the outer-world life of work, school, or any setting with an authority/power dynamic. I detest petty power mongers…for the last 20 years I’ve avoided nasty bosses by working alone, freelancing from home, but every few years in school I’d get a control-freak teacher who had it in for me—this in spite of being a good student and a quiet one; they just sensed that I wasn’t falling for their power trip, and my time in their classrooms was hellish. I always ascribed that to my Mars/Pluto conjunction, but they do trine Algol in the 10th… I also stay away from government, the legal system, or any sort of bureaucracy insofar as possible.

      In the 15 years since my divorce, I’ve kept “intimate” relationships at arm’s length (via long distance and/or idealized/unrealized love) to avoid engaging the power dynamic. A little lonely for a Libra Sun, and with North Node in the 7th I suppose I’m shirking destiny, but sisters and friends and dog and cat must suffice for now. I feel like Medusa’s earned a respite for a while, even if she’s going to have to be reawakened to ultimately find resolution.

  10. Beck, I appreciate your comments and insight. While I agree with much of your assessment, I think you’ve misinterpreted the context of the hair comments. I was specifically supplying anecdotal evidence to support and amplify a quote from the original article, “I have found that a strong Algol placement in the natal chart corresponds to very distinctive facial features and hair. There may be a striking beard or glorious long hair. ” Medusa herself was famous for her glorious hair, hence the symbolic association (not original to me); and my account does not reflect how I believe femininity “should” be characterized but rather is a simple statement that hair did in fact, in the cultural and familial context in which I grew up, denote femininity or lack thereof; and that the loss of it therefore denoted to me a corresponding symbolic loss of both femininity and, not incidentally, POWER—another major Medusa theme—as I had no say in the decision. I empathize with your eagerness to denounce the dysfunctions of patriarchy and again can accompany you a fair way of that path, but I’ve no desire to demonize either men or women as a matter of course; let’s not forget that in the myth it’s Minerva/Athena, not Poseidon/Neptune, who has Medusa beheaded, though he certainly bears his share of blame—and by the same token it was not my father but my mother who insisted on the traumatic shearing described. I also wouldn’t characterize Medusa as “ugly, evil, or monstrous”; on the contrary, as I believe I said earlier, working with her energy in my chart represents to me an opportunity to reclaim the power of the scapegoated divine feminine, a theme I’ve been dealing with my entire life—as you might expect of someone with a Medusa that not only conjuncts the Moon, Juno, and Saturn but also aspects Mars/Pluto (trine), Venus/Neptune (opposition), and Sun/Vesta (quincunx)—and I have been consciously unpacking what the Algol energy means to me for at least fifteen years. Let me reemphasize, “what it means TO ME”; overexposure to sermons in childhood gave me a lifelong allergy to proselytizing of any stripe, and so I have to take exception to your use of the obligation-inducing “role that should be assigned”, which bears an unfortunately close resemblance to the very sort of paternalistic attitude you so pointedly deplore. I shall indeed decide my own role, heeding “should”s from NO external quarter—and here you would not be wrong in detecting the steely glint of Medusa in my eye.

    • Not demonising men. Feminism, or intersectional feminism is about equality and also considers the ruling class (white, heteronormative, middle class) as oppressing men of colour, homosexual men and working class men.

      Long hair within this myth is gendered through bigotry and is socially constructed. Sexism and misogyny needs to be called out, not just by women but also by men. It’s at the core of domestic violence, and in my country 2 women per week are dying at the hands of loved ones. There’s more money being spent on protecting borders from terrorism when the real terrorism is happening to women. It’s not an act of demonising men to call sexism what it is, it’s an act of calling sexists what they are, and in 26 degrees taurus, it’s fully loaded sexism, same as heteronormative men with Moon square Venus. It’s really important to note not all men are inherently sexist, as you feeling I was demonising men implies. 26 degrees taurus is however, inherently sexist. Grab a book on intersectional feminism – it will be transformative.

      • And it’s important to note that strong pluto to personal planets has the capacity to transform attitudes if they become conscious of their inherent behaviour. So in terms of manifesting change through exchange, it’s really important that the message is clear, and the path from dark to light is exemplified and the option to undertake that path is sound advice. Not that I expect the authority of a women will suffice.

  11. Beck, it seems we’re talking past one another to some degree, and unnecessarily so, for there is much on which we agree—including, I think, that we are all products of a patriarchal society of long standing, and that this is problematic, inviting both examination and alteration, perhaps even revolutionary change. You have a specific and passionate reading of 26 Taurus, rooted in your personal perspective on feminism and sexism, as informed by your experience and academic understanding. I, too, have a specific reading of 26 Taurus, quite similar in many regards but likewise rooted in my own personal experience (which, as noted, does include domestic violence) and reading (which, in fact, includes a rather wide range of works on feminism as well as the rise of the patriarchy). Our perspectives can certainly inform (and thus, indeed, as you say, transform) and enhance those of others. But in my reading your invoking of “the” path from dark to light hints at an underlying dogma, for there are infinite paths to enlightenment, infinite facets of truth, and yet religions and secular “isms” alike so often fall into the trap of believing that their own path is the sole correct one (and indeed in some cases of defending this belief to the death, or even going on the offensive in the cause of forcing it on others). While I’m open to expanding upon my basis for understanding and experience, and indeed eagerly seek out new knowledge—thus my sincere appreciation for your interpretation and recommendation for further reading on intersectional feminism—I do not subscribe to the notion that I must accept or adopt wholesale anyone else’s interpretation of a truth as “the” truth. This has nothing to do with “the authority of a woman” being insufficient (and in suggesting that this would be the case, you make a rather vast assumption about me on the basis of very limited information; and in fact, i had not formed any prior idea of your gender identity so could not have assessed your advice through that lens). I’m simply hardwired to test all external authority and recoil from all dogma, in favor of following my own authority and my own path—this being, as I see it, fundamental to my purpose on Earth in this life. And as I continue to work with Algol energy as well as with the rest of my chart, no doubt my thinking will indeed continue to grow and change, but I do not see life exclusively or even primarily through the lens of sexism. Incidentally, in my country women may soon be subject to the military draft, even as the pendulum of political will swings backward and they are increasingly restricted again in their decisions about their own bodies (abortion, birth control). I think we can readily agree that the second instance is regressive, and I certainly would not call it progress that we may soon be liable to being pressed into military service to fight the wars that uphold the patriarchal order. But some will cheer this development as indicative of equality, even as some will vote for Hillary Clinton in our November election simply because she is a woman, irrespective of any other factors. These are examples of particular interpretations of feminism in action; I, examining the same information, come to different conclusions. I am happy to allow them their views and you yours; as for me, like all of us, I form my own: “For the self is a sea boundless and measureless. Say not, ‘I have found the truth,’ but rather, ‘I have found a truth.’ Say not, ‘I have found the path of the soul.’ Say rather, ‘I have met the soul walking upon my path.’ For the soul walks upon all paths. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals” [Gibran]. Personally, I delight in the process of unfolding and in the mysteries of the self that will always lie tantalizingly beyond us, and have found that my most difficult experiences have been the greatest sources for the deepening of my self-understanding and growing into my own power—again, part and parcel of the journey of Medusa.

    • I should add, I hope and believe that what we’re collectively engaging in here—examining Algol and the Medusa myth—is itself a furthering of the process of unpacking patriarchal assumptions and having a closer look at their underpinnings; and that I very much value the discussion and exchange of thoughts on the subject (or I wouldn’t be participating in it).

  12. I have Algol conjunct Chiron at the apex of a Yod involving Neptune in Sag and Pluto in Libra. Using mysticism and power to transform and heal feminine wounds perhaps?

    Also…the hair thing…totally true. I have about two feet of hair and feel naked without it that long.

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