Aries HoroscopeDecember 2014 Aries horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

Aries Decan 1 born Mar 21 to 30.
Aries Decan 2 born Mar 31 to Apr 9.
Aries Decan 3 born Apr 10 to 19.

Decan 1 Aries December 2014 Horoscope

The November 22 new moon fell during the Sun trine your decan (November 21 to December 2). This means you can expect harmonious conditions through until the December 22 new moon. There are some challenging transits ahead during this first three weeks of the new month, but that friendly new moon will take the edge off. The other big thing in your favor early on is Mars sextile your decan from December 4 to 18. Mars brings courage and self-assertion, making it so much easier to cope with little annoyances that may pop up with the next few transits.

Venus square your decan from December 10 to 19 could well place some strain on your love life. There may be a discrepancy between the amount of love and affection you want, and that which you are willing to give. You can rely on increased sexual magnetism and enthusiasm from Mars to take care of any lovers tiff here.

Mercury square your decan from December 16 to 24 will transfer the strain to communications and mental work. It should be a busy time and the hectic pace could cause some confusion. Look to get on top of matters while still under the influence of the empowering Mars transit til December 18.

The Sun is square your decan from December 21 to January 1, and this testing influence culminates with the December 22 new moon. Unlike the previous 28 day period, this moon phase is likely to grind you down as you face opposition from others, and tests of your character. Energy levels will be noticeably lower as the strong Mars transits has now passed.

Decan 2 Aries December 2014 Horoscope

A rosier outlast compared to November, starting with the Sun trine your decan from December 1 to 12. This brings self-confidence and creates ideal conditions for achieving your goals. In the first of many aspects to your long-term Uranus conjunction this month, the Sun trine Uranus from December 2 to 6 will increase your intuition and bring excitement to your life. The December 6 full moon will extend this favorable solar transit until the December 22 new moon, placing an emphasis on good relations with family and close friends.

Mercury trine your decan from December 4 to 12 brings mental alertness and indicates a most busy time of it all. During this whole week, the Sun conjunct Mercury stresses the hectic theme, but places you in an ideal position to engage in all types of business transactions. You will have a good head for numbers and not miss any details. Also, for most of this week, Mercury trine Uranus from December 4 to 7 will bring unexpected meetings, short distance travel and new friends.

Mars sextile your decan from December 17 to 31 will increase your energy level, enthusiasm, and your libido. We have to consider at the same time, Venus square your decan from December 18 to 27. Although desire is strong, there may be some differences between you and loved ones which needs sorting out. The critical time for this is from December 18 to 23.

From December 17 til the end of this month, both Venus and Mars trigger the exact Uranus Pluto square. The strongest impact coming from Venus and Pluto together, both square your decan. This activation of your Pluto square will greatly intensify any differences, especially if jealousy or possessiveness are major issues. Resolution is possible with Mars sextile Uranus creating the will to find new and inventive ways forward.

Better to talk things out before December 22, before miscommunication and confusion set in due to Mercury square your decan from December 23 to 30. The chance of crossed wired and intense arguments is most high from December 23 to 26 when Mercury joins Pluto, both square Uranus.

Decan 3 Aries December 2014 Horoscope

Overall you have much better stars than last month. The energy-sapping Mars square which began on November 21, continues until December 5. One thing to help you tone down this aggressive influence is Mars sextile Saturn from November 29 to December 4. Then you have the love and tranquility of Venus trine your decan from December 2 to 11. Not only will this smooth out the rough edges and aggravation from Mars, but Venus trine Jupiter from December 2 to 6 should bring some good fortune with love and money.

Things improve further with the Sun trine your decan from December 11 to 22. This heralds a positive time of forward progress, with little standing in your way. The best time all month comes with Sun trine Jupiter from December 12 to 16, very luck indeed as this brings out the best of Jupiter trine your decan. As an added bonus, the December 22 new moon will extend this progressive phase of life through until the January 20 new moon.

For most of the solar transit just mentioned, Mercury trine your decan from December 11 to 17 will sharpen your intellect. This is an ideal time for business negotiations, signing contracts and scheduling meetings. The optimum period being from December 11 to 13 while Mercury is trine Jupiter. You will notice this comes within the very fortune Sun trine Jupiter mentioned above. Definitely wonderful days to make big gains, December 12 and 13.

The shine comes off a little at the end of this month with Venus square your decan from December 26 to January 4. The laziness, or lax attitude this brings is compounded by Mercury is square your decan from December 29 to December 5. This will add confusion with the possibility of arguments, especially with loved ones.

On  a more positive note and lasting much longer, is Mars sextile your decan from December 30 to January 13. More energy, initiative and sex appeal to look forward to. Mars opposite Jupiter from December 30 to January 3 will create some over optimism and rushed actions around you. Keep your head because you can cash in on others mistakes now.

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  1. Hiya Jamie thank you for our October horoscopes. I sure I will find this to be another mind blowingly accurate Aries horoscope. Most importantly, I’m glad to see you are feeling better. Wishing you the best of health into the future!!!! X

  2. Dear Jamie,
    I was born on 23rd March. Do I have a risk of loosing my job in October 2014? Things are building up for such an event.

  3. Thanks Jamie for Oct. Hope u get time to also post Nov horoscopes for all before Nov begins. Difficult time for Aries. Hope Nov has a ray of hope!!!

  4. Hi Jamie,
    Thanks. Was eagerly waiting for Aries November horoscope. Me decan 1. 25th March born. You have written that till November 9th the Mars square will plague me and from November 16th the Venus trine will be good, but what happens in the seven days in between, thats November 10th-15th , that is mostly what i need to know. Kindly tell something about this. Thank you.

  5. Hi Jamie,

    Am Decan 1. Tough times ahead with no respite!!! The Sun is square my decan from December 21 to January 1 and with the moon phase there is going to be opposition. That sort of is very scary and am extremely apprehensive. How is Jan 2015 going to pan out?

    There is nothing positive happening over these last several weeks!!! And am anxious!

    Please confirm when does good time with less stress come into play?

    Regards SG

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