Aries Horoscope December 2015

Aries HoroscopeDecember 2015 Aries horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Aries Decan 1 – born Mar 21 to 30.
   Aries Decan 2 – born Mar 31 to Apr 9.
   Aries Decan 3 – born Apr 10 to 19.

Decan 1 Aries December 2015

The first part of December 2015 is better for most things than the last few weeks of the month. This turnaround coincides with the end of a foundation building transit which has been backing you up all year.

Saturn trine your decan is activated early this month giving you one final opportunity to make your mark on the world. This is a particularly good time for career advancement or anything to do with property and long-term security.

Sun trine your decan from November 22 to December 3 helps make everything in your flow with more ease. Now is the time to push forward with confidence and improve the conditions of your life. It represents the ideal time to work on personal and professional goals.

The November 25 full moon extends this productive phase of life until the December 11 new moon. Don’t be concerned about the miserable nature of the full moon because the planets responsible have a positive influence for you.

Sun conjunct Saturn from November 28 to December 1 is a strong way to finish your long Saturn transit. As mentioned last month, this should be a time of great satisfaction, with achievements, recognition and promotion. This can be a time of culmination of previous hard work and you can act with authority and come away with a good sense of self-satisfaction.

Mercury square your decan from December 9 to 17 can be a nuisance and is followed by more troubling influences, making it important to keep a positive attitude if you can. Your thinking can become nervous or rushed, which may lead to slip up’s in conversations, not saying exactly what you mean. This in turn can lead to other people getting the wrong idea, an increased chance of arguments, or simply not having matters resolved.

Sun square your decan from December 21 to  January 1 means you should not be too proud of your previous achievements as you could become unstuck. People with some authority over you can become more bossy and this is no time to be bucking the system. Working hard and minding your own business will make this difficult transit easier to deal with.

The December 25 full moon will make you more emotionally sensitive to any ego conflicts from the solar transit above. A more defensive approach is required until the January 9 new moon. Thankfully, the December full moon is a nice one and favors the formation of new partnerships.

Venus trine your decan from December 29 to January 7 will take the rough edges of the difficult moon phase you are experiencing. Venus helps make this a more balanced time when any recent relationship troubles can be sorted out. This will particularly apply to family, partners and close friends due to the full moon influence.

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Decan 2 Aries December 2015

December 2015 has a tremendously complex set of influences to untangle. Overall, this month should be productive enough but may also be draining. Some areas of your life may become more complicated but this will settle down as you enter the new year thanks to a very stabilizing new transit.

Uranus square Pluto has been the major source of change and disruption in your life over recent years. Its influence had begun to wane many months ago but it becomes strong again this month because of Uranus retrograde. You may well see a return of the associated drama this December as a number of minor transit activate this major aspect via Pluto square your decan and Uranus in your decan.

Mercury trine your decan from November 26 to December 4 brings mental clarity which is most helpful due to an aggressive Mars transit at the same time I will mention shortly. Mercury will improve your communication skills allowing you to get any concerns off your chest before they boil over.

Mercury trine Uranus from November 29 to December 3 is excellent for problem solving as it opens your mind to all possibilities. Just when you think you have had enough and start to lose your temper, a sudden change in circumstances or nice surprise will come to the rescue. It could even be a chance encounter who brightens your day.

Mars opposite your decan from November 29 to December 19 is the major pain in the ass this month. Anger and frustration are likely as other people stand in your way or directly oppose your will. This is a difficult time to fully achieve what you want but you can win if your objectives are noble not threatening to other people. Otherwise, the opposition you receive will make compromise necessary.

December 3 to 14 will be difficult with Mars activating the Uranus Pluto square. Although the friendly Mercury transit is over, it is replaced by an even stronger positive influence I will mention after I go into more detail about Mars. I told you this was a complex month!

Mars square Pluto means power struggles and confrontations because of your intense desire to gain control over others. Mars opposite Uranus is likely to cause outburst of anger directed at those who have upset you in the past. The anger and resentment may have been building for some time, now you cannot resist the temptation to lash out and go on the attack.

Sun trine your decan from December 2 to 12 will take the rough edges of the aggressive Mars transit. It will make you more balanced an in control of your actions. This positive influence will also rub off on those around you making compromise more easy to achieve.

Sun sextile Mars from December 2 to 9 climaxes on December 6. You will still need to guard against rash action and bullying, but the intense energy now can be put to good use through hard work. You can strive to achieve your strong desires and have a good chance of success. The trick now is to be assertive but realize when you are coming on too strong.

Sun trine Uranus from December 6 to 11 improves the odds of turning a potentially damaging period into a successful period. You can count on a strong intuition to guide your actions so should take notice of the little voice inside. This transit will free up any frustrating conditions and allow you to make breakthroughs in very difficult problems.

The December 11 new moon amplifies the positive nature of the Sun transit and extends this productive period until the January 9 new moon. It will calm heated tempers while the irritating Mars transit continues until December 19. The new moon will have a harmonious influence on your relationships which will also make the next transit less problematic.

Mercury square your decan from December 16 to 24 creates a deal of mental anxiety and difficulties when trying to communicate. There will be a tendency to skip over important details so important decisions should be put off.

December 18 to 21 is another challenge to get through this month with Mercury activating the Uranus Pluto square. While the moon phase will have a friendly and cooperative influence, this period will still increase the risk of confusion and arguments. Think twice before speaking and try to avoid business matters or any important negotiations.

Mercury conjunct Pluto adds depth and intensity to your thinking and communications. Nervous conditions are possible due to the intensity of your mind and the serious nature of the topics you may unearth. Mercury square Uranus brings excitement and change to your daily routine and interactions which can cause upsets and nervous tension. You may receive shocking news or experience something unexpected that forces you to change plans.

Saturn trine your decan from December 17 until December 2016 is the stabilizing new transit I mentioned at the beginning. Those of you born on March 31 and April 1 may benefit from this positive influence now but most of you will have to wait until next year to reap the rewards.

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Decan 3 Aries December 2015

A good start to December 2015 means you should get as much possible done early on before more challenging influence make the final two weeks of the month fairly stressful. Looks like there may be some friction around the Christmas dinner this year.

Venus opposite your decan from November 26 to December 5 is likely to add stress in your love life and with other close relationships as mentioned last month. It would be better to avoid socializing just for a few days at you probably won’t make the best company. Take care not over overspend when Christmas shopping.

Mercury trine your decan from December 3 to 10 is a most favorable transit as your thoughts are in harmony with your intentions. Because you express yourself so clearly and smoothly, this is the ideal time to negotiate a better deal in any area of life, in business or at work, or in personal relationships.

Sun trine your decan from December 11 to 22 brings inner balance and harmonious relationships. You will face little resistance so now is the time to attend to any important matters you must do this month. Other people will pick up on your positive attitude and be more likely to go along with your plans and even offer some assistance.

The December 11 new moon extends this productive phase of life until the January 9 new moon. The best time for starting new projects is during the waxing moon phase from the December 11 new moon until the December 25 full moon. However, with irritating influences coming up, the most favorable time will be before December 16.

Mars opposite your decan from December 16 to January 4 presents a challenge you have to overcome in order to achieve a certain goal or simply to be yourself. Anger and frustration are likely as other people stand in your way or directly oppose your will. This is a difficult time to fully achieve what you want, especially later in the month with strained communications complicating matters.

Mercury square your decan from December 23 to January 2 creates a deal of mental anxiety and difficulties when trying to communicate. There will be a tendency to skip over details so important decisions should be put off. Concentration will be difficult as you will be easily distracted.

Mercury square Mars from December 26 to January 2 will be the most challenging period of the month. Rushed thinking can make you short-tempered and aggressive. You may jump to conclusions, rush your decision-making and say the wrong thing. All of this can then lead to disagreements, arguments and even open hostility.

Mercury retrograde from January 5 to 25 makes this is a slightly longer transit than normal because Mercury slows down in late December. This also means you will have the same transit again in February 2016.

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101 thoughts on “Aries Horoscope December 2015

  1. hey Jamie, thank you for this amazing site. I am second decan aries with leo moon, I met a guy (23/03/1984), and he was very excited to start a relationship, then out of the sudden he is being cold with me now, do you think I have any hope for love on november?

    • This is a very good month for love I’m afraid Nana. But you may get some pleasantly surprising news later with Mercury sextile your decan from November 7 to 15.

      • Thank you very much Jamie, hope it is good news as it was bad for a some time now.

  2. Hi Jamie, your prediction are very accurate. Im aries 2nd decan, and this Pluto and Uranus transit is very
    stressful and tiring. Is there any hope of changing my dead end job in december or near future?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks Nikola, this is the final big impact from Uranus and Pluto really, it will fade away fairly quickly in the new year. The big indicator of career prospects is Saturn trine your decan from December 17 until December 2016. Keep a watch on your monthly horoscopes for the best timing as other planets make good aspects to Saturn.

  3. Jamie hello I’m an aries born April 14. I dk but it seems like everything in my life is crazy. My career is on te rocks, and my love life. Well I don’t have one. I thought I met someone but then all of a sudden thinhs turned sour. Is this wat it’s going to b like in 2016. I been going thru this for a minute now. It’s about time us aries have more good days

    • I will seen tough this month Trisha, but as you go through 2016 you will notice an improvement. It will get better the further you go through the year.

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