Carl Calleman Horoscope

Carl Calleman Horoscope

Carl Calleman

Carl Calleman is a Swedish scientist who studied toxicology and then went into cancer research. These days he is well known for his research into the Mayan Calendar, and particularly for being dismissive of the popular End Time date of 21 December 2012. Carl’s research has led him to believe that 28 October 2011 is the specific date that the Mayan calendar “ends”. It is important to understand that Carl is not predicting the end of life on earth. What he is suggesting is not that far removed from what a lot of us feel, that we are about to undergo, or have already started undergoing, a gradual but intense transformation toward a higher consciousness, sometimes termed Christ Consciousnesses. Carl has obviously done a lot of work on the Mayan Calendar. I’m not going into the details of the calendar here. If you are interested you can read all about it on his website, MAYACAL. It looks impressive, all his research, but I want to look closer at the man before I get carried away with the predictions. .

Carl Calleman’s Astrology Chart

Carl gives us his birth data in the first line of the biography on his website, “I was born in Stockholm, Sweden at noon May 15, 1950”. As an astrologer, I wish it was always this easy! I’m not doing a full reading here as I want to simply determine if the man is genuine or a charlatan. Saturn was rising just below the horizon when he was born, so he got a reasonable dose or pessimism from the start. Finding his way into prediction of the end times is a fine expression of this aspect. This is an extremely important part of his chart, because Saturn was stationary, stopped in its tracks. So very strong Saturn themes imprinted int he soul, fear, restriction, shy when young.

Carl Calleman HoroscopeWhen older, Saturn turns good, it’s a late bloomer. Now the positive Saturn is being expressed, the wise teacher, the mentor. Serious study on serious topics. He feels a great responsibility to share his knowledge. Saturn is on a star called Coxa, on the back of the Lion. Along with it’s neighbor the fixed star Zosma, it was known by the Sumerians as Kakkab Kua, the constellation of the God Kua, the Oracle. Robson says it gives the ability to prophesy.

Moon trine Ascendant is a good sign, intuitive and well balanced emotionally. Moon on the fixed star Hamal gives patience and “slow success through hard work” according to Robson. Well this fits well with Saturn rising. The hard work paying off later in life. The Sun and Mercury both trine Mars is an indicator of a very sharp intellect. Driven to achieve the goals, enthusiastic debater, keen to get the message across, very effective at self promotion, healthy ego. Carl doesn’t mind cashing in on the hard work either. Jupiter rules wealth and it is on a fortunate star for a scientist. Ebertin says that Deneb Adige in the Swan is “favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain.” Robson mentions “an ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning” for this star. So with Jupiter here, ruler of higher education, morality and philosophy, Carl appears to be the real deal.

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  1. This is the first space where those i’ve been tracking for several years have converged. More evidence for evolution of consciousness? I don’t know about Calleman’s pursuit of wealth, but I do know I have yet to pore over every article and document he’s posted on his website:

    I discovered Calleman through Barbara Hand Clow’s book, The Mayan Code ( Which drew me back toward an earlier work, Liquid Light of Sex (, the information that broke open Chiron’s bridging role and unpacking of the “midlife crisis” ’round the Chiron return. Clow’s monthly new-moon forcasts get re-posted here: I find this catalog easier to access than her website.
    Some ride we’re on! . . .appreciating the community here, thanks Jaimie @ Marina.

    • dont know about liqid life of sex,
      all i know is,from ,the big bang,literally,we have been geatating for 13.7 billion years in the metaphysical body,to be born into another dimension,there are billions of subbattomics/attom/cells/people/dimensions/universes/multiverses/states of consciousness.
      who are we inside,queen, or homeless person,sometimes the same thing.
      having seen prana since i snffed it at 3,prana looks like, spermatazoa in a petri dish,was told inwardly ,
      that,every thought is a fertile intention,and the egg,is the sea of consciousness ,it swims in.
      where do we put our attention,what concepts do we hold.
      the spermal spiral of sacred geometory,golden section,makes beautul music indefinitely.
      we are now increasing our vault- age ,without blowing the cicuits.(kundalini has been recorded rising,see hazel courtneys video.) the electromagnetic systems of consciousness,choose what colour, sound,rates of motion,frequency ,vbration,we attend to ,they are interchangeable.
      the formula for a rose ,smells like the real thing.
      outside time and space(our local dialect) all ,sight,sound,scent,taste, touch,and beyond,pales into insignificance,to the miriad possibilities available ,in other parts of the metaphorical body,to beyond this dimensions limited spectrum.
      108, and gold important ,healing heart strings are constantly plucked,gold never tarnishes,doesnt chrystalize during an ecclipse ,as all is in alignment.
      science sugests the dodecahedron is the shape of our univers,ie prana/ether/consgiousness.
      360% /egg/void/0/All, is teeming with electrifying life force .
      there is no void/death, all is recycled energy.
      at so called death,funneled from the event horizon to singularity,we go down a tunnel,blackhole,wormhole, to the ,light/egg/all.dump and ejaculate our load of that incarnations experiance ,to impregnate another” Reality”
      it is never ending.we are realy an orgasmic androgenous sintilating ,intricate sea of consciousness ,that cross fertilizes itself endlessly.
      the experimenter affects the experiment.sparks of the life force ,sparkles , after having been obseverd sink bacrk into the w(a)onderos sea.

      • before birth, we try odifferent outfits and go in and out of the screen of life ,which reflects the,programme/blueprint/channell,the meridains of the body,map of the heavens ,ie pathway of stars,electrical synaptic brain neuro tramsmitters .
        new path ways can always be reconected, even after brain malfunction,all can be healed ,everything is spectacular.

    • Yay Cathy! Roller coaster ride isnt it?
      I havent had a chance to catch up with these comments and I also want to look at Callemans chart Dark Goddess style since Elenin is such a wild lady of a comet.
      I just wanted to say about ” the same ride we” are on comment. I keep finding links between so many people I’m into. Yes Barbara Hand Clow is referenced by Christaine Northrup who wrote a fantastic womens wisdom health book which I am reading now about the Menopause (Yes I’m turning into an old crone early…), who also talks about Bruce Lipton, who as also been interviewed on Red Ice radio where I first heard about Calleman…and it goes on.
      I need to check out Calleman’s Algol Sun what the orb is with precession. Juicy if so.

      • hi marina- me too, early menopause, from age 44-45, september 2001 last regular period, ovaries dumped the following january. very tough time leading up to it– greatly increased my empathy– very troublesome–had to move from the big city– i found it best to be behind a mountain, shielded by rock from people. if you’d like to make comparisons my dob is 23 sep 1956, 2.15 pm ft worth texas. let me know if you figure anything out. 😀

  2. the gestation and what happens in the mothers 9 months/13.7 billion yrs,is tranposed to the coming life of that embryo.
    the life/death force ,depicted through the pluto in scorpio generation,that thinks its invincible ,can shift cancerous thinking ,into possitive cell structure ,beyond death,to a new positive life force eventually.
    what cell are you in the metaphysical body, brain,bowel,blood,heart?
    the dimunition of demoted pluto and dwarf planets ,are at the edge of consciousness ,and are reminding us of their potency.
    the recent supernova explosion,shows the expasion ,and then cotraction ,of the essence of its life force,as it punches a hole in spacetime, through a black hole pathway,to another dimentional consciousness.

  3. Hmm. I am skeptic to Calleman’s development. I used to think of him as a grounded soul, good reasoning and thorough research-kinda guy (Saturn-in Virgo, objective south-node in Libra; Taurus Sun)..

    But he is a special kinda Taurus; being in the 9th house and squaring Pluto in the 12th. Makes me think if he lost himself in the emotions of the 2012-hype..His last blogposts shows signs of this. Besides this makes him very rigid and possibly self-righteous. My bullshit alarms always turns out red when the ability to decipher codes slides over into apophenia.

    • Hi Sol, I’ve read Carl’s last post dated August 16 2011, The Fifth night of the Ninth wave

      “Typically, the Fifth night means a ¨dark age¨ with some kind of destruction and without exception it has meant a sharp economic decline…My own view is that the economic crisis will only deepen as we go throughout the fifth night into the Sixth day and take large proportions onwards until the end of the Mayan calendar on October 28, 2011.”

      Given what is happening on the stock markets at the moment I would not call that apophenia.

  4. Well, maybe calling it apophenia is a bit harsh, but I reacted to the gloominess of the post and think that he goes too far in his assessment. He sort of sees the whole system collapsing before 28 oct… We have an economical crises that is very pronounced and it hasn’t changed so much since the credit crunch of 2008; so in this sense I think that he reads into the Maya calendar something that isn’t there more now than it was before..The stockmarked is more or less bipolar these days, due to many factors, so we can’t always look to the stock exchange marked to get a sense of reality….IMO If there is gonna be a real economical collapse it will either come when Saturn enters Scorpio (ruling debts) or when there is a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in 2019-20, which coincidentally (uh?) falls heavily on FED’s chart..That’ll be fun…

    • Ahha..what about Uranus square Pluto? Last time was the great depression. I agree in sorts about reading the stock market signals, but there are other signs, especially from Europe and the US that the actual economic system is failing.

      • Agreed that URanus-Pluto will bring a revolution, however, I do not think it will be a collapse, but a thorough readjustment..

  5. I hope that the destruction that he mentions; and that I tend to see as a Pluto in Cap-thing (cap ruling systems), will be a clean-up of the current condition of the markets which paves the way for too many possibilities for speculation, currency speculation and hedge funds etc. The stock-exchange market has lost so much credibility due to these possibilities.

    • Well you’re astrological apophenia relies more on houses and signs than my aspects and stars, but I think we’re seeing the same future. Thanks for the chat and keep up the good work on your blog, looks good.

        • I believe as a scientist, Carl might say we are apophenic. You and I use different techniques but we both believe we see something real when we join our dots.

          • Ah, hehe, got it…Well, I tend to look at my own astrological practice as empirical…Some might call it apophenic indeed…(and they do)

  6. On October 28th, 2011, Comet Elenin will be at 6 Degrees 16 Minutes Cancer in my 10th House and forms a T-Square with my Pluto conjunct Ascendant in Libra opposite my Sun and Venus Conjunction in my 7th House Aries.

    It also makes an exact Inconjunct to my Jupiter in Aquarius and a close Inconjunct(1 degree orb) to my Neptune in Sagittarius. In other words a Yod.

    All of these alignments take place when the Mayan Calendar ends on October 28th.

  7. ~ Hi Jamie ~ thanks for posting this as I had just been to to look at Jose Arguelles’s chart and was disappointed they did not list Calleman’s also. I was curious and doing some comparison charts ~ both Arguellis born in 1939 and Calleman born in 1950 have jupiter at 5 and 4 degrees pisces where my own mars is at and where neptune is currently hanging out for a while ~ also one had mars 27 virgo and the other 22 virgo ~ ison discovery chart has the sun at 28 virgo ~ it’s been a crazy day today with the sun on my neptune making it all flow 🙂 ~ i have been following both your and marina’s posts on ison and the uranus pluto square ~ i have had a peculiar feeling about ison since discovery and feel it is tied into blue star kachina hopi phophecy ~ i have been channeling obscure messages since 2009 ~ i only just discovered astrology in 2010 and had you and marina do my chart in 2011, also marina has done 3 solar returns since ~ …some how we are all linked beyond the seeding of the 60’s ~ i had ordered some forecasts as you were being challenged in 2012 that you were unabLe to fill so i sent you loVe anD liGht for recoVery ~ should you like to talk you can find me in the sky annmarie662 ~ loVe aNd liGht ~ gratituDe and respeCt ~ aS the serpeNt sheDs it’s skiN we reneW ourseLves ~ ceLLs ~ withiN ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ :

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