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The New Moon a couple of days ago at 25 degrees Aquarius has activated a part of the sky which has had a lot of attention in the last 9 months. The triple conjunctions of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have all been around this degree, in May, July and December of 2009.

The last of these conjunctions is 17 February 2010 with Chiron conjunct Neptune. There have also been retrograde stations of these planets here, and Chiron and Neptune station direct around 25 Aquarius in early November 2010.

Like I just commented on Mary Plumb’s article at The Mountain Astrologer, Aquarius New Moon, “it’s like this point is being rammed home to us by the universe. I get the feeling that whatever this means is extremely important for us and we need to explore it more thoroughly.”

The effects of the triple conjunction are difficult to quantify based on mundane astrology. Unlike Pluto or Saturn, Neptune does not seem to have a dramatic effect on world events which translates to news headlines.

Chiron and Neptune appear to effect us more at the spiritual level, and they act on the global consciousness, or mass consciousness. Probably the best way to understand what is manifesting from these conjunctions is to get a feel for what is going on in our own community. For us this can be gauged by reading other articles by astrologers and seeing what is being discussed on social networking sites and forums.

The best source of astrological information on Chiron can be found at Zane Steins Chiron and Friends. I like to go back to the mythology, so for me, Chiron is the healer, astrologer and oracle. This is cross cultural, in Greek mythology this was his role, and as Christ in Christianity, it was also his role. Self sacrifice is a major theme in both stories and this is an interesting point for astrologers. What do we have to give up? With Neptune conjunct Chiron now the sacrifice theme is heightened. Neptune is the spiritual consciousness of our community. The new moon suggests that egos should be sacrificed for the good of the community.

Chiron conjunct Neptune is Christ Consciousness. This is not a religious rant, I’m no practicing Christian, so we could also call it Mohammed Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness. Perhaps the best term would be Chiron Consciousness. It is about the energy of Chiron (Christ) related to Neptune (consciousness). This term was often used by Edgar Cayce.

“This transformative power of the Christ Consciousness is awakened as individuals act in accord with the pattern set by the example of Jesus’ life. In fact, this awakening is the essential purpose for which each soul enters into life. From Cayce’s perspective, Jesus is the Elder brother for all of humankind, deeply committed to assisting all souls in reawakening to the awareness of their oneness with God. This Jesus is not interested in religious conversion, denominational-ism, or even mighty personal accomplishments. Instead, He is simply interested in how we treat one another. With this in mind, even in the midst of our diversity as a human family, we share a common spiritual heritage. We are all Children of the same God. We are all part of the one spiritual Source. And, we are all destined to return to our Creator, our Mother/Father, our God.”

So that’s my thoughts on this new moon. My Mercury was trined by the new moon and squared by last month’s solar eclipse. Communication is definitely a big theme for me now, making new friends in cyberspace and writing blog articles, chatting on forums and social pages. Marina is rushing full steam ahead with exploring the meaning of Lilith, as this new moon was on her Mars Lilith conjunction.

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  1. One of the things Chiron does stand for is definitely holistic healing. So far, transits of (and to) Chiron always influenced me as such:

    Chiron gives you a health problem. It may or may not be something very serious but even if it’s not very serious, it causes some sort of trouble in your daily activities. So, you want to get rid of it immediately. Yet, it is something that cannot be cured with just a pill. Modern medicine somehow does not work for it. So, you’re looking for other ways to cure it. So, you learn about holistic healing methods thoroughly to cure yourself.

    According to holistic healing the illness that physically manifests in the body is in fact a problem within your mind. If you do not deal with the mental cause of the problem you can not cure your illness. Even if you heal your physical problem without changing your mental outset, some time later the problem manifests as another illness.

    When you learn about all this, (and of course believe it) you become capable of curing all sorts of problems within yourself; it gives you a picture why you are suffering some particular disease. That’s what makes Chironian health problems spiritual. The chironian disease always works for spiritual development.

    • ♥ Thank you Rimli for your comments. Chiron in transit conjunct my sun (in my case, in Pisces) has brought me on the journey you describe – through the run up to the conjunction itself. The transit has been challenging.

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