Jupiter Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

Jupiter Opposite PlutoJupiter opposite Pluto in the natal chart creates incredible dynamism that can result in great achievements and a name to be remembered. The powerful energy of this aspect can be difficult to handle, especially when growing up. Any opposition to your grand plans can make you more determined to force your will onto others, using any tactics you deem as necessary.

You definitely can wield a lot of power with Jupiter opposite Pluto, but the best results will come from listening to advice and tempering your extreme philosophy and style of convincing others. Not budging on your sometimes righteous beliefs, can intensify the opposition that you tend to generate, sometimes from powerful and influential forces.

The ability to compromise, just a little, will further your objectives and gain you the support which is necessary to see your ambitions fulfilled. This skill of tact and diplomacy really is the key to harnessing the immense power and influence this aspect gives you.

Jupiter Opposite Pluto Transit

Jupiter opposite Pluto transit will intensify your strong ambitions to succeed in your chosen field or with some philosophically driven project. You may have been working towards this goal for a number of years, now this transit represents crunch time, a culmination of efforts where you either reach the top and succeed, or realize you need to undergo a major transformation in your belief system and goals.

You should feel more powerful and do have the ability to make a big impression upon others, with more influence over the outcomes in your life. Jupiter opposite Pluto transit will tend to dramatically increase your ego and lust for power. To harness the best of this transit, it is necessary to contain your ruthlessness and fanaticism, at least in the eyes of the public. You will need the support of others to realize your goals, so compromise is needed to make more allies and fewer enemies.

Enemies are a feature of this transit because your power and strength will bring about defensive reactions from others who feel threatened by your increasing power and influence. Making these people feel less threatened will further your goals. At least make them feel like you are listening to their points of view, you may even end up finding you take on some of the points from others if you realize that your sometimes righteous beliefs are not the only possibilities.

Jupiter Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Jack Nicholson 01′, Peter Gabriel 03′, Norris McWhirter 08′, Ross Mcwhirter 08′, Colleen McCullough 11′, Margaret Thatcher 15′, Saddam Hussein 17′, Jeff Stryker 22′, Joan McEvers 23′, Alexandre Dumas 23′, Katherine Mansfield 23′, Miriam Stoppard 34′, George Carlin 35′, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux 43′, Jane Fonda 44′, Mark Spitz 44′, David Gahan 47′, Alyssa Noan 50′, Bethany Nolan 50′, Jason Connery 55′, Johnny Carson 56′, Amy Dumas 58′, Mata Hari 1°50′.

8 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

  1. My natal Jupiter is 24 degrees Cancer in the 2nd House. Pluto is opposite my Jupiter. I certainly don’t feel that I have any power at all! I feel worn down to nothing. I have lost all my belongings, my job/income. Am long term unemployed (bizarre because I did have a well paid profession). Feel somewhat ego-less. No libido. Nothing. I do think that I have made enemies though, or maybe that’s too strong a word, people who just don’t like me or care about me would be a better description. Any suggestions how best to manage this aspect? I really am stuck and don’t know what to do. Sent over 400 CVs off this year alone.

  2. The description you refer to is for Jupiter opposite Pluto in the natal chart! You do not have that aspect. If you have Jupiter at 24 Cancer than for you to have that aspect Pluto would need to be at around 24 Capricorn. Last time this happened was mid October 1776!! Next time will be in 2018. Pluto is now retrograde at over 17 degrees Capricorn at about the farthest point he got to in 2016. In December 2016 – the date of your post – Pluto was direct at 16 degrees Capricorn. Too wide of an orb for even Pluto transiting opposition to natal Jupiter at 24 degrees Cancer to be in effect.

    You have something else going on. Whatever it is, I hope you are able to resolve soon. Prayer helps! Good luck.

  3. I have this natal.. June 62. Jupiter Pisces, 2nd house, conjunct Chiron, opposite Pluto Virgo. And Angie described my whole life. What doesn’t kill us, will make us stronger Angie.

    • I have also these aspects (born May 62) – Pluto in house 1 Virgo – – – – opposite Jupiter in house 7 Pisces with Chiron – – i had some very dangerous ennemis ( sect/occult related ) – – i was pulleds down and beated but i SURVIVED (it took me many years – – what do you think

  4. I have T Jupiter in 6th opposing natal Pluto in 12th. My thyroid is off the charts & the heels of my feet feel as though they have carpel tunnel. I walk a mile & the heels of my feet throb with pain once I’ve returned home. It takes 24 hours to recover and then I have to walk somewhere all over again because I don’t have a car.

    • also, Pisces governs my 6th house and Pisces governs the feet there.

  5. I have this aspect: 11th house Pluto 7* in Scorp/ 4th house Jupiter 28* In Aries.. In my opinion, to get the most out of this Aspect u have to have balls the size the empire state building. This placement will strip u bare bone of power, Only then will u understand the dynamics of true power.

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