Jupiter Retrograde 2012

Jupiter Retrograde 2014

Jupiter Retrograde 2012

Jupiter is retrograde from early October 2012 till the end of January 2013. This is a regular cycle occurring every 13 months and lasting for about 4 months. During the Jupiter retrograde motion, the normal Jupiter things like growth, happiness, wealth, our philosophy or belief systems, can be the source of introspection and hard work due to circumstances that seem karmic in nature. Jupiter retrograde can bring about the more negative qualities of Jupiter such as never feeling satisfied or happy with what you have  no matter how good it is, being a Scrooge, being selfish and greedy with your time and other resources, extravagance and over indulgence,  waste, or being over zealous, hypocritical or dogmatic with religious or moral issues.

If any of the traits rear their head with Jupiter retrograde then it is a signal that you have some work to do in order the find the right balance. What value do you place on quality time with family and friends compared to accumulating wealth? Are you too generous, giving give too much to others, leaving yourself short and getting little in return? Whatever issues may come up, through circumstance or from other people, the aim is to grow and learn and find happiness from within.

Jupiter Retrograde 2012

Jupiter stations retrograde at 16 degrees Gemini on Thursday the 4th of October 2012. I lost count of the aspect patterns in this thing. The red lines making a grand cross are very challenging, and the way out of it is through the blue lines making a kite, giving the ability to rise above the difficulties. Overall this should be a very positive Jupiter retrograde period because the planet going retrograde, Jupiter, is on a very fortunate star in constellation Orion. This star is called Rigel and it has a Jupiter nature giving wealth, happiness and a charitable nature. Robson says of this star with Jupiter in particular, “Great legal or ecclesiastical preferment, many journeys, benefits from foreign affairs, favourable for marriage.”

To get all these goodies you need to find and address any of those negative qualities I mentioned earlier. You will have other people to help with that. The grand cross is very personal and involves relationships of an intimate nature with the Moon and Venus in there. Partners and immediate family and especially women, Moon with the South Node suggests karmic ties and family links. The Moon in the Pleiades is in the same spot as the May 2012 Solar Eclipse, so the themes from that eclipse are very much highlighted, and are in fact very similar to the themes we get out of this Jupiter retrograde.

Moon opposite Mars causes anger to build and to be harshly express as a hot temper and emotional outburst and abuse. Venus opposite Neptune can make you all the more sensitive and suggests that you will have to address the Jupiter retrograde issue of how much you give of yourself. Are you being used, abused, swindled or deceived in some way? Of course these things work both ways.  If you are flying off the handle at loved ones or taking advantage of weaker people, then something may happen to make you change your ways. If you have to put up with irrational behaviour or are being taken for a ride in love or financially, then things will reach a point where you have to accept your role in letting this happen and work to improve the conditions.

Venus is peace, love and money, how we value ourselves and give and receive affection. Venus is critical in this horoscope because she comes under a lot of pressure from Moon, Mars and Neptune making her feel vulnerable and used, ganged up on. But Venus is also the key to getting out of this drama because of the kite formation. Remember the theme is raising Jupiter to a higher vibration, being happier and growing in all areas.  This now comes through Venus, loving yourself more in order to to be happy with yourself and what you have, and then spreading the love.

Serious thinking, patience and concentration comes from Mercury conjunct Saturn. Trine Neptune means that you can have a practical outlook yet also reach for the ideal outcome, dreams can be materialized. Mercury and Saturn sextile Venus gives self respect and the ability to communicate any grievances with tact and love. Ceres in this chart is important not only because of the positive blue lines, but when Jupiter entered the retrograde zone it was conjunct Ceres, making Ceres themes crucial in the whole story.

Ceres rules cereal crops so personal and spiritual growth could come from moving toward a more sensible and healthy diet, free of Neptune toxins and free of Jupiter retrograde gluttony. Ceres also has some rule over family relationships, especially between parents and children, and also with in-laws and step families. There is a very strong feminine influence in this horoscope with the Moon, Venus and Ceres. It may be these types of relationships which are important in helping you  find those issues which need addressing. They may be the source of some emotional dramas but the key to your own growth and happiness.

Jupiter Direct 2013

Jupiter turns direct on the 30th of January 2013 at 06°19′ Gemini. This is the same spot as the November 2012 lunar eclipse making this retrograde station especially powerful and karmic in nature involving the family and the past. The theme of that eclipse was karmic rebalancing. The theme of the Jupiter retrograde cycle is karmic issues involving female family members and close friends. These themes are combined in the chart below with Moon square Ceres highlighting tension over maternal issues. Some drama has to be sorted out between mom and the kids, or the dynamic involving grandma or step mom. Communication is the key to rebalancing the karmic issues. Moon quincunx Mercury means mom has to make some adjustments to relieve the tension.

Jupiter Direct

Jupiter Retrograde 2013 Dates

11 July 2012 – Jupiter enters retrograde zone at 6°20′ Gemini.
04 October 2012 – Jupiter stationary retrograde at 16°23′ Gemini.
30 January 2013 – Jupiter stationary direct at 6°20′ Gemini.
25 April 2013 – Jupiter leaves retrograde zone at 16°23′ Gemini.

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  1. Greg F says:

    Jupiter stations exactly on my friend’s ascendant (16 GEM). Is that a good thing?

  2. BlackMoonChick says:

    Wow! The chart is amazing.
    Interestingly, Ceres goes retrograde in the early part of Jupiter Rx (2012-10-31 at 3Cn4)and stations direct again in February next year (2013-2-4 at 19Gm44).
    “When the Great Mother Ceres turns retrograde on us, the entire notion of mothering and nurturance is up for grabs in our lives. This goes far beyond “just children”, since Ceres describes the ways we give to and receive loving support from others. You’re being forced to reconsider what you really care about. Some of our “babies” must be allowed to grow up and fly the coop if our attachments are holding them back. It’s also important to recognize whether you are rejecting or filtering out the love others are extending to you during these cycles. Sometimes, the most cruel person in your life is yourself. It’s time to reconnect with the web of life and loving.”

    Blessed be.

    • Jamie says:

      Thanks for that link, we haven’t looked into Ceres retro yet but this is another example of how Ceres and Jupiter are linked at the moment. Weren’t they brother and sister?

      • Darkmoon says:

        As Zeus, Jupiter was the father of Persephone, thus the mating partner of Demeter, the Greek counterpart of Ceres. As Jupiter, he is brother to Neptune and Pluto. Juno, daughter of Saturn, is claimed to be sister and consort/wife to Jupiter.

    • dia.astro says:

      wow, that is so true for me. Ceres is retrograding over my ascendant, which is also sextile to my Sun, Mars, and Venus. Over the last several months my mothering style and truly my identity has been totally transformed. I’ve gone from a horrible relationship to becoming a single mom with 100% custody and I am also caring for my ailing grandparents. Looking forward to one last sweep of all these aspects!!!! I have learned so much from Ceres.

      • I’ve had full custody of my 3 kids for over 4 years now, single dad. Jupiter has stationed direct trine my MC and I think I have found a happy balance between work and parenting now.

  3. Kacey says:

    “The Neptunian theme of deception and occult buried wisdom is interesting in combination with the cleansing water V liquid poison elements. This solar eclipse is also about sorrow, tears, broken hearts, open hearts, empathy, compassion and eventual redemption.”
    Ok, that settles it. I’m officially anti-Neptune. I’m just going to get myself a “NEPTUNE GO HOME!” placard, wear my “NO NEPTUNE HERE!” badge and protest until this despicable character is off to his oceans for good! Bloody @!#$%&^$!@

    • Greg F says:

      Just say NO to NETUNE! :)

    • Jamie says:

      Yes, Neptune has been causing some problems lately but things should improve with Saturn trine Neptune in mid October.

      • Kacey says:

        Yes, I thought about that actually, that Saturn might help with having a grip on reality, even the depletion of energy. But in general, I’ve experienced Neptune transits (esp. to the Moon) as very, very difficult to deal with: no energy, no motivation, no clarity. And they last for such a long time!
        Of course Neptune does offer an opening to compassion and spirituality, and for that I’m grateful, but on a daily, practical level, up to now, I’ve found it unbearable.
        And my Mars in Pisces would sometimes definitely prefer to be a Mars in Scorpio! :)

        • Jamie says:

          I might start a post on Saturn trine Neptune and see what the chart looks like.

          • Kacey says:

            Yes, that’s a great idea. I’m actually kind of glad with this trine, somehow Saturn in Scorpio by itself sounded too rigid to me and Neptune in Pisces…well, a lot more Neptuney. So, I think that’s going to be an interesting discussion.

  4. “Jupiter retrograde can bring about the more negative qualities of Jupiter such as never feeling satisfied or happy with what you have no matter how good it is, being a scrooge, being selfish and greedy with your time and other resources. Isn’t that just erm….Saturn ? ;)

    I don’t see retrograde periods as being the negative of a planet at all. Jupiter will be working in a introspective manner I think. If anything I think it would curb the Jupiterian traits of indulgence, greed and exaggeration. I think Jupiter RX gives us an opportunity to put a reality check on our overblown dreams and fantasies, go on a diet, question blind faith and wether your idols are worth worshipping. Maybe this will show up the charlatans, the dodgy gurus and quacks. Jupiter can make big claims about itself. The Rx will bring the fart giant down a peg or two!

    Important I would think for anyone with stuff at 0º Pisces. Everything is plugging to that.

    • I’ve been looking for an article called Fun with Saturn – Fear with Jupiter for a long time.. Expansion can sometimes be extremely frightening and restriction totally liberating…Jupiter will stay squaring my natal 15Pluto/14Uranus conj opp 14Saturn, looking fwd to that experience (I guess)

      • Ah, Pluto/Uranus in Virgo/Saturn in Pisces, of course, as most aging astrologers will know…

      • Dragonfly says:

        I’m very interested in that article – not exact but I have an opposition too, Saturn at 2 Taurus, Jupiter at 5 Scorpio, which is intercepted in my chart. If you find the article, would you link it? :-) thanks.

      • Jamie says:

        I agree that hard Jupiter aspects are not so bad as compared to hard aspects from other planets.

    • Jamie says:

      ” Isn’t that just erm….Saturn ?”. A naughty Saturn, yes. And I think Saturn retrograde is like a naughty Jupiter, lack of self disciple etc. yes everyone says retro planets make you introspective and I’m sure that’s true, but what are you being introspective about? Surely not how wonderfully you are expressing that planet, more likely you will search inside to find where things are not working, i.e. the negatives of that planet.

      • Actually now thinking about it. If we say the negatives of a planet are like the shadow, the disowned part that we project onto others, then I can see how a Jupiter Rx could project its negative Jupiter onto others. Like we were talking about earlier. Jupiter could exaggerate its self importance and build itself up as a super guru, or it could accuse someone else of the same. Both Jupiter Rx AND Saturn could accuse someone else of being a quack and a charlatan because of a lack of faith.

        Or they could be very judgemental, but get judged by others all the time…because they are judgemental. Saturn is critical like Jupiter is judgemental. Sometimes the opposites are the same. So the two are complimentary then aren’t they, like Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus. Maybe they work like Oestrogen and Progesterone. If one is deficient or dominant then the other one will be out of whack too! (PS. You can tell I’ve been reading lots of menopause books….)

        I speak as one with natal Jupiter Rx rising, at the apex of a Yod, so you can see my concern Mr Saturn Yod. x ;)

        Saturn and Jupiter are both gas giants. Pooooo!

    • Lenore says:

      Feb.19 birthdays unite! Interesting having the finger of god pointing directly to my Sun (0’45 Pisces). Do we know anything about which star might reside there?

      • Jamie says:

        There are no major stars there but a couple of small ones in constellation Pisces Austrinus, the Southern Fish. They would have an influence similar to that constellations brightest star, Fomalhaut because they are also in the head of the fish.

        1950 positions for both eplison and gamma Pisces Austrinus are 00°37′ Pisces

    • Erika says:

      Thanks Marina and Jamie. Always enjoy a good chat about astrological aspects. This is retrograding back to my natal Jupiter (1 degree or orb) and today I found $200 USD in a box I had squirreled away while cleaning (mars square natal moon). Fun! Thank you past self for having the foresight to tuck that away for me to find 5 years later.

  5. Tammy Soper says:

    Jan 3rd is my birthday, How will the Jupiter stationary direct on that day effect things for me?

    • Jamie says:

      It is actually the 30th of January that Jupiter turns direct and Jupiter in the period does not aspect your Sun so it should not be felt too strongly. Unless of course Jupiter is aspecting something else in your chart.

  6. Sunsprawl says:

    Wow, this chart is so…aesthetic…and flowing and constructive. It seems to be a culmination of a lot of things that have been happening for me. Venus will be conjunct my South Node/Mars/BML conjunction; Neptune continues to be conjunct, although moving away from my North Node/Pallas; South Node and Mars are conjunct natal Neptune (still dealing with Neptune sq. Neptune); Saturn/Mercury will be conjunct my Ascendant (26Lib)/Venus(29Lib)/Jupiter(3Sco) (Persephone, Isis, Ixion, Quaoar…it’s crowded there), and still within orb for a Sun square Jupiter (13.40 Virgo). In the back ground I’ve got the Uranus opp. going on, and of course, Pluto sq. natal Uranus. I’m not quite sure what this portends, but architecturally, it really looks like a culmination. It happens one day from my father’s solar return. Natal Jupiter at 3 Scorpio I’ve come to see as the rapist in my chart and George Michael style “Father Figure.” The action has already started and I can see it won’t let up for awhile!

  7. RedKachina says:

    Hello there. This is a great article! I was wondering what would happen to people with Jupiter retrograde in the 7th house/cancer?

  8. Rocío Incera says:

    When I see tha chart, it so much reminds me of this struggle between “good” and “bad”, that we seem to be approaching at cosmic speeds.

    I feel so vertiginous, every thing is so changeable, uncertainties seem on the run and the only stability seems to be within, when I remember there is a somewhere called “within”.

    It seems to me so clearly dark and light. The Kite and a Diamond (or a Quadrate, if you look it from another perspective).

    I do have this opposition that tears me apart, with my Jup. in 12th. (for me, shadow comes related to inflation, gaseous nature of that giant). And Saturn, which is on my 6th House, earthian and dense like a marisma. Being Jup. in my 12th, I do hope that Saint Michael will do what I´m not sure I can: reap my shadow!

    I feel rather confused, and knowing next week will be not easy for us arians (better for my cancer asc. 12th/1st ascendant the whole month, except next week), I just have to do the flowing thing we all seem to be invited to.

    I´ve worked today more than 15 hours. We did not get any rest at weekend, 10 people were dismissed from work place including directors and recent baby boomers. I am a story teller and they choose a favourite one to do the job and not me (grrrr!). They obey hierarchies and not knowledge. They don´t say the truth and only speak of conviniences.

    I feel like walking on so i fragile line, upon eggs and doing not noise. I feel strange, restricted and I have to accept it (mainly, because of survival reasons and also because of knowing I am really living the saturnian energy).

    Not easy! I thank God that I have a fascinating curse next week and do hope to feel aleviated not being in the office for long.

    My left ear weasles all the time. And I have a job, I am able to sustain what I sustain and feel somehow greatful… if you know what contraditions mean!

    Thankyou Marina and Jamie! We love you very much!

    Er… Mariatrine.

  9. Angel says:

    I turn 33 on the 4th of october, hope is a good start of my solar return

    Angie x

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Thank you for the really fascinating post. Can I clarify that themes from the May 2012 solar eclipse may be revisited? This was an extremely challenging time for me on the relationship front as have the last few months – being a Sag (28/11/73 00:45am Sydney) with so much happening in Gemini and Sagittarius. Hmm, trying to keep the faith and look at it as a “growth” experience, but yes, quite challenging. Thank you again for such a brilliant and informative site.

  11. Susie says:

    Me and my partner both have Jupiter retrograde in our natal chart in scorpio and taurus. How does a retrograde transit of Jupiter affect those with a natal retrograde Jupiter ? X

    • Greg F says:

      I also have a retro Jupiter in Taurus (6th house), and my health has been pretty poor in my later years. I’m hoping Jupiter Rx in Gemini (7th) will bring good people into my life from the past.

  12. RedKachina says:

    How will having Jup in the 7th house in cancer impact those of us with such a natal chart?
    Any idea? Thanks! :)

  13. Lee says:

    Jupiter is in retrograde in my natal chart, what should I be aware of .. should I bury myself under the covers or am I gonna be in the clear

  14. John says:

    Looks like this should be an interesting time for my boyfriend and me. The grand square hits the AC/DC and the MC/IC axes of our davison, and with my sun and his moon on the DC of that chart, should prove interesting to say the least. The moon/south node are straddling my true lilith. Jupiter will be square my mercury and quincunx my AC. @.@ A friend of mine said something about the beginning of October being a big time for me. Guess we’ll just have to wait, see, and hold tight. Thanks for the astrological heads up Jamie!

  15. Thanks for give suitable informamtion.

    Know your quality by your birth start(Nakshatra)


  16. Jan says:

    Curious about “expansive” Jupiter affecting ones weight. I had thought that that losing 20-lbs in my 1st house self would be a good thing. I had not considered retrograde and gluttony!? I feel like I’m swimming against the current. Your thoughts on this will be appreciated…

  17. John Carter says:

    My natal Jupiter is at 16 degrees of Gemini in my second house of money and possessions. When it makes it’s station at 16 degrees of Gemini for several weeks, exactly conjunct it’s natal position, what are possible events that could occur?

    • Jamie says:

      John it could be that we are on the verge of very good things, an increase in your net worth. It may however not be fully realized until Jupiter comes back over your natal Jupiter. Depends on your situation, but say you wanted to sell your house, then the retrograde station could mean that someone puts in an offer, but that it isn’t confirmed or cleared until later.

  18. RedKachina says:

    If Retro Jupiter is in Cancer in the 7th house, what would happen with this transition? Bad or good things?

    • Jamie says:

      Unless Jupiter is directly making an aspect to one of your planets or the actual Descendant then probably not much.

  19. RedKachina says:

    Thank you.

  20. Lelahel says:

    Re-Re-Regulus, kindly heal my Jupiter!




    Thankyou sooo much for this insights (I just understood this one. I´ve always gained through not so correct methods because I just don´t feel strong to retain floor -ground- under my feet, thus, acted as a victim).

    I hope I can achive healing! I will breathe away all this so weak feelings of being not enough!


  21. Be says:

    Greetings! I’ve asked a question on an astrology board a couple of weeks back but still have yet to receive an answer.. I have natal retrograde jupiter, my question is would a transit jupiter rx cycle be more prominent due to my natal being rx as well?

    also, transiting jupiter(transit 4th) will be 1 degree away from trine my ascendant before going retro, but also making a trine aspect to my venus 15 degrees in libra(8th), opposing my moon 15 degree sagittarius(10th).

    I’ve recently quit my job for more freedom and figured there’s other ways to make money from a home setting ofcourse. I’ve just a bit of money saved up and hoping to invest a good chunk. would you be able to help me intepret what i could expect or just your insight pls? that would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

  22. jenny says:

    Jupiter goes retro right on my NN and vesta in 1st house!! What to expect, Darkstar?!


  23. mel says:

    this reminds me when jupiter retro in my 6th house
    had trouble finding out what actually happened in terms of health
    when Jupiter stationed direct I finally got to talk with the right people and when Jupiter is direct things started to make sense

  24. Lelahel says:

    I was born with Jup rx. anyway, and all said suits me bery well. Never content with anything, deeply insecure… Oh dear!

    Then, Saturn will conj. Nept.

    I will have to find my way to deal with all this. Dare to shine, said Marina, relating the New Moon 15th.

    I feel confused because I thought those feelings were more of Chiron. And my Jup. is on 3rd house. It sqares Saturn (on6th) and Mars (on 12th).

    I must have been a troublesome for my parents and siblings… but no one ever took the care to give me a bath like Marina did to her little girl, while a tantrum. (I sure did to mine, when they were cranky for which ever reason! With Melissa and some bubbles; they still remember…).

    Very close -in receiving a project I expect- to be in the position of asking for my lectures.

    Thankyou Jamie!


  25. jenny says:

    Stunningly and beautifully accurate, every word..thank you darkstar for always providing such

  26. jenny says:

    Rx Jupiter is in my 1st house along with the moon which is 1 degree away fr. My natal ascendant and chiron rising in Taurus. So yes Mars is in my 7th house. With My Aries 12th house , its always been hard for me to express my anger and confront but with mars in my 7th house I’ve been a firecracker, taking my stand bc , yes, feelings of being used and taking for granted in my significant relationship is coming to the surface and I am madder than ever. I am speaking out like never before and am determined to cut ties and strike out a new path if this continues.
    Venus moving through my 5th house. with this I am hoping for a sweet relief. Through a fresh new romance or a refreshing of my current one. Also through creativity , since I am a writer. I love the 5th house. It is ruled by Leo at 29 degrees… So I’m all about grand romances and fun, well until the Virgo analyzing gets in the way :-P

  27. Adam says:

    i was wondering..jupiter is in Taurus in my chart and its going retrograde..any clues to how that might influence me??

  28. John says:

    I thought this would affect me more negatively, but this saturn trine is awesome! ^.^

  29. Maurits says:

    Dear Marina and Jamie,

    As you mentioned Jamie, the aim of Jupiter Retrograde is to grow and learn and find happiness from within.

    For the next 6 months I will definitely focus on my own spiritual healing process of karmic adjustment regarding the inner-conflict of primal urges versus discipline.

    The following events are relevant to me in this respect:

    Jupiter is currently stationary retrograde at 16°23 Gemini and in conjunction with transiting Minor Planet Chaos (orb 0deg18);

    Jupiter’ Rx North Node is conjunct Chaos’ Sun (orb 0deg58);

    Jupiter’ Rx North Node is conjunct my natal Lilith (orb 1deg13);

    Jupiter’ Rx Lilith is conjunct my natal Ascendant (orb 0deg09) and

    Ceres’ North Node is conjunct my Natal Chiron (orb 0deg18).

    I hope to discover more about myself by learning to recognize, acknowledge, respect and handle my own natural instincts.

    Thank you both for sharing your valuable insights.

    In Gratitude,


    Natal Data
    Maurits, Man, Born on Monday, 13 November 1972,
    in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 4e54, 52n22
    Time 5:13 p.m.
    Univ.Time 16:13
    Sid. Time 20:04:05

  30. John says:

    Just curious if anyone mentioned that Chaos was conjunct Jupiter the day it went retrograde. Sorta fits in with the themes of the solar eclipse as well.

    “This solar eclipse is also about sorrow, tears, broken hearts, open hearts, empathy, compassion and eventual redemption.”

    Of Chaos: “It could be your greatest temptation, or addiction and it will be the one thing that gets you every time. …will have to smash the Saturn wall so that they may be open hearted and be able to surrender to love.”

  31. debbie says:

    Because of my nature I am drawn to understandings via the arthurian legends quite often, I am looking forward to jupiter stationing direct at the end of the month, the “stars” are aligned in respect to those arthurian asteroids transits all aspecting all of those asteroids in my natal chart,even exacilibur conjunc merlin….I have the power, lets hope i did good on eliminating that which is not good to weild it…fingers crossed lol!

  32. Kaz says:

    Interesting reading this in hindsight. I have had all the family stuff to sort through. Cleared the air with my Mother, told my sister some home truths and generally had a slog. This retro has retraced it’s steps through my 5th house almost to my 4th at 3 degrees Gemini. It’s been hard ass work and I some times wonder why only me as the youngest in my family actually shakes that stagnating karmic tree.

  33. John says:

    Apprehensions on the way astrology and astrologers work? Join the cynical anonymous community to debate the relevance and reality of the age old art/science? Remember, you’re just a number here! http://bit.ly/UTc2M4

  34. Debbie says:

    Boy did I have a doozie of an headache for a few days during the station last week then dizzie spells as he movesz forward are continuing. Same problem when he stationed rx last october, really weird. I guess,thats the 8th house and all its secrets and weirdness for yo! I feel like I have been at sea for months and cqnt get my land legs back…what do you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning…

  35. Rox says:

    Hi :)
    I have a difficult period, job, money but, in this case, I mean in a special way problems with the women close to me (mother, aunt, sister, friends).
    I read your articole and I think I found the reason of that, in fact problems started in the middle of July 2012 with this transit of Jupiter.
    I’m Pisces ascendant Cancer, it is for this reason it’s a so demanding time? I knew that Jupiter in Gemini is not good for my sign.
    I really think these kind of problems are related to my karma (I have Saturn in the 12 house at the birth), but I’m almost 39 and I really suffered in relationships all my life. Do you think (as I read in the past) around the age of 40 is possible to heal or overcome this karma debt?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    (sorry for my english)

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