Jupiter Square Saturn Natal and Transit

Jupiter Square Saturn 2015Jupiter square Saturn natal can feel like being on a road trip with the hand brake on. From childhood onward, your faith and optimism will be tested by other people and by circumstance. A sense of heaviness or responsibility may limit your ability to express your high level of creative talents. This can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Especially when young, any major setbacks or criticism from parents and teachers will have a major impact on your self-esteem.

Your soul actually needs these setbacks and hurdles in life in order to perfect certain skills and strengthen your self-belief. You can see by the list of celebrities below that there is enormous potential with this aspect to achieve success and recognition in many fields. In whatever career you choose, it is important that you be able to express your strong value system, morals, or personal beliefs. You wish to have a positive and practical influence on society.

As you can also see by such personalities and Russel Brand and Angelina Jolie, you will constantly work very hard to make a difference in the world. Such strong conviction can earn you both praise and criticism. This is part and parcel of the dynamic of the square aspect. In the early stages, the challenging qualities of Saturn and Jupiter fight it out for domination. You may have to deal with egotism then poor self-esteem, extravagance and strict self-discipline, hope, and pessimism.

It is during these tests and challenges that you come to a point of self-realization or self-awareness of this inner tension playing out in you. How do you marry Saturn self-discipline and responsibility with a strong Jupiter urge for creativity and fun? The key is to keep working hard but find practical ways to express your strong faith and creative talents.

Through determination and perseverance, you will reach a place of contentment and satisfaction. You will always be looking to change yourself in order to improve, because of your high expectations. Try to stick to your own moral compass and beliefs and not be swayed by negative feedback. It is quite likely that you will attract controversy and criticism. This aspect suggests that your hard work will pay off with many opportunities for wealth, higher education, and travel.

Jupiter Square Saturn Transit

Jupiter Square Saturn transit creates inner tension as you face criticism or limiting circumstances in your life. Structures or long-held beliefs may breakdown leaving you feeling uncertain and unsure about your future. Any area of your life that has gotten out of control or is creating this tension will be subject to the strong hand of Saturn.

You could experience financial hardship in which case you need to limit spending on luxury items or entertainment. A relationship on rocky grounds may lead to a separation or major shakeup. Events may force you to reassess previously held strong beliefs. Destructive behavior patterns such as addiction may come to an end during this period.

To use addiction to drugs, gambling, or porn as an example, the withdrawal phase indicated by this transit may be painful and require you to withdraw from society. It will be a struggle and leave a vacuum in your life. Once through this stage, there will be many opportunities to fill the void with activities that allow you to express your creative side and bring greater satisfaction in life.

The above example can apply to any difficulties to experience during this transit. There will be an initial stage of frustration and uncertainty as a long-term problem reaches a crisis point. The next stage is a period of struggle where hard work and patience are required. The third stage is where all the hard work and determination pay off. Increased wealth, travel, and further education are all possibilities.

As you come through this challenging transit you may take on a more responsible position or outlook, but at the same time achieve inner contentment and happiness as the positive change and personal growth achieved. There will be recognition and even professional advancement in the long run.

Jupiter Square Saturn Celebrities

Russell Brand 01′, Angelina Jolie 02′, Jean-Claude van Itallie 12′, Philippe Petain 16′, Sally Field 19′, Mel B 0°24′, Marcel Duchamp 26′, Joanna Lumley 40′, Candice Bergen 54′, Woody Allen 1°06′, George Bowering 1°08′, Edwin C. Moses 1°08′, Konrad Adenauer 1°12′, Matthew Manning 1°12′, Leontyne Price 1°19′, George Bernard Shaw 1°36′, Jack London 1°43′, Mel Gibson 1°53′, Elizabeth II 1°56′, Sigmund Freud 2°01′.

Jupiter Square Saturn Dates

July 2015 to May 2016
August 2024 to June 2025
April 2035 to February 2036

87 thoughts on “Jupiter Square Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. The way out is through Gemini! Be curious about everything, communicate, have fun!

    • Oh, I think Saturn – Venus transits are the hardest of all, especially for you being so sensitive with Venus conjunct Neptune.

  2. Hi,

    Can you tell me how this will affect me. My DOB is 8/25/1967, Havana, Cuba at 1:14 pm. I have been struggling financially and it really has me worried and wondering as to what I should do to support my family.

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


  3. Hi Jamie, I’ve been on a rollercoaster with work and money since Aug 2015 (longer but this was a big shift). I’m 4/13/79 11:19pm. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Is this the main thing hindering my finaces and when will things stabilize for the better?

    • NO, this aspect in not directly impacting your chart. The only thing I see to cause this would be Jupiter opposite Venus transit late November 2015. Oh I see, that coincided with the September 2015 solar eclipse opposite your Venus (money). You are still under the influence of the March 2016 solar eclipse conjunct your Venus.

      Venus square Neptune is very strong in your chart and indicates confusion and deception involving finances. Things will improve following the September 1 solar eclipse.

  4. I have moon, Venus, mercury between 11 and 17 degrees of Virgo in conjunction so am getting the influence directly. I am making good money (Jupiter) but amhaving to spend it to fix up my rent house to get it in tiptop shape (Saturn responsibility) which I feel good about but requires me to be very frugal (Saturn), to get this done and I feel the sacrifice as my paycheck quickly dissipates each month (Neptune). I gain much and horizons expand because of sharing expenses with others, providing great benefits (Jupiter) as long as I live simply and pay attention to details of expenditures. Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune square Saturn. In a nutshell. Money dwindles but for good cause for a responsible project to secure long term investment. Also surgeries to fix issues that will help my body more in future, another investment for long term gain. I feel like a fixer upper and am grateful I have the resources needed even though it requires immediate discipline and sacrifice. Then, back to resolving my debt. A year of frugality, faith and discipline with attention to detail.

    • Great interpretation VS. I also have moon at 11 Virgo, making good money but like you, it goes quickly but on worthwhile things. Been concentrating on being healthy because of Moon conjunct fixed star Zosma.

  5. I have Jupiter at 29 degrees Leo (12th) square Saturn at 26 degrees Scorpio (3rd) natally, and, I can attest to the challenge which I have felt my entire life. WTF. I will turn 60 on July 5, and I’d like to see some loosening of what feels like a stranglehold. Jaimie, I do have times when I think I can do anything and then when I think about the practice of it, I loose my nerve. Like a see saw. How are these two discordant energies rectified and another question is when are Jupiter and Saturn square eachother again. Thank you for the reply. Antoinette

    • This aspect occurs about every decade, the next one from August 2024 to June 2025. I added a little listy at the bottom of the article so thanks for asking Antoinette.

      One way you could look at this is to see what planets is stronger in your chart and focus on that. With no fixed stars on your Saturn, and with Jupiter conjunct fixed star Regulus, your Jupiter overpowers your Saturn. I would focus on growth and optimism while still remembering the patience and caution of Saturn.

    • Wow, I’m born 7/5/71 and feel the same way. I really feel like I can do anything and then something causes me to not go for it. I am ready to take charge and bulldoze over everything that gets in my way.

  6. I’m June 1 1988- Any direct new ? Love relationships are quite dramatic now

  7. I’m a 7/22/1980 2:17am Ny, Ny. I’ve been doing okay financially but have not been able to achieve my career goal in forever. Moreover I will be travelling in the entire month of August 7 to September 18th. While Saturn and Jupiter square, I wonder if it will affect my travel and if you have any sagely advice for me. Thanks and much continuing success

      • Thanks for shedding such light, Jaimie. I usually use the free transit report on cafe astrology website and they forecasted that the aspect Saturn squaring my natal Jupiter from July till September 2016. Don’t know if that clarifies it, still so confusing at this time. Thanks and much continued success.

  8. After looking my own chart aspects for the first ever time this year, aged 60, guess what ?, this awful aspect in my chart, no wonder I can’t ever ‘get’ anywhere. Horrible cold and deprived childhood, bang on. Now, as Shirley Valentine said, “Why do the God’s give you a life if you can’t ever succeed, no matter how hard you try. Yes mine has been a little life and I have finally given in, just tired of trying. I wish I had known this 30 years ago, then I could have stopped trying to push you knowwhat uphill.!!! And, to top everything, our UK government took 6 years from our State Pension, just more feelings of worthlessness. I probably guess that this aspect does rule your life. Can’t find anything positive on any astrological site anywhere. So, Thanks up there.

  9. Wow, I have Uranus (4° orb) conjunct Asc, opposite Jupiter, t-squared by Saturn. Your write up on Jupiter square Saturn & Jupiter opposition Uranus were both spot on, I’m in the process of alchemising these aspects but it’s been a long hard road of either ricocheting frenetically between Uranus or Jupiter (making huge sudden changes or overcommitting myself to others) or being totally paralysed by Saturn squaring everything. My self-esteem has been non-existent but I’ve not let that hold me back, I’ve pushed myself forward & into situations that terrified me! I couldn’t see Uranus square Saturn on here anywhere- would love to read your take on that one.

    Thanks for the validation. It really helps.

  10. Zeta Piscium/ Revati or 0 degrees Aries is now 30 degrees away from the Spring Equinox. A tropical ephemeris is 30 degrees out.

  11. Hey jamie,

    I’m 1/30/1993 born in Ropar, Punjab , India. How will this transit affect me. Also, do you do natal chart analysis or 1 on 1 coaching?

    • Tropical is best for my readers to understand in the USA and other Western countries. But Sidereal is more accurate, especially for transits. So I use the Tropical zodiac but correct for precession at the rate of one degree every 72 years. And for astrological influence, I use the fixed stars instead of the Sun Signs.

  12. Televangelist Paula White has that. Actually she has Saturn conjunct Mars both square Jupiter.

  13. I am experiencing some major life changes. I’m in desperate need for input and advice on my transits.. Im not experienced enough in astrology when it comes to seeing all the details in transits..I do know enough to say Saturn and Pluto have been rocking my world for over 5 years now though… I’m exhausted mentally and now physically. I dont know how much more I can endure. Loneliest time of my life… My birthdate is 5/15/1983 16:58, born in Lansing, Michigan, USA. Please help🙁.

  14. Can you tell me something about my situation 10.02.1995 Plovdiv, Bulgaria 10.05 Am

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