Mars Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

Mars Conjunct Saturn TransitMars conjunct Saturn natal gives a strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. Your Mars desires, sexuality and creativity are positively influenced by Saturn’s discipline and strong work ethic. The darker side of Saturn can also influence your desires but this by no means translates to negative qualities.

Sexually, this can mean tremendous stamina and remaining sexually attractive and active later in life. It also allows for a sensible exploration and expression of the taboo sides of sexuality involving pleasure and pain, domination and submission. Traditionally, this aspect is said to cause frustration and difficulty in expressing anger, and even nastiness. However, looking at the charts of people with this aspect, the overwhelming theme is that of healthy expression of the darker desires and sustained effort leading to prolific work in the career.

If Mars conjunct Saturn in the chart were harshly aspected or on a troublesome fixed star, then we might expect the more heartless and malicious nature of this aspect to be displayed. In this case, the key would be to find a positive outlet for the energy through some creative endeavor. Mars does represent goal-directed energy. Once a real passion in life is found, even if a bit dark, then self-disciple and determination should make sure that the manifestation is positive and productive, not destructive to the self or others.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Christine Keeler (0°00’33”) was an English model and showgirl and her affair with a conservative politician led to his downfall in the Profumo Affair of 1961. Mars sexuality combining with Saturn downfall.

David Lynch (0°01′) is an American filmmaker known for his violent and disturbing style termed “Lynchian”. Mars creativity combining with Saturn darkness is shown in Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune and Twin Peaks.

Dolly Parton (0°06′) shows the steady and determined creativity of this aspect. A prolific musician with countless hits and many arduous tours under her belt, a sustained effort over a lifetime.

Rosaleen Norton (0°06′) was the “Witch of Kings Cross” in Sydney Australia. An occultist and artist, her paintings were often of demons. She was inspired by “the ‘night’ side of magic”, emphasizing darkness and studying the Qliphoth, alongside forms of sex magic

Other Mars conjunct Saturn celebrities include Pablo Escobar 0°18′, Eddie Izzard 0°20′, Jennifer Jason Leigh 0°53′, Margaret Mead 1°16′, Henry Winkler 1°20′, Rihanna 1°48′, Jeff Bridges 1°53′, Liza Minnelli 1°54′.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit

Mars conjunct Saturn transit can be quite variable in effect. It can ignite your darkest desires or give the stamina and patience to complete the hardest of tasks. Natal aspects can play their part but much depends on how you approach this transit and use the initial energy.

Initially, this transit has a tendency to make you angry, resentful or revengeful. If you channel it early into hard physical work or a creative project then you transmute this energy into positive and productive achievements.

Taking the low road due to ignorance or laziness can lead to frustration and difficult situations. Going with the flow and not taking the initiative will allow frustration to build to a dangerous level. This destructive energy could then manifest as risky actions due to impatience.

On the other hand, this negative energy could manifest through another persons destructive actions toward you, such as nastiness or violence.

This is not the right time to go to war as there is danger when taking risks. Stay at home and sharpen your knives, work hard with patience and forethought. Use this determined energy in a constructive or creative way.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Dates

24 August 2016
2 April 2018
31 March 2020
4 April 2022
10 April 2024
19 April 2026
30 April 2028
16 May 2030
3 June 2032

144 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Hi! This Mars/Saturn conjunction occurs on my Pluto/Uranus natal midpoint, in my 10th house. What do you suggest Jamie?

    • Hi Vicky. I don’t use midpoints but that’s not because they don’t work. For me, there is enough to keep learning about with transits to planets. You could learn more about midpoints at the Noel Tyl Forum.

    • Those things I wrote about the transit will apply to your partner but also any enemies you may have.

  2. Mars conjunct saturn in LIBRA sign 6 house for Taurus ascendant in NAVAMSA CHART.. Please put some light on it.

  3. My daughter has Mars -Saturn conjuction 8th house,Mars being in ascendant and 6th lord for scorpio sign.Dob 06/05/2004,20:50hrs,Bhopal (M.P,India).Pls suggest positive and negative impacts both.Worried about her health and marriage aspects.Pls comment.

  4. Also it is the final big “push” of rebirth from the void just like the final push of natural childbirth, a mother powered by love or driven by fear, is the difference to what is manifested as the new gifted life, its all in the “sins”…pronounced “signs”, like in geometry, the occult and the alchemy of both 😉

  5. When you say mars conjunct saturn transit, you mean someone who has mars transiting their natal saturn? Could you talk more about this current mars saturn square neptune aspect in the sky this week? Its already a doozy I can feel. Some say its the end of a cycle.

    • That’s right Barb, transiting planet to natal planet. I elaborate more on these aspects as they occur in moon phases.

  6. “tendency to make you angry, resentful or revengeful.” Oh God, I’ll say!!! This normally kind caring Virgo feels this today. I had anxious dreams all night it seems and I wasn’t even in my own dream!! ????

  7. I have natal saturn at nine degrees sag conjunct juno mars at 13,15 sag conjunct uranus at 22 sag. Natal sun at 9 pisces and chiron at 9 gemini and ceres at 9 virgo. This has been one intense ride! Everything bottled up as pressure is going to transform in the next few weeks as i leave an abusive codpendent living situation and move out into my own place! Im expecting sparks to fly but another beautiful thing of mars/saturn natal is the ability to maintain composure and grace in abusive stressful situations. Thanks for your not so negative insight on the pairing, wish me luck. Heart of a scorpion indeed for this scorpio moon…. I will meditate on that

  8. Jamie
    My brother’s DOB is 01/01/1972, west Bengal, India….. He has got cancer, detected early this year….not going good…..can you pls say something about his future n health specially..
    M. B.

  9. Hi Sir, I am going thru very Tough Period in Business, ( DOB: 13-NOV-1967 ; Time: 10.45AM ; Place: Kannur, Kerala India, ( Latitude:11 : 51 : N / Longitude: 75 : 22 : E ), Pls guide

  10. Hello Jamie. I was born 6.june.1978. at 13:30 in Ivanjica (Serbia). I have Saturn/Mars conjuction in Leo in my natal chart. Does this aspect affects my future partnerships? I am not married yet. Thank you in advance. Best Regards

  11. Hi Jamie,
    Very interesting post. Out of curiousity what happens when your part of fortune is at 8 degress? how the conjunction with the fixed star and mars and saturn plays? And what about having Ceres at 8 degrees cancer ( so in opposition) ? Thanks!

  12. Apparently former director of the FBI Comey has mars conjunct Saturn both in Capricorn. Saturn at 9 degree and Mars at 14 degrees. His memoir is being released this week when Saturn is now at 9 degrees Capricorn i.e. his second Saturn return.

  13. Funny in your reactions you answered a few of my questions, thank you.

    What if in composite it makes a grand square, mars (14° libra) in 9th house is close conjunct my natal saturn R (17° in 11th house) and progressed saturn R (15° in 10th house) in 9th house? Lilith in 11° and Pluto 20° libra.
    His natal accendant is 18° aries opp my natal saturn.
    His natal pluto is 15° libra 6th house conjunct sappho. (His progressed pluto is 17° in 5th house).

    In composite: The grand square, pluto 20° in libra 9th house, sun 19° cancer conjunct asteroid nessus 20° opp venus in capricorn 19° in 12th house. The invisible leg is Asteroïd maniac 17° aries 3rd house.

    Chiron 15° taurus in 4th house, conjunct my natal sun 13° taurus (7th house).

    North node 21° leo in 7th house conjunct my natal mc.

    What is here to be learned? Not to get married?

    His natal nessus is conjunct aphrodite 14° cancer 4th house, my natal north node 15° cancer 9th house.

    We met 22 years ago but i ended it because he lived in another country and had to go back to the army. Last year we met through FB and i kinda felt to end my relationship with my ex and start with him. I can go into detail of the heartache and shit ive been through but still its like i cant stay angery or so, i dunno. Normally i would dismiss people out of my life after what he has done.
    Lost 2 babies of him, 3 one is on the way.
    He lied to me, tried to hide a one night stand with his ex. Etc etc…

    Other relative details, His venus 8° scorpio 7th house conjunct my ascendant 8°.
    His neptune 15° saggitarius 8th house conjunct my anti-vertex.

    Can you please help me?

    My DOB 4 may 1982 20:25 pm helmond, netherlands.
    His DOB 17 sept 1978 20:37 pm lisbon, portugal.

  14. Hi, this transit occurs during my birthday this year (03/31/2020) so it is a part of my solar return chart for the year ahead. It will be occurring in Aquarius in my 5th whole sign house but 4th placidus house. I don’t have any children but I am concerned about feeling frustrated, especially with regards to my joy and creativity. I was wondering if you had any additional advice or suggestions about dealing with this energy. Thanks!

  15. Hahahaha, this is not the time for war. The US always implements war or war activities when Mars is conjunct Saturn. Last two times Trump bombed Syria. War on Iraq started when Mars was conjunct Saturn. Bwahahahha, not the time for war. WOW!

  16. I’ll tell you all exactly what this means. Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (society, Congress). Mars = anger. Saturn = sustained, persevering. We know that the Democrats are introducing BS left-wing, radical agendas into the coronavirus relief bill. How the hell can people do such a thing when Americans are DYING? We will see a lot of sustained anger ready to erupt uncontrollably the more they delay, and I will absolutely predict violence at the very worst. In all honesty, people should storm the Capitol building to demand relief. Society is NOT going to take this much longer, mark my words!

    • check out Ang Stoic on this aspect.

      My goodness, we have Mars, Saturn,Jupiter and Pluto in a Capricorn

      Massive reversal.

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