Mars Conjunct SaturnMars conjunct Saturn in the natal chart gives a strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. The Mars desires, sexuality and creativity are positively influenced by Saturn’s discipline and strong work ethic. The darker side of Saturn can also influence the desires but this by no means translates to negative qualities.

Sexually, this can mean tremendous stamina and remaining sexually attractive and active later in life. It also allows for a sensible exploration and expression of the taboo sides of sexuality involving pleasure and pain,  domination and submission. Traditionally this aspect is said to cause frustration and difficulty in expressing anger, and even nastiness. However looking at the charts of people with this aspect there overwhelming theme is that of healthy expression of the darker desires and sustained effort leading to prolific work in the career.
If Mars conjunct Saturn in the chart were harshly aspected or on a troublesome fixed star then we might expect the more heartless and malicious nature of this aspect to be displayed. In this case, the key would be to find a positive outlet for the energy through some creative endeavor. Mars does represent goal-directed energy. Once a real passion in life is found, even if a bit dark, then self-disciple and determination should ensure that the manifestation is not destructive to the self or others.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Christine Keeler (00’33”) was an English model and showgirl and her affair with conservative politician led to his downfall in the Profumo Affair of 1961. Mars sexuality combining with Saturn downfall. David Lynch (01′) is an American film maker known for his violent and disturbing style termed “Lynchian”.

Mars creativity combining with Saturn darkness is shown in Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune and Twin Peaks. Dolly Parton (06′) shows the steady and determined creativity of this aspects. A prolific musician with countless hits and many arduous tours under her belt, a sustained effort over a lifetime.

Rosaleen Norton (06′) was the “Witch of Kings Cross” in Sydney Australia. An occultist and artist, her paintings were often of demons. She was inspired by “the ‘night’ side of magic”, emphasising darkness and studying the Qliphoth, alongside forms of sex magic which she had learned from the writings of English occultist Aleister Crowley.” [Wiki]. Other Mars conjunct Saturn celebrities include Eddie Izzard (20′), Jennifer Jason Leigh (53′), Margaret Mead (76′) and Henry Winkler (80′).

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  1. What do you think about Mars conjunct Uranus and Saturn at 0 degrees Capricorn on the 9th house cusp? They are opposite Chiron in the 3rd but trine Jupiter in the 12th in Aries. Interesting, no?

  2. I have Mars, Saturn, Moon, Uranus all in conjunction
    how do you interpret that combination?

  3. i have mars and saturn conjuct in 6th house and sun in 3rd house these combition affect my marriage or carrer?

  4. i have saturn and mars conjuct in libra sign and sun is in 3rd house in cancer sign plz tell me these combition would effect my marriage life???

  5. My daughter has sun saturn mars ketu conjunction in 10th house Pisces. . She had a terrible accident head injury in mars sat period. She had men in invites thrice and seizures twice.. her education discontinued and she was humiliated by friends and teachers in the school.. now she is a loner she has started painting.. her venus s is vargottma in 12 house and jupitor in Sagittarius mercury in Aries

  6. For an Aries ascendant, I have a mars saturn combo in the sixth house and venus in the twelfth house. Is that necessarily bad?

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