Mars Conjunct Saturn 24 August 2016

Mars Conjunct Saturn TransitMars conjunct Saturn in the natal chart gives a strong determination and sustained effort in the pursuit of goals. Your Mars desires, sexuality and creativity are positively influenced by Saturn’s discipline and strong work ethic. The darker side of Saturn can also influence your desires but this by no means translates to negative qualities.

Sexually, this can mean tremendous stamina and remaining sexually attractive and active later in life. It also allows for a sensible exploration and expression of the taboo sides of sexuality involving pleasure and pain, domination and submission. Traditionally, this aspect is said to cause frustration and difficulty in expressing anger, and even nastiness. However, looking at the charts of people with this aspect, the overwhelming theme is that of healthy expression of the darker desires and sustained effort leading to prolific work in the career.

If Mars conjunct Saturn in the chart were harshly aspected or on a troublesome fixed star, then we might expect the more heartless and malicious nature of this aspect to be displayed. In this case, the key would be to find a positive outlet for the energy through some creative endeavor. Mars does represent goal-directed energy. Once a real passion in life is found, even if a bit dark, then self-disciple and determination should ensure that the manifestation is positive and productive, not destructive to the self or others.

Mars Conjunct Saturn Celebrities

Christine Keeler (0°00’33”) was an English model and showgirl and her affair with conservative politician led to his downfall in the Profumo Affair of 1961. Mars sexuality combining with Saturn downfall.

David Lynch (0°01′) is an American film maker known for his violent and disturbing style termed “Lynchian”. Mars creativity combining with Saturn darkness is shown in Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Dune and Twin Peaks.

Dolly Parton (0°06′) shows the steady and determined creativity of this aspects. A prolific musician with countless hits and many arduous tours under her belt, a sustained effort over a lifetime.

Rosaleen Norton (0°06′) was the “Witch of Kings Cross” in Sydney Australia. An occultist and artist, her paintings were often of demons. She was inspired by “the ‘night’ side of magic”, emphasising darkness and studying the Qliphoth, alongside forms of sex magic

Other Mars conjunct Saturn celebrities include Eddie Izzard (0°20′), Jennifer Jason Leigh (0°53′), Margaret Mead (1°16′) and Henry Winkler (1°20′).

Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit

Transiting Mars conjunct Saturn can be quite variable in effect. It can ignite your darkest desires or give the stamina and patience to complete the hardest of tasks. Natal aspects can play their part but much depends on how you approach this transit and use the initial energy.

This initial energy you feel as the transit approaches has a tendency to make you angry, resentful or revengeful. If you channel it early into hard physical work or a creative project then you transmute this energy into positive and productive achievements.

Taking the low road due to ignorance or laziness can lead to frustration and difficult situations. Going with the flow and not taking the initiative will allow frustration to build to a dangerous level. This destructive energy could then manifest as risky actions due to impatience.

On the other hand, this negative energy could manifest through another persons destructive action toward you, such as nastiness or violence.

This is not the right time to go to war as there is danger when taking risks. Stay at home and sharpen your knives, work hard with patience and forethought. Use this determined energy in a constructive or creative way.

Mars Conjunct Saturn 2016

Mars and Saturn very closely conjunct fixed star Antares in the Heart of the Scorpion at 09°59′ Sagittarius.

Mars stationed retrograde on this star and Saturn stationed direct on this star.

Also see Mars square Neptune and Saturn square Neptune.

Mars Conjunct Saturn August 2016

Mars Conjunct Saturn Dates

24 August 2016
2 April 2018
31 March 2020
4 April 2022
10 April 2024
19 April 2026
30 April 2028
16 May 2030
3 June 2032

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108 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Saturn 24 August 2016

  1. i have aries mars conj picecs saturn in 10th and i don’t know why always my friend say i look heartless and strong

  2. I have natal Saturn 2* scor 22′ and Mars 23* sag 6′ At this time those planets are not quite conjunct each of the other in transit, but awfully close. Do you have any thoughts on such transits when they are doubled? Do you know if they are going to be exact this year in either case? I won’t tell you what sort of summer I’m having and leave that for you to guess!

      • Thanks for responding Jamie. I meant closer conjunctions to my natal planets. That’s OK tho. I looked at the transit locations for them and they are both close right now. I just thought it was odd that I had a double aspect for the same planets going on! Actually, triple effect since they will be conjunct themselves in August.

  3. Lol! No! I have conjuct transits to my natal Mars and Saturn with Saturn and Mars respectively. But they aren’t tight. Orb of 9 for n.Saturn right now. But things are in motion in that direction.

  4. I have combination like this in horoscope. Saturn and mars conjunction in 9th place, jupiter in 3rd place for aries lagna and chandra in aries lagna.

    Mars is in 268 * 32 ‘ 36 ” degrees ( In siggatarius )

    Saturn is in 268 * 24 ‘ 59 ” degress ( In siggatarius )

    Jupiter is in 67 * 7 ‘ 27 ” degrees (In Gemini)

    Also Mars and saturn combination is in vargottama in horoscope. Placed in same rasi in navamsa as in main chart.

    How my mars and saturn dasha’s and there sub periods will be under main dasha’s?

  5. Hi, im worried since this conjunction will take place right on my 10 degree unaspected uranus in 5th, along with 6 degree south node. At the moment im still undergoing transit uranus over my natal 21 degree aries moon in 10th. I recently ended a relationship, and i have allways seen this crazy uranian energy of my chart made the worst of me, specially in relationships and creativity. I want to look at it like some kind of upheavel or way to be aware or work out this uranus energy. but i dont know how or if it will positive. How could i handle it once the conjunction takes place? im affraid i could wreck (as i did in my past teenage years when pluto transited this point) Thank you so much

    • On the positive side, the Pluto transit would have transformed this area of your chart/your life. Plus Uranus is a few degrees off your Moon so having little influence. To get a better idea you could look back at when Mars and Saturn alone have crossed your Uranus lately. I’m sure you will not feel it so personally as you have with Uranus on Moon, most likely the real cause of the breakup. Natal Uranus is not emotional at all but detached.

  6. How would Mars and Saturn conjunction will affect me ?Please check
    DOB 17/08/1971 TOB: 04 :00 hrs POB : Vidisha,India .Things will be improved finacially or worsen.

    • This is square your Mercury. Does not really affect finances but adds temper when bargaining. Re3search:

      Saturn square Mercury transit
      Mars square Mercury transit.

  7. My daughter has this Mars and sat conjunction in 8th house in Scorpio natal chart.Will this 1-8 relationship bw natal and transit will affect adversely? please guide.

  8. Have this in my 2016 solar return. Mars and Saturn conjunct in Sag, trine natal Aries Sun.Hard work that pays off is the motto.Went back to school, graduated with honors and now working full time in a hospital. Without this aspect, I wouldn’t have the drive and determination to accomplish all that in less than a year

  9. Hi Jamie I was born on 14th december, 10:10 am in 1973 in Chandigarh, India. I have a stressful marriage for almost 20 years now. Though life is not all that bad and there is plenty I am thankful for but feeling very suffocated with this neverending marital stress of late and wondering if it will ever get sorted out. Thanks for all your wonderful posts you deliver us with.

    • Mars conjunct Saturn transit triggers a highly sensitive area of your chart Kiran, Mercury conjunct Neptune. Although you are easily affected by negative energy, you have the ability to turn it into positive energy because your Mercury Neptune conjunction is at the midpoint of Jupiter trine Pluto.

      January 2017 you will sort it all out with Jupiter sextile Sun transit Jan 19 plus Saturn conjunct Sun transit Jan 12.

      • It is very reassuring indeed, to get this prediction from you Jamie. Thank you appears to be a small word all of the sudden. God bless you.

  10. I am born on August 24 1972. I wonder if the Mars Conjunct Saturn (in 9th house I have aries rising at 3 degrees) means anything significant for me? I think I have nept in sag at 3 degrees and jupiter at 28

    • A bit too far from your Neptune Lou. Closer to trine your Mercury at 13° Leo which is good but not too strong.

  11. I have natal saturn at 12 degrees 39 I have natal Pluto on Regulus. At the time of Mars conjunct Saturn in Sag, it is close to my Saturn return (after it hit natal saturn going retro), and the Sun will be conjunct my natal Pluto and Regulus that day. So is it a good day to begin a new project (teaching about metaphysical beliefs –Sag?) or is it too dangerous for possible negative pushback by some one?

  12. Hi! This Mars/Saturn conjunction occurs on my Pluto/Uranus natal midpoint, in my 10th house. What do you suggest Jamie?

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