Mars Square Neptune Natal

Mars Square Neptune

Mars square Neptune in the natal chart brings bravery and glamour but also intrigue and scandal. These people simply have to express their strong desires by fighting for some worthy cause, they do it through their actions. Their passions are not bound by traditional public standards hence there is sometimes scandal, yet they draw on a very strong faith to march on into battle.

Mars Square Neptune Celebrities

William McKinley (13′) was the President of the United States, assassinated aged 58. He led the U.S. to victory in the Spanish–American War. He was shot at the Temple of Music by an anarchist. Just before he died he asked his staff to break it gently to his wife, and to call off the mob that was onto his assassin.

Andy Warhol’s (15′) visual arts explore the “relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement “. He attracted “distinguished intellectuals, drag queens, playwrights, Bohemian street people, Hollywood celebrities, and wealthy patrons.” Andy survived an assassination attempt by a radical feminist acquaintance. He was bisexual and a devout Ruthenian Catholic. Though he attended church nearly every day he always sat up the back. His art was heavily influenced by his religion. He died aged 58 of a heart attack while sleeping after a routine operation.

Ian Charleson (19′) was a noted Scottish actor, “a leading player of charm and power…always truthful, always honest.” Died age 40 of AIDS.

Marguerite Yourcenar (27′) was a writer and the first woman elected to the Académie française. Her famous novel Mémoires d’Hadrien, tells the life of Emperor Hadrian who “meditates on his past, describing both his triumphs and his failures, his love for Antinous, and his philosophy.” She was bisexual and lived with her female partner for 40 years till her friend died. Marguerite died 8 years later aged 84.

Twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray (37′) were high-profile murderous gangsters of London’s East End. They enjoyed celebrity status mixing with Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland in their nightclub and being interviewed on TV. They both went to prison for life aged 35. Ronnie was openly bisexual and died in a psychiatric hospital aged 61. Reggie became a born again Christian and was released to his wife on compassionate grounds, dying four weeks later of cancer aged 66.

Henry VIII of England (40′) changed religion for his passions, taking his realm away from the Roman Catholic Church. His strong desire for an heir had tragic consequences for the woman in his life. He was wounded twice in the same spot, the second being while jousting aged 45. The infection was not cured and latest research shows this was complicated by diabetes and McLeod syndrome, which together caused the fecundity problems, moods swings, suspicions, temper and weight gain. Though be broke from the Catholic Church he was always a devout Catholic, and died aged 55 saying “Monks! Monks! Monks!”

George Moscone (44′) was mayor of San Francisco until his assassination aged 49 by a political opponent who was a “defender of the home, the family and religious life against homosexuals, pot smokers and cynics.” George is a martyr of the gay rights movement.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated when Mars was square Neptune (45′).


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13 thoughts on “Mars Square Neptune Natal

  1. Important for me with this sesquiquadrate (<), to step out being heroic!

    (I feel deeply tired!).

    Wonderful day this day!

    Thankyou, as always, Jamie!


  2. Great article!

    I’ve read that Mars square Neptune is the Sorcerer’s Apprentice!


  3. I am one of those Aprendiz de Brujo. I do my will and end crying. Though, I do not seem to understand -thus not always follow- God´s Will (seem to be blind, just like th gravatar I had, with dark lenses).

    Not easy for me to see and to be open. Always tight ti the past. Though, changing (Gott Sei Dank!).


  4. I like the way you exlore this aspect in the post. I have this, as if Mars in Pisces wasn’t enough, but it’s a wide square. What orbs do you use for this, Jamie?

  5. Aha, ok, mine is wider still, 8 degrees. I’d call it a background influence really; but a look at my relationships with men and how it’s a big deal for me to keep my energy focused would convince anyone that I do need to take it into account. Definitely gets better when one is committed to a spiritual path; still, it’s not one of the ‘easy’ ones…

  6. OMG!

    I have had all reasons to fight for the poor, the children, the vulnerable. Maybe, it´s time to row for me.

    I have been so, sooo, right. I am more ready to accept. Maybe I am right, now (maybe not so right, then).

    I see myself so much in the Yo Soy#132. I was rigid like they are. I wanted to change the world. I would be critic. I would work so much. I would find the black bean in the whole wite rice.

    They are almost alone (like a feel now… yes! the day Jamie!). So lonely, looding friends and supporters. They do not agree with anything! They just don´t want it the way it is.

    Yesterday night, at the meeting, I saw this with so much clarity! Some acquaintances and I just walked away… really. I know what a victim is and do not feel like playing once again the same roll.

    Oh, God, do I feel tired!

    Maybe, for once, ready to commit with construction. Not with destruction, as I did all my life!



  7. I have mars 12 cancer H12 square neptune16 libra H4- by 3 degrees

    Uranus is conjunct mars 10 cancer- but I think orb is too wide for uranus square neppy

    I have always been ‘chameleon like’ in my appearance & can easily morph into different ‘looks’


  8. Does that mean Mars is square Neptune now? Wasn’t Venus conjunct or sth?? Mars is my spouse indicator in Indian astrology, and it has some afflictions in my chart, but lot of afflictions on Mercury, lord of my Indian scope ascendant and in partner house 7th with Venus. To me, men are from Venus and women are from Mars. I’m a contra character. My latest book links Neandertal to Native American language, and traces Neandertal language heritage across Eurasia via new look at gendered language, and how tonal agglutinative languages evolved and created massive conflicts. See for articles. Druidess. I also put up a new understanding of Maya writing for 2012, it has a facebook page. ‘Maya phonetic writing’. By the way, thanks for fixed star chart, it’s a new era in understanding for me, slowly researching the stars. In my Indian astrology, I’m in a phase starting around age 50 of finally fulfilling my life’s goals and dreams over these six years since a year or two ago. It seems to be happening, including Mars / spouse, I hope. Secret. Now Saturn’s in Scorpio, wow! Sun’s on my ascendant. I feel it’s a very special time. And the elections, everything happening… Gods bless us to make the most of this time in the world!!

  9. You CANNOT blame Henry the 8th ‘s personality entirely on his health. Very odd , especially on an astrology website !!!!!

  10. I have natal mars square neptune exact, fixed, first house mars Leo, 4th neptune scorpio. People get wrong impressions of me and I don’t know about it. I suspect, but never really know. I come across poorly sometimes. I am spiritually motivated, play cello, have nice hair,and multiple sclerosis.

    • You put this aspect very well Marge. I have Mars square Neptune but at 5 degrees orb. I also have health problems affecting iron in blood, nerves and muscles.

      Most astrologers, even me look at the psychological side of things today. But I totally disagree with this hippie belief among psychological astrologers than behavior and psychology are to blame for health problems. Health problems affect our behavior beyond doubt.

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