Moon Square Saturn Natal and Transit

Moon Square Saturn TransitMoon square Saturn natal has the potential to cause relationship problems, social awkwardness and loneliness. The degree to which you suffer these emotionally challenging conditions depends very much on your early childhood.

The more conflicted and unhappy you felt as a child then the more you are likely to suffer from depression, rejection or guilt as an adult. Usually one or both parents fail to make a healthy emotional connection with you. This would have left you feeling abandoned, rejected, ugly, unloved or unlovable.

Any emotional distance you felt from your parents and family can lead to behavioral problems. Real or imagined lack of support and attention can result in a lack of respect for society, parents, teachers and anyone in authority.

If an effort is made by parents or teachers to reach out to you at this critical stage, self-respect will replace the destructive behavior. Friendship or romance will also give that feeling of belonging that you need. Even structured individual or group activities like music lessons or playing soccer can bring the human contact needed to keep you on the straight and narrow.

If, however, at this critical stage, you remain isolated from your family and community, your emotions will fail to develop in a healthy fashion. A troubled emotional life can show a lack of feeling or empathy for others, depression or attention-seeking behavior.

Emotional immaturity makes it hard to make friends. Rejection or failed relationships would make you feel even worse about yourself. Blaming others or an inability to control your emotions can sometimes result in more serious behaviors such as vandalism, stealing, violence, and other antisocial or criminal action.

It must be remembered that such destructive behavior is an extreme example. The more common effect is simply a challenging childhood. The input of a caring person or self-awareness of this aspect is all that is needed to develop your emotional life.

Despite or because of early emotional struggles, you can go on to lead a very successful life. A quick look below at the celebrities with this aspect shows that Moon square Saturn does not inhibit creativity. There is also a liking for privacy and a serious, self-controlled nature.

Moon Square Saturn Transit

Moon square Saturn transit has a restricting and depressing influence on your feelings and relationships. It becomes harder for you to connect to other people in any meaningful way.

Sadness, loneliness, guilt, and shame are possible as you are reminded of past relationship failures, loss, and grief. Bitterness or low self-esteem may hold you back from sharing your emotions. Other people or circumstances can also cause distance in relationships or feelings of isolation. A nagging woman can cause you misery.

Take responsibility for your own emotional reactions. Relationship problems will more likely be due to your emotional immaturity than anything your partner has done. Blaming others for your bad mood will only make matters worse and could put a cherished relationship at risk.

Unhealthy or codependent relationships involving abuse or addiction may end. Even apparently normal relationships can suffer from emotional coldness, nagging or bullying. Perhaps a weather event or missed flight increases the emotional distance between you and your loved one.

This is not the best time for entertaining or socializing because of your low mood. You are not fun to be around and making friends would be very difficult. Accept that you will probably feel sad and lonely at times.

If this transit is from a lunar eclipse then depression is possible and you will need to see your doctor. A normal Moon transit of about four hours should simply be felt like a bad mood or argument.

This interpretation for Moon square Saturn transit can be read for a lunar eclipse or full moon square Saturn.

Moon Square Saturn Celebrities

Harvey Weinstein 0°02′, Lulu 0°16′, John Addey 0°18′, Randy Travis 0°20′, Dorothy Parker 0°23′, Cilla Black 0°36′, Franz Schubert 0°43′, King Edward VII 0°45′, Heinrich Himmler 0°51′, Karen Silkwood 0°56′, David Helfgott 1°18′, Steven Spielberg 1°19′, Heather Locklear 1°20′, Aaron Spelling 1°26′, Ahmad Khan Rahami 1°27′, Glenda Jackson 1°34′, Judy Garland 1°41′, Dora Maar 1°43′, Jeffrey Dahmer 1°57′, Marilyn Monroe 2°20′, Marie Antoinette 2°43′.

28 thoughts on “Moon Square Saturn Natal and Transit

  1. Great article! Definitely having a tough time with this transit; just want to be alone. Not feeling much comfort in relationships, especially with family members. Transit Saturn square my Natal Moon and my Natal Moon opposing Natal Saturn is like a double whammy of sadness and loneliness. Thank you! Always gain so much insight and knowledge from your articles.

    • Thank you Nicole. I felt i could understand this one better because of having natal Mercury and Venus opposite Saturn.

      • I have that too. Saturn 1 house Aquarius, opposite Venus and Mercury and right now Saturn square my natal moon, with chiron transit upon it… Crazy times … 😛

  2. Yeah, you get it! I just keep remembering that Saturn rewards us for enduring the tough times and learning the lessons it provides.

  3. Thanks for the report. But most of it is wrong. Only my loneliness and social estrangement is correct. But I a not unhappy about it. I am not depressed because of it. I am only worried about my financial condition which is bad now. I have no health problems.

  4. I am a state employee who works helping employers and employees. Within the last 10 days the public has acted out in bizarre ways? Very emotional,paranoid, angry, vindictive, lying, intrusive, etc… I feel like I work for a mental institution!! This is not normal. So I knew I could count on the Astrology King to let me know what was currently happening in the stars!!!
    Thank you!!! Now I know it’s not me????????

  5. Hai Jami….I like your posts… can you interpret my present situation as am going through lot emotional and relationship dob is 2/8/1985 6:0am….Pluto in my 12th house made my life a lot up and down….south node trapped in Neptune….had bad effect on job…..can you give me good advice for my life and professional situation….

  6. Honestly this is what I just need right now. Thank u for this beautiful write up. I was wondering what could have wrong with my behavior . I couldn’t think of anything . Lonliness, always looking for mistake in what ever my boy friend have done . Thank you . This really help and calm me down

  7. Marian:
    My date of birth is Feb 19 1959 what is in store for me will their be inheritances new jobs. Finances are a big worry for me

  8. Hi, what is moon square saturn interpretation like, but for a lunar eclipse to your natal saturn?

  9. Saturn will be entering Capricorn very soon and I have my Moon at 0Lib37 so Saturn will be squaring my natal Moon. The Moon is my chart ruler (Cancer Rising). For a long, long time I have been wanting to transition to being a breatharian (someone who lives on prana and does not eat physical food). I have done extensive research on the subject and I have fasted many times. I am guided by my intuition and it has been discouraging for me that my intuition has guided me to keep on eating normal food a little longer. I have been waiting and waiting for the right time.

    Now I’m getting the message that on the upcoming full moon I will begin fasting on water only and I will simply keep on fasting.

    I am very encouraged by your words, “unhealthy or codependent relationships involving abuse or addiction may end.”

    I view dependency on food as an addiction and will be delighted to see an ending to it.

    • Some reflections on Libra. My Moon is in Libra. My parents have a Sun-Moon conjunction in Libra. Libra is polite and proper and socially appropriate, but all too often Libra is a cover-up for things you don’t want to deal with. I’m all for peace and harmony but when these ideals are used for deceptive and exploitive purposes, then a good strong dose of Capricorn reality is a welcome relief.

  10. This is a very tough aspect to have. It seems to affect so many important areas of ones life (parents, childhood, girlfriends/wives, mood/emotions,social life,etc…) This is by far my worst natal aspect to have and the only one that seems to not have any redeeming qualities/benefits. The moon hits saturn in hard aspect once a week so this aspects depressing effects seem ever present. I hate it. What benefits can be gained from this Saturn lesson? Im 46 years old and am tired of dealing with this aspect….help!!!!

  11. The article furthered my understanding Jamie. I am grateful. Thank you! I have a question regarding my T-square – that goes beyond a Moon-Saturn square not wound up in a major pattern. My Moon squares my Saturn and Mars between 7.5-8 degrees – very wide – and the aspects are separating, but the opposition that makes up the T-square is contrarily almost exact: Mars opposition Saturn with only a 6 minute applying separation! How do these contrasting wide squares connected up with a razor thin close opposition interact in contrast to let’s say an opposite scenario where the squares are exact and the opposition is distant? I am asking not only to give me greater insight personally, but also to advance my knowledge of astrology – which I have intensely educated myself on and so dearly love! Specifically and/or additionally, in regard to this configuration in my chart, does the EXTREMELY tight opposition strengthen the impact/feeling of the two comparatively far more distant aspectral squares? Any thoughts you could give me Jamie would be greatly appreciated.

  12. This fits me to a TEE! Definately a loner and emotionally cold. I actually prefer to not be bothered

    • Loner and emotionally cold u sayin, huh!? By the way, I’d suppose you must have been one of the first Penguin Club players I guess. lmao

  13. this aspect used to cause more harm when I was still denying it (well, I didn’t even had the knowledge of know about its existence in the first place…) I always asked myself why I could never find “true” partnerships and friends, people only seemed to steal everything I had or not pay credit to what I’ve done, it was puzzling to me, still is. Then, I realized I was better off alone and not relying on external validation for doing my stuff. Things got a little better after this, but it’s still a problem, since none of us can live being islands, we rely on others in some shape or form. I wonder if I will ever be able to find business or job partners that are loyal. Feels like you put all the work but no rewards whatsoever. Any insights from others would be appreciated.

  14. I’m going through a pluto square moon transit and now a saturn square moon transit! I do feel very isolated even though I am around people a lot at school. I often feel like being left alone. It’s very true what you said about having a difficult time relating to people in a meaningful way even with the close relationships I do have. I have struggled with that on and off throughout my whole life ( I have natal moon quincunx saturn). I question what is closeness and feel very resistant to it, and I feel uncomfortable knowing I feel this way. I have always had a hard time feeling like I really “fit in” socially and now it is even more apparent with these transits. I feel like a foreigner in a strange land with no way home to comfort.

  15. Y’all need to remove Harvey Weinstein’s name. It made me feel worse than the article.

  16. I don’t know if you realized that Michael Jackson has this aspect Moon square Saturn orb -4°13′. This reads a lot like him.

  17. Great article, however, the list of celebrities is kinda uninspiring. We’ve got a serial killer, a rapist and a nazi in here lmao.

  18. For real tho!!!! I was like, us moon-Saturn square aspects DO NOT CLAIM THIS MOFO

  19. Just to add more celebrities on here; Angelina Jolie, Tyra Banks, and Winona Ryder have this aspect! Despite this aspect having an intense influence on people who have it, these women generally keep up a positive out-going attitude! Of course we don’t know them personally or professionally, but I feel like having this aspect is a uphill battle WHEN you’re not aware of it! Even though this aspect produces self loathing typically more than others, I feel like another way to combat this effectively is to work on yourself physically! As shallow as that sounds (not trying to make it sound that way, sorry lol) once you look good, you feel good! And as a result, do good! For us moon square saturn people, our emotions can take a toll on us, so looking good can help possibly help with the extra self boost of confidence! Not saying you already don’t btw haha I’m only saying this because I notice with myself and others sometimes, if we feel like shit, our outward appearance can reflect that intentionally or unintentionally! So if this aspect makes you insecure or unhappy, don’t dwell on it! You’re not alone! Thank God! After doing a lot of introspection on myself and my psyche, I am afraid of rejection and humiliation, it’s extremely annoying. But like how this article touched on, go out and be around people! Make friends! Express yourself more, BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE! I use to feel like shit because I never had a boyfriend before, but that was because I was insecure about myself, and horrified of being humiliated or rejected or just being awkward cause I don’t have experience, and because I don’t have experience, I’m afraid to be vulnerable with people and to be laughed at! (Childhood bullying caused this mostly) LMAO IT REALLY IS A CIRCLE the article exposed the f**k outta us y’all !!! But once the truth comes to the surface and you’re willing to except it, it gets easier! God bless to us and people who suffer with Mental or emotional issues! It is very destructive unfortunately, but I ain’t no weak ass b*tch lol but as for Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Dahmer, we don’t claim them or The nazi. Have a blessed day and life guys ✨💞🤍

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