Harvey Weinstein Scandal

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Harvey Weinstein Scandal AstrologyThe Harvey Weinstein scandal has stunned Hollywood according the news report on October 11, 2017. However, Weinstein’s sexual abuse of young woman has been an open secret in the entertainment industry for a decade. The Harvey Weinstein astrology chart plainly shows the signs of this sexual abuse of power. Also plain to see are the secrets, lies and scandal unfolding today.

Harvey Weinstein Astrology

Harvey Weinstein was born in Flushing, New York on March 19, 1952. [Harvey Weinstein – Wikipedia] With his birth time unknown, I have used a 0° Aries House System for the Harvey Weinstein astrology chart shown below. The Moon’s position is inaccurate up to 6° so I have removed aspect lines to the Moon.

Harvey Weinstein Astrology

Harvey Weinstein Astrology Chart

Sexual Abuse

Mars determines sexuality in a astrology, while the abuse of power is the domain of Pluto. Sexual abuse would therefore be shown as a hard aspect between Mars and Pluto.

Mars square Pluto is the strongest aspect in Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope.  It has allowed him to assert his dominance through a position of power. His success came from his tremendous drive, ambition, energy reserves and perseverance.

When Weinstein’s sexual advances were denied, the intense energy of Mars square Pluto turned to anger and resentment. To regain his dominance he resorted to an outburst of destructive rage by abusing his power through sexual violence.

Secrets, Lies and Scandal

Mercury opposite Neptune is more than enough to explain deception and scandal but the presence of Jupiter has exaggerated these problems.

Mercury opposite Saturn has brought Weinstein great frustration and sadness from an inability to connect to other people at the personal level. The wrong handling of matters has added to his frustration. People see him as a lonely, sad and mean person.

Mercury opposite Neptune has caused him disappointment in close relationships. The basic problem here is a mental one because of a weakened perception of reality. Miscommunication has spiraled into accusations of deception and lying.

Jupiter opposite Neptune means that societal standards have not constrained Harvey Weinstein’s behavior in the normal way. This minority view of the world has repercussions in every area of his life, from his physical health, to his career and relationships.


Harvey Weinstein’s  astrology chart shows how the sexual abuse of young women is directly linked to secrets, lies and scandal. Jupiter opposite Neptune is linked to Mars square Pluto via green lines to Mars and blue lines to Pluto.

The helpful Pluto aspects explain his huge success and immense wealth. The unbalanced Mars aspects are the strong primal urges which have eventually taken him down.

As the story peaks, the Sun and Mercury have landed opposite his Mercury/Jupiter conjunction and conjunct his Neptune. Also in the sky October 11, 2017, the Sun Mercury conjunction is square Pluto.

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  1. I have Saturn in the 5th house and Mars opposite Pluto among other horrid aspects.
    But I would never do what this vile pig did.
    March 19 is a very sexual day, BTW.

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