Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven TransitNeptune conjunct Midheaven in the natal chart makes you highly sensitive to all forms of energy coming from other people and the environment. You receive an awful amount of vibrational energy from your five senses plus your intuition, fantasies and dreams.

You have a developed psychic ability yet filtering so many impressions is difficult and confusing. It is also confusing to understand what is real and correct, and what is illusion and false. You see the world in a much different way than most other people. You see, hear and sense in other ways a whole range of spiritual energy, entities and worlds that are there but only few people like yourself ever know about.

As a child you were most likely very disoriented and felt you did not fit in. As well as being confused you may have become scared and weak, appearing vague and suspicious to people around you. As a result you may have felt lost, isolated and very lonely. One particular parent may have been influential in guiding you through the fog of confusion. Usually your father but sometime your mother or a single parent.

More unnerving still, is the chance that you have great difficulty in defining a self-identity. Without that sense of who you are it is so hard to know where you are going or what you should be doing with your life. Depression is common with this aspect while young. Thankfully as you grow and explore the world you meet others like yourself which gives self-confidence and a sense of belonging. The Internet gives you endless opportunities to connect to other sensitive people to bring out the positives of this aspect.

You may also seek a sense of belonging through communal living, or non traditional religions and spiritual group. You are an idealist and would benefit from joining groups with shared ideals such as charities, humane societies, animal welfare and environmental groups. You are spiritually inclined and do not need drugs to enter altered states of consciousness. You should avoid drugs and alcohol.

You show a lot of empathy and care to most things but germs and poisons are not your friends. You need to take more care than most to avoid infection, contamination and overdose. Until you develop a strong sense of self and direction in life you must also beware of being victimized or taken advantage of. Deception and scandal involving your superiors and career in general are possible. This could range from being underpaid to involvement in celebrity sex scandals. To gain more confidence in public you should use mirrors, cameras and video to practice being on show.

You may find a career using your psychic talent or other spiritual gifts. As a spiritual warrior you would do well in the politics of socialism, welfare or communism. Perhaps you would like work in welfare or charity. Saving whales with Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd certainly fits a career fitting for the God of the Sea. Your hypnotic beauty and sensual charm will open many opportunities in glamorous careers such as entertainment in general, acting on the stage or screen, music, dance, fashion, modeling or photography.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Transit

Transiting Neptune conjunct Midheaven brings confusion about who you are and where you are going. You can end up feeling lost, scared, isolated, weak or useless. Your career may become unsatisfying as you start thinking less about the money and more about the ethical or spiritual meaning of you role. You my dream of leaving your career to follow a higher calling.

You will likely feel more sensitive to the needs of less fortunate people and even guilty about your own material security net. You could find satisfaction and a sense of community through charity or welfare work. However, this transit only lasts about one year and your normal motivations will return. Moving to a job in nursing or animal welfare because you feel inadequate or sympathetic is not a wise choice at the moment.

Interest in spiritual, occult and healing is normal during this transit and you should follow your intuition. You will gain a lot of self understanding through serving others or mediation but most people will not turn into a preacher or a mystic. This transit may totally change your direction in life and lead to a true calling in such fields. For most people, however, this spiritual and idealistic phase will pass.

You can ease your sense of emptiness and confusion through spiritual practice and alternative healing methods. Becoming less selfish and more caring will help you grow and be a better person. Even if you lose interest in what you discover this year, the knowledge and self understanding will stay with you. You do not have to sacrifice your material possession to become more spiritual. If you were very materialistic before this transit you will simply become more grateful and appreciative.

Neptune Conjunct Midheaven Celebrities

Michael Erlewine 0°03′, Dakota Fanning 0°05′, Hayley Mills  0°09′, Debbie Boone 0°13′, Matt Damon 0°22′, Abraham Lincoln 0°45′, Paul Claudel 1°01′, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1°14′, Dennis Rodman 1°15′, Patricia Routledge 1°15′, Stephanie Cole 1°16′, Julian Assange 1°17′, Frank Sinatra 1°17′, Angela Merkel 1°44′, Stacey Keach 1°45′, Rihanna 2°03′.

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  1. My husband has Neptune natally conjunct his MC. His is a electric designer. His Pisces Moon is in Second house along with his Jupiter in Aquarius. He is not great with paying

  2. My daughter has Neptune at her Midheaven: A very sensitive woman but one who is a humanitarian. I saw her one morning as a child staring out the window almost entranced: She told me she saw a group of Angels looking at her. She described them to me and years later I found a lovely statue of an Angel in white in blue, just as she described. She has witnessed other dimensional beings or sights including a UFO. But she is well grounded, been to college and very reliable at her work.

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