Neptune Opposite Sun Transit

Neptune Opposite Sun TransitNeptune opposite Sun transit gives insights into our true identity, one which has probably been hidden from view for a long time. Neptune acts as a mirror through the other people in our lives, because it is by this feedback in relationships that we learn more about ourselves during this year or two.

We may also find that Neptune causes us to project certain ideals or qualities onto people or situations that we might want, but are not actually real. So when our vision does not match up with the reality, events or people let us now.

This realization can be difficult to handle because it is often associated with disbelief, fear or confusion. Being confronted by some unpleasant truths during this transit, it is normal to feel insecure and exposed, and the ego can take a bit of a battering, making us feel deflated or weak, even defeated.

Suspicion, mistrust, paranoia and hypochondria all things we may go through. These may be considered negative but they may actually have some basis, so we need to accept this and work through them. If you are picking up that others are not being honest with you, then first look at yourself and make sure you are being totally honest with yourself and with them.

Clear up any misconceptions and then things should start improving. If you feel weakened then address any dietary or addiction issues and get a check up. This transit can bring health issues to a head but it may take some time to get to the bottom of it, as the confusion also applies to tests and doctors. Do your research to find the truth, get second and third opinions from a variety of healers.

Neptune Opposite Sun Transit Dates

Sign and Decan

Leo Decan 3

Virgo Decan 1
Virgo Decan 2
Virgo Decan 3

Libra Decan 1


February 2007

February 2012
March 2016
February 2021

March 2025


February 2012

January 2017
February 2021
January 2026

March 2030

8 thoughts on “Neptune Opposite Sun Transit

  1. This is my big transit at the moment, together with Pluto/Uranus square my natal Venus. I’ve tried to concentrate all the confusing and inspiring experiences into a program called Music For Comfort In Sorrow which will be premiered this Sunday. Very excited but it feels good. Incidentally, the catholic priest with whom I’ve developed the program has a natal Neptune opposition Sun and Pluto square Venus, very synchronistic (or whatever it’s called)…

  2. “So when our vision does not match up with the reality, events or people let us now.” I think you mean ‘let us down’ here.
    Thanks for the post, I increasingly think Neptune transits are about clarity really; not easy to deal with when happening, but they do leave you with a gift or two after they’re over.

  3. Neptune is squaring my Ist house Sun-Mars conjunction from my IVth house. Uranus in Pisces was trining my Sun from my 5th, making Neptune and Uranus in double mutual reception during 2010-2011. Among other things, I cleared up my credit card debts, started a savings account, and celebrated by attending my first two Southern Comfort Conferences ( This is the largest transgender conference in the world, so logistically I am “out” (as a trans-friend/bi-genderqueer) to my Mom, and I have been “out” to my old NYC friends since I got a fully functional home computer in early 2010. Solvency is the NEW “coming out”…and the NEW aphrodisiac!

  4. Funny you post this now, my transit finishes tomorrow since April 2010 I’ve had this stinky transit through my 2nd house. I suppose on reflection I have a better appreciation of myself and the changes I’ve made not to mention a serious bowel issue that started exactly on the date which is just about on the right track after a long time spending it in the bathroom capeche? xox

    • How interesting, I had surgery for bowel cancer earlier this year, transiting Neptune opposite my Mars.

      • I know, I’m glad you’re doing better!
        I’d say bottoms up lol, but slightly inappropriate. Like you stated the Doctors were useless and I’ve spent (2nd hse) a fortune on various things. I know as well being an Aspie there is a brain gut connection. I certainly hope they reach an agreement soon!

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