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An accurate horoscope for North Korea has never been available to us because there is no recorded time for the proclamation of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). We do know that independence was declared on September 9, 1948 in Pýongyang, and this date is still celebrated as the national day. I have rectified the North Korea Horoscope to 12:39 pm. For more details see Research data and charts on North Korea.

North Korea Horoscope Interpretation

Moon conjunct Ascendant makes North Korea sensitive, insular and reactionary. The citizens identify most strongly with their nation, making them patriotic, devoted, and strongly affected by international relations. The security of the people is of paramount importance for the nation. They were brutalized for 50 years during the Japanese occupation. Then the Korean war killed 300,000 of their soldiers and resulted 1.5 million civilians killed or wounded. Since then, the most powerful military force in the world has been on their doorstep.

Saturn square the rising Moon causes isolation, fear and hardship. It makes this already insular and sensitive nation even more defensive and lacking in friends. This also explains the repressive and controlling nature of the dictatorship. A dynastic military dictatorship with Saturn on the fixed star Regulus, “The Crushing Foot”. This is a military star associated with violence, destruction, controlling power and revenge.

north-korea-horoscopeThe Sun and the Midheaven (MC) in mundane astrology both rule the leader. Sun conjunct MC means that the leader totally dominates the national identity, another indicator of dictatorship. Sun square Jupiter causes an inflated ego, exaggeration and lack of restraint. As Jupiter rules trade and treaties, this aspect results in border disputes and trade deficits. Between the Sun and MC, at 16°42′ Virgo, is the Arabic Part of Catastrophe (AC + Uranus – Sun).

Venus generally rules peace and diplomacy, but in mundane astrology signifies war in hard aspect. In ancient Mesopotamia, she was the Goddess of Love and Procreation when the evening star, and the Goddess of War when the morning star. In the North Korea horoscope she is Goddess of War, visible before sunrise. The furthest she can ever be in front of the Sun is 48 degrees, so at 46 degrees ahead of the Sun in this chart, she is a very fired up Goddess Ishtar. “her morning appearance woke them up to go to war” [Deborah Houlding].

So an angry Venus woke the North Koreans up at half past two in the morning to go to war. The square from Mars, ruler of the military and war, turns her anger into blind fury. The lunar eclipse before the declaration of independence was at 03°17′ Scorpio, less than half a degree from the North Korean Mars. This increases the aggressive and reactionary nature of the country.

Secrecy, paranoia and propaganda come from Mercury conjunct Neptune. This is made worse with this conjunction on the fixed star Algorab, “Kill or be Killed”. It is associated with lying, assassinations and covert military attacks, “Delays and restraint are indicated to come about by fiascoes, losses, wrong handling of matters and enmity in general.”

In summary, the North Korea astrology chart is a blueprint for a powerful and aggressive dictatorship, paranoid and out of control. The people suffer through repression, isolation and poverty. The only way for this nation to avert a violent and catastrophic end, is to throw this horoscope in the bin and start over.

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  1. So glad to find this discussion still going. Susan again your grasp of this complex issue is clear and enlightening. I too felt the outrage that
    ted expresses no one likes being lied too and the we have been lied to big time.It is unlikey that in our lifetimes we shall see anyone being brought before any courts for their part in this debacle
    So hope lies really at the source of the wound NK and Kim jong -un. His chart would be the place to start but no one knows the correct birth time – yet!. Are there any redeeming features in it does he have any real leadership abilities to unlearn, relearn and re – direct his country in a completely new direction. It is a Herculean task to untangle the myth the religosity the fantasy and restore millions to the sanity they so desperately need!!! Is it the impossibility it seems?
    China is the major player here as you say Susan because no other nation is not beholden to or in the grip of the US, and they will never reliquish their overbearing need to control.
    Australia just does what its told and follows US dictates slavishly – so no hope of a “statesman’ or negotiator from here/
    It was sad that at 88yrs old Jimmy Carter came forward to offer to go NK as he believes that they want “peace” change and resolution to the crisis. He was ridiculed and howled down and while he may not be the man for the job I believe he was sincere and not at all to far away from the truth- So who will step up from the US and China?
    It needs to happen. soon for leaving it to Kim just doesn’t bear thinking about…!

  2. Well,Here we are,all been quiet for a few days,Full moon in scorpio on thursday,Anzac day,and comes complete with an eclipse,in the same sign.Is this the calm before the storm?I see all poeople on the border,between Sth Korea and North Korea have been removed,sbs news tonight.And you have many major planets opposite in Taurus,Will this be the flash point?
    Nothing would surprise me,We watch with abated breath.

  3. Us more *normal* folks can hardly hope to understand what has been called the ‘Great Game’. The psychopathic heartless power plays of ‘Realpolitik’ are, thank God, beyond most of us [meaning politics or diplomacy based primarily on power and on practical and material factors and considerations, rather than ideological notions or moralistic or ethical premises, Wiki].
    It appears that China is happy to have NK remain threatening menace to keep the USA around so that Japan and South Korea will not acquire their own nukes! Here is a good analysis of flawed and failed policies regarding nuclear weapons.

    * Obama’s Flawed Korea Policies, by CONN HALLINAN
    …the Korean crisis is a case of the nuclear powers being hoist on their own petard. The 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was not aimed at just stopping the spread of nuclear weapons, but, according to Article VI, at eliminating those weapons and instituting general disarmament. But today’s world is essentially a nuclear apartheid, with the nuclear powers threatening any countries that try to join the club—unless those countries happen to be allies. North Korea should get rid of its nuclear weapons, but then so should China, Russia, the U.S., Britain, France, Israel, Pakistan, and India.

    magda – I respectfully hope Jamie will not mind me giving you or others a way to contact me. Amazon has a format that allows readers to speak with their authors, so you can go to the link below and click on ‘Website and Contact Info’ and I will be happy to connect.

  4. Regarding the ‘Great Game’ and Realpolitik, here is a slice of cold reality that will knock your socks off! Keep in mind that “Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.”
    Interview here:

  5. Hi susan thanks for links to commentators on the NK situation.
    Tried to connect thruthe Amazon link gotta buy some books though.
    I do want buy books got a big list Chris Hedges Ed Muzika and you
    Timing is off at the moment so sorry have to wait till I come bakc from the Star Camp at Alice Springs …
    I think the focus is no longer on NK so what was /is it all about.
    I suspect Syria is the place to look is there a discussion about this here on Jamies blog??
    It looks like that is the hot spot to watch – still it feels like the whole world has/is going mad!!
    I shall do the book thingy in May, according to Jamie, 1st decan Aries can expect an easing around money issue … bring it on !!!
    Thanks for great input looking forward to your insights into syria etc etc!

    • Oh dear, magda. I’m sorry. Best intentions…you know. Of course you wouldn’t need Amazon in OZ. Here in NZ I’m more dependent on over the oceans sources.
      As for the future and Syria …
      * Without a public uproar, U.S. could spend more than $600 billion on nuclear weapons over the next 10 years, according to Alicia Godsberg of Peace Action and others.

  6. North Korea is now testing a satellite which is visible over Europe. I wonder who they’re spying on!!!

    • Not me!! So much more has happened now since your comment Geraldine. Same every year at this when the South and US do their war games. I do wish we had the Leaders chart because he is the 3rd generation. They say about big family businesses that the third generation often loses everything.

  7. Hi Jamie, You’re right about 3rd generation losing it all! I’ve seen that in a few very wealthy families I’ve been acquainted with!
    If you mean Kim Jong Un, here’s a chart. with tr Pluto writ large on the Sun now and tr Saturn opposing Uranus. He has the Aquarian love of fame and the scorpio cluster for intrigue
    There are two charts on astro which vary slightly. His asc is unknown – could be Pisces or Cancer on account of being so fleshy? Or Sag? With Jupiter on the asc – ful of hot air and extravagant claims? Watch that space anyway!

    • Thanks for that Geraldine. Last time I looked on wiki his year of birth was uncertain, not now according to Dennis Rodman. Wow, Both Saturn and Uranus sextile his Mars while Pluto is on his Sun.

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