Pluto Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

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Pluto Opposite Midheaven TransitPluto opposite Midheaven natal is also called Pluto conjunct Nadir. This aspect makes you an intensely driven and resourceful person. It suggests that dramatic events in your childhood, ancestry and previous lives are deeply ingrained in your subconscious. These experiences shape your live for good or bad, depending on other aspects to your Midheaven and the type of early experiences you had.

It is likely that you had an especially significant relationships with one particular parent, probably your mother. This parent may have been overly emotional, interfering, absent or cruel. If this was the case, the early emotional trauma would make it difficult for you to form healthy relationships. However, if this parent was supportive and emotionally nourishing, your early experience would form the basis of a very successful life.

Past life experiences etched in your soul memory may also have a profound effect on your life. If they involved abuse of power, loss or violence, they could result in fear, paranoia, self-destructive habits and obsessions. But it is also possible that you have spent lifetimes acquiring special skills and talents. These will enable you to master your personal power and lead an influential life.

In most cases, a mix of positive and challenging early experiences leads to a complex personality with an intense inner life. You may have difficulty understanding your feelings. At times your feelings become so intense they affect your decision-making. Especially when young, you may prefer your own company and confide in only one or very few people.

It is important that you develop independently of your parents. Too much negative influence and interference in your life from anyone can lead to emotional dependence on friends and partners, parochialism and prejudice. Sometimes you are both very empathetic and confrontational. But your tremendous memory about people and their lives is a real asset.

Pluto Opposite Midheaven Transit

Pluto opposite Midheaven transit brings an inner transformation that manifests outwardly as changes in your home and family life. Memories and dreams about your childhood, ancestry, and even your past lives can greatly impact on your emotional life. You may experience guilt, fear or foreboding, but the purging of bad memories is part of this transit.

It is time to free your mind of deeply buried trauma that may have caused challenging behaviors, bad habits and limiting beliefs. You might become more interested in your family tree and researching that can also be a healing experience. Race consciousness means you can have pride in the achievements of your ancestors without being racist.

A deeper understanding of how your past affects your behaviors and beliefs will lead to a positive personal transformation. This, in turn, will lead to a richer, happier life once this transit is over. But during this transit, as you clean out the dark recesses of your mind, dramatic and sometime traumatic experiences can play havoc with your life.

Your foundations are transforming and anything that has outlived its purpose will go away. Along with bad habits and outdated beliefs, you may say goodbye to some relationships and possessions. But this does not always have to happen. A strong relationship will evolve with you. You could renovate your house instead of moving house. It is important, however, that you allow change to happen freely in your domestic and private life. You cannot stop evolution.

Pluto Opposite Midheaven Celebrities

Helmut Kohl 0°21′, Linda Marshall 0°36′, Louis Braille 0°52′, Barbara Hutton 1°00′, Christine Keeler 1°03′, Barry Gibb 1°07′, Liz Renay 1°15′, Alessandro Moreschi 1°16′, Mick Jagger 1°27′, Lena Horne 1°27′, Penelope Cruz 2°03′, Tyra Banks 2°28′, Dionne Warwick 2°42′.

7 thoughts on “Pluto Opposite Midheaven Natal and Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Would this also apply to progressed Pluto opposite MC?
    My progressed MC will conjunct my natal IC (22.12 Libra) on 21 March 2045. It will make a sextile to progressed moon (which will also be conjunct natal north node (20.00 Leo). My progressed venus (1.30) will make an almost exact opposition to natal moon (2.32 Aries). And natal Saturn will be at 2 degrees from progressed ascendent.
    To me this sounds as something serious, any thoughts? Thanks!

    • I would think so Meli but just remember progressions are a not as important as transits. They should support what you find in your transits.

      • Thanks Jamie, I will take that into account!

        By the way you wrote “It suggests that dramatic events in your childhood, ancestry and previous lives are deeply ingrained in your subconscious. These experiences shape your live for good or bad, depending on other aspects to your Midheaven and the type of early experiences you had.”

        So would natal Venus (19.12 cancer) square natal Pluto (19.56 libra) and MC (22.12 Aries) be some aspects that shape life for bad? Would these experiences be related to career or home?

  2. How would this play out, what to expect, if your natal sun and mercury are conjunct your MC opposed to Pluto – this is happening for me right now.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    Pluto transit will square my Midheaven on 4 Oct (22.12) . I am very concerned as the ruler of my Midheaven (Mars) will also square Pluto……would this end my career? are you planning to write something about it?

    • Yes, I will write about all the major aspects and transits I have not finished yet. If your Midheaven is well-aspected there is really no reason to worry.

  4. Hi Jamie,
    First of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    I am also interested in mc square pluto transit. my mc is 25 degrees of aries … what can happen? I am quite worried ..

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