Pluto Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

Pluto Square Ascendant TransitPluto square Ascendant natal makes you extremely competitive and this can have a particularly negative impact on your close relationships. A subconscious fear that others are trying to control you can lead to intense dramas in life. A belief that your personal rights are at threat can also cause intense power struggles in your relationships.

Finding a healthy balance is so important but very challenging because your subconscious fear of being taken advantage of seems to complicate and spoil your relationships. Your deeply probing, inquisitive, and secretive nature can make people suspicious of you. And your persistent, stubborn, uncompromising, and jealous nature can also make others believe it is you that is trying to control them.

Conscious awareness of your powerful influence on others can help you know when to ease off. Otherwise, your intensity can spiral out of control, ending in psychological abuse, separation, stalking, intimidation, threats, ultimatums, revenge, conflict, and violence. Learning to compromise and trust is a big life lesson for you. It is also very important that you be as open and honest as possible. Sometimes you will need to make sacrifices to make an important relationship last.

Beware that your fascination for the dark and mysterious does not lead to an infatuation with very intense or dangerous people like criminals and drug addicts. A deep curiosity about sexuality can lead to the exploration of bondage, dominance and submission, and other taboo areas.

Natal Pluto square Ascendant can cause a fear of losing your father, obsessive-compulsive disorder, extramarital affairs, domestic violence, lying, blackmail, a superiority complex or racism, persecution, and victimization. It can make you very forthright, sarcastic, incisive, penetrating, bitter, and hurtful. But it also gives the potential for a high degree of spiritual evolution to transcend the need for power and control in intimate relationships.

Pluto Square Ascendant Transit

Pluto square Ascendant transit brings incredible intensity and the potential for drama in your interactions with other people. A particular significant relationship may undergo a major transformation that changes the direction of your life. It is your close one-to-one relationships like your marriage or business partnerships that will go through the greatest upheaval. Unhealthy relationships may end and be quite traumatic for you. If you feel like a relationship is in trouble then it most likely is.

If an important relationship is causing problems you should avoid being nasty at all costs. You may have a tendency to act ruthlessly or out of revenge. Any psychological abuse or underhand tactics will make things a lot worse, and would almost certainly lead to the total breakdown of the relationship.

But this is no time for being shy, either. The best approach is to deal with any relationship dramas as soon as possible to avoid messy complications. With a willing partner, you could work through your power and control issues by exploring new sexual experiences. Dressing up, role play, domination, and submission or bondage could positively transform a troubled relationship.

A new person may enter your life with a profound effect. Powerful forces are at work behind the scenes and any new relationships will have a strong karmic or compulsive feel to them. Infatuation and obsessions are possible. It is important to be conscious of the likelihood of power imbalances in any new relationship, especially if you have just been through a separation.

It is also important to be as honest as possible. Affairs at this time could leave you vulnerable to stalking, blackmail, or violence. A new partner might take advantage of your vulnerability even if they are not consciously aware they are doing so.

Power struggles will help you understand your own weaknesses so that you can work through them. Awareness is half the battle won. This testing phase of life can transform your relationships but will also transform you, very deeply at the psychological level. You should come out of this transit with a greater understanding of yourself and of relationship dynamics.

Pluto Square Ascendant Celebrities

George Blake 0°02′, David Letterman 0°08′, Tracy Austin 0°16′, Meghan Trainor 0°19′, Evonne Goolagong Cawley 0°21′, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 0°24′, Greta Scacchi 0°27′, John Cena 0°28′, Kate McGarrigle 0°36′, Althea Flynt 0°36′, David Frawley 0°42′, Ferdinand Marcos 0°49′, George III of the UK 0°50′, William Gerhardie 1°01′, Mark David Chapman 1°08′, Chris Brown 1°09′, Princess Beatrice of York 1°15′, Lee Iaccoca 1°21′, Nick Campion 1°27′, Steve Winwood 1°29′, Marguerite of Navarre 1°41′, John Bobbitt 1°43′, James Degorski 1°44′, Billie Eilish 1°46′, Dian Fossey 1°46′, Billy Graham 1°56′, H. G. Wells 1°58′.

13 thoughts on “Pluto Square Ascendant Natal and Transit

  1. Wow, Nick Campion. Well, my husband has this, and your interpretation really gets to the nitty gritty, and explains a lot. His dad worked in the prison system as a guard in the UK. Anecdotal conversations suggest that the family was often treated like “prisoners” or “prison workers.” It’s like his dad couldn’t separate himself from his job once he was back in the domestic sphere. My husband is a genuinely good person, but I’ve often felt that his father brought a lot of Plutonian “entities” into the home that might have attached themselves to the children. Trust is a very big issue, less so now, with my husband. Control, yeah, sometimes over the top. I suppose because his ascendant is in Sagittarius he can come off as Jupiterian. Pluto is in the ninth which can often make him “the last word.” His saving grace are planets in Cancer and Pisces. 😉

    • WOW, Maryanne… It was kind of unbelievable to read this…

      I have literally dealt (and am still dealing with) almost the exact same situation…

      I have Pluto Square Ascendant as well, and my mother re-married (“Loss of the father”) my step-dad, who was also a prison guard (“Corrections Officer”) – ((Ughk – even the *name* is disgusting; as if people “need” to be “corrected” – ughkkk!))

      He ALSO could not seem to mentally separate home from the workplace, and I *also* got treated like a Prisoner in my own home (and still do). (He’s a classic work-a-holic Capricorn type)
      It’s like, he had only experienced and knew two kinds of people; His fellow Officers (respected peers, the elite) or the Inmates. (merely animals, who obviously didn’t deserve respect)
      …I’ll let you guess which category I fell into…
      Anyway, It’s completely unbelievable that you said all this. I’ve heard myself say it a thousand times, but I’ve never actually heard someone confirm it right back.

      He doesn’t really “speak” like normal people either. I’ve heard myself say to many people, “It’s like he speaks only in ‘Ultimatums'” He’s just like,”This is happening” and just expects everyone to go along with it, without question.
      If I didn’t, or was showing even the slightest resistance to this oppression and tyranny, then he might do something like, remove some vital component of my car’s engine, so when I tried to leave the next morning, my car wouldn’t start.
      I mean, if this guy wanted to stop you, he would actually STOP you…

      He has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and everything must be a certain way. If I ever accidentally left my things out while growing up, I would return home to find that he had thrown them all away in the trash, or stored them in our garage, or left them outside, or some other such, “I can’t handle looking at your stuff, because I think it’s wrong” kind of behaviour. (And naturally, after years of this – Yes – I admit – I started wanting to beat his A**) ((But, can I really be blamed for feeling this way??))

      Anyway, I may have developed some nasty personality traits over the years, it’s true. But, it’s important to note, that they only developed in response to being constantly treated like this.
      I often say to people, in my own defense, that, “A lot of my “Faults” aren’t really my fault…” They are just defense mechanisms that evolved over time from this mammal being thrust into an unforgiving and hostile/abusive environment, with other mammals of a similar nature, so, I just made the appropriate evolutionary adaptations to the situation just as any other animal would. *shrugs in exasperation*

      So – yeah – it’s true that I can get a bit intense myself sometimes, but, it’s only because I’ve learned that if I don’t lay it out for people right off the bat, then I’m only setting myself up for being dominated and oppressed later on, and I won’t have it. (Though, after I’ve expressed these boundaries, and I feel like everyone understands and respects them, then I can easily lay off…)

      * But if I DO sense that I’m about to be dominated, then, well… … *communicates everything with just a look* …

      [I am a Pisces Sun, with Mars opposition Pluto, BOTH squaring my Ascendant (Which is part of a larger Grand Square)] (born a soft-spirited mystic, excruciatingly sensitive, but then gnarled and twisted and blackened into a, “Bonsai” version of myself, by pain and entrapment and torment for years in this toxic domestic environment)

      Good Times all around !!

    • Why would you say plamets in Pisces and Cancer are his “saving grace”? First of all, aspects totally override planet energies and second Pisces can be very deceiving and cold (yes, cold) and Cancer can be very bitter and sometimes cruel. Those 2 planets don’t really mean the native is a great person (I m not saying your husband isn’t though, don’t get me wrong.) My point is to not assign only positive attributes to those signs, because I ve met some cruel mofos from both signs and yes they were dominant in both signs!

  2. does anyone speak English in these forms? Pluto Square Ascendant Natal and Transit….. What the F@#% dose that mean? absolute Gibberish

    • It means please don’t jump on the stage at the Jethro Tull concert and grab the mic away from Ian Anderson expecting to sing like him.

    • If you don’t know what Pluto square Ascendant Natal and Transit means and you are genuinely interested then I suggest you buy a beginners book on astrology and learn t basic – planets, houses and aspects. Astrology is not for dummies, one needs to learn the alphabet before one can read what others have to say..

  3. I have obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts. Had no idea this was why. Thought it was my retrograde mercury

  4. I have this and my father was a assistant prosecuting attorney, he passed away in 2002 😳

  5. HOW and WHY did you make it to this forum if you aren’t researching the aspects in one’s chart or one bit relative to the terminology used in astrology…

  6. Jamie,

    Pluto square Mid Heaven

    Full Moon, February 27, 3:17am Eastern Standard Time (est).

    from Robert Hand, Planets in Transit, pg 519

    – be careful not to let your actions stir up resistance from others.
    – try to avoid acting in ways that say you are out to change people’s lives, and habits, and that you will not compromise.
    – without being aware of it, you may become obsessed by achieving certain objectives with an energy out of proportion to the significance of your goal. This is what scares people, and may make them work against you.

    On the other hand..

    – you may experience this energy from others.
    – persons or circumstances may attempt to change you against your will.
    – to a certain extent this is a positive encounter, because it forces you to become very conscious of what you are doing so that you can defend yourself against pressures for change.
    – indeed you will change, but the changes can be for good.

    and Robert Hand includes one more paragraph, laying down a screed that things are gonna change.

  7. I have a broad square between pluto and ascendant and I know what it’s like to be incarcerated. I have only known hostility and pain. Been trying to escape all my life, even lost my mother because of extremely hostile environment at home. My moon and venus are also conjunct pluto and square ascendant where moon is in fall damaging tightly conjunct venus as well. I can relate to doing things in a regimental rigid manner and not being given space to treat home as a place to wind down. Since its all in 4th house, home life has always been very threatening.

  8. In 2021 horoscopes, Scorpio decan 2, regarding Uranus transit, you wrote different dates. While in 2022, horoscopes, you wrote it differently. Kindly correct these dates

    • Hi Umber. Thank you for spotting that. The 2021 dates are correct. I removed them from the 2022 transit because it applies to all of Scorpio decan 2.

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